Sudden Major Earthquakes Near Poles

Earthquakes do come suddenly. However there have been a number of major earthquakes during the past several days, several of which are highly interesting as they shook a region of the planet not too often noticed compared to other active earthquake regions (near the poles).

Along the Pacific-Antarctic Ridge, and then the Western Indian-Antarctic Ridge shook three major earthquakes in the magnitude 5 range, two of them on top of each-other within 2 hours during August 30. Whether significant or not, the locations of the earthquakes were approximately equal distant from the magnetic south pole along a clear tectonic crustal plate boundary.

Then just one hour later, a major quake (magnitude 6.8) roiled beneath the ocean about the same approximate distance from the north magnetic pole off the coast of Greenland, followed by a strong aftershock of magnitude 5.2 just 8 minutes later.

6 hours after that, a large earthquake rattled mid-way down the same mid-Atlantic ridge about half way between the poles.

So within just a few hours the earth’s poles have been ping-pong’ing major earthquakes. Very interesting.

If that wasn’t interesting enough, hours later during August 31 we just had a very large magnitude 7.6 earthquake off the Philippine Islands.

The earth is suddenly quaking in a rather large way…

The recent earthquakes are a little more than 1,000 miles from the current location of the magnetic south pole.

Similarly, the recent earthquake near Greenland is a bit more than 1,000 miles from the magnetic north pole.


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