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The Pacific Plate Jolts The Planet

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What’s going on at the Pacific tectonic plate lately? A strong earthquake shook at FOX ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS, ALASKA during 18-Jul-2010, followed by quite a swarm of earthquakes.

I just looked at the number of earthquakes in the region of Alaska, Aleutian Islands, while going back about a month. It looks like on average there has been about one relatively small earthquake every three days, more or less, with the occasional two earthquakes in  a day. That is until 18-July when a strong magnitude 6.7 struck the region. Since then there have been many numerous after shocks, many of which are impressive in magnitude, as high as 5.8 as of this post.

What makes this even more interesting is that just seven hours after the 6.7 earthquake, a magnitude 6.9 struck at NEW BRITAIN REGION, PAPUA NEW GUINEA, some 4,600 miles away on the other side of the ‘Pacific Ring Of Fire’, the Pacific tectonic plate. Then, just 31 minutes later, boom, a magnitude 7.3 struck at nearly the same location. Wow, there are serious forces at work here.

I’ve plotted the location of the earthquakes, illustrating the distance between them while also showing the direction of movement of the Pacific tectonic plate. It seems like one side popping in Alaska may have stressed the other side such that it also needed to move in New Guinea. It also may be coincidence, but something tells me otherwise…


Does it feel like to you that there has been increasing earth movements lately? It does to me. I’ve previously reported on the statistics of magnitude 5.0 and higher with regards to historical occurrences, and the frequency of occurrence is definitely up so far this year, 2010. We will see how the rest of the year averages out, while I expect to do a new analysis during early August.

Hold on to your hats..

You are responsible for yourself, and therefore it is your responsibility to check your preparedness plans for you (and your family). Please, do yourself a favor, store some extra food and water. It’s no big deal.

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