Iran Is Likely Building Super-EMP Nuke Bombs Like N.Korea


Doctor Peter Pry, executive director of the Task Force (EMP) on National and Homeland Security, sounds the alarm…

Our electric power grid is vulnerable to EMP, and is (according to Pry and others) the reason that Iran is developing nuclear weapons (Super EMP bombs) to wipe out the United States…


The most devastating threat is posed by an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, and a former member of the congressional EMP commission says both the North Korean and Iranian nuclear programs are focused on taking out our nation’s power grids.

“It is why Iran wants the bomb. We know that from the EMP commission because, in their open source-military writings, they describe using a nuclear weapon to eliminate the United States as an actor from the world stage by means of an EMP attack,” said Dr. Peter Pry.

“Let’s not forget that earlier this year North Korea, which has the bomb and, in fact, we assess they probably have what are called super EMP nuclear weapons, which is a nuclear weapon specifically designed to make the EMP effect. That’s why all three of their nuclear tests have been so low yield. They’re designed to produce gamma rays, not a big explosion. It’s the gamma rays that make the EMP effect,”

Listen to Dr. Pry as he interviews with regarding the current EMP threats including North Korea, Iran, and even from our own Sun.



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