Iran’s Military Satellite | Is It Loaded With a Nuclear EMP Weapon?


Iran said on Wednesday it successfully launched the country’s first military satellite into orbit…

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps said the satellite “Noor”, or “Light”, was orbiting 425 km (264 miles) above the earth’s surface.

Should we be concerned about Iran’s recent satellite launch?

After all, their hatred towards the US is well known, right?

One wonders what might be on that satellite. We all know that Iran has been working on nuclear technology for many years, and have likely collaborated with North Korea over that time as well.

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Iran Satellite Tracks Right Over The United States

MSB regular, ” Anony Mee ” posted this morning:

From Dr. Peter Pry


The first successful launch of a military satellite by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, a state-sponsored terrorist organization.

The trajectory shows passes over the US so far, from the south to the north, orbiting over the US from our “blind and defenseless side” where there are no BMEWS radars or NMD interceptors.

Altitude about 265 miles, if nuclear-armed for EMP attack the field could cover all of contiguous U.S.

See this site for the Nour satellite’s trajectory and current location –

I just so happened to look at the following track over the USA for 4/26,

Seems potentially ominous.

Note: Due to the trajectory of this orbit, tracks will spiral around the globe and shift over a bit each pass. Though eventually covering the same ground later on. Repeat. (Unless they have the mechanisms onboard to alter the orbit)


I haven’t talked about EMP in awhile. Maybe time to reconsider.

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What a “perfect”? time to let one loose over the US, while reeling from Coronavirus?

Though my instinct and reasoning has difficulty accepting the notion that they might do this, one thing we do know is how much they wish to destroy us. How do we know? How about all those times we’ve heard “death to America” “the great Satan”?! Who ever said that their decision making would/will remain logical or sane?

Anyway, just putting it out there as one more thing to consider as we go about our preparedness actions.

Got a Faraday Cage?

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  1. This is far more worrisome to me than the Nork satellites. I am of the belief that China keeps the Norks in check, but what would keep the mullahs in check? Religious zealots of any stripe are dangerous in my opinion, but the death cult that is Islam scares the crap out of me…

    1. The Puritans, no doubt Christian religious zealots of their day, founded Harvard and most other Ivy league Schools, spearheaded western democracy as we know it and birthed the generation that fought the Revolutionary war and founded the constitution.

      So were the Christian Puritans “dangerous”?

      Christianity and Islam are as different as night and day. Comparing the two only comes from an un-studied mind.

      1. Are you an apologist for Islam? The Christian religious doctrine is one of love and compassion while Islamic doctrine is one of submission. I see no redeeming quality in Islam.

        1. Could not have said it better myself! Any “Religion” that allows the RAPE and disfigurement of little girls, is at best a cult. Mohammed was a false prophet and this religion is a farce, no matter how many people have been indoctrinated.

      2. A zealot is an extremist, extremists are inherently dangerous. I am a Christian, I am well read and I can quote many instances of Christian brutality if you’d like. Does The Inquisition ring any bells for you? Perhaps you stopped reading before the last sentence of my post, you know the one where I call Islam a “death cult” Unstudied mind? Know who your talking to before you start slinging mud.

        1. one simple question who has in the the last 120 years have burned little girls to death for refusing to be sex slaves it aint christians

      3. FFE, Sorry but I’m a little confused as to who is making a comparison between Christianity and Islam, and that comparing the two comes from an “un-studied mind”.

        “Christianity and Islam are as different as night and day.” Since the “as” in that sentence is a similie, then it seems to me YOU are the one making a comparison between the two religions, which of course, a studied mind would never do. Could you explain to me what an un-studied mind is versus a studied mind?

        Don’t forget the Puritans also brought us the Salem witch trials! And I’m sure were the progenitors of the Blue laws still extant in the US today. Of course these events all happened 300 years ago, so to try and compare something that happened that long ago with current occurrences is, at the very least, a stretch.

        I certainly agree with you that Christianity and Islam are as different as night and day, especially since modern Christianity has changed many of its intolerant positions and persecutions over its past 2000 years.

        Unfortunately, Islam still adheres to many of its original barbaric practices. Such as throwing homosexuals off the tops of buildings to their deaths, suicide bombings which the entire world has endured for the last 20 and more years, murder of any non islamic believer by beheading or other means, female genital mutilation, honor killings of family members, I could go on but I think any “studied mind” would come to the conclusion that Islam is not a “religion of love and caring.”

        From your post, you seem to be saying that Islam is not a dangerous religion and that the new satellite cannot be dangerous to us.

        I daresay that “a rational mind” would disagree with you.

        If I am completely misunderstanding your post, please enlighten me.

        1. Salem witch trials, Blue Laws.

          Explain to me why is it that Christianity is always judged by its imperfections (slavery, Salem witch trials) yet all other religions are judged generally by their virtues?

          Salem witch trials were such a minor, insignificant part of history but always, ALWAYS brought up by agnostics in their derision of Christianity and touted as a historic, cataclysmic event.

          More babies were brutally assassinated by atheists/agnostic/science denying abortionistas in the 2 minutes time it took me to write this reply than in all of the Salem witch trials, combined.

          Yet you quote that as a significant historical event?

        2. A reading of The Sword and the Scimitar by Raymond Ibrahim puts the Christian and Islam comparison/conflicts into historical perspective. Without covering this history starting in 636 AD, it’s all guessing on intentions.

        3. >>> Islam still adheres to many of its original barbaric practices. Such as////

          > throwing homosexuals off the tops of buildings to their deaths////
          NOT Mentioned in Quran, the authentic religious book of Islam. Quran 17:33 says “Do not kill any soul, which God has made forbidden..”

          > suicide bombings which the entire world has endured////
          ANY Type of Suicide attack is NOT Mentioned in Quran. According to Quran, Suicide itself is forbidden.

          > murder of any non islamic believer by beheading///
          Quran 5:32 says “If anyone kills a person, it would be as if he kills all mankind, and if anyone saves a life, it would be as if he saves the life of all mankind”.
          The only exception is during a war. If someone attack your country or home, then only you are allowed to fight. If they go back, then you have to STOP the attack. Very clearly specified in many places in Quran.

          >>> female genital mutilation///
          You will NEVER, EVER see female genital mutilation in Quran. Even Circumcision is NOT Mentioned in Quran. I challenge you to show me a single sentence in Quran on this matter.

          > honor killings of family members///
          Totally false statement. In Islam, Family is EVERYTHING.

          > ..I could go on but I think any “studied mind” would come to the
          > conclusion that Islam is not a “religion of love and caring.”/////
          Your “studied mind” is with full of wrong information from somewhere.
          Please understand that You cannot learn anything about Islam from the deeds of so called ‘Muslims’. Because most of them are NOT following Quran, the authentic Book of Islam. What people actually follow is some crappy books written 200 or more years after the time of Prophet Mohammed. Terrorism and other cruel acts are completely based on those books. People can claim as Muslims, but they are not until follow Quran’s teaching. As you can see the Wahhabism, ISIS, Al-Qaida Terrorists are following other books and NOT Quran, so there is no Islam there and we cannot consider them as Muslims.

          1. I will agree on your points. However, these are the PUBLIC FACE of Islam, the most visible and what most people will associate with your religion. As long as a majority of those who claim to be Muslim accept terrorism, female genital mutilation, sharia law and jihad, that is what people will see.

          2. Maybe so,
            But I doubt the crusades were fought for giggles,
            There is bad in all groups, Christians too, personally i feel its more the human problem than one of religion.
            I am not interested in ANYONE telling me how I should live.
            To each his own, that simplifies things.

          3. Red Fog Master

            Just pointing out that it’s indeed a slippery slope.

            There’s an oath a foreigner must take to become an American citizen. And those who seek the violent overthrow of the United States are not allowed in by law. But those folks aren’t going to tell the truth in any case when questioned.

            But to gain entry into this country does not require any knowledge of, belief in, or adherence to any of our foundational legal forms. Nor does not agreeing with the tenants of the constitution prevent one from enjoying the freedoms granted therein.

            It’s a mystery and a wonderful political, legal, and ethical construct. Our liberties do not lend themselves to simplistic interpretation. It may feel good to say “America – love it or leave it” or in this case “love it or stay the heck away.” But that’s not how we were founded, nor how we have continued.

      4. The Puritans were not chopping peoples heads off and destroying other cultures that were offensive to their belief!!!

        You comparing Islam to Puritans or any true Christian is offensive. Many Christians have died defending non-Christians since the time of Christ, but find one example of Muslims protecting a non-Muslim in history!!!

        Your last statement is an absolute contradiction to your first statement of belief.

        “Christianity and Islam are as different as night and day. Comparing the two only comes from an un-studied mind.”

        Then why in the H3LL are you comparing them???

  2. I’m starting to think a first strike response may be a better option for the US…
    Iranian tech passing over top of right were all major girds run up and down the east coast.

    This is unacceptable.

    This Sat needs to be shot down or intercepted and captured. Maybe a fun hack then re-depoly against Iran itself.

    At this point a first strike would be wise. Like Ken said we already know the intention of these crazy and suicidal Persians. No sense in waiting. We are already at WAR with them.

      1. short and brief –

        In God We Trust, All Others We Investigate. What could be more devastating than CoronaVirus? Look around how it has brought economy to a halt – conspiracy I think. Now think what EMP coughs do to our electricity grit. EMP??? Emp – electromagnetic pulse: a burst of electromagnetic energy produced by a nuclear explosion in the atmosphere, considered capable of widespread damage to power lines, telecommunications, and electronic equipment.

        Religious believes set aside Who now will have the upper?

  3. Seems potentially ominous , absolutely. What an opportune time for a complete power outage across the U.S. by those who wish to see us decimated. Our population could probably not recover from an EMP event for decades. Life as we know it would be gone for a very long time . The Department of Defense commission that studied this type of thing forecast deaths in in the 60-80%. Ominous indeed.
    I believe I read where the DOD commission has been recently shut down. I guess we need not be concerned about this type of thing. Oh well.

    1. if the power grid was taken out totally it guesstmated that 90% of the us population would be dead within 6 months

  4. Louisiana to Canada in 6 minutes, thats pretty impressive! Whats the USA’s capability to shoot down something that fast? Asking for a friend :)

  5. Sorry I just had to point this out… Hey Ken that house icon on the trajectory map…
    Is that your house the Iranians are targeting? 🤣
    Looks like it is placed on top of NH

    1. Look how many major US and Canadian cities will be taken out if the EMP goes off at 23:15

    2. On that orbit. I also feel it’s ominous that they have a satellite in orbit, however it’s exact orbit on that map is irrelevant. Every low earth orbit of nearly every satellite passes offer the US going either north to south or south to north, and ther orbit progresses further east or west on each subsequent path.

      Therefore it’s orbit, in itself, isn’t the alarming part because all low earth orbits have to be oriented that way or they don’t stay in orbit. ;)

      The fact that it’s Iranian is what is alarming!

    3. Thanks for disclosing to foreign open source intel folks where our unit is located. Let me ask you Mrs. U, are you a military spouse (retired or not)? Because I have been one and I know that some spouses have loose lips which sink ships.

        1. Kula, intimidation?? If you knew my military background you would not be talking like that. Remember what I said about boots on the grounds. Two, regardless if this information is on the internet ( transparency rules on the government side be damned ), you should not be posting on how much really you know about military movements. You make yourself a target.
          I am sure folks from the intel community here will understand what I mean.

          1. Lol, relax, Francis. Former Intel guy here, she didn’t release anything that isn’t readily apparent already to a what a third grader could Google.

          1. You were probably a cook. Millions of us have a 214 so that doesn’t make you special regarding OPSEC.

          2. No kidding… I mean -really-? OPSEC about one of THE largest military installations in the Country? What are you, soft or something? It’s not like he said anything other than “Travels right over 101 1st Airborne in Clarksville, Tn.”… GAAWD I am sooo sick of Karens in this country. just STFD,STFU and keep pretending you matter in the grand scheme of things Pogue.

  6. Ken,

    Glad you wrote this. I wrote, deleted, then re-wrote……and deleted again, early on in the midst of the covid-19 hysteria, my fear of an emp type event, specially as Trump’s criticism of China heated up. I kept deleting those posts out of fear that folks would dismiss it as fear mongering conspiracy theory.

    In my mind, China is, more and more, finding itself backed against a wall. It’s goal of world dominance is fading fast.

    China has worked hard to make friends with Iran, a sworn enemy of the U.S.

    Both China and Russia have attacked U.S. interests using proxy countries in the past.

    Iran is a perfect patsy. Trump orders Navy to destroy Iranian gunboats that have been harassing our boats in international waters if they continue.

    China (or proxy N. Kore) could very well have already furnished Iran with a satellite capable nuke. Iran has been bragging about how it will destroy the U.S. if attacked.

    Iran launches satellite at suitable altitude for optimum emp effect.

    If U.S. makes good on it’s promise to destroy harassing Iranian gunboats, would that be the justification for a retaliatory emp strike?

    Fantasy? I don’t know. What I do know? The economies of the world are in the toilet. Suffering and discontent is just beginning. That’s the recipe for world war. World war is just a spark away.

    But, I think too much.

    1. Dennis
      Our household has had the same thoughts, and like you kept quite. China, Russia, Iran and NK have been snuggling up with one another for the down fall of the USA. NO telling how many years this process has been on going.

      The Easy Peasy was to have had ‘miss compliance’ in the oval office all they would have had to do was send $$ to her bank account. She would have handed over the keys to the place.
      Thankfully we selected another person, so now the kissing countries have had to up their game(so to speak). Each of those countries COVET the USA for the many resources we have on this land and under it. mho
      Man I feel like a chess piece being played…a pawn.

    2. Anyone consider JOINT effort between China and Iran? Timing of Covid-19 AND sattelite launch seems very interesting .

    3. As Donald Rumsfeld once said. “There are known known, unknown knowns, and unknown unknowns.” That makes it clear as mud. Doesn’t it?

  7. A great time for them, if they actually have the capability for an EMP, to maximize the harm to us. The economy is in shambles, the supply chain already in a mess and seemingly getting worse, and politics that are cut throat to say the least.

    If Iran happens to launch a second satellite such that the two of them are over the CONUS at nearly the same time (one over the East coast on over the West coast) then I will really really be worried. We could be in a for real SHTF scenario. One that is not a slow motion (relatively) one like we now have.

    Pray, get ready, stay safe.

  8. Our military is larger than the next ten countries combined, to hellwith pussyfooting around these jagasses, teach em a lesson

    1. Kulafarmer;
      A History question for ya.
      What is it that basically got the US out of the First Great Depression?

          1. Could it be the invention of sliced bread. After that invention everything else is just down hill. Hehe

    2. Kula, you are right on that, but relaying on too much technology will be our downfall. Well trained boots on the grounds is a much better option. Many of these countries ( think Afghanistan etc) have been very good at guerilla warfare. We lack this ability now with the advancement of our technology. Another point is, most countries on this planet have mandatory military service, so in the end, they have more people who have been properly trained because they had to serve, then us here. I am not going to go into the politics of all of that, I am just pointing out a few things that many miss. One more point, never ever underestimate the ability of another nation its determination to win a war it they have set their mind to it. Just like you feel like a patriot so do they (whoever they are). Two, careful diplomacy is a better option to keep some of those countries at bay, then being into your face and constantly taunting them and threatening them. In the end, money is and always will be the real reason, shareholder dividends for profit earnings are driving this madness.

  9. One, Two, Three, Punch comes to mind.
    One, Covid-19 is already causing HUGE Economic and Food problems
    Two, Have the Iranians hit the US with an EMP, take out the Grid
    Three, Political Split in the country, almost to the Civil War stage

    Result Poof, By-By the USofA as we knew it. Hell folks only ‘Punch One’ is destroying the USofA

    How’s that for Doom and Gloom?

    1. Just my opinion but the USA as we knew it is gone already. I talk with people all the time and they keep saying ” when we get back to normal ” folks this is the new normal. The world as we know it is gone. Yeah so far it hasn’t been what a lot of us have planed for such as an EMP or a Nuck but things are gone that ain’t coming back. Theaters are going away, most likely sporting events also. Going out to a restaurant will be gone soon. Most operate on a very small margin if they have to cut out 1/3 of their tables to Social Distance people they can’t make money. Going to a buffet. Done . People will continue to shop online and ship to home more and more so store will close. At some point ya are going to have Costco, Sam’s , Walmart and maybe target because they are the only ones with the money to make it through this. People need to stop waiting for things to go back to how they were and start figuring out how to survive in whats here and now

      1. poorman;
        Ya remember going to the “Drive-In”
        Used to toss in a few Hay Bails in the back of the PU and back into the spot.
        Ain’t ever “going back to “Normal””.
        The .gov is turning everyone into ‘Sheeple’.
        Ya ain’t seen nothing yet. Just imagine if like the Article implies.
        “Lights Out”.

        1. In China, things are getting back to the way it was before the virus. Some things are still a little different due to taking precautions in order to prevent the spread of the virus. I believe things will bounce back in the US but with one major change. The socialist politicians now know they can control the majority of the population due to all the orders and lockdowns. The next crises even if a minor one could result in even more power taken away from the people and concentrated at the top. Obviously all in the name of keeping everyone safe.

  10. The right hand of the magician mesmerizes the crowd with shiny novel whirligigs meanwhile the left hand slips cards up the sleeve.

    I believe that is what we are seeing here from Iran.

    The Metcalf power station attack comes to mind…still unresolved. Likely the biggest terror dress rehearsal the public has never heard of.

    Just my £.02 pence.

      1. Ken

        Following up on your article on the San Jose Power Grid attack and your article here

        It’s older, but Dr. Pry wrote an interesting article about coincidences here

        And concluded with

        “All the elements of a total Cyber Warfare Operation were present. Every day the electric grid and other critical infrastructures experience hundreds of attacks and probes by computer viruses and hacking. The Metcalf [San Jose substation] attack on April 16 may have been practice for a much larger and more ambitious sabotage campaign against the electric grid, as Jon Wellinghoff, former Chairman of the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and many experts believe. The April 16 orbit of KSM-3 over Washington and New York, in the perfect position for an EMP attack on the Eastern Grid, is an astounding coincidence, if it is a coincidence. Three months later, the presence in the Gulf of Mexico of a North Korean freighter carrying nuclear capable SA-2 missiles completes the picture, and checks all the boxes for an all-out Cyber Warfare Operation.”

        Worrisome, considering the pandemic has hit our adversaries as well as us, they’ve attempted to place the blame for the virus on us, anticipated food shortages will hit them too, and Iran, Russia, and North Korea have all engaged in recent provocations. There’s nothing like raging against a common enemy to help pacify a restless population, something China (via Hong Kong) and Iran have recently experienced.

        Some recommend we watch our six. Perhaps watching our 360 sphere is in order too.

        1. Speaking of food shortages, it seems like the meat supply is getting small again at the local grocery stores in my area. The meat supply had mostly recovered from the initial panic buying wipeout, but now seems to be going to opposite direction again. Anyone else seeing the same thing in their areas? Wonder if this is the start of the real shortages caused by the meat plant shutdowns etc?

          1. My own personal opinion is that the COVID thing was blown up (whether blown out of proportion or not we won’t know until it’s over) to hide the existing food shortages that were already happening. Between worldwide pork and poultry problems in 2019, 25% (?) of Australia’s beef dying in their drought and subsequent floods, late plantings and early winters, insects and animal diseases, the world’s food system was already in severe disarray. As I understand it we are currently eating food that would have been on the shelves in July and August. We didn’t go through four months of food and other products in a period of weeks, even with the “panic buying.” The system was already running behind just with normal usage.

          2. Southern Man,
            To keep on topic…Many things including the satellite and any possible actions it could have.It affects my lfe because i am working to get as much as possible into secure storage. .. I am seeing projections of meat issues becoming much worse as soon as next week… and some say 2 weeks. This is multiple sources… you tube and personal e mails from trusted ones who are in other areas of the country.. I am in mid south area, and those reports are from the western grow areas… so far has been spot on…with information. WE ALL had early warnings-even a year ago…The thing that is unknown is how long this will last….We know that “meat producers are being attacked at the farm level.” If a farmer can not feed animals he can not keep them.. Oh, did we have grain shortfalls last year? Huumm … nothing to see here… There was a video i heard yesterday that said they were looking at humanely euthanizing hogs.? they have already done milk and beef cows and chickens at several stages, eggs, young chicks…Feed has been projected to be in less supply… beginning with chicken, rabbit and dog feed.We know from experience what this will do to protein prices/availability.
            For meats, You might want to check a nearby town, if you have ability..much of this depends on their purchasing group/shipping conditions vary from day to day and whse to whse.
            Our store went thru a period where almost no beef, little pork and chicken not so much…
            Our local store had beef, chicken and pork in some quantities yesterday..price was up significantly. cheapest grade Ground beef was 3.79#. 5% variance was 1$ higher…were several sizes to choose from.

  11. Why invest kazillions of dollars on the extremely difficult feat of packetizing a low yield, light weight, satellite capable EMP when a few hundred rounds of 7.62×39 and some well trained Iranian operatives took down the Metcalf power station, and, with it, nearly downed the entire western power grid.

    Shooting off a ground based, open desert, daylight launched, EMP capable missile is like a football team telegraphing their best trick play to the other side.

    Besides, Mossad is so highly infiltrated Iranian defense R&D that it has been said there are more Iranian double agents inside Iranian mil r&d than there are Mullah sympathizers….and Mossad pays very very well!

  12. Oh gawd! Nauseating question, to say the least!


    Perhaps better we don’t know the answer…


  13. FWIW – Reposting a comment I included the other day in this article

    For those who follow EMP as a topic, some recent articles:

    Here’s a site for accessing the EMP Commission reports

  14. A timely article. Thanks Anonymee

    I have all my faraday stuff in place. I don’t want any of this. It could easily happen. I’d say the chances of a EMP has gone up, considerably. It’s all too convenient; Iran’s missile/satellite, China’s potential for providing whatever Iran may need, the orbital path which will gradually change with each orbit, scary stuff.

    At that altitude it would only take one. Detonation over Oklahoma, Kansas, or Nebraska, could take out the grid for all of us. Well, I guess kulafarmer would be alright, for a while.

    I’ve been concerned with this issue from the start. I’ve tried to prepare. I should have done more but, it is what it is. Here’s hoping my faraday cages will work. Protected ham radios would be worth their weight in gold.

    The wife would lose her mind if she couldn’t contact our kids/grandkids. I’ve done all I know to do, on that front. The (not knowing) would be brutal. I need to learn more!

    One Second After, was a great story. I don’t want to live it.

    1. Plainsmedic, an EMP is just one reason we have worked so hard to prepare to live as in the 1800’s. And I too, would just about lose my mind not knowing what’s happening with my children and grandchildren (scattered all across the U.S.). But those kids were raised to be resilient. And strong. They are able-bodied and street-smart. All of us here on MSB….all we can do is prepare the best that we can for the areas in which we all live. We are all in different circumstances. But I will do everything in my power for us to survive. Everything.

      1. DJ5280,
        Sounds like you have prepared well. If ya have family close enough to come to your place, ham could benefit you greatly. Peace of mind is worth a bunch. To me, 100–200 miles would be a long journey on foot. Might be about all a person could realistically manage. Even at that, it would likely take many days or even weeks.

        Beyond that, ham or some other mode of comms would only provide a sense of knowing. Thankfully, my family is scattered within that range, or less, from here. It’s just one more possibility for those that are interested.

        I recall that Dennis was exploring the potential of CB. Might be all someone would need. Every situation, as you noted, is different. Good luck to you.

  15. Good by Iran. The United States has 14 ballistic missile submarines. Great Britain and France have 4 each.

  16. No doubt we have satellites that can detect radiation.
    I’m sure all those missing Trillions are looking into the Iranian Sat. as we speak.

  17. interesting timing on this discussion Ken and all.
    DH and I were just three days ago discussing what would happen if we had a grid down scenario in the middle of all this other chaos. To tell you how seriously we discussed this we went to the extra steps earlier this week to store a significant amount of water, so we could silently cook and flush and only run the generator during specific short hours. we are on a well, so semi-independent of services.
    We are making some other adjustments/plans as society crumbles.

  18. Does anyone really think that we have a “blind side”?
    The US has been protecting against sattalite / missle attacks for a lot of years– we do not have any damn such thing as a blind side!

    We know just what other countries are doing.

    1. Maybe their satellite just has “dot matrix” printer technology in it… (sarc) Remember those, and that sound? (Now you’re showing your age)

      I have little doubt that we have some ability to determine what’s onboard. Perhaps if it’s not mysteriously “decommissioned”soon, then we might assume it’s a “nothing burger”. Unless…

  19. Along the theme of EMP….some uplifting thoughts from a classic.

    …”Each day is more gray than the one before. It is cold and growing colder, as the world slowly dies.

    No animals have survived and all the crops are long gone. Soon, all the trees in the world will fall.

    The roads are peopled by refugees towing carts and gangs carrying weapons, looking for fuel and food.

    Within a year there were fires on the ridges and deranged chanting.

    There has been cannibalism. Cannibalism is the great fear.

    Mostly, I worry about food, always food, food and the cold and our shoes.”

    -Cormac McCarthy, “The Road”

  20. – I’m with Dennis, this is very much what I have worried over for years. Thanks to my signature on a long-ago piece of paper, I really don’t want to say much more. I’ve seen Leavenworth from the side that gets to go home every day.
    – Papa S.

    1. Don’t think Iran has nuclear weapons technology yet. One thing for sure, they hate the Jews more than the USA. If they somehow got “gifted” a nuke, they would use it on Israel first. Why? 1)They hate them the most, and 2) less repercussions as opposed to hitting the USA. EMP is still a concern, but for me I worry more about it coming from a CME from the sun than a rogue state touching off s nuke, for the time being. That said, either one of those two will eventually happen. Prepare the best you can, then leave the rest to God.

      1. Minnerjim,

        I disagree. If Iran destroyed the US, Israel would fall. We are the only country willing and able to protect them. So, destroy us and they get both. If they just destroy Israel, we might retaliate. I can see them going after us first.

      2. Minerjim,
        Good point on the CME. We can TRY to prevent an EMP, but there’s nothing we could do about CME. For us regular folks, defense is the only option.

      3. Minerjim, I would take that one step further and say Israel would know if that orbiting military piece of equipment was dangerous and Israel would have made certain it suffered a failure to launch event. They are not shy about taking out anything that can hurt them. Sometimes I wish our country had that singular focus….but we are getting there. I applaud Trump’s upfront orders to shoot any Iranian boat messing with our vessels.

  21. A person can never be fully prepared for every contingency, but my .02 is that if you are fully prepared for an EMP event you are in good shape for most. I’m not, but am working on it: its a good thing to strive for.

  22. (Cynicism alert) The country is fully prepared after taking heed to William Forsythe and Ted Koppel’s “Lights Out” books of the same name and topic.

  23. North Korea has 2 of those satellites going over the U.S. also, and they have Nuclear Tec. So with Iran I guess that makes 3. What are the odds? Naaa. They’re all to nice to pull something like an EMP on us.

  24. Tis late at night here, though I’d check in and ….. well just check in.
    Sounds like a lot of here are concerned a bit.
    Mabye rightfully so, maybe not.

    Started to reread “Lights Out”
    May I suggest others do the same.

    Have a great evening/night everyone.
    May God bless you all, I’m going to go meditate a little, and try to remember where my soul is nowadays.
    Thank you my MSB family.
    And thanks to you Ken, your a good Man, and a friend.

    1. Thank you NRP & Blue

      Was just looking at that on my bookshelf too. Might have to do the same.

  25. What does Iran say the purpose of their satellite to be? Is it weather, photographic, intelligence, communications, scientific data gathering, navigation, anti-sat…what? Is the new satellite transmitting any telemetry to the ground? Is the satellite maneuvering? Are commands being sent from ground controllers? Or…. Is the satellite silent and tumbling?

    What was the purpose for the satellite given to the U.N. registry?

    Low Altitude, Polar Orbits, are mostly used for military satellites. However, the Iranian satellite is in a very low orbit, when usually orbits are around 1000km (600 miles) high. The Iranian satellite is half this normal height. So, it cannot be a long term mission, as at its height, it will be effected by atmospheric friction and fall. BUT, it is at the perfect height for an EMP weapon.

    What does the satellite weigh?

    If the Iranian satellite is NOT transmitting telemetry to the ground, and it weighs about 500 pounds and is the proper size, it probably is an EMP weapon. After all, if WE are about to attack Iran…it would be too late for them to get their weapon in orbit. Naturally, such a devastating weapon would be launched NOW…as it could be used to keep the U.S. at bay…just like N.Korea has already done with their two military (EMP) satellites.

    Now wouldn’t it be interesting if neither N.Korea, nor Iran, had to develop the needed technology for their EMP weapons? It is much better for China to place such items in orbit, which are launched outside of China….neither N.Korea or Iran actually having the codes to detonate them on their own.

  26. By the way…

    Building an EMP weapon is far easier and simpler..and less costly and quicker…than any normal ballistic nuclear attack device.

    One does not need the complexities of targeting systems, re-entry vehicles, hardened launch platforms…etc. Plus, there is NO launch warning to alert the enemy, and no danger of your weapon being destroyed by enemy intercepts and plasma beam defenses. Finally, you do not need hundreds of weapons….you need only two, or three.

    The weapons are placed in orbits licensed by the U.N….and any effort to destroy them in orbit is a violation of U.N. treaty….

    This allows a tiny power the ability to destroy the U.S. very easily and cheaply, while acting as a deterrent from attack.

    There simply is NO BETTER WEAPON than an EMP…if you want to put a knife at the throat of an enemy, like the U.S..

  27. The Shi’a Muslims are using the satellite to do reconnaissance. They are planning a terror campaign of assassinations and kidnappings. Attacking places of worship, schools, and large work forces. It started when we killed Soleimani. They are still way behind in technology for emp or nuclear attack. With there economy suffering worse than ours now they will kidnap government officials for ransom.

  28. Not Texas,

    There we go again. Everyone needs to feel important and everyone believes their MOS is better then the other. No, I was not a cook :) Besides, what kind of vet (or AD) are you being derisive towards another fellow service members job? Du bist so ein richtiger Dummkopf.

  29. Dr. Pry published an article today titled

    Iran Launched a Military Satellite, A Nuclear Device Could Be Devastating
    (originally titled Iran’s Space Super-Weapon?)

    It goes into some detail about the satellite and the potential threat it poses.

  30. Kinda interesting, since the launch, that pesky blockade the U.S. had preventing Iran oil from being delivered to Syria, seems to have been lifted. Now, the Iranian tankers are delivering record amounts in the last few days….

  31. I understood the Constitution to guarantee religious freedom. If not, why can you say your religion is the right one and others are the wrong ones?
    Maybe there should be a rule on here that we won’t slam other people’s beliefs even and especially if we do not share them.
    Makes for upset feelings and is hurtful into the bargain.
    Peace to all

  32. If they were going to do an EMP strike, they need that satellite to be more towards the middle of America instead of just the East coast, only a small portion of America would be affected.

    1. The satellite shifts each orbit, eventually returning to right over the middle. It would just be a matter of choosing which orbit to “push the button”.

  33. After the dust up the other day I checked the position of Iran’s military satellite. Was nearly right overhead. On the same website ( was an article about Russia putting up a satellite killer.
    . . . .
    If my dearest family members weren’t hundreds of miles and multiple mountain ranges away, I’d be following Plainsmedic’s advice on comms with all due haste.

  34. Here’s a new article on this topic
    . . .
    gatestoneinstitute (dot) org/16524/iran-emp-nuclear-attack

  35. For those who follow the issue, Dr Pry has a new article out on Iran’s nuclear capabilities. ..

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