North Korea EMP weapon

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The main stream media today is reporting that North Korea ‘nears completion’ of an Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb, a bomb (nuclear) which creates an EMP (electro magnetic pulse). Although any nuclear bomb will create its own EMP with the blast, a single bomb specifically designed to maximize the EMP could wipe out a nation such as the U.S., if detonated at sufficient altitude above the region.

abc NEWS / International reports, “The North is believed to be nearing completion of an electromagnetic pulse bomb that, if exploded 25 miles above ground would cause irreversible damage to electrical and electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers, radio and radar

We assume they are at a considerably substantial level of development,” Park Chang-kyu of the Agency for Defense Development said at a briefing to the parliament Monday.

North Korea does not yet have an intercontinental ballistic missile that could reach the mainland U.S., however given their current ballistic missile inventory, it would be fairly easy for them to launch an EMP weapon over their border to South Korea at altitude, a country who is quite advanced with their electronic infrastructure and largely depends on it as all other developed nations do. North Korea itself would likely be minimally effected by such a blast because much of their infrastructure does not rely on modern technology.

A threat to any nation though would be a mobile launch from a ship just offshore using a short to medium range ballistic missile (SCUD or others), which would then lift an EMP weapon to sufficient altitude to detonate and cause mass electronic destruction below. North Korea does posses these launch capabilities.


One may reasonably surmise that such an action would certainly bring about mutual-assured-destruction of a nation like North Korea who dared to perform such an act. Even if such a weapon was transferred to others, there are methods to discover the origin of the nuclear materials.

‘MAD’ is likely the reason we’ve not yet experienced nuclear war. However in this highly uncertain world today, a world including foes who are not afraid to die – and are actually trying to bring on Armageddon which they believe will usher in their Messiah, the risks are increasingly greater.

Today, the West entirely depends upon a fragile ‘spider web’ of technological systems for sustenance. Some say that if an EMP were to wipe out most all electronic systems in the U.S., that 90 percent of Americans would be dead within a year. To achieve that, either a single – powerful EMP weapon would need to detonate at approximately 250 miles altitude over central U.S., OR, several EMP detonations at lower altitude launched from mobile launchers offshore of the East and West coast U.S.

Here is a Discovery Channel short video on ‘Future Weapons, EMP Bomb‘, made back in 2006, that illustrates the basics of what an EMP can do. The last part of the video illustrates EMP versus altitude.

For those that are not convinced that the loss of our electronic systems would not lead to massive suffering and die-off, read ‘Blackout… Are You Ready?

What is interesting with this report regarding North Korea, is that the main stream has chosen to report it in the first place. Not having heard mention of an EMP weapon from the MSM in quite some time, this is notable. Sounds like they are again reinforcing the ‘bad guy’ notion of North Korea in our minds for some reason.


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