A Design Flaw With Our System And Politicians


Everywhere in America there is frustration with our political ‘leaders’ and politicians. Approval ratings are near or at all-time lows, and many Americans are blaming this politician or that politician, or this party or that party as the reason for the problems at hand.

I hear many say, “Throw the bums out! Vote for the incumbent!”

However, the thing is, the underlying problems are much deeper than the players on the field. Changing the players or even the teams, is absolutely irrelevant…

Years ago (many many years ago), our representatives were working members of our communities who were elected to represent the interests of the community. They had jobs, real jobs. They ran businesses. They were themselves employed-engaged-productive members of the neighborhood and local society. Their practical working knowledge of their locality and region coupled with their ability to effectively communicate made them excellent candidates to represent the voters of said region – as was the intent of the founding fathers of this nation.

They would leave their communities and truly become a public servant, which was not necessarily easy – temporarily leaving their livelihood and leaving their work behind – managed by others – at least until they did their time and served their term. They would return home to re-engage with their work or business while a new representative was elected and sent to serve. Repeat…

Does this sound very UNFAMILIAR?

Nowadays we have career politicians who feel entitled – many (most) of whom have not worked a real job in their life, or run a business, or have any real integration with the working people of a given community.

They’ve never done anything. They’ve never participated in the private business sector. They are very far removed from the real community. Our present day politicians have been in government, in Congress, for decades and decades.

They have become addicted to their apparent ‘power’. They get to tell other people what to do. They can’t walk away from it…

Perhaps there is a huge design flaw in the system itself.

I recently heard this quote:

Maybe it’s the entire notion that there are a small tiny handful of people that we award the power to kill, and steal, and wage war, and confiscate our wages, and regulate what we can or cannot put in our body, and whether or not we can collect rainwater, and to conjure thousands of pages of regulations every week… maybe that’s the problem to begin with – the system itself is deeply flawed and corrupt.
-Sovereign Man

A major flaw with our system and politicians is the notion of CAREER. Once it becomes a career, it invites and breeds corruption – given the power handed to them over us. At the root, there are slightly more than 500 of them who wield great power and control over more than 300 million of us. Than in itself is stunning when you think about it…

Do I have any answers? Not really… the reason being that any practical and potentially effective idea that I can think of will surely be instantly shot down at the outset by our illustrious representatives, given the entrenched corruption and political self-preservation that exists among them. Those in power will not voluntarily shackle themselves. It’s too late for that. Unfortunately I have a very pessimistic view on fixing the existing system given it’s decay and corruption.

That said, those of us who have some fight left, we must continue to voice our opinions (as long as they still let us) and do what we can to bring about solutions.


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