Break Up The MEGAs With Antitrust Law To Renew Capitalism And Competition


Where are the antitrust laws and the justice department?

Capitalism has been distorted by .gov not having enforced ‘antitrust’ law, resulting in monopolistic growth into enormously huge MEGA corporations and MEGA banks – whose revenues are often bigger than most countries…

Capitalism has always been about competition. However competitive competition is often absolutely crushed by the mega-corps (seemingly advantaging and cohorting with .gov policies) who can destroy on a whim any small, medium, or even large business. What’s worse is that they have control of .gov – so it will remain a revolving door between them – further enabling a sort of Oligarchy Corporatocracy whose policies will benefit themselves.

For a number of complicated reasons to do with the policies of a corporate and banking cartel owned government, the middle class has been crushed. This has led to the many who are lashing out against the so called ‘rich’, and as a result have gravitated towards the messaging of the socialist/communist movement which promises to ‘take from the rich’ in order to ‘give to the poor’.

Unfortunately many people are latching on to the notion of ‘rich – bad’. The problem however is that true capitalism can only thrive in an environment of competition where the playing field and ‘rules of the game’ are not slanted toward the giants, but are opportunistic for all who are playing.

Capitalism in this environment will better enable ‘anyone’ with the drive and desire towards business opportunity to stand a fair chance at obtaining it and the so called ‘riches’ that may go along with it. ‘Rich’ is not a bad word. While some who are ‘rich’ are no doubt ‘bad’ (I’ll refrain from naming names), what I’m talking about here is opportunity. And the way the system is ‘rigged’ right now, the opportunity favors the huge MEGA corps and MEGA banks. They are the owners and referees of the game. This needs to change.

With that said, I am not advocating socialism! (I’m advocating competitive capitalism.) We do not need government to run business (they’re horrible at that!), but we do need to renew competition in capitalism.

How do we do that?

Read on…

We break it up (the MEGA’s)… and we strip back burdensome regulation and taxation.

I can hear the purists out there saying that if capitalism enables a company to grow into an enormous mega-corp which swallows up or defeats all its competition, then that’s how capitalism should be – an eventuality that simply ‘happens’. Right? After all, it is the end goal – ‘to have it all’, is it not? However I would argue that in order to sustain capitalism, there has to be a point at which we curtail the system from swallowing its tail. Because once an entity gets so big, it gains control of the system itself – which will then morph into a Corporatocracy, or worse. No longer a competitive capitalism, it becomes something entirely different.

With that said, the solution does not involve a socialist government – running businesses (they do a horrible job at that), but we do need ‘our’ government to do its job regarding curtailing monopolistic ‘MEGAs’. The problem is though, the justice department has not been doing their job. Why? Because the Corporatocracy itself has long ago taken over the halls of congress, the executive, and the justice department – and has their tentacles spread everywhere into our Republic.

Because of this fact, it is very difficult to envision any real change. They are so incredibly powerful that they have the resources to crush any threat to their structure.

We are in dangerous times. People are absolutely fed up with this. The middle class has been decimated. This is why Sanders and Trump have become so incredibly popular (for their own very different messages). Both sides are pissed off. In my estimation, Sanders will be crushed by the powers that be – who have already chosen Hitlery (who is part of the Cartel in my estimation). Trump is their real threat, a complete non-political outsider, and in my opinion he had better watch his back… he may be a real threat to their Corporatocracy (although to what extent is anyone’s guess).

I read this today (Wikipedia) upon examining the definition of antitrust law, and it seems to me that the justice department is doing nothing in this area:

United States antitrust law is a collection of federal and state government laws that regulates the conduct and organization of business corporations, generally to promote fair competition for the benefit of consumers.

First, they restrict the formation of cartels and prohibit other collusive practices regarded as being in restraint of trade.

Second, they restrict the mergers and acquisitions of organizations which could substantially lessen competition.

Third, they prohibit the creation of a monopoly and the abuse of monopoly power.

In my estimation, ‘cartels’ are entrenched, competition is crushed, and abuse is everywhere. I believe that the solutions are not that complicated but the methods to actually bring about the solutions certainly are. Who has the power to bring it all down to size? Seemingly no one at this point. I believe that many recognize part of the problem to be the MEGA’s and the solution to renew competition. How can it be done? It seems only revolution…


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