If you don’t think this is over-reaching and a violation of freedom, then you will probably be in favor of the upcoming Social Credit Score system.

I encourage you to read the following Forbes report. “Exclusive: Feds Demand Apple And Google Hand Over Names Of 10,000+ Users Of A Gun Scope App”. Read it, and come on back for discussion…

Own a rifle? Got a scope to go with it? The U.S. government might soon know who you are, where you live and how to reach you.

That’s because the government wants Apple and Google to hand over names, phone numbers and other identifying data of at least 10,000 users of a single gun scope app, Forbes has discovered.

It’s an unprecedented move…

Personally, I had not been aware of the App named Obsidian 4.

From Google Play (description of the App),

This is the Future of Optics!

The Obsidian 4 application is here to enhance your experience when using the ATN X-Sight 4K and/or the ThOR 4 product lines.

This application connects your smart phone, or tablet, to your ATN device via Wifi. This connection allows you to watch a live video stream of your hunt on your smart phone or tablet.

The Obsidian 4 App lets you adjust/change the various settings on your ATN Smart scope, and review the images and videos stored on your scopes microSD card.

Unlock the true potential of your Obsidian 4 device!

This application is for owners of ATN products who are using the new Obsidian 4 products

Evidently the government is investigating illegal exports of ATN’s scope. ATN makes Night Vision and Thermal Imaging Optics. And the App described above is apparently optionally used in conjugation with with some of their scopes as a product enhancement. So the Feds are going after the App users.

The dragnet will sweep up ALL personal data of EVERYONE who has the App. In essence these people will now be “registered” in a government database of “gun owners” if Big Tech (Apple & Google in this case) complies with their demand. (And why wouldn’t they? They’re tied at the hip, so to speak).

Here’s a thought:

How is this different from the government demanding that all FFL’s turn in their copies of Form 4473 (the form you fill out when purchasing a firearm – before they call it in for a NICS background check). Those forms are required to be kept on premises locally, and the form contains ALL the info of your purchase including the firearm itself – make & model, S/N, and your personal information (the government NICS check itself does not involve “what” you purchased).

Here’s an example of where this could hypothetically lead:

Who’s to say the Feds one day wouldn’t “demand” that all FFL’s (places that sell firearms) from a given region release their “Form 4473’s” because someone in that region used a gun in a violent action (even though they probably stole it or bought it on the ‘black market’). Now they’ve got all “registration” records of who owns a firearm. And you know what happens next…

There are lots of hypothetical examples here (not all of them relating to firearms. It could be anything at all).

That said, the anti-2A movement (and actions thereof) has grown incredibly fast of late (helped along by recently publicized events of violent-people using guns). Corporations, Big Tech, and Government are evidently teaming up in efforts that are clearly anit-2A (and anti-1A! and anti-4A!).

What do you call it when government and industry cohort together to rule over the people?

What are your thoughts on this “demand” by the “Fed” as reported by Forbes? This particular “demand” is related to a firearms accessory. But if this goes through, what might be next?

For me, I’m not writing this because it has to do with a firearms situation. I never even heard of this App. No, what gets me bothered is when I see our ever-increasingly-bloated and powerful “government” encroaching on our basic Constitutional freedoms. (Whoops, I said a bad word, “Constitution”.)

I really don’t know why I get so bothered by this stuff. Maybe I should spend some time soul-searching on why that is, and maybe post separately on it. A sort of self-eval. I wonder what I should charge myself for this evaluation? 😉

Anyway, that’s my little rant for today. Carry on.

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