Government Blimp Drones Over Washington DC

Image: Raytheon

You think that ordinary drones are invasive to our privacy? Check out the latest implementation by our government… Giant Drone Blimps…

That’s right… Our government has spent 2.7 billion dollars on a pair of blimps that will initially be floating over Washington DC, “protecting” them from all sorts of bad things.

Here’s a thought…

Based on recent spying revelations, will these drone blimps have the latest high-tech high-resolution cameras pointed down, focused on city residents and surrounding suburbia recording their every movement? That would not be allowed of course . Or would it…

Yes it’s true. You just bought 2 drone blimps. reports that within a year, a pair of souped-up $2.7 billion blimps will be floated 10,000 feet above the District of Columbia and act as a 340-mile-wide eye in the sky, detecting incoming missiles and the like.

The blimps are 77 yards long, and have a range of 340 miles. They fly at 10,000 feet for 30 days at time.

According to the Dept. of Defense, a sophisticated radar on-board, the JLENS (Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System), can successfully track fighter aircraft, towed targets, and cruise-missile targets, and can detect a swarm of boats from 100 miles away. It can carry weapons, and have fire-control radar that can send information to a ballistic system to interpret and aim a shot.

Your view looking up at Big Brother Blimp
Image: Raytheon

Image: Raytheon

A few thoughts from others around the internet…

What are they guarding against?

And this blimp will stay up there on course during your typical weather events that regularly occur throughout the year? That will be an interesting trick…

If it is grounded during bad weather, does this simply mean that a potential enemy will wait until bad weather, rendering the billions of dollars useless and a waste of money?

Is this a good example of the bloated DC government and all the polluted hot air emanating from the White House?

Think of a constant UAV floating there with cameras and radar to watch/track “us”, not protect “us”.

Blimps are used for ground observation. What are they observing? Spying perhaps?

Who the hell are they trying to kid. DC has a missile defense already and a bunch of blimps is not going to help all they are for is to watch and listen to the citizens. They are nothing more than another tool to spy on the citizens.

This all another ploy to spend billions and line some politician and Generals pockets.

You don’t need to get an eye in the sky to track missiles or planes. These are so they can look down on us. It’s the only sensible answer as to what they’re for. What are they expecting at ground level to attack Washington? Protecting against a potential coup perhaps?

The missile thing is a lie, that’s what radars and LCMR is used for. ITS USED TO WATCH YOU!!!

The use of drones and surveillance programs have escalated big time under this Regime.

In brief, we are ready to collapse, or the US Government has intel that some outfit is going to hit us. Remember, just one more 9/11 the USA will never recover from the next hit. In fact, the USA is so broke, we couldn’t even afford to retaliate.

Sounds like the military-industrial complex did a sales number on a few brain dead politicians to the tune of 2.7 billion smackers.

Why fly over DC? What’s worth protecting there?

No more pesky whistleblowers using throw away phones and having meetings in the park with their reporter.

Doesn’t make $1 sense to me much less billions. Something’s up.

What do you think?



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