Government Gone Wild Says ALL The Water Is Theirs

In our original article, All Water In Oregon Belongs To The State, we reported the fact that an Oregon man, Gary Harrington, has been sentenced to 30 days in jail for having 3 ponds on his property (which he has had for 37 years) which apparently fill from rainwater runoff and snow melt from an area near Big Butte Creek.

The state of Oregon claims they own all the water, including rainwater runoff according to a 1925 law, and they say that Harrington is a water thief for collecting it.


Despite the fact that the water has been used by fire fighter helicopters for fire protection by three different government agencies many times in the past to protect homes and property, and despite the fact that Harrington is not diverting water from the river system itself, the state is ordering him to drain the ponds and go directly to jail.

This we believe is another example of Government-Gone-Wild, a government that is bloated so fat that they reach out for all they can control in order to justify their existence.

The only thing that Harrington apparently did wrong was to stand up for what’s right. What’s next… the next time you go outside on Gary’s property in the winter and catch a snowflake in your mouth, are they going to say that it is a method of ‘containment’ and that it is their water?! Will they start regulating the air that we breath? The sun’s rays that fall on solar panels? Is it all theirs???

When will enough people in this upside-down country wake up to the fact that we have complete idiots running our government (okay, not all… but perhaps most), people with ZERO common sense and complete disregard for Freedom and Liberty…

Watch the video below for the latest details of this case.


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