Gun Control Hypocrisy: Governmnent ‘Officials’, Cops, and Ex Cops Exempt

Gun Control Hypocrisy

The Washington Times has reported that Feinstein’s sweeping gun control legislation would exempt government ‘officials’, law enforcement and retired law enforcement personnel.

Now bear with me for a minute… think about it… why is it that ‘they’ would be exempt whereas ‘we’ would not? Are they somehow better than us? More responsible than us? More safe than us? Why would they be above the law?

Seriously. How could it be that Feinstein herself could carry a handgun with 15 rounds whereas I (and you) would be prohibited? What makes her different from us? I’m serious here. It makes absolutely no logical sense whatsoever. It is the ultimate in hypocrisy.

My brother-in-law is a retired police officer. For example, how could it be that he could carry a Glock G22 with 15 rounds (and own an AR15 or similar rifle) whereas I wouldn’t even be able to carry an old S&W 59 with 15 rounds, even though I have passed a background check, have trained, am proficient, and am licensed to carry concealed? Does that make sense? Nothing against my brother in law, but is he somehow more responsible than I am? It is hypocrisy.

What is the definition of a government ‘official’? It seems to me that word or phrase is used very loosely and can apply to anyone in government, probably even our mailman. Not that our mailman should not have the right to carry a firearm (in fact given their job, they probably should…) but why would he be able to carry a gun with more than 10 rounds whereas you and I could not? Where is the logic?

Why are ‘they’ as human beings ANY DIFFERENT THAN YOU OR I? How is it that they could be exempt from these new laws and the rest of the U.S. citizenry would not? Why are they making it us against them?

Why is it that they can have body guards armed with weapons that would be banned (so long as they are government officials, LEO’s or ex-LEO’s), while we would not have that same right and level of protection? Why are their lives apparently more valuable than ours? Does that make any sense?

How is it that they are better than us, more deserving, and ABOVE THE LAW? They are supposed to SERVE US! They are government servants to the people. We the people. Remember?

You can fill in the blank for yourself. Just like most government workers and those in our Congress and Senate have far more benefits than the rest of us, and are somehow held above the law, it doesn’t make it right. In fact it is WRONG. We should ALL be held to the laws of the land, assuming they are Constitutional.

If you are angry about this, do yourself a favor and write your representatives… even if you believe they are on your side of this issue. Let them know how you feel. If you do not, then you will only have yourself to blame when it all comes down. Do it now… open a new browser page and Google who your congressman and senators are, find their web page, find their contact information, and let them know.

End of Message.

Washington Times reference article
Mrs. Feinstein’s measure would exempt more than 2,200 types of hunting and sporting rifles; guns manually operated by bolt, pump, lever or slide action; and weapons used by government officials, law enforcement and retired law enforcement personnel.

On a related note, take a moment to watch this short video segment of a veteran who spoke up during an anti-gun forum recently in Chicago, and listen to his words…

“The threat of tyranny today is no less than at the turn of the century in the 1900′s, 1800′s or 1700′s.”

The modern day American sheeple do not understand this, and cannot comprehend this, because they have not been taught this. The evil tendencies and doings of some of the human species have not changed, just because it is now 2013.

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