IRS Raids Are A Federal Abuse Of Power


IRS audits of small businesses are apparently soaring. The tactic being used is to ‘shock-and-awe’ as businesses are stormed by overwhelming force. It’s similar to what you might see on a SWAT raid of a drug house, or an aggressive paramilitary raid on a terrorist. They are armed, hostile and intimidating.

Actual quotes from a recent raid:

[IRS Officer]
“We’re the federal government. We can do what we want, when we want, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

[IRS Officer]
“You can call an attorney, but it won’t do any good, we’re the IRS, we can do anything we want.”

[small business owner]
“They threw our liberties out the window. This used to be America. Now it’s not.”

[small business owner]
“The language they used, the profanity they used, over and over again screaming and hollering at me…”

[IRS Officer]
“Why don’t you just touch me, I’ll show you what a federal officer can do to you.”

[small business owner]
“He did everything he could to provoke me, hovering over me spitting in my face as he was hollering and screaming at me.”

The following video begins with several minutes of a reenactment of one particular IRS raid based on the vivid accounting of those who were there. The rest of the video are interviews with some of the small business folks who talk about what happened to them and their concerns for America and what the federal government has apparently become.

I certainly have not posted this to attract the attention of the IRS, but instead to simply bring awareness to this apparent behavior as the federal government grows more powerful over the people. I do not know if the businesses highlighted in this video actually broke any financial laws, and that is not the point. It is the methods that are being used which appear to encroach on our constitutional rights as Americans, just one aspect of the apparent abuse of power that is taking place in our government according to the opinion of many.

If you want change, then you must do something – call or write your representatives. Even if you are infuriated by some actions of government, those who remain silent while only complaining among their friends, are signalling consent. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

By the way,
If any IRS employees happen upon this article, I’m sure there are plenty of you good folks just doing your job. …just pointing out the raid tactics which seem over-the-top, is all…


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