Tim Dow (left) of Manchester, Stevie D. (right) of Danville guard the Armed Forces Career Center.

A woman who asked not to be identified thanks the armed civilians out front of a Manchester, New Hampshire, military recruiting center after the recent shooting by “Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez” who opened fire on two military installations in Chattanooga, Tennessee, killing five service members and wounding one other service member and a police officer.

The armed men who stood outside a military recruiting center in New Hampshire said they wanted to provide security for the people working inside after last week’s shooting in Tennessee.

The reason? Believe it or not there are bans on most military personnel — who are forbidden from carrying firearms on military bases and recruitment facilities.

Are you military or ex-military? What is your opinion on these bans?

Here’s more…

Similar to any gun-free zone, by disarming the Armed Forces, gun-free policies at military facilities have made our men and women in uniform easy targets for terrorist attacks.

When did this policy start?

Apparently this “gun free zone” type policy is intertwined with policies implemented during the Clinton era as well as under George H.W. Bush, based on the Department of Defense (DoD) Directive 5210.56, and Army Regulation 190-14.

How is it that Marines who have stormed battlefields are stripped defenseless back home?

Well in New Hampshire, citizens are taking matters into their own hands. Armed citizens have gathered outside a Manchester military recruiting center to protect the military. Tim Dow (pictured above), said he spoke with a Manchester police officer who was patrolling the shopping center across South Willow Street from the Mall of New Hampshire. Dow said he also spoke with some of the staff inside the office, who he said appreciated their efforts. The public response has been positive. People have been stopping by, getting out of their vehicles and thanking for the efforts.

While it is legal in New Hampshire to do what they’re doing (they actually uphold the 2nd Amendment here), in other states you would be arrested right quick…

With that said, what is your opinion of this situation? Will the military here at home continue to be ‘targets’ because of their “gun free” policies? Is this yet another example of how so called “gun free zones” really don’t work?

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