NYC Blizzard Bust 2015


Although eastern New England was dumped on with heavy snow, it looks like the forecast Armageddon for those of the Mid Atlantic, New York City and New Jersey was a bust. The mainstream news and weather media blew it on yet another hyped up snowstorm that was to affect 60 million people. It was to be so bad, that the National Guard was called up (along with a near total mandatory shutdown of transportation costing untold tens of millions of dollars).

This time I even heard yet another new ‘dramatic’ weather term introduced to the public for this one (via NBC’s Brian Williams and Al Roker who were whipping the New Yorkers into a frenzy last night on the news) – a supposed ‘BOMBOGENESIS’, pronounced ‘Bomb Bo Genesis’. What?? Are you scared yet?

Well as it turns out the Blizzard of 2015 never materialized for NYC and other nearby Mid Atlantic regions with just a few inches to apparently 6 inches of snow there. The forecasters got it wrong (there), and apparently they themselves were caught up in their own anxiety while the news media and politicians magnified the upcoming storm to be that of historical proportions.

Every year the weather hype becomes more and more dramatic, which is sad because it either reflects a growing class of sissies (pardon me if I offended anyone) or a feeding frenzy for ratings. Maybe a little of both…

Cry wolf over and over, until a REAL storm comes, and the people will not prepare because they have been duped again and again.

Dear citizens of America. Food supply’s were exhausted (in many NYC and elsewhere grocery stores) even BEFORE a supposed crisis. Remember that.

Having read several articles this morning regarding the HISTORIC NYC Blizzard, the comments to these articles were quite amusing. Some of which I will share with you below…

I love how the global warming liars now name EVERY storm, not just hurricanes, to try to reinforce their global warming scam. They are so desperate they are naming clouds. “Today, dark cloud Morty will enter the NYC area. Be advised that Morty carries with him an aggressive mist.”

As usual the news idiots sensationalize the weather and hype it to the max. Meanwhile I have about 6″ of snow in my backyard and enough milk to last through the next ice age. Thanks for nothing news-tards.

Just illustrates the lack of judgement Mayor De-Idiot possesses. Sure, one should prepare for a bad storm but it is not necessary to shutdown the city on a forecast. This is the (chicken-s**t) nanny state run amok.

The media’s response to these impending storms resembles Monty Python’s comedy formula: Dress up like women, run around, and scream.

Dear elected Officials…it is your job to keep roads passable – not prevent use.

Big government using 6″ of snow to control an entire population.

De Blasio not letting a potential crisis go to waste. He used this storm to see how easy it will be to order people to remain in their homes….

A couple of inches of snow in NYC, yet the fascist Democrats running that state and city still will not let the people move around on the sidewalks without a $300 fine.

When you’re done cowering in your homes please follow your leaders into the sea…’re embarrassing your country

The most horrible devastating nightmarish historic unbelievably bad two inch snow in World History.

People behave as if this is the first time it snows in New England. It’s not; and surely not the last. Imagine how these people would act if the situation was ACTUALLY dire.

Northeast Snowstorm And The Governors And Mayors Who Eagerly Ban Travel

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