This will all end badly.

When you look at the following chart/graph of the United States national debt from 1950 – present (2016/May), it is glaringly evident how we’re in ‘deep’, and will not end well for us…



The United States Treasury is broke. There is no money. In fact the government cannot stop spending beyond its means while it continues to borrow outrageous staggering sums from the Federal Reserve (a private entity of banks – ‘the banking cartel’).

Quicker than your tax dollars go into the treasury, it is spent.
And there is no end in sight.

There is apparently zero effort being purposed towards economic logic as we careen down the slope of financial collapse. Due to the systemic corruption from within and from without, there is no way a politician is going to truly support any meaningful curtailment of .gov’s spending.

It is seemingly inevitable that we will one day ‘hit the wall’ hard. It’s only a matter of time.

In fact the whole world is bound in stupefying debt and it has become quite evident that we’re getting near the end. Just look at all of the social chaos going on in the world right now (not being reported on your alphabet channel news). It’s everywhere… and it’s coming here sooner or later.

Has anyone been paying attention to Venezuela? It’s absolutely horrific there right now as their socialist system has utterly and completely failed. They are actually hunting dogs and cats for food to eat as the grocery store shelves are empty. There’s rioting, looting, and chaos as their currency is inflating away into the dust bin of history. Are we seeing that on the news? No we are not. The contagion is all over Europe. Most Americans have no clue whatsoever as to what is going on right now around the world… Social unrest is building.

We are so unbelievably caught up in normalcy bias – it’s scary. Most everyone has a budget that is essentially (or nearly) paycheck-to-paycheck and they still have no clue how badly the upcoming financial collapse will affect them one day. Even the ‘thinking people’ are largely fooling themselves into believing that we will never encounter such a thing here in the United States. Our dollar is on solid ground, right?

Just look at that chart again and keep telling yourself that…

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