‘Basic’ Skills Are Lacking in Young Generation


Okay, I might as well tell you all right now…I need to vent. So here it is, straight from yesterday’s grocery store adventure. Ken and I decided to do our weekly grocery store run and we were both gathering items to help speed the process. At one point, I asked Ken to go and get a turkey breast cutlet for a soup I am going to make. I continued to look for other items.

When we were checked out and walking back to the truck, Ken told me about what he saw when he was at the meat counter looking for the turkey cutlet. He said there were several teenagers standing along side the meat counter. “You could tell one of them was sick” he said. And she was sneezing right over the meat counter, not once, but several times. And SURPRISE, SURPRISE, she wasn’t covering her nose or mouth! Ken said he just shook his head and walked away…no turkey cutlet after that! I looked at Ken and asked, “And why aren’t these kids covering their mouths when they sneeze?” At the same time, we both answered, “Because their parents aren’t teaching them to do it.”

About a week ago, in my post regarding Recession Creates Preppers, I touched upon the fact that very few, if any, of our younger generation would be able to bake from scratch. Why not? Because they are not taught by their parents. What happened with this generation? As one reader pointed out, the trades need to be taught. Not only the trades, but the staples of running a household too, cooking, sewing etc. How many young people have you seen at a dinner table with absolutely no table manners? There they are with both elbows on the table and chewing with their mouths open. It’s disgusting, but it is also VERY scary.

It’s very scary to me in a survival preparedness sense. First of all, the way these kids cough everywhere and anywhere without covering their mouths, we would very easily be in a lot of trouble with a new flu or pandemic situation. There seems to be no preventative health precautions taught to this generation.

Why aren’t manners being taught anymore? This too would help prevent a virus spread because I’ve seen plenty of these kids cough at the dinner table without covering their mouths. But they seem to have no concept of what they are doing wrong. Maybe it’s because they are too busy texting? No, they are not being taught by their parents. What happened?

It worries me because if and when the SHTF, there are so many that will just be so clueless. No common sense and no skills.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I just don’t know why the ‘basics’ aren’t being taught anymore. Do you have a grandchild that you can take under your wing?


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