Best First Aid Kit 2012

Best First Aid Kit

The best first aid kit of 2012 is based on review data, customer ratingpopularity, and its availability on From the more than 6,000 first aid kit products that were available, “The Complete First Aid Kit” is the ‘best first aid kit’ of 2012. Again, the word ‘best’ is based simply on the aforementioned four criteria.

A very important and sometimes overlooked emergency preparedness item is the first aid kit. During and after an emergency or disaster, the immediate priority may not be shelter, water and food; instead it may be treating the injured (which may even be you!). This will require having the right medical supplies in your first aid kit to deal with the most common of injuries.

1. Do you even have a first aid kit?

2. Where is it? Do you also have one in your car?

3. When was the last time you checked it out to see if some contents need to be replaced or replenished? Did you know that some items like antibiotic creams and pills have expiration dates?

You can spend some time and put together a first kit of your own, or you could simply buy one. Any first aid kit is better than none, so do what you can to get your hands on one (and one for your car). Another highly valuable thing you can do is to take a first aid course. You will often find these at schools that offer adult education classes, and there are even courses that are simply one session. I encourage you to seek one out.


The Complete First Aid Kit

From the manufacturer:

The Complete First Aid Kit contains first aid products made in the United States and packaged in a 510K Certified, FDA Regulated facility. The kit will assist with knocked out teeth, CPR, burns, scrapes, insect stings, small lacerations, swelling, splinters, blisters, sepsis, sprains, broken/fractured fingers & toes, arm/elbow/shoulder injuries, headaches, excessive bleeding, and much more.

This First Aid Kit Contents:

Save-A-Tooth, for saving knocked out teeth, approved by the ADA
Wall mountable
Water/moisture proof
Contents are individually boxed to cut down on mess after use
CPRotector, CPR barrier that blocks fluids
Cotton swabs
Ice pack
32 Certi-Strips (1″x3″)
6 Extra Large Certi-Strips (2″x3″)
9 Heavy Weight Woven Fingertip & Knuckle Certi-Strips
4 Certi-Gauze Pads (3″x3″)
1 Ace Style Bandage (2″x5yd)
1 Triangular Bandage w/2 Pins
1 Absorbent Compress (32″sq.)
1 Certi-Tape – Medical Tape (1/2″2.5yd)
5 Cotton Swabs (3″)
10 Certi-Sporyn Packets (1gm)
10 BZK Antiseptic Towelettes (5″x7″)
6 Certi-Burn Cream Packets (1gm)
2 Insect Sting Wipe-Ups (1″x2″)
1 Save-A-Tooth (Tooth Preserving System)
1 CPRotector (CPR Barrier)
1 Certi-Lancet (Blister & Splinter Relief)
2 Pairs of Nitrile Gloves
1 Foil Rescue Blanket (52″x84″)
1 Instant Cold Pack
1 Wood Splint (6″)
1 Green Glow Stick (6″)
1 Certi-Cet – Acetametophen (2ct)
1 Certi-Profen – Ibuprofen (2ct)
1 First Aid Facts Guide


Customer Review

I was looking for a good first aid kit for my camping pack that bridged the gap between efficient size and diversity of contents. Also, since I work in the healthcare field, I was a bit picky when it came to what contents I needed. This fit the bill!


1) tons of stuff – I don’t think I need to go into much detail, since the product description lists all of the included items; but from this medical professional’s perspective, this contained a great deal of important items.

2) well organized – Things are color coded, plastic wrapped, clearly labeled, efficiently spaced, and well packaged. Things are not merely thrown into this kit; they are placed with intent and rationale. Things that go together, are located near each other!

3) extra space in the included box – There was an extra few cubic inches in the included box. Whether this was purposefully meant or not, it allows you to throw in a few extra things you may want in your kit. For example, I was able to add iodide tablets, water purification tablets, mesh laundry bags, three vacuum shrunk towels, a 2L plastic water carrier, and a box of waterproof matches.

4) good compromise on size – this fits very well in my camping day pack. It takes up enough space to add rigidity to my pack, while not being bulky or oddly-shaped (like my last strange first aid kit).

5) great price – for the contents of this kit, the price is outstanding. Nothing more to say about it!


1) Plastic box could be a bit more sturdy – the plastic box is about the only thing I would improve on this kit. Definitely not a big deal, but I figured I couldn’t write a review without at least one con! The latches that close the box don’t feel very sturdy, and I suspect that after several opening and closings of the box, they MAY give out. Of course, this is entirely based on my perception of the box, and not any actual experience.

Overall impression? BUY IT NOW!!!
In my mind this is the perfect 1st aid kit for home, car, camping, workplace, or emergency supplies.

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