best first aid kit 2018

The best First Aid Kit (general purpose) of 2018 is the “Swiss Safe 2-in-1 (120 piece) Kit”.


(Check Recommended Add-ons Below)

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I’ve been updating this annually for several years.

Each year I have a look at the latest available first aid kits on Amazon and spend some time reviewing those which are rated the best (4+ Stars) which have the highest number of reviews (indicating popularity), and other criteria.

My basic criteria include price (in the 20 dollar range) as well as it being a general purpose kit with practical contents.

Best, or in this example ‘ best first aid kit ‘, is entirely subjective. While this particular kit isn’t designed for professional EMS, it’s designed and priced for typical use by the average person – while providing good value.

Good for Home, Car, Camping, RV, Boating, or any general purpose.

Note: A first aid kit is often overlooked as an essential preparedness item. We don’t think about it – until we actually need it. In my opinion everyone should have one at least at home and in their vehicle at all times.

Why is this the best first aid kit of 2018?

– 97% of reviews are 4 Stars or better
– 89% of reviews are 5 Stars
– listed as “Amazon’s Choice” (fewest returns & highest reviews)
– bonus mini first aid kit included

More reasons:


10 Alcohol Prep Pads
30 Medium Bandages
10 Mini Bandages
20 Cotton Tips
4 Knuckle Bandages
4 Fingertip Bandages
4 Butterfly Bandages
5 Sterile Gauze Pads
6 Antiseptic Cleansing Wipes
4 Sting Relief Pads
2 Disposable PVC Gloves
1 Disposable Instant Ice Pack
1 First Aid Tape
1 Large Trauma Pad
1 Compass
1 Moleskin Blister Relief
1 Triangular Bandage
1 Emergency Mylar Blanket
1 Whistle
1 Metal Scissors 15cm
1 Elastic Bandage
1 CPR Mask
1 Metal Tweezers
1 Sewing Kit
6 Safety Pins
1 Glow Stick (6 hours)
1 Pocket Size First Aid Pouch

10 Medium Bandages
10 Cotton Tips
1 First Aid Tape
1 Non-woven Pad
1 Sterile Gauze Pad
2 Alcohol Prep Pads
4 Safety Pins
2 Sting Relief Pads
1 CPR Mask

Here’s a list of recommended additional items to consider for your first aid kit:

10 First Aid Kit Ad-on Items

Make your kit even better by augmenting with these Quality Scissors and Tweezers

Miracle Point Splinter Expert Tweezer

Add this for traumatic bleeding

QuikClot Advanced Clotting Gauze
How To Stop The Bleeding With QuikClot

Burn Gel is another smart add-on:

Alocane Maximum Strength Burn Gel

There are LOTS of ready-made first aid kits out there and many of them are great.

I’ve simply chosen this one in general for its price-point, adequate basic items, and apparent customer satisfaction. The word ‘best’ is subjective and there’s no doubt that in this category there are MANY that may be considered the best…

2 Additional First Aid Kits among the best for general purpose:

All-purpose First Aid Kit, Soft Case, 299-Piece Kit
Coleman First Aid Kit, 205-Pieces

Tip: Don’t just buy a first aid kit and stow it away in a closet. Take the time to look over the contents and understand what each is for, and how you would use it. Then put it away…

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