CoronaVirus 2019-nCoV | No Symptoms 14-Days | What Could Go Wrong?

Today’s topic is this. The 2019-nCoV coronavirus is new. Humans have no immunity defense. Worse yet, the virus is highly contagious (and deadly) while exhibiting NO SYMPTOMS for up to 14 days!

So, lets put our heads together and identify some of the worst places for humans to be –given that people may be in proximity to one another while unkowingly SHEDDING THE VIRUS for 14 days.

The following thoughts are not intended to panic. Rather, a logical thought process regarding a deadly virus that doesn’t show symptoms for weeks. And a brainstorm of some worse places to be while in its highly contagious phase — all the while undetected…

My thinking is about places where people are together for longer periods of time. This would increase the likelihood of contagion.

CoronaVirus Danger | Schools

When the ordinary flu gets real bad, localities will shut down schools for a time. With the 2019-nCoV coronavirus, schools will be going along just fine, for weeks, until there is even a hint of a problem. By then, too late. There’s going to be a lot of infected humans.

CoronaVirus Danger | The Workplace

How many people do you know who go to work while sick? Lots. It’s bad enough when other people come to work while sick and spread it to others. But can you imagine a 14-day asymptomatic period while shedding the deadly 2019-nCoV coronavirus? How long until the workplace figures out that it’s affecting everyone? The answer is weeks later. And then it’s too late. Practically everyone’s got it by then.

CoronaVirus Danger | Air Travel

I recently posted about the notion of “super-spreader” airports. It doesn’t take much in the way of brain cells to understand the potential risk of hundreds flying together in small cylindrical tubes for many hours on end… all over the world.

CoronaVirus Danger | Cruise Ships

Thousands of people together on a cruise. How many times have we heard of noravirus or some other sickness contagion on a cruise ship?! Now can you imagine coronavirus?? Up to 14 days with no symptoms. So, during this early stage of 2019-nCoV, there could be high contagion on a cruise, “if” others on board were shedding virus. No one would connect the dots until many weeks later…

These are just a few of the scenarios that popped into my head while thinking about the long incubation period of this deadly virus while showing no symptoms.

I hope I’m very wrong about this. But I have a feeling that this is going to go real bad. Why? Because China has stopped the release of on-the-street information there – as of 48 hours ago of this writing. Now it’s “state-information” only. There are more than 50 million there under quarantine and countless infected and dead. That we know of…

The predictable mainstream news media here in the US has downplayed this right from the start. In fact many of them are going out of their way to say that they are so NOT concerned, bla bla bla… to the extent that it’s obvious they’re countering the notion of public concern.

The WHO and CDC are POLITICAL run organizations. Do you put your ‘complete’ trust in what they’re saying? I don’t…

This is a preparedness site. I feel obligated to point these things out. Get prepared. Prepare to self isolate. If it turns out to be nothing, you will have lost nothing by preparing ahead with consumable supplies to get you through.


Coronavirus Is Worse Than You’ve Been Told

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