Home Remedies for Days of Stress, Anxiety

In today’s modern world, nearly everyone seems to be stressed out in their daily lives. There are lots of reasons and causations for that.

You might work all day. And then with the precious remaining hours of your day there are endless chores, duties, activities, and obligations that consume your valuable time before shutting the lights out for the night.

Stress is a reality in life. It affects most everyone to varying extents. Stress is largely unavoidable in a busy life. Stress can also bring on anxiety.

You’ve probably heard it before, but stress can and WILL negatively affect your health. Your heart rate, blood pressure, muscles, and emotions are all subjected to stress and can lead to headache, upset stomach, insomnia, and may even lead to illness or aggravate an existing or underlying health problem.

Here are some home remedies to help reduce stress without Big Pharma…


Get Enough Sleep

Sleep deprivation is unfortunately all too common these days. Long days and stressful worries will result in a poor night’s sleep. One of the most effective remedies for stress is to get enough sleep. Even one extra hour will make a big difference. Just go to bed a little earlier. Some people find that reading can help ease into sleep. Avoid sugars, caffeine, alcohol, or heavy foods during the evening in order to have a better chance of a restful night’s sleep.

Do Physical Activity

Exercise will improve your mood, your blood flow, and help you to think more clearly. A simple walk each day will do wonders to help battle stress. During your walk, you will probably discover that you are resolving some of the issues in your mind as you exercise.

Break Up Big Tasks

Break up responsibilities into smaller chunks. You will be surprised at the effectiveness of visualizing and doing just one task at a time, instead of constantly thinking of the overall big project. This can make a HUGE difference in your outlook (and success)!

Be Practical

Don’t take on more than you should. Be realistic about your expectations. Learn to say no. Do things that you can reasonably achieve. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Delegate.

Limit Caffeine

While caffeine in coffee, tea, or soda may seem like a beneficial supplement to get you going, it will actually increase your stress levels. As with everything, moderation is the rule.

Make Time For Yourself

Get away from your normal surroundings once in a while. This is more helpful than you may think, even though you’ll convince yourself you don’t have time for it. It is far too easy to be stuck in a constant routine. A purposeful change of scenery will be refreshing. Do something fun for yourself.

Enjoy A Hobby Interest

Make time for a specific hobby that interests you. Treat yourself to that which might contribute to your hobby.

Learn To Calm Down

There are many methods you can learn which will lead to relaxation. Closing your eyes for ten seconds while breathing deeply and slowly, while thinking of your favorite place in the world, can be just the thing you need. Getting a massage, doing Yoga, and learning meditation will all help to achieve a relaxed state.

Stay Away From People Who Constantly Bring You Down

You know the type… “Debbie Downers” or those filled with DRAMA (no offense to the Debbie’s of the world). They shed their stress right onto you. Don’t accept it. Not your problem…

You only have one life to live, and as each day ticks by, it’s a day that you will never get back. Take a step back from an overly busy life of stress and anxiety, and enjoy it – smell the roses…

 What are some of your remedies to reduce stress?


  1. Spinning fat cats on a finished wood floor! Most easily done after the cats are fed and are sleepy. Hey! I never claimed to be normal…You have to try it to discover the fun in doing it.

    Sampson looks too comfortable to spin. My dog loves to burrow in blankets and comforters in order to fall asleep. I find it hilarious to see a nose sticking out of a pile of blankets and to hear snoring on a cold winter day.

    Combine that with our favorite chair and a good hot drink: life is good. ( Coffee in the morning, herbal tea at night.). A good book or time reading on the computer Works great in the winter when I cannot work outside.

  2. I read, study herbs, work on the ebay account, love to feed my birds and watch the finches, purples, rosies and golds. The feisty chickadees are quick to grab and run while the Juncos and Cardinals hop on the ground. Have 4 pairs of Mourning Doves that graze too. Cruising MSB and AOL( Attack on Liberty). Philosophy too. Watched a small falcon attack a Starling the other day. They were wrestling on the ground, Starling got away with the falcon in hot pursuit.

  3. I find fresh air does wonders for me. A little time in nature puts everything in perspective I guess. I’m currently extra stressed, and the next several months are only going to get worse for me. But, if all goes well, I’ll be doing much better by the fall. Right now I just need to buckle down, grin and bare it.

  4. The last few months have certainly been stressful for all. So many people have been tense,
    edgy, nervous, irritable and very uncertain about the future.
    Our stress relievers are enjoying morning coffee and conversation in front of the wood stove . We do break down big tasks into smaller work times. We like completing tasks and chores and the feeling of accomplishment from that.In the gardening season we spend a lot of enjoyable time working the garden. It is also a big food source for us.
    We do enjoy a martini every other night or two or perhaps a glass of wine.This is also a good conversation time.
    Relaxing and recharging are important and need to be made a part of your daily schedule.

  5. I have a Pinterest board with pictures of cute or rascally critters on it, which helps to redirect my stressed out mind. Sewing and crocheting, and enjoying the evening on the back porch with DH are other great stress relievers.

  6. These days are filled with anxiousness indeed. I have Phillipians 4:6 posted above my computer;
    “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and thanksgiving, present your requests to God”. I have found that reading my Bible right before sleep usually results in a good night’s sleep. When weather permits, walking always clears my head, allows me to view God’s bounty, county my blessings, and just enjoy the day better.

  7. Hi everyone. I think saying “no” is one of the most important things I’ve learned lately, and sticking to it. Secondly, I agree with having a hobby of some type, or doing anything creative to destress and relax. Third, chocolate! And if that doesn’t work….. MORE chocolate! And more….and then some more……

    Works for me.

  8. I read my Bible and pray. I love to read, mostly historical fiction (but based on real events). I make all of my own cards, birthday, and all holidays. That is something I find very therapeutic. As a family, we like to watch sitcoms that make us laugh and forget our worries. We have full seasons of Home Improvement, Last Man Standing, The Dick Van Dyke Show, the Andy Griffith show, and many others that are just good old fashioned fun. I also find baking very relaxing. Nothing like the smell of fresh baked bread or chocolate chip cookies to boost one’s outlook. I use lavender oil for relaxation, and cinnamon and peppermint oils for an energy boost.

  9. thought my hobbies would help with the stress,
    now my hobbies are stressing me out!

    1. Haha! They can do that! That’s why you should have lots of hobbies – so you can step away from one for awhile when it’s “stressing you out” ;)

  10. Hah,
    even the accumulated snow, today, changed my ‘tude. It means more work, but different from the norm.
    My animals bring me peace, but only if I’m not feeding, cleaning, or doing farrier work, fixing fence, chasing horses, etc.

    A road cruise, is excellant. Taking a drive into unknown, unseen country territory.
    As long as out of the cities….
    Nature in general is good therapy.
    I used to take a drive to my dad’s pond,every now and then, troubled married years, lay on the hood of my 4×4, soak in the sun, listen to the creek breaking its formed ice.

    No jams, just me and nature. (Maybe a few beers.)


    Cutting and splitting wood….a good work out. Splitting that wood with a maul, takes out the inner ‘aggressiveness’

    1. With you 100 percent on splitting wood. Most of the summer and fall I get home from work and split a few rounds. Wife doesn’t understand that. She is always telling me you just worked 10 hours come in and rest. Can’t get her to understand that’s just what I am doing. No thinking just swinging the mallet

  11. Working on the farm, baking, and putting by food are all stress reducers for me. I enjoy reading all types of books. Watching the news on TV creates stress so we are not doing that for now…so we are relying on you guys for heads up about important things. Yes, I do check the other site to stay current. Sometimes it is nice to just sit and contemplate while sipping a hot drink. My all time go to is just asking for God’s help throughout the day…sometimes for me but most times for others that I feel need an extra prayer.

  12. Wife and daughter had a full day going to town. Grand daughter and me…we stayed on the mountain.

    Grand daughter says” Pa Pa, lets go on an adventure”…..so we did. We made an attempt to make our way down off the mountain to the river down below….by way of the old Forest Service road…the road that the Forest Service stopped maintaining way back in the Clinton years at the request of the various tree hugger interests. Ours was a sure ’nuff adventure……

    Made it down about three miles and a thousand feet drop in elevation in the side x side. The one time road has become basically a rock strewn gully of washes and exposed boulders. Came to a point where the drop off over a boulder was over twice as deep as my tires are tall….had to back up several hundred feet before finding a spot wide enough to turn around without dropping off the side of the road some two hundred feet…….

    Never once thought about all the stupidity coming out of D.C. while we were on our adventure…..like I say…..life is good on the mountain.

  13. I’ve been rummaging through forgotten boxes and closets. “I didn’t know I still had this” and, “So that’s where this has been” are frequent comments. I’m building a pile of stuff to donate. I have to be careful however as almost anything I get rid of I will need next week.

  14. Sometimes I just count my blessings. The list grows longer and longer and longer and…No matter how bad things are, this is a reminder that God loves me. Good music helps, too. During this year of the pandemic I discovered The Petersen Family on YouTube. I’d watch/listen to a song or two of theirs after reading/watching the news. What a change in attitude that could bring!

  15. I really enjoyed standing the early morning watch.(I’m currently off the rotation due to my injuries.)
    The cool crisp air and the quietness. Seeing a million stars when its clear out. Seeing the occasional life or death struggle between the owls and their prey. Something very soothing about it(to me). Even though I’m alert and looking out for potential danger it seemed like any stress just wasn’t there.
    Being around my dogs helps with the stress(and the PTSD). Seeing the grandkids play. I’m spending alot more time in my office and my shop working on projects. I’m writing actual letters to friends and mailing them out. It all helps with the additional stress these days…

  16. I finished the last of my coffee this morning. The house is now alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine free. Not much that I can do this time of year as all my hobbies take place outdoors. Even though I gave up on the news some time ago, I find that with nothing to do I can’t help but think about things which then stress me out. As it was, I had insomnia the past couple of nights.

  17. Its a tough one,
    our world seems to have gone full retard. The news makes it even worse, but like Peanut said, hard to not look.
    everything just feels so heavy these days

  18. PETS are a definite plus. Our mini schnauzers always snuggle with us and want to go everywhere we do. The BIG Great Pyrennes come join us in bed for about 45 minutes each night….just to get their lovings before going on duty for the night. 275 lbs of long haired dogs ! ugh, Never the less, they DO take stress away and also make it clear that they check on US first, and then the poultry and yard. They will come in a few times during the night and make sure things are OKAY.

    Decaffeinating is ALWAYS a good idea. I did it first when in grad school. Revisitied the program when DH got into health trouble. I don’t miss caffeine at all.

    Music and dance. Even if just once around the kitchen while making that wonderful dinner for two. I love to cook, so I make a point of three new recipes a week….that helps keep my spirits up as well.

    When all else fails…..go visit the chickens. Hilarious birds to watch….if you really WATCH them. And turkeys are even more fun….so much personality. Peace folks.

    1. I agree about pets. They are such blessing. Takes your mind off your troubles. I lost my Charlie las t week so that has increased the stress even more. I’m talking to a lady about a dog and hope that she will let me take him. Couldn’t get to him right now anyway as he is on the other side of the mountain and the weather is awful.

      1. AKA,sorry to hear about your Charlie…
        I really can’t imagine my life without a dog being in it. Hope the weather clears for you. I bet that dog needs you as much as you need him him right now…

      2. aka,
        So sorry to hear about Charlie. It does leave a big hole in your heart. We lost our big white lab Jake last summer, and we are still feeling the loss. I think it is a good move to look into taking on another adopted pup. We are looking into “fostering” a stray for a shelter now also. 1-1/2 hours away, but will see if they will allow us to take this dog on for a bit. If we do, i suspect we will eventually keep her as our own. You have a good heart, and good hearts are rewarded, especially where our pet friends are involved.

        1. Thanks
          It is the first time in 30 years that I haven’t had a dog in the house. Really empty. Supposed to talk to the breeder tonight and will see how it goes. If not then I will keep looking at the shelter where I volunteer at.

  19. When I am not trading stocks and hugging my dogs, I nap with my them listening to soundscapes that have soothing irish and scottish instrumentals to put me in a different reality than this insanity.

  20. Sometimes I meditate on the words of my favorite philosophers, such as; “What me worry?”, or another wisdom gem: “There’s always something”.

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