What Happens When People Can’t Get The #1 Most Prescribed Drug


Imagine this…

If it hits the fan in a big way – a major collapse – long term SHTF:

Many people will be in an extreme world of hurt due to their dependencies upon their prescription drugs. They could will become difficult or impossible to get.

What will the Users do, and how will that affect the rest who are not dependent?


Most Prescribed Drug

According to data research, currently the single most prescribed drug in the world is Hydrocodone (Vicodin).

It’s a ‘pain killer’, used for ‘pain’ (and abused…).

From a national survey done by the consulting firm IMS Health (report from 2015), there are more than 130 million prescriptions in the United States for Hydrocodone (Vicodin). That’s ‘Million’ with an ‘M’…

The question is, what will the affects be if and when ‘Users’ can’t get access to their addictive drug after a wide-scale SHTF collapse?

Hydrocodone (or it’s brand name, ‘Vicodin’) is a addictive pain killer.

Individuals who abuse Hydrocodone do so because they enjoy the opiate effect the drug has on the system. The thing is, more often than not, the euphoria caused by the drug slips away after prolonged use. And all that’s left is the addiction.

Hydrocodone changes the way the brain functions. It makes itself the number one priority. That makes it very hard for an individual to quit.

The drug tricks the brain into stopping the productive of positive feelings. So if the individual were to stop taking the drug, the negative feelings of withdrawal would feel overwhelming.

It’s at this point that the individual begins to turn more heavily to the drug in order to avoid bad feelings.

Once addicted to Hydrocodone, individuals have been known to steal, lie to doctors, and fake illnesses in order to obtain the drug. They may resort to nearly any means to get it.


Chronic Addicts

Further to the problems of addicts not getting their drugs are the millions in the United States who are addicted to heroin and methamphetamine.

Between just those two drugs it is estimated that approximately 3 million people are chronic addicts in the US – not counting those who are recreational users. Although even recreational use will liekly rapidly lead to addiction.

I have also read estimates that approximately 30 million people in the United States are on antidepressant drugs. What happens if they cannot get their drugs?

When you start researching for facts on the number of people who are on prescription drugs, the numbers are stunning.

In a true SHTF collapse, their might be great difficulty for many people who not only need certain medications to survive, but for those who have become addicted to their drugs will be in a world of hurt. And it may affect you and I one way or another as a result…

Chances are that post-collapse this will GREATLY increase crime – especially during the first month or two of the collapse. After that, they will have either passed or will have made it through their addiction.

For the preparedness minded, this will an additional issue to be aware of.

Given that there are apparently more than 130 million prescriptions of Hydrocodone in the United States today, and that many are addicted users, and given that there are probably many more similar but unreported ‘prescriptions’ filled in the underground market due to potentially tens of millions of drug addictions, chances are that it’s going to be a big problem…

Desperate people will do desperate things. Be aware, be prepared, and be secure…

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  1. Doctors had me on Hydrocodone and prosac for PTSD. It was really bad. Not only was I addicted, the side effects were terrible. I posted on here that I was going off my PTSD meds, I had NO idea what was coming. If your on this stuff, GET OFF IT NOW..!!

    Now, months later, I have a natural-path doc, and am using all natural, to try and help. While this route is not as effective as pharm meds, there are no side effects. it’s been rough and rocky, but I feel I have my feet firmly under me now. Just have to learn to control the break throughs.

    1. Stand My Ground,
      Good to hear you are going this route. Anytime you change or get off these psychotropic meds, there are going to be rough patches. I got off of SSRIs many years ago, switching to natural stuff. There were rough patches, but in the long run I am way better. I only take Omega-3 EPA to control my mood now. I do have my occasional ‘episodes’, but they are less and less over time. Hang in there with the natural way, you will be better off. Hats off to you for choosing to go this route.

    2. Stand, research Magnolia Bark. NIH.gov has some good research papers. The Chinese call it the Tree of Life.
      NIH says, The extract magnolol and honokiol can activate cannabinoid receptors.
      These are located through out the body. Part of the endo cannabinoid system which is involved in a variety of physiology processes including, appetite, Pain Sensation, Mood and Memory.
      There is a combination blend of magnolia and philodendron (Cork Tree) called

      1. Mrs. USMCBG
        thank you. I’m already using Relora. It’s the trigger events that I’m having trouble with., memories, smells, mostly sounds. I’m doing Ok.

  2. The longtime lack of pharmacy drugs in a severe event will turn our world into a real nightmare as you have mentioned. We will have to be on a very high alert level around anyone and everyone. I agree that crime will greatly increase.
    Big pharma is BIG money , that is one reason you see so many pill ads on the television and in magazines. From what I have been able to find out Big pharma spends more money that any one else on bribery, excuse me , lobbying our politicians. It is very profitable for both parties. The more people addicted , the more $$$ rolls in .

  3. I have a stored bottle of antidepressants, mirtazapine.
    Figure I can pass it off for something if shtf among some other things.

    Used to have zoloft but tossed it when it hit 15 years old.
    A few random bottles of antibiotics and old painkillers but some are getting very old.
    I dislike keeping things that are verging on “old crap” nearing 20+ years.

    When I get that money tree I plan to getting a variety of new antibiotics,
    not an issue there.

    I used to stock advil but used it all, poor results with generic so that’s
    my choice.

    For any interested OMEPRAZOLE can be had real cheap off ebay.
    About 35$ for a year’s worth of alboz
    or the one from india OLZEP-20 73$ gets you 2,000 20mg time release caps.

    1. Secure your new supplies in oxygen free packaging. a pint jar, glass . can be a recycled jelly jar in oddball size as long as it will hold the medications in the bottle they come in.Put an oxygen absorber in with it and seal it tightly label the outside with drug name/strength. date the month/year obtained. put any information sheets with the medication. an extend… HYPER Extend drugs this way except the teracyclines…

  4. Sigh, DIL is an addict. She was in an accident 20 years ago and never could get off the pain killers. So from Percoset to heroin and everything in between. As I understand the brain tells the body it is dying thus one of the terrible effects it causes trying to get clean. The experts say only 10% stay clean after rehab.

  5. I, unfortunately have to use pain meds daily. Back injury from years as a nurse, then in day moving a very large patient into the operating table and Bam!! Four surgeries and un ending different Drs and injections acupuncture physical therapy chiropractic, and on and on, I have to use them to get out of bed and function during the day. I want to tell u there is a difference between addictions and dependence. Addiction is when you continue to take meds after symptoms have abated and dependence is when u have been taking meds for long term. I have been using my meds for 12 years and have never “run out, lost it had my meds stolen”. Common excuses of addicts to get the next perscriptions early. My oldest son is an addict. So I really do know the difference.
    Also, with the “guidelines “set by the CDC in 2016, that are being used by Drs as “law”, there are FAR less perscriptions being written in the US than in 2015.
    I agree that people will do almost anything to get meds and drugs after SHTF, but please try not to lump all opioid users into one pidgeon hole. I don’t think that was what Ken was saying in this article or any if the comments either. Just want to help people understand there are Chronic Pain Patients out there who are NOT addicts.
    Sure hope I didn’t miss anyone off with my comments. Surely not my intention.

    Peace to all


    1. If I were you as a level 4 preparedness measure I would order some umm… special seeds from the Netherlands via mail order. If you find yourself running out of big pharma products due shtf start seeding out crops. Its called weed for a reason. easy to grow and cultivate. dry it store in mason jars. this would be a good backup plan for you. That’s part of my long term seed storage plan if I ever need treat family and friends for pain, addiction, pstd etc…
      Also start growing poppy in your back yard – beautiful flowers, a zone 4 cold hardy perennial. It can take the edge off of your chronic pain. easy to convert.
      dosn’t grow down by me though. too far south.

        1. yes and comes with the same problems. However if someone is mortally wounded……………..or severely damaged in some way……..

      1. I didn’t grow and use some of the green right now and am looking at poppy seeds from a little east if here. should store nicely in my seed vaults.

      2. – White Cracker,
        My great-grandmother had opium poppies naturalized to her front yard in Corsicana, Texas about an hour south of Dallas. That’s pretty warm if you ask me. The house is still there on Google Earth, couldn’t tell you about the flowers, though. Magnolia trees are gone.
        – Papa S.

        1. Papa Smurf,

          I remember as a child in the fifties, we had poppies growing in our yard, as did many other folks. Don’t know when that became a no-no, but I recall my Dad having a conversation one day with some strangers, the next day they were gone. As I remember, they had a beautiful blue flower. Being as my Mom and Dad never even drank alcohol, I doubt they raised them for anything except their ornamental beauty.

    2. Of course there is big difference and just like most issues it is the ones that abuse the drug that hurt the rest who really need it.

    3. Mad Fab, You hit the nail on the head! Well said. The only thing that is close to being in continual pain…Is to watch someone you love be in continual pain…and no relief. wild lettuce can give some benefit. easiest extracted via PGA.. takes drops…single tinctured 15 drops… is very bitter.and it does help with sleep.If you ever need to use it be sure to eat something with it.CBD and that whole family also help.

      1. Just Sayin’, what is “extracted via PGA? Is that a type of tincture, something that I can do at home? i have a bunch of wild lettuce in my yard, and tried taking some by tea last year, but it helped my arthritis pain not at all in that form. Sure would be awesome if just a different way of using it made it more effective!

        1. Chipmunk. Wild lettuce. Yes a tincture. best to pick it just as it blooms the sap is highest at that time. The leaf is not very strong in needed compounds. i extracted some stalks that were a good 3/4 inch diameter. Had a stalk that was 10 ft easily… broke it in short pieces, and covered with PGA. left it 3 weeks like the sweetgum..I also did a double tincture to reduce the amount needed in a dose, because of its horrid taste.. easiest to take by putting it in a capsule as you prepare to dose self.single tincture about 15 drops is where He started and a double tincture about 10 .. it worked better for sleep than for his nerve pain, but he said it did dull it…and it does not have the legality issue here…of other pain options
          .It should be placed in dark bottle and will need a dropper to dispense..a pint would be a years supply… or close.

    4. @Mad Fab I think most of us understand the difference in junkies and chronic pain/illness. I certainly do not think less of anyone for having to use it. My wife has lupus and trust me the wife and I have discussed and thought of this time and time again on how we would deal with it.
      Unfortunately most aren’t prepared to deal with it nor go quietly into the night so the danger remains.
      The craziness of it all is mind staggering at times

    5. Those who actually need it are going to be in a worse condition when SHTF. No “withdrawal” from pain. I hope you’re looking into other options in that event.

    6. Nurse2 I’ve been injured by lifting patients as well and in the same boat except I’ve been “released” from a few clinics due to my cannabis use. I’m in TN. Help I’ve only been taking kratom. Docs seem to be judging me about the pain management.

  6. Pain is going to be a real issue should SHTF. That is why I am trying to learn all I can about any herb, plant or tree.

  7. I think most folks on this site will be surprised if the supply of pain meds & psychotropic meds gets cut off. Your neighbors, even close friends will become a threat to you while off of their meds. Like Ken’s article says there are a massive amount of junkies in this country. What is the time to wean off the smack? 14 days? not sure but it will be hell on earth for them and their family and friends. Try to keep your distance and let them sweat it out. Or givem a rag soaked in gasoline and let em huff it I guess that would work. Just kidding…. Yup it’ll be a real s-fest.
    I wounder about the folks in Venezuela with all that “free government healthcare they are getting” Wonder if they got their monthly of refills before the power outage?
    Any stories coming out of there on this topic?

    1. The problem is most people will not try to WEAN themselves… but will take at max dose until there is none. then the real problems begin. Most drugs would require a slow weaning of at least a month…to not have acute symptoms. Compound that with someone needing to wean from 3.. Ideal should be one at a time, but in a true no avail ..will be all at one time and will compound the problem of symptoms.Those can range from rage, depression deepening, increased pain and anger to intestinal cramping and diarrhea, ..
      Make sure you stock heavy activated charcoal and anti-diarrheal pills, and extra TP… if you are coming off of pain meds. You should anticipate 5-6 months of loose stools…in some cases.

  8. Mrs. USMCBG
    I am also. Wild lettuce, skullcap, tumeric, etc.



  9. There will be a lot of issues when it dries up. There will be a serious danger time frame.
    They will learn to adapt to what was used before. Oh wait even back in the 1800s opiates were available lol. Trade happens even in bad times.
    Natural remedies, marijuana, khat, alcohol and other things like sniffing will increase greatly.

  10. The tweekers are a scary bunch. Meth heads. Of course they have to have certain items to make it. Those will be gone.

    1. Tweakers wont hesitate to hurt you or yours, best to not give them the chance, treat as a rabid dog,

  11. Most preppers seem to underestimate the amount of mental and physical health issues they would face in a serious SHTF event. Probably because our society currently control these behaviors/disorders with medications (Which may or may not be available) and government workers (All levels).

    Working in Law Enforcement you get to see first hand what happens when certain individuals go off their medications. The instability and violence can’t be overstated.

    Some who suffer from physical pain will be in for a rude awakening to the new world. Perhaps research into local and natural remedies is in order.

    Prepare and Pray.

  12. ACDH never cared for pain medications but after all the surgeries from his injuries in Nam. They started him on low dose pain medication, as the surgeries progressed the hospital started increasing the dosages of his pain medications. After he came home from the last one, he told our family doctor he did not want to be on that high of medication. Over two years he & his doctor lowered the pain medication back to the level he started at years ago. He brought his requirements back down where it would not be stressful if he had to go without for longer time frame.
    Good thing as doctors are now having to transfer their patients with the hydrocode requirements to an assessment team making sure they require their medications for pain. Scripts are written for each month and the party to receive the script has to be present for the doctor to hand it to them. They also have to give a urine test every few months for verification that the patient is taking the prescription and not selling it.

    Rules for pain medications have tightened up more than most realize.

    Our neighbors wife was cut off cold turkey a few years ago. She was the person described in this article, how she handled the loss of her meds was awful from what our friends told us. But she was addicted to several different pain meds.

    1. Even WHEN people in pain see a specialized physician in pain clinic, Insurance companies cut off all medications, suddenly and without warning. Watching those in pain and also in withdrawals is not pleasant.. Makes those who have never been violent …consider violence against the idiots …who do things to humans that would called animal abuse if done to a dog.

  13. I am apparently one of those odd ball people that things such as hydrocodone have little effect. The dentists used to hand it out like candy and I would call and tell them that it wasn’t “doing anything”. When I broke my knee into a bunch of pieces whatever they gave me after surgery didn’t do diddly squat. The doc and nurses all said that for some people it just didn’t work well but sorry they couldn’t give me anymore (higher dose) so I finally just changed over to ibuprofen and it worked just as well.

    1. This has been my experience also.

      Have a fractured spine and upcoming $urgery.

      I was given tramadol, which was useless and only made me feel stupid all day long.

      Ibuprofen to the rescue. And I have weaned off that now also while waiting for surgery.

      1. Grandee,
        tramadol / Ultram is MOST effective as a companion drug.( it is not for everyone) It extends the effectiveness time of other meds like ibuprophen. I have chronic pain, when in a crisis i had a regimen i used: 50 mg tramadol, 200 motrin and a 30 mg prevacid..protected stomach and gave me relief.. it would give me complete relief for 12 hours. I would take it every other day. Oh yea i am one of the rare people who takes small amounts of drugs to get a benefit.. not supposed to take any NSAIDS. and can not take tylenol. not much left.
        It’s good thing to be off all meds as long as you can when awaiting for surgery. the ibuprofen stays in system a long time and can cause extensive bleeding after surgery.happened to a family member.She followed instructions to hold an arthritis med for 3 weeks.before a surgery

  14. What Happens When People Can’t Get The #1 Most Prescribed Drug?

    Pane and suffering, people loos it big time, crime goes up, a long painful adjustment period is going to happen.

    People are going to DEMAND government fix it NOW. Government is going to do what it does best, that being use this for more power grab, and at the same time not really fixing anything.

    You can’t control the World at large. But you do have control in your personal life. If you are using these drugs quit or cut your use down.

    It can be done, how do I know? Because I had a motorcycle accident back in 1990 and broke every limb I had, more then one break on 2 of them. I was given an unlimited refill of pain meds. I did use them for a few months and then cut way back. I have a good amount of pain to this day \ every day (almost 30-years later) but I hardly ever take any pain meds. I live with it for the most part. I do notice that the more active I am the less my shoulder socket and my knees hurt. I find that if I work and am on my feet much more then 7-hrs a day my knees give me a hard time that night and for a few days, so I almost never work ore then 6-hrs a day.

    I do home repair / handyman work so 6-hrs a day is more then enough hard work. And I long ago adjusted my prices (self-employed) to make up for 3/4 of a day’s work to = a full days pay. Didn’t loose a single customer doing it…

    I did stock up on percocet (sp?) and have a few hundred put up, but I don’t use them.

    We will need to be ready for maladjusted people doing things that can cause us harm.

    I’m into herbal meds but I don’t know of any legal herbs that work like pain meds and even if I did I would not take them if they were additive and long-term caused harm.

    PS: Just broke my right arm last Wednesday and got a prescription for Percocet (24-pills) and have only taken 3 of them. The arm aches a bit but only really hurt the first 3-days. At night when it hurts most after all day activity I take a hot shower and the hot water takes the pain away for 1/2 hour or so. I try to time it for just before I fall asleep.

    Other then the pain of the broke bone I plan on enjoying a month of almost no work or at least very light work. My work has been very busy for the last 3-years and I have several projects I never seem to get to.

    Sadly putting up some new antennas on the tower is going to be delayed a bit, kinda hard to climb a tower, hold on and take an antenna and coax wire up with only one arm.

    PPS: Anyone into Ham Radio and close to Toledo Ohio there is a Hamfest this Sunday (March 17th) I’m going to go look for some new radio toys to play with.

    1. CF
      Sorry to hear about your broken arm, it takes time to heal. Use this time off for the body to repair the damage. Hope you feel better soon.

      As Just Sayin has mentioned use the “triple K” vitamin several times before, it will help with delivering the medications and vitamins where they need to go in your body.

    2. Chuck, Comfrey for broken bones. Knick name is ‘knit bone’. Just read about it and decide for yourself.

    3. Chuck, there is a herb called Boneset. it heals broken bones faster than normal…you will have to do own research on it , have not used it.Thank God I have not needed it.

      1. Mrs. USMCBG and Just Sayin’ Thanks for the reminder, I have both Comfrey and Boneset (and a lot of other herbs.)

        Been growing my own Comfrey for a few years.

        I don’t consider the broke arm as all that bad. Yea it hurts a bit but it is not life threatening like a stroke or heart attack.

        And like I said I kinda plan on enjoying the time not working and doing some personal projects. After all I get so little down-time I want to make the best of this.

        Soon enough the busy Summer work will be back in full swing.

  15. oh boy, big topic Ken. I wanted to read the posts of others out there before posting a response of my own considering I just finished my shift within the locked psych unit for the night.

    The most frequently requested meds and subject to abuse are in the following order:

    #1 Opioid analgesics – those pain relievers that attach to the opioid receptors within the human body.

    #2 Sleep aids – anything that requires a doctors crop in order to obtain such as Ambien.

    #3 Sedative-hypnotics : NOTE TO PARENTS of girls out there: This is the classification of drugs used by sexual predators for use as date-rape drugs. an example is rohypnol commonly known as “roofies”. Most of the benzodiazepines are in this catagory to include Ativan, temazepam, Xanax, and valium.

    As a nurse ( still working) that used to be a cop that has been injured before, I have this input regarding pain management and recovery:

    Take a multi prong approach to managing your chronic pain with not only pain meds but also consider the use of skeletal muscle relaxers like soma, or Zanaflex to be used in conjunction with your existing pain medications. If you are using an opioid based analgesic, do not forget to add laxatives and stool softener to the medication regimen.

    As addressed by others on this site: Try your best to get up and do activities as much as you can. Maintain your current activity level and try to increase it a little bit each day. Regular people can differentiate between “good pain” associated with a successful workout versus “bad pain” which indicates something is wrong. Addicts have lost this ability long ago or never had it to begin with.

    To the senior citizens out and about doing your errands: When you leave the pharmacy, scan your surroundings and check to see if you are being tailed. Robberies of seniors take place at the home when the seniors return from a shopping trip with their meds. ( now is the time to have your CCW and permit on your person.).

    Much of the crime prevention work I do within my community is educating seniors that there are people out there who will rob and hurt them for what they picked up from the pharmacy that day.

    If SHTF? I believe the S has already hit the fan decades ago when I picked up the dead bodies of overdose victims behind dumpsters in alleys behind shopping centers of large cities in California. It continues today some 35 years later. Other youngsters are driving the ambulances and writing the reports these days.

    Substance abuse is a sad story in that it tears up families, destroys marriages and separates men and women from God. The only cure seems to be in religion of some form. The single best reduction rate seems to come from the 12 step programs like NA and AA. Friends of Bill W. have reason to be proud. The 12 step programs are considered churches by some organizations.

    I did not mean to come across as preachy but consider my background: I have been working as a floor RN for over 20 years in locked psych facilities. I drove ambulance and patrol cars for 9 years prior to going to work in hospitals. ( playing on the freeway in inclement weather gets old after a while. so I now work within a clean, well lighted place.).

    People and addicts will find substitutes for the things they cannot obtain. Addicts are famous for their resourcefulness. Sadly enough, they will lie, cheat and steal from the low hanging fruit of their own families and friends first before they leave their home and go on the path to the rehab center or the morgue.

    The day things really do go south in a big way, I see many people growing their own marijuana and poppies and harvesting the dried plant sap to be processing into the gummy base in which people will smoke. Gummy opiate base smoked has been done in China for centuries and is referred to as “Chasing the Dragon”. Dried resin from the cannabis plant is referred to as hash.

    I do not see this as a problem that will go away anytime soon. It will be with us as long as we are around. ( see Homer’s poems about the “land of the lotus-eaters”).

    1. Agree with most of what you said but will add that Soma also has a high potential for abuse. I remember one old grandmother that used to abuse it regularly. Her 10 year old granddaughter decided to steal a few from grandma to see what it was all about. She died.

    2. Calirefuge
      I agree. I was not always one of the good guys. I have done many of the things you have mentioned. I have been sober for 21 years thanks to a 12 step program and live my life totally different than I used to. I carry concealed because I know what people are capable of, I know what I was capable of. An active drug addict is capable of horrible things.
      I have had 2 back surgeries and have ongoing back problems. I do take muscle relaxers and nsaids but I do not take opiates for pain. It is more important for me to be sober than it is to be comfortable. I also go for trigger point injections. These help considerably but I am still in constant pain. DW always knows when it’s time for my injections because she says I get grumpy.

  16. As a retired Paratrooper, I’ve had chronic knee pain for over 20 years (I’m 62), that has been partially relieved by a recent ‘total knee replacement in January and the second one is next week. I’ve been Rx’d both Tylenol-3 and Hydrocodone for years. I use them as needed (PRN), literally a script of 50 would last me over a year w/ many left over at the end of that year, and my M.D. would renew my script every time I saw him. I had a stash of close to 200 in my survival meds (I also was a former paramedic and my wife is a senior ER RN), so obviously w/ this amount in storage, these meds were NOT being abused.

    Last August (2018) I blew one of my bad knees out on the first day of a Med Cruise. It was bad. Laid up on the cruise ship for 3 of the 7 days. I had meds w/ me so that was ok, but trying to get them renewed upon returning was absolutely a pain in the azz.. (was trying to rotate my current cache upon returning home). It took 3 months to get an appt. to see my new M.D. all the while using my stash cuz my P.A. could not renew the script due to new opiate guidelines. (I now see a P.A. since my former M.D. took a promotion to Hospital supervisor and left private practice due to the 0bama care take over) and yes, she finally renewed my Ty-3. This was 21 days prior to my knee replacement. So lots of chronic knee pain between August and CHRISTmas, the appt. was 12/26/18. (my Hydrocodone was a Rx from a double Hernia surgery in early 2018 where I used maybe 4 or 5 post hernia surg.)
    During the last 10+ years, I was using modern pharmaceuticals and natural holistic meds for my chronic knee pain to include the opiates, as needed but also glucosamine-condroytin and Tumeric on a daily basis. If they helped, I noticed very little but I continued to take the natural meds knowing I was probably better off than not taking them.

    Long story short, I’m lucky with good healthcare, but those w/out and suffering from chronic pain are going to be part of the new heath crisis w/in 2-3 years (or post-shtf) and they are going to be suppressing their pain w/ a continuous use of tylenol (or other otc NSAIDS) and alcohol, thus causing chronic liver and/or kidney failure. Be aware of this in the near future.

  17. I have chronic pain. I also store a lot of acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Alternating the two can be very effective. Example, two 500 mg Tylenol and 3 hours later one 200 mg ibuprofen, 3 hours later repeat the acetaminophen, 3 hours later repeat the ibuprofen. Please note that the recommended dosing of these has been changed. It used to be two 200 ibuprofen mg tablets every 4 hours and now it is one. Acetaminophen used to be two 500 mg tablets every 4 hours and now it is 6 hours. When the Vicodin runs out we will see a lot of deaths from liver failure. People will be taking a lot more acetaminophen than they should in an attempt to control their pain. Too much of it will cause liver failure.

    I do use Vicodin for break through pain. The VA gives me double strength tablets with instructions to cut the tablet in half. So far I have not had a problem getting them refilled but I don’t use them regularly. I average less than half a tablet a day.

    I recently read an article about an Indian tribe with an increasing heroin problem. Then was somewhat surprised to find out it was a tribe local to my area. Not real surprised as I knew that local providers had been prescribing opiates rather liberally. With the push to cut back on over prescribing the pill addicts just switched to another source. Make no mistake, opiates are addictive and the only difference between prescribed pills and street heroin is the source and the amount typically used.

    I would urge everyone to read up on the recommended dosing and cautions on OTC medication. I’ve seen too many accidental overdoses. Every year children are overdosed by well meaning parents who give an appropriate dose to their kid and then a dose of another multi symptom medication that has acetaminophen as an added ingredient. READ THE LABEL!

    Lastly on the VA there is a new push to privatize care. I know some of you will welcome this but overall it is being fought against by the DAV, VFW and VVA. Concerned Veterans of America is a proponent and they are supported b the Koch brothers. Although some folks have had bad experiences with the VA the majority of veterans are happy with their care. There are a large number of job vacancies in the VA which the administration is not adequately addressing. The administration is also denying that they are pushing for privatization. I know what happens with private care from my personal experience. When I went to the local ER for a possible heart attack my bill was thoroughly “padded”. Privatization will mean less money for the care of the veteran and more money into the pockets of hospital executives and believe me, Those executives are already making way too much in salaries and bonuses. For more information please visit prospect.org. Scroll down on the right until you come to a column with the header Most Popular. Please be forewarned that the site is fairly liberal
    and try to ignore anything you find offensive. There is a lot of screaming about socialism but considering medicare, social security and unemployment insurance not all of it is bad. Gutting the VA is not a good thing. Remember if privatization was good the DAV, VFW and VVA would be supporting it not opposing it. Please write your congress critters to oppose this.

    1. me
      They are getting better PA’s and doctors into the system. Recently heard that a physician who practices in the homeopathy field of medicine closed his doors to transfer over to the VA.

      Guess the state of nuts is figuring out more ways to pad their accounts off any one who has a job or practice. Wonder how long it will be before our family doc gives up his business, we have been with them for over 30 years.

      1. They may not be prescribing Valium but they still prescribe Ativan. Diazepam is Valium, Lorazepam is Ativan. Both are benzodiazepines and are essentially interchangeable. Benzodiazepines are probably second to opiates as far as abuse goes and VA providers are more hesitant to prescribe them as is the civilian community as they should be. It is much easier to die from an opiate overdose. There is a lot being said about having Narcan (naloxone)on hand for opiate overdoses. I’ve ruined many a “high” on folks who were happily and unknowingly dying from an overdose or heroin dose stronger than they thought it was. I’ve literally had people cuss me out for taking their high away. If anyone needs Narcan the also need to go to the ER as the Narcan will wear off before the opiate.

        Sadly, many prescribers were way to liberal with their prescription pads. We had some docs and PAs who were known as easy. When their cars were in the parking lot we would have an uptick of patients hitting the ER.

        Drug seeking behavior is problematic. There is a street value to it and if you are unemployed with nothing else to do it can prove worthwhile to sit for 4 to 8 hours in the lobby to get a script that has a street value of $100. I had a patient tell me that the guy on the other side of the curtain had just used his phone to call his customer to tell him he got the script. We called the local pharmacies to tell them to take the script and tell them the doctor had changed his mind and had changed it to ibuprofen. Sorry about that, not!

        1. Should have added that those drug seeking patients were not insured and we still had to treat them. If they have no income the can’t be sent to collections.

        2. me
          When ACDH had emergency surgery in 2014 they brought in a tweeker who had been in an accident. His girlfriend came into the room with him when they placed in the room where we were. It was not 30 minutes an she was going through the supplies for dh left out on the sink. When confronted she said she thought they were her boyfriend, set her straight. When she left the room I found the charge nurse explained what was going on. They told her if was going through another patients belonging she would be barred from the hospital. She left did not see her again, the next day he was gone. He left during the night when the staff was occupied else where.

  18. Let me add that if you do use Vicodin remember most house guests are curious and many will check out your medicine cabinet while using your bathroom. Don’t keep abuse-able drugs in in. Don’t throw empty bottles in the trash. It is fairly easy to back trace a name on a Vicodin bottle especially if you are the guy picking up the trash. Recycle the bottle and most labels can be easily peeled off of it you pour a bit of hot water into the bottle to soften the adhesive first.

    1. me
      On the labels I use the black marking pen to wipe out the name, script number, and the supplier of said medication–jic.

  19. Having experience with family addictions it is all so sad. By the way above I did not mean DIL, but meant StepD.
    Here is my opinion and this goes back to the book, Brave New World. In the book Alphas and Betas take Soma holidays and it is encouraged (the rest of society are clones). Now I see in the future the good ole Gov giving out meds to control society. They all ready give food and $$$ for control. Some cities now give addicts clean needles and a place to shoot up. Oregon lets people commit suicide/right to die. So I do not see us to far away from passing out the meds to control the people. Keep people high and they do not even need as much food. They won’t use as much water or electric etc. They will not care about anything. Voting what is that? At the same time they should require they not have children. Humm what a dilemma we are in. Well as I always say the Powers That Be will shake up the world when ready. Hang on and be the best you can be. Peace and Health

    1. Oh and as for having children. An addict would get a tubal or vasectomy just to freely get their drugs. Yes, the ones I have known would.

  20. Will also add that privatization is being adamantly denied by the VA top brass. But thinking about it got me to wondering. If they shut some VA hospitals how much would the real estate be worth? The VA hospital in San Francisco is on 29 acres of very expensive property. Lots of Pacific ocean and Golden Gate views. The VA hospital in Palo Alto is also on a very large site. Median price of a home in Palo Alto is about 3.4 million and the developers could put many hundreds on that site. I used to work at the VA hospital in Hampton Virginia. On the water front where the James River empties into the Chesapeake Bay, 83.5 acres. Beautiful site.
    Shutting down the VA would take people getting close to retirement out of the system also. Please, if you are a veteran know a veteran or are concerned about veterans contact your congress person and voice your thoughts on changing veterans health care. The proposal sounds very attractive and does not mention privatization. This is going to hurt every veteran still living along with those still on active duty who will become veterans in the future.

  21. i am one of the lucky ones i got clean and sober 31 years ago and dont let anyone bullshit you it aint easy but it well worth it

  22. I’m, by no means, not calling anyone out by stating what I have to post.
    Thankfully, I’ve never had chronic pain, a bad back, knee, hip issues, etc. And I sympathize with those that do.
    My right arm cannot be raised above my shoulder without pain, been that way for years. My neck is way out of wack, for the job I do, I tweaked my back, hauling out the Genny last Sunday, but yet today and no relief, I still did farrier work on two horses. Cut and split wood. Because it had to be done.
    I do not rely on unnecessary/easy available meds. There isn’t one day that goes by that I don’t have some sort of pain….. somewhere.
    FWTB drew a bath of epson salt’s and soda for me.
    .No thanks. I don’t need it.
    I have prescription pain killers that have accumulated for various injuries, that I have never used. Those are for real Shtf.
    It would be so easy to grab them as it would be for a smoke, a beer, or a shot of whiskey would be.

    1. Joe c
      So, you telling me your normal? Wow, that might be debatable. lol.!!

      I know your kind, strong willed, tough as nails and a heart the size of the moon.

      Can’t fool us, though, nice try, your just a big ole TEDDY BEAR..!!!

      My kind of Patriot. You da MAN.!!

  23. Joe c
    Here on MSB. These Patriots, on here, both the WOMEN and men, plus the millions standing in the shadows, are the saving grace for our Republic.
    Gonna be had to lose, when We the People also have our HEAVENLY FATHER on our side.

    God bless you and every Patriot, out there.

    Joe c, you and me are among some good people on here.

    Thank you so very much, Ken, for all the work you do for us, YOU, also, are the man.

  24. SMG
    I am nothing beyond the values my parents raised me with
    I have not seen nor been thru war as many here have..
    I have felt pain in all forms and of different losses, but my beliefs still hold true.
    I am a warrior, I am one of those
    III %
    STAND or we fail

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