Survival Medicine Handbook – contest winner

Last updated on January 12th, 2017

Thanks to all who entered the Survival Medicine Handbook giveaway on Modern Survival Blog. The book, The Doom and Bloom(tm) Survival Medicine Handbook, is from (Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy), who themselves wrote the book. We had a ton of entries and a great list of reasons why you are concerned about survival medicine. We have chosen Bev from Canada as the contest winner. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to input!

A large number of you had overlapping reasons for your desire for the handbook, the number one being ‘infections’. This makes a lot of sense and no doubt will be a very big issue, should TSHTF and a lack of professional modern medicine at our disposal.

Here is a list of some of the topics from you that are of concern in a post SHTF world, and things you would like to know more about…

Herbal lore
Setting bones
Basic wound care
General first aid
Chronic illnesses
Radiation sickness
Wilderness medicine
Dealing with deep wounds
Herbs for medical purposes
Becoming a medical resource
Stress-induced cardiac issues
General injuries and reactions
Basic understanding of nutrition
Dehydration symptoms and treatment
How to create your own antibiotics
The supplies I should have before hand
The principles of do-it-yourself medicine
The ability of a correct status assessment
Best ways to source antibiotics for survival
Wound care, especially dealing with infections
Basic understanding of how the human body works
Ingredients to have on hand for home made remedies
How to apply treatments using wilderness medical techniques
How to deal with injuries and infections in a collapse situation


Learn more about the book: Survival Medicine Handbook.

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