Stress in modern society

Stress in our Modern Society | How to Relieve it

Stress in modern society

Modern survival. What about dealing with modern day stress on a day to day basis?

Surviving the stress in this modern world can certainly be a challenge at times. How to deal with it?

Today in most households, both spouses have to work full time just to make ends meet.

Perhaps long days at work. A stressful work environment. A bumper to bumper commute.

Maybe the politics of the day are adding to the load. Sometimes hard to ignore.

Got kids? How about that for a bit more stress in one’s life?

Here’s a good one… financial challenges. There’s hardly anything more stressful in life than dealing with barely having enough money (or not enough!).

Maybe there are issues with the spouse. That’s not fun…

Having health problems never helps.

There can be stress from relationships with friends, neighbors, family. You name it. No two people are alike, so there is going to be stress at times in any relationship.

There are LOTS of ways to get stressed out in today’s modern society. We live lots closer together than our ancestors did. This alone brings on seemingly countless ways to get aggravated.

Not everyone gets as stressed out as the next person. Some people seem to have the ability to let things slide off their shoulders more than others.

There are optimists, pessimists, and those in-between.

Some keep stress bottled up inside and hardly show it. Others show it right away!

How to Relieve Stress

So what do you do to relieve stress?

Good question!

In fact that is the question for you in this post (reply in the comments).

Reduce or Eliminate Stressors

First, logically, figure out what’s stressing you out. Then get rid of it if you can (if it makes sense to do so).

Easier said than done.

Unfortunately we cannot eliminate ‘necessary evils’ in our lives. But maybe there are ways to get around it. Reduce it. Avoid it. The only thing holding you back, is you.

Get out paper and pencil. Write down the things that aggravate you.

Then (when you’re calm) analyze each one. Are there things, even little things, that you can do to minimize it? Yes, there will be…

Stress Relievers

Stress relief! Sounds good, right?

Each of us have our own things that we enjoy. They can be great stress relievers.

There’s not always time to do some of these things, like take a vacation! But surely you can find time to do and enjoy some of the other things…

Some people have lots of hobbies beyond their everyday life and chores. These people tend to be less stressed.

Others have few hobbies or interests. Maybe all consumed by work or something else. Make time. Explore an interest. Even if just a little.

Our age will also affect our interests, our abilities, the things that we do. Every age group has their own stress. But everyone can find their own ‘outlets’.

Find what you enjoy or what calms you. And ‘go there’ as often as you can!

Getting outdoors helps a-lot. There are many things to do out there. Outdoor recreation is good for the soul. Not to mention the exercise benefit.

If outdoors isn’t your thing, there are tons of indoor hobbies. For example Mrs.J enjoys knitting, crocheting, puzzles, painting, playing cards. Though she also likes the outdoors to an extent.

Exercising (in any form, indoors or out) is wonderful for stress relief. Get that body moving…

Get enough sleep! Again, maybe easier said than done. As a modern society we are sleep deprived. Start going to bed a little earlier!

What’s your stress and/or relief?

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