Two Upgrades For Your First Aid Kit

Last updated on February 1st, 2019


A First Aid Kit is a ‘must have’ for preparedness. You hope you never need it, but you know that sooner or later you will. While you can buy a ready-made First Aid Kit in a wide array of choices or while you can build your own, I thought that I would mention two particular items that you might want to upgrade or include in your own kit…

Even if you already have these two items, you might consider their quality (or lack thereof), and upgrade if you need to…


Trauma Shears

So called ‘Trauma Shears’ are an all purpose shear (scissors) that should compliment your First Aid Kit. Why? Because chances are that the ‘stock’ scissors in your kit are not that great, and when it comes time to use them – they need to do their job well, and they need to be designed to handle ‘the rigors of the field’.

Trauma Sheers are ‘must haves’ in ERs (hospital emergency rooms). They are found in the First Aid Kit of any EMT or Paramedic (or hanging from their belt), and are commonly found among the ‘hands on’ tools of any nurse.

They may be used to cut through clothing so they must be tough, sharp, and able to cut through thick fabrics and materials.

Trauma Sheers are also used to cut bandages and tape, and the good ones have a high-quality fluoride coating to cut without sticking.

So consider replacing the tiny little First Aid Kit ‘stock’ scissors (that are probably dull and ‘cheap’) with a quality pair of Trauma Shears. There are a number of good choices out there, and the following is just on example of a highly reviewed ‘5-Star’ pair…

Fluoride Coated Medical Scissors – Trauma Shears


Quality Tweezers

Many ordinary First Aid Kits do not come with a decent pair of tweezers (or none at all). How many times have you received a sliver or splinter and wish you had tweezers?

There’s nothing like having a sliver that’s just small enough to be causing difficulty getting it out, and boy can they hurt…

Not only might you keep tweezers in your First Aid Kit, but maybe in the car, at work, etc…

So, having looked through lots of tweezers choices, these look to be good:

Miracle Point Splinter Expert Tweezers

There are lots of upgrades and add-on items for a First Aid Kit, however the two items mentioned above may be worth thinking about…

Tip: For a very basic but good general starter First Aid Kit for home, office, or other… I found this one to be one of the best in that capacity…

Coleman Expedition 205-Piece All Purpose First Aid Kit



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