While looking back through history, the straight razor was the tool that was used to shave. Before the days of electricity and electric shavers and before the days of disposable razors, the straight razor got the job done. In fact, a straight razor can get the job done today just as well.

While so many preppers are filling their pantries and closets with supplies, what about your shaving needs after the SHTF?

I just picked up a straight razor from a USA knife maker who not only makes his products here in the United States, but they are hand hammered and hand forged. The real deal…

Here is just a little bit more about it:

I own several knives from knife maker James Wahls of ‘Indy Hammered Knives’ which have been getting a workout around the homestead – and they’re holding up quite well. In fact I’m amazed at their ability to hold a sharp edge. I highlighted (reviewed) two of his knives in the following articles if you’re interested:

My Hand Forged-Hammered Knife
A Hand Forged, Hand Made Knife Made In The USA

With that said, and as I expected, the straight razor from James is as sharp as (a razor!). Although a picture can’t do it justice, I tried anyway to capture the edge:


The key to success for a straight razor is keeping it sharp. There is a technique, and it’s really not that difficult with the right tool (a leather strop) as shown here:


Apparently James (at this time) has three straight razors to choose from. I’m putting it out there for your information and for those who might have not thought about shaving after the SHTF ;)

Indy Hammered Knives – Straight Razors

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