Citizen Militia Self Defense Groups


Citizen militia ‘self defense groups’ are popping up and taking proactive measures against corruption and tyranny.

You might be surprised to find out where…


The Mexican Constitution (Article 10) and the enactment of the ‘Federal Law of Firearms and Explosives’, virtually forbids private citizens to carry a firearm (open or concealed).

For purposes of personal protection, firearms are only permitted within the place of residence (that means only inside the house) and of the type and small caliber permitted by law in Mexico for those who apply and are permitted.

Mexico has some of the strictest gun control laws in the world and also has one of the highest gun murder rates in the world. Apparently, gun control isn’t working (it never has).

A result has been the manifestation of drug cartels wielding corruption and control over the citizenry, legitimate businesses, and even the police and government itself. It may be shocking to some, but drug cartels and their criminal cohorts do not abide by the law…

Of late, the citizens have been taking matters into their own hands by forming what is being called ‘self defense groups’ or ‘self defense organizations’. One might compare these groups to that of militia – a body of citizen soldiers.

Self Defense Groups have been banding together and using their own weapons and firearms to battle back against the cartels and their corrupt accomplices.

Some are calling them vigilantes; but they are apparently making progress in some communities and cartel-controlled towns – while the Federales are apparently none too happy about it, as some say it may be affecting their bribe money in these regions and it shows their inability to control a citizenry who is becoming fed up with their slavery under corruption and tyranny.

There is a grass-roots movement afoot, and there is largely a media blackout on what is happening there.

Locals armed with machetes, kitchen knives, axes, Mauser rifles that have been hidden under floorboards, and old shotguns, have begun to patrol their neighborhoods. These neighborhood watches grew to cover whole parts of town, then whole towns. The citizens are fighting back with arsenals bolstered by captured and dropped AK47s, MAC-10s, and other guns acquired from the drug dealers foot soldiers.


They include a 63-year-old pot-bellied farmer mindful that he can run only 30 yards; a skinny 23-year-old raised in Oregon who said he had never used a gun before; and a man who wears a metal bowl stuffed with newspaper as a helmet.

What is happening is an armed social movement…thousands of citizen-fighters are pursuing the gangsters into the hills. “The only training we have is the courage we have inside.”

-The Washington Post


Vigilantes seized a drug cartel’s bastion in western Mexico on Sunday (JAN 12, 2014), sparking a shootout as the civilian militia gained new ground in their struggle against the gang…

Hundreds of armed civilians riding in more than 100 pickup trucks rolled into the Michoacan state town of Nueva Italia and were met by gunfire from presumed Knights Templar cartel members…

…the clash lasted around an hour and a half — two members of the self-defense unit were wounded — some sidewalks were soaked in blood in the town’s empty streets…

-Nueva Italia (Mexico) (AFP)

In a free society, based on the principle of inalienable individual rights, the state must not be granted the power to violate the rights of honest individuals. When these rights are violated, it is the duty of the people to take them back. It appears as though they are attempting to do just that… in parts of Mexico.


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