I think there are two problems that the majority of the population have fallen into, complacency or smugness, and just mental laziness. People in general have fallen into their own private little worlds and have lost complete sight of what their leaders are doing to them. This complacency is a disease that has infected so many. The ONLY thing that most people care about is their own personal lives and their own comfort, without even having the insight that their little worlds are dependent on stable rational leaders.

It is often too much effort for the common person to do the necessary research to see if a candidate is actually suitable for the office they are running for. If they sound good and are pretty boys or appealing ladies, this is what often determines the winner of a so called leader. Seriously, if they did a truthful poll about how much actual time went into a voter’s decision about a mayor, governor, house rep, senator, president, the time spent on 90% of the population that voted would be most likely less than 5 minutes. I knew someone that actually went into a voting booth and simply chose every third box on the voter’s slip. That is a sad joke that is so ridiculous it makes you wonder how the voters have not chosen someone like Hitler that would have started WW3.

Then there are those who do care. They see the writing on the wall and yet few listen, and this is the power that any government has, people’s own selfish lives being just above intolerable. As long as any government can provide a person with the bare necessities, and convince them that they are not miserable, not exactly overly joyed, but OK, then they keep the revolution at the unlikely stage.

The government is not as stupid as people think, they are master manipulators and have much practice at it. Some people are more willing than others to spend the effort and time to open their eyes and actually ‘think’. We though are a rarity and unfortunately the masses are just not going to listen except to the mainstream.

The problem with any government that manipulates their people is that the people become puppets and the infrastructure becomes vastly compromised as people lose their will to keep their country strong and vibrant. Anyone alive during the era pre-1960′s can contest to just how much people and the leaders loved their country and felt a great pride to keep their communities and the whole country together. Neighbors helping neighbors. Now look at it. The blame is not only on the leaders, it is the whole populace that have just stopped caring about each-others well being.

I guess “almost” everyone can say they helped shred the constitution in their own little way.


(thanks to a MSB Reader, ‘Be informed’, for sharing the thoughts above)


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