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Domesticated, Soft, and Weak | That’s Why We Are At This Point In History

I categorize this topic under Lessons From History. Why? Because for the most part, we as a people were anything but domesticated, soft, and weak – way back “in the day”.

Sure, there has always been a cross section of soft and weak within society. That’s just part of the variability of who we are. However, my oh my, have we become domesticated or what?

What do I mean by that? Well, look around. What do you see? A bunch of trained domesticated eaters who have mostly relinquished their individuality, any resemblance of self-reliance, and open-minded skepticism of what their overlords tell them day after day.

Before the great domestication, we as a people were more rugged. Skeptical. An attitude of walk softly but carry a big stick. Trust but verify. You know… the attributes of independence. The independent spirit. What we used to be famous for.

Nowadays, we appear to be crumbling, falling at terminal velocity into the abyss of servitude to the masters of the universe. Like watching those videos where the front facing wall of a creeping glacier rips off in giant sheets, plummeting into the abyss. Or like watching an endless line of lemmings going over the cliff as they each reach terminal velocity, and then a sudden deceleration to zero…

Where have the John Wayne’s gone – the Duke? The Clint Eastwood’s? The Sam Elliot’s? The Matt Dillon’s? The  Steve McQueen’s? The Charles Bronson’s?

I know, they’re just actors portraying various persona. I could’ve listed many more. However, I’m simply trying to exemplify a time from history. A time when many of us were more individualistic, unique, more rugged in our ways, more self-reliant — both physically and mentally — not so easily fooled, accountable, you get my drift…

Power loves a vacuum. As a people become more domesticated, soft, and weak…they become easily manipulated and controlled. Less pushback. There always have been, and always will be, power-mad tyrants — be it individuals or governments. They WILL take advantage.

We pushed back some 245 years ago. We had a good ride since then. Maybe too good… Because perhaps as a result, we have become dangerously domesticated, soft, and weak. We have given in to the mass psychosis propagated by our overlords.

Predators prey on the weak. It’s a rule of the universe.

My concern? That our present apparent weakness may invite some very bad actions in our future. It is foolish to go on believing that “We’re number one!” “We’re number one!” Why? Because that’s called normalcy bias. And it is so very obvious at this present time how our domestication, softness, and weakness, will undoubtedly bring about some major challenges in our future.

Being a preparedness oriented blog, I simply point this out so that you may contemplate where we may be going – and ensure some sort of preparedness for what may come.


  1. Some of those hollywood actors were ‘real’. I remember reading a list of names – Jimmy Stewart, Eddie Albert and James Arness for starters. But yeah, mostly gone.

    1. Many of the actors back ‘in the day’ had served in the military, during war time, also. The old Hollywood was conservative for the most part.

      1. the only thing i have against charles bronson was what i had read one time. i believe a lady in Kentucky passed away and as far as anyone knew she had had no contact with charles bronson or he to her. She apparently left around 200,000 or something like that in her will to him. well her family caught on and of course found out but i never did really see if he returned the money or what happened to it. since he did not know her he should have returned it but by the same token i don’t know if the family was a bunch of greedy family just waiting to get what they could and maybe never had anything to do with the lady. I don’t know how much this is true but i remember reading about it. as far as the other movie actors they i guess some of them had their faults.

  2. Thank God for most of the military, real police officers, those who believe in and abide by the FIRST & SECOND AMMENDENTS and anyone else standing up against treason, selling out the US constitution or rule of just law.

    1. No they don’t. All cops enforce leftist laws and orders. All cops do what their computers tell them. 90% of the laws they enforce are leftist laws which violate fundamental freedoms. Christians were arrested for going to church during Covid. Business owners were arrested for opening their businesses. Citizens are arrested for defending themselves against attack by thugs. Cops enforce leftist gun control. Cops enforce leftist tax law. Cops enforce leftist court orders that force thugs to be hired in our businesses, enrolled in our schools, and out in our neighborhoods. Cops enforce drug laws which say government owns your body and you don’t have a right to decide what you put into it.

      The rule of law is leftist rule of law. The constitution hasn’t existed in original form since 1861. The constitution puts thugs in our communities and allows the police state to run our lives.

      Conservatives get nowhere by supporting the very people enforcing the laws of our enemies. It’s illogical.

      1. Having been in law enforcement for several years, I can say John Hendrix nailed it as far as my experience went. A certain percentage is NOT there to Protect & Defend. The relative few that are not bent in any way are known as Straight Arrows. Kind of a shorthand with deep consequences, meaning the straight arrow is someone who cannot be trusted, and will find themselves without backup when dispatched to the worst calls. The F.N.G. that is old school patriotic, prior military, does not accept or much less ask hard for free stuff from the populace is in for a rough ride. It must be born in mind that I witnessed 40% of a local police force fired for corruption in one year. The long serving military, during my short 21 years there, spending far more time away than home, felt about the same with regard to the soft civilians back home for which we sacrificed so much. You can believe in Oath Keepers if you wish. A lot of folks that have never spent a day wearing a uniform & body armor seem to. I have other plans.

      2. I have no idea where you live, but the laws I enforced as a peace officer had to pass the Constitutional test before they were enforced. Most of the officers I served with felt the same way. It is true that many of the current police officers blindly follow orders, and they are the ones who get promoted and never create waves. The officers that never get promoted, even though they richly deserve the promotions are the ones that can think for themselves and apply the laws according to the Constitutional meaning of said law. As for your comment on drugs, I firmly believe that any person has the right to use any substance they wish, but when they get so screwed up that they are a danger to, or a burden on society they should be given the option to clean up their act or be executed. Now have a field day with that comment. If you can prove to me that a person was restrained and injected with narcotics against their will until they become addicted, I’ll all for treating them, but on the other hand if they made the decision to use what they know will addict them and make them worthless to themselves and to the nation as a whole, I have only contempt for them.

  3. -“We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.”

    -“men can only be highly civilized while other men, inevitably less civilized, are there to guard and feed them.”

    Two quotes…both true…sometimes used to describe soldiers, airmen (women), sailors, and police officers…the second would include blue collar workers, tradesmen (women), and farmers……

    People…after years of comfortable lifestyles and peace…arrogantly come to believe that they no longer need those “rough” people…they are considered an embarrassment…offensive to their sensibilities….then…as the wolves invade their formerly “perfect” (in their eyes) world….they are shocked and dismayed…blaming everyone but themselves…..

    Hopefully…folks hanging out here at MSB…are at least…a little bit “rough”…I fear that “rough” is about to become a much needed trait……

  4. Me thinks that time of reckoning may well be at hand. Too many things off the charts not right.
    May the Lord have mercy on our souls.

    1. KF,
      An extreme reckoning is the only thing that will get the Country back on the right track. Every garden needs to be weeded (what I did this morning) or the weeds will take over. America has way too many weeds that need to be pulled and the sooner they’re gone, the sooner the garden can become productive again.

      1. RC, I agree and your post sounds a lot like the advice of Mr. Chance in the movie “Being There”. I pray that we have not become to “progressed” (civilized) to survive and we still give thanks for the miracle of germination.

      2. Excellent comment. We are brainwashed by fake leaders to think voting and words will change things. They really work for the other team and get us to stand down and do nothing as western civilization collapses. Democracy is something we should condemn and not support. If the majority are corrupted and evil, the outcome of democracy will be evil. It gets us nowhere to support a system which has been detrimental to us for 80 years.

    2. I am told there is a Cornish Proverb (Cornwall being a peninsula in SW GB) that says something like “He who will not abide the discipline of the Rudder will learn the discipline of the Rocks.”

      We are about the second one in short order, if it hasn’t already started in a town near you…


  5. Dennis, I recognize your first quote as being from Winston Churchill during WW2.
    Those rough men and women have come from the hills and farms in the past. Now many are coming from the ‘burbs where we grew up. I remember that most of the fire fighters and rangers came from a highly educated college background and those of us that worked on tractors, trucks, around livestock were increasingly rare. Some were envious when I was posted to a high country location off grid but I had to fix or maintain the vehicles and cabins up there that made up our “infrastructure” on a daily basis. Those positions need doers, not talkers and one can tell which one you are when you visit their homestead, farm ranch or living area.
    The doers are still out there and most of them are either employed or they are scrambling to find their next gig job. I know because I still work with some of them and I will miss them when I retire soon.

  6. I love my sheepie little Sammy and the bigun Clyde.
    There’s the majority of time he’ll/they run away then there’s the rare times him and Clyde will stand their ground.
    Not normally together and with every living thing it depends on the situation but rare as it might be they have stood their ground.
    Clyde was the worst aggressor until we removed his balls, now he picks his fights.

    It’s picking the fight at the time and place of your own choosing.

    “Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.”

    1. Funny, didn’t read the other comments first.
      That quote was credited to an recent author G. Michael Hopf but I think it goes further back.
      As simple as it is it says so much.

      1. Horse.
        Great minds think alike😁.
        I too believe that the quote goes back possibly to the Great Depression or earlier . I just didn’t have time to thoroughly research the origin. I still don’t have time. Hurricane season ya know. Stay safe everyone

  7. Those two quotes are quite, well, quotable! Thanks for injecting that into the conversation. And for visiting the blog for so many years.

  8. Mississippi Hiker,
    i enjoyed your post, don’t be a stranger, come back.

  9. There is hope… Went back to running a landscape install business (I’m 20yrs in the trade) after my pre-covid business (5yrs) took a dump… No choice have to feed the family…

    I got two good men around 25 years of age working for me. Took about 3 weeks to get them up to speed and toughen them up. Slugging it out this summer in S. FL. day in and day out… I’m happy I can still keep up with the little pricks.

    Even though some may seem weak they can come around and rise to the occasion. Don’t under estimate the human spirit especially when you give them a good kick in the A__

  10. We are the way we are because we’ve been programmed for 80 years to do everything that is harmful. Our leaders tell us to support the police when the police enforce the leftist laws and orders made by our enemies. It’s illogical. Our leaders tell us to pretend that race doesn’t matter when race is everything. One race is responsible for nearly every technological innovation and comfort in history. A few races have produced absolutely nothing but problems in their history. We are told to do nothing as thugs are forced into our schools, neighborhoods, and businesses to corrupt our sons and daughters with rap culture. We are told to bow down to a group that is 3% of the population that controls every industry and uses their power to push globalism and communism. Our leaders tell us to continue to support leftist democracy when leftist democracy will always mean our enslavement. We have the numbers. If we stopped supporting things that are toxic to us, we would have a much better chance of a positive outcome than continuing to do what is guaranteed to get us nowhere good. Our leaders talk up a constitution that hasn’t existed in noble form since 1861. We are told to salute a flag flown by our enemies. We are told to oppose abortion rights when 100% of those getting abortions are our enemies. Someone here quoted Churchill. The U.S. backed the wrong side and condemned us to communism.

  11. MH. Regarding – “Out of every one hundred men, ten shouldn’t even be there, eighty are just targets, nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle. Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he will bring the others back.”
    A “hundred men” was back in the day. Now days if you can find one “man” among five hundred, you’re blessed.

    1. I won’t disagree with that. T V and hollywierd movies ( among other things) have raised far too many manchildren

  12. Mississippi Hiker: Good to hear from a fellow veteran of Federal Service/civilian branch. Some people at HQ called us an elite fire fighting unit. I was just dumb enough to keep showing up for work. Over time, many other people stopped showing up, a few got killed and most settled down into a REAL job where they could go to work in an office somewhere and get paid more to diddle with a computer. At age 26, during a summer of going from burn to burn, I was so tired my legs were shaking and cramping up while in the crew van going from Malibu to San Bernardino. Before I dropped off to sleep, I thought to myself that I’ve got to find an easier way to make a living.
    That winter, I finished my degree in Economics and went to work for other agencies where I drove patrol cars or ambulances, I eventually ended up working in large hospitals where I work now. Doing the difficult jobs is a young person’s job and I tried to exit gracefully as I could. It was a difficult transition. I was never in the military. I was involved in several gunfights stateside so I did not see the reason to join the military to do more of that work in a foreign land.

    1. Calirefugee
      Being separated by distance and time and having never met you,I know that you and I are brothers having shared a common bond. Stay safe

  13. As I approach retirement I found an old item of clothing from my firefighting days: An old nomex shirt that is stained pink from phoscheck from the days I was hit from above while cutting line on the edge of the burn. Other souvenirs are easy to spot but more painful like the sore back from the autorotation of a helicopter in an unimproved landing zone. People see the nomex shirt and their eyes go big. the sore back seems to be a badge of making it into old age. ( just another old guy with a limp.).
    I do not talk about this much because I know of several people who ended up in wheelchairs after their autorotation adventures and there are now 2 hotshot crews that have been fried on the job since the days i left the woods. ( Prineville Hotshots from Prineville, OR that were killed in the mountains above Rifle Colorado along with some smokejumpers from BIFC, and the Yarnell Arizona crew that they made a movie out of ). Yeah Ken, there are still plenty of doers out there. You just got me to speak up by posting this. Nobody on this group of regulars likes to be referred to as a sheeple.
    In training of my replacements, it has been averaging out to be about 1 in 10 that will stick around for a year or more. My advice to my supervisors is to keep interviewing and to keep hiring. Showing up for work on time and sober is the first sign of being a doer.

    1. Autos are such fun, practiced ’em a bit, better if you do’em a lot!

  14. That has been my experience.
    I usually got stuck with the 10 that shouldn’t even be there.
    As Ron White said , “ you can’t fix stupid “

    Stay safe

  15. This topic got me into my library because it reminded me of what several writers have to say about: the Nomad paradox or the Guerrilla paradox. This article was addressed by Max Boot and can be found on the internet. In summary, this is not a new concept because some of the first people to experience this was the model of the ancient Chinese trying to defend themselves from the invasive Mongol Hordes.
    In short, living in large cities became possible with large crop surpluses, wealth accumulation and job specialization. Within 2 -3 generations, most humans can and chose to adapt. Life here was easier. The Nomadic tribes had a much rougher existence making their living by raiding the towns and cities. They did not raise crops. They may have been tending herds. They had a shorter lifespan. Their rate of infant and child mortality was much higher partly because they began training for their future occupations at an early age. ( 5 year olds riding horses, learning to shoot arrows from a running horse by age 10, going on their first raid against a village by age 15 ).
    My decision to leave college in order to make a living in a blue collar career was a disappointment for my parents who raised us and sent us to college with money in the bank. ( a Confucian/Asian thing to do ). Many consider me too rude and crude for polite company. ( I remember being invited to parties of software engineers and being asked a lot of questions when I was living off grid. I was a novelty in San Jose CA.) I was 35 yrs old when I “settled down” and bought my first house. Living a nomadic lifestyle and living “rough” will give you a lot of stories if you survive to write about them. I did finish college but I never did the cap and gown walk because I was at work being sworn in, qualifying on the range and picking up my kevlar vest for work. My diploma was mailed to me a month later.

  16. Remember, there are vast differences between ‘cops’ and elected sheriffs. My sheriff in Florida, Wayne Ivey is a stand up guy. DO NOT judge all leo’s the same.

  17. Ken J
    You will find a news 🙄article in your mail, in referencing the terminology ‘sheep’ put out by the dept of zombies.

      1. ok, it is on the E page for news go down until you find the article about Covid Etiquette. The design is a cartoon of a little boy speaking to his mother.

  18. I have been saddened to hear the many people on this site bagging on cops.
    The cops I knew, hung out with and were honorable all had several things in common: All of these guys were family guys ( I did not have many that were female and friends ). Having a family with wife and children kept them honest and on the path of the straight and narrow. These were the guys that took me fishing as a teenager, coached their little league teams and were generally pretty cool guys that lived and did the job in order to provide for their families. I did not observe or find out about the power-hungry or corrupt ones until I joined a large agency and was sent to an inner-city precinct at the end of my LEO career. I was involved in my last shooting shortly after arriving there so I was slightly relieved to be turning in my badge and issue sidearm on that last day. I heard from some others later how much was bad or rotten within that precinct after I left. ( no longer part of the agency = no longer a threat ). Sadly, there are still good cops mixed in with the ones that are not-so-good. In that precinct, there was not black and white so much as various shades of gray. These days, when an excited youngster or proud father tell me of they or their son is “in the Academy”. I ask them if they have a trade and put forth the possible scenario: You worked hard getting to this point. What would you do if you found yourself sent to a corrupt or dirty precinct? Bad things can happen to good people.

  19. Dennis, Mark Twain said, “History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes.” As active observers we see the cycles around us, years, generations, lives, seasons, economic, political. We are blessed with reason, science, and literacy which allows us to see far beyond the years of our reckoning. We can take comfort in knowing that all collective philosophies ultimately fail their adherents. We need to be prepared to oppose their efforts snd mitigate their effects. From me this will be SOSDD. The GSM is bringing about a greater “reset” than most can imagine. Sadly, it is being hastened and exaggerated by the foolish leaders of the world. We are prepared for ourselves and our following generations to survive and thrive. They will see another great awakening of faith, which also accompanies the GSM cycle. Take heart and have hope.

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