Let Independence Day Inspire You, Not Terrify You


The mainstream media lapdogs for the administration’s alphabet agencies are seemingly conducting a psy-ops campaign to associate independence with terror. There are all sorts of non-definitive warnings and alerts that this fourth of July might involve ‘terror’ due to all sorts of non-specific ‘chatter’, and we all better be afraid about it because big brother says so…

It seems that prior to all of our major holidays the .gov agencies all come out and start ‘warning’ us that ‘something might happen’… I for one am getting tired of it. They try to ‘scare’ us, but what are we supposed to do? There’s nothing that we can do – except celebrate and enjoy the holiday as we always have. Don’t let them scare you. ‘If’ ‘something’ ever were to happen – well then, we’ll deal with it.

Celebrate freedom and independence, and do your part to keep it!

While there have been major and ongoing setbacks and roadblocks for many of America’s freedoms of ‘We the people’ – things that our forefathers fought and died for – we must remain vigilant in upholding our Constitution and our nation’s founding ideals and principles.

239 years ago we fought for and won our independence from a tyrannical government. While tyrannical governments do not like the word ‘independence’ and will do everything in their power to demonize the word and/or to stop it from happening, ‘We the people’ must celebrate it and empower it – else we will lose it.

This Independence Day, let us not succumb to our own governments implied recommendation to cower in fear of terror. Instead, hold your head tall and re-invigorate your determination to remain free as a people. Examine your freedoms and even those which you have lost. Do your part to remain free and even re-gain your lost freedoms. Get involved where you can.

I believe the absolute most effective thing that we can do as ‘We the people’ to thwart tyranny before it takes firm hold, is to SPEAK OUT. Talk about it. Talk to your friends and co-workers. Don’t keep it bottled inside!

Those who wish to break our independence have been working relentlessly to curb our speech and to demonize certain things that we might say. The meaning of many words and phrases have been twisted to the negative, political correctness has been brainwashed into our psyche, the ‘chilling’ effect has taken root, there is slander and financial penalty for speaking some certain truths, our toughness has largely been turned to soft mush, and too many people look up to the government for direction and sustenance.

The most effective and non-violent way to counteract this is to say something to those around us when the opportunity arises. There is a famous quote which reads, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” How true that is. So say something.


This Independence Day, don’t feel guilty about feeling patriotic!

Maybe take in a parade, a BBQ celebration, maybe your local fireworks…

Go forward, be free, be self-reliant!

Happy 4th of July


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