Should the US Focus on Self Sufficiency as a Matter of National Priority?

Should Made in America be a National Priority

The unfolding COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis has revealed a weak underbelly of America. That is our dependence on China (and others) for some of our critical needs.

A question is this… Might America make some adjustments to reduce or eliminate our dependence on others? It is in our historical American spirit and DNA to be independent. Free. To the extent that we can.

Will this unfolding Coronavirus event become a lesson from history in this regard as historians look back upon this time? Might we change our ways?

A reader here on Modern Survival Blog ponders the following:

If I was president I would do the following things, all of them upbeat and strategic, in addition to what he is already doing.

There Are American Answers To This Crisis

There are American answers to this Coronavirus crisis that we are well positioned to handle. Let us acknowledge that we are confronted with knowledge that this Coronavirus epidemic is only a first wave.  If we learn the lessons of history more waves are certain. If not this virus, then others or other threats to the homeland. We can do this as a society. 

Remote Networking

We can notch up to a new level of remote working, learning and living by leveraging the steps we have already taken over the past few years with tele-networking, eCommerce, etc. 

Make American | Buy American

There are a number of government programs, to focus on make American and buy American.  The one you hear about most often is the “Buy America Act” for government contracting. 

But there are others, including for strategic supply of certain minerals outlined in Executive Order 13817: “Ensure Secure and Reliable Supplies of Critical Minerals”.  That executive order presents 6 Calls to Action, 24 goals, and 61 recommendations that describe specific steps that the Federal Government will take to achieve the objectives.  

Our previous leaders have failed us in allowing offshoring of production of critical strategic items, such as healthcare, medical supplies, foodstuffs, etc.  Similar to “Critical Minerals” we can act is a positive way.

Now is the time we should be examining what our national self interest is — in whatever industries — so that we can be self sufficient in the requisite areas as a matter of national policy. 

An immediate short term example might be facemasks: these can be one such item. Another is oxygen concentrators.  And, (heaven forbid!) most of our pharmaceutical production.  

The fact that we rely on others so much for this kind of product is intolerable. China – or any global adversary — or even global friend in which we have supply chain weak links.

US business WILL respond if called. This is something that we are really good at as a country – “good enough and lots of it” helped win WWII.   

As a nation we should as a national priority tailor our production to self sufficiency.

What’s your opinion? Will we change our ways?

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  1. Self Sufficiency is the key to survival for individuals or nations. Long term
    or short term we must provide for ourselves and our needs.
    It has taken a very long time for our country to reach this point that we are so dependent on other countries.
    It will take even longer,if ever to return to a MADE IN AMERICA mentality.
    We have to it but I’m not sure there is a political will to succeed. The new
    generations want everything handed to them and I doubt that they see our current situation as an opportunity to turn things around.
    We must try that is for sure.

  2. Ken, great thoughts. I have said for years we have no reason to import anything. There is almost nothing that cannot be made in USA.For generations we led the world in every facet of manufacturing many firsts. Now largely due to corporate greed as in cheap labor we are a nation of consumers. Having spent 45 yrs in various factories I can say these things with some personal knowledge.I can also say with certainty, if the Government would cancel set aside plans where they pay farmers not to plant acreage, that there would be no hungry in the Country.Quit exporting so many crops and livestock and feed our people first. But on one hand we might learn something about being so dependent on other Countries for so much , I don’t know if the Corporations would take the paycuts necessary to be able to pay decent wages to move back here. MHO.

    1. Maggie’s Farm, not sure if we need to take pay cuts to pay decent wages to produce items here. Get .gov out of our way and I think we would be fine. If these big companies were not protected somehow by arcane and obscure laws, there could be real competition by small start-ups here in the US. I could start up a face-mask producing company, but would never make it into production because of all the hurdles I would need to jump through trying to employ people to run it and comply with all the unnecessary laws and regulations.

      1. Agreed, the largest single expense in America is the Federal government. They produce nothing, take as much as possible to re-distribute as a “service” to perpetuate their own necessity. Without that bloat, Americans wouldn’t need a massive “living wage”. We should immediately go back on the gold standard (the one where a $20 gold piece was worth $20, not $1600) and force a balanced budget. We can produce what we need in a closed system, it’s only in an open, inequitable sysem that we suffer imbalance. We have to work past the mentality that it’s OK to make a 5 or 6 figure income that is mostly bloat to buy cheap disposable things that are priced on labor and regulation global disparities. We, the American people, have become spoiled consumers shoring up manufacturing in the developing world. Our ancestors bought products, cared for them and they often lasted a life time. We buy the cheapest alternative, knowing that it will break and be thrown into a landfill to be replace with another cheap gizmo. It’s unfortunately, a mindset, we’ve become the fattened calves.

  3. Nahhhh. Dependency is a virtue. Ask any democrat.

    Self sufficiency is overrated. Oh yeh, being self sufficient allows you to be independent, make decisions from a position of strength and control of your destiny. But, do you really want that?
    Wouldn’t you much rather leave the decisions to others smarter and wiser than you? Controlling your own life, based on what’s best for you, is so very selfish. Next thing you know….you’ll be thinking of arming yourself to protect what’s yours. How scary is that?

    On a more serious note, my tax lady just called and said my tax returns will be finished sometimes this week. Good time to see if I can barter a couple of rolls of the toilet paper I scored today as payment for services rendered.

  4. One of the main reasons for the collapse of the Original Native (American Indian) was that they grew dependent on trade items that replaced their skills. They forgot how to make arrowheads, clothes, knives.

  5. Here’s what you’ll need to make your own hand sanitizer:

    2/3 cup Isopropyl alcohol 91% (rubbing alcohol) – this is great to stock up on and buy in bulk
    1/3 cup aloe vera gel – great to stock up on for burns or rashes
    Essential oil in your choice of fragrance (optional)
    A small or medium mixing bowl
    A spoon
    An empty container, such as a 3-ounce container from a travel toiletries kit
    A small piece of masking tape for labeling


    *The CDC recommends using hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content in order to make it effective at killing most viruses and bacteria. This recipe will make a sanitizer that slightly exceeds that alcohol content at 60.66%, so follow the proportions exactly. If you want a sanitizer with a higher alcohol percentage, decrease the amount of aloe vera to 1/4 cup.
    In a mixing bowl, stir Isopropyl alcohol and aloe vera gel together until well blended. Add 8-10 drops of scented essential oil (optional). Stir to incorporate. Pour the homemade hand sanitizer into an empty container and seal. Write “hand sanitizer” on a piece of masking tape and affix it to the bottle

    can’t find the source

    1. All the rubbing alcohol in my area is 70%. I googled it and came up with a 9:1 recipe – 9oz alcohol/ 1oz aloe vera and 10 to 15 drops of your choice essential oils- tea tree, peppermint etc.

  6. Should the US Focus on Self Sufficiency as a Matter of National Priority?

    Short answer.

    HELL YES!!!!!!

  7. Remember folks– it is all about the money!
    Manufacturing moved overseas, China mostly, because things could be made cheaper ans still be sold for the same high price as if were made in America.
    Yes, less regs, no OSHA, no EPA, all equals more profit.
    Now it is coming home to roost!
    It is all about the money!!

    1. Word. But once the Chinamen decide to retaliate and declare “Economic War” on us, do not look for any meds and essential items to be coming out of the Forbidden Kingdom. I hope smart investors and start-up folks have anticipated this and are already building factories to take up the slack right here in the USA. This could end up being America’s finest hour if our citizens and politicians rise to the challenge to put this nation back on its economic feet. Sadly, I do not see this happening right now. Get ready for some very sporty times. Get out of the cities, if you can.

      1. Dweezil, the US could return back to manufacturing pharmaceuticals in Puerto Rico, or bring the industry back to the US.

        For decades, PR was the main location for US drug manufacturing, but Clinton signed a law in the 90s to end the tax breaks they were receiving. Within about 8 years, PR received no more tax breaks and the pharma industry pulled out of the country.

    2. You’re right, Tango!

      Politicians and businessmen generally follow the highest bidder. Clinton sold us out with NAFTA and the US went rapidly downhill from there.

      I saw several headlines just today at Rantingly, showing Trump’s efforts to tamp down the dependency (and “trust”) with China:

      * Senate Bill Seeks To Ban Chinese App TikTok From Government Work Phones
      * Trump Signs Law Banning Use Of Federal Funds To Purchase Huawei Equipment
      * Congress Introduces Bill To Stop Imports Of Chinese Goods Made By Muslim Slaves

      Given that Chinese top officials are using their propaganda to blame America for coronavirus now, I suspect the US may retaliate with further laws and EOs to protect us from China’s dubious labor and manufacturing practices.

  8. Ken,
    Good article. Self-Sufficiency is what the country needs. I think this is on the president’s agenda, but might be something for his 2nd term.

    We used to have a “Strategic Mineral Reserve”. This kept a lot of small miners of specialty minerals in business. Also gave us one heck of a stockpile to draw on in the event the country got cut off. Seems this disappeared with the liberal presidents a while back, they sold it all off and used the money for ‘give-away’ programs. Hopefully people will learn a lesson and this reserve system will be started up again.

  9. Dr. John Makary from John Hopkins has just said that Americans need to get 3 months of food and medicine and prepare to hunker down. He estimates that somewhere between 1/4 nd 1/2 of a million people in the US already have the virus. It is about to get very ugly.

    Quarantined Italians are complaining that no one is picking up the bodies in their apartments and houses.

    Italy was at our level of infection about 11 days ago.

    1. Wow. Do you have a source link for reference? Thanks. (Only because I’ve not heard a doctor suggest 3 months yet – though I believe it should be AT LEAST that…)

      1. interesting thing just happened to me
        I typed in google
        “Dr. John Makary Johns Hopkins has just said that Americans need to get 3 months of food”….and hit search…

        yup, seemed to go right to above mentioned article..for about two seconds, then page flashed and went blank…

        ah well, these things happen, so I tried again…

        tried about seven more times


        1. Jane:

          CNBC had this:
          “Makary said, adding he does not “like the idea of talking about contingency plans, but we’ve got to start making these plans.”

          “We’ve got to brace for a three-month problem,” said Makary, author of-“..

          …And then it cut to the next paragraph, just like that, with a hyphen mid-sentence

        2. Jane Foxe

          This one? Just before 4 minute mark I think.

          “Every household should be ready to hunker down for 3 months: Expert”

        3. Anony Mee…thks. this isn’t the one I had clicked on. One I had found was (I think) just a printed news report…


        4. It came up for me…Maybe loads of people were trying at the same time…

      2. Hate to say it but, DW had MSNBC on and he was interviewed a couple of hours or so ago.

      3. Ken, The guy at Peak Prosperity on youtube quoted an Italian doctor who said Italy was about 10-11 days ahead of the U.S. He said the hospital system was at 200 percent capacity, that ambulances which used to run 8 minutes were running at two hours and more, that they were running out of oxygen, that they were not treating anyone over age 60 or anyone who has preexisting conditions. The doctor said they just did not have the capacity.

  10. The business case for concentrating manufacturing in one location is efficiency. But any hiccup- hurricane, twister, Riots, earthquake, pandemic- and the system collapses. Concentrating was greed not just by the owners but managers as well. I have friends who have lived and worked overseas because they pay little in taxes and live like kings on what they earn.

    Why don’t the multinationals make products in the country they intend to sell in?

  11. If we are gonna place blame it should be on our own .gov SCUM who sold us down the river concerning the CHICOMS back in the 90’s… They allowed all critical supply chains for sensitive items like pharma to be farmed out to the chicoms… How many of our .gov officials are on the take and get bribes from the chicoms???? Biden and his SCUM bag Son for Sure…

    After this virus burns through it will be time for pitch folks and torches concerning our own enemy within. Thats right .GOV I blame you for this hot mess. You are all too worried about your bribe money and FAKE stock market investments to see the bigger picture that US Citizens’ security is your actual top priority and you .GOV SCUM f_cked up and played ball with the devil….
    This is White Cracker… Rant OVER

  12. The answer is yes. It’s not about ending trade or ignoring the principles of comparative advantage. Trade is beneficial on some level. But every country needs localized production of essential goods that allows sustenance and a decent lifestyle. While we can’t expect a random third world country to be able to manufacture medicines, the U.S. should have the supply chain at home for components of the medicines, the medical equipment and other goods. It’s why it’s so important that we maintain production of heavy industrial equipment, farming harvesters and tractors, planes and defense armaments. But it also is important that we be able to make storage containers with domestically sourced materials to ship food and other essential goods including bleach and rubbing alcohol. Things like toys or washing machines don’t really matter for sustenance and survival on a short term basis although I don’t understand why we can’t make a washing machine attractive in price enough with savings on shipping and the lost economic activity of money going to China instead of in U.S. pockets.

  13. I just checked on ammo suppliers for 5.56 Nato. In the span of 24 hours, most every supplier is out of stock for the M855 round. Thousands and thousands of rounds, perhaps millions, have just been snapped up.

    I think people are beginning to see just how crazy things may get, are going to get.

    Plus, if you think your money is going to become devalued, buying ammo…instead of Gold…is a good hedge.

    1. Ision – I almost asked about you, haven’t seen your posts in awhile; good to see you back. It’s a bit scary that folks are hoarding ammo…. 5.56, nasty round, tumbles in the wound channel. Good Lord the first corona-linked incident with an AR will cause an epic over-reaction; not looking forward to the violence potential.

      1. tmcgyver—

        I have been busy in the study of SARS-CoV-2 with epidemiologists and pathologists to better understand its characteristics and progression.

        1. Ision

          Are you gonna be allowed to share that info here on MSB?

  14. If you just put a 1/4 cup of bleach in a gallon of water…in a plastic bucket. You can simply wear your latex gloves, and forget about sanitizing cart handles, handling money, push buttons and touch screens…and handle what you wish without care.

    Then, you get home, dip your gloved hands into the bucket of bleach solution and swirl your hands about a few seconds…shake them off into the buck…then remove your gloves without fear of infecting yourself…even if you flub the removal techniques. The same solution can be applied to disinfect.

    The time required to kill the SARS-CoV-2 virus is just a few seconds. Rather than “hand sanitizer” just use a soap solution…just plain soap…cheap, easy to get…soap. You can carry a little bottle of soapy water and a few paper towels…if you wish. No need to rinse. In fact, better if you do not.

    You do not need to make a simple thing harder than it is.

  15. Yes, it would be good to be self sufficient again.

    As an example look at Walmart.

    When Sam Walton was still alive the motto was “Made in the USA”

    Today the motto is “We sell for less”

    I had the chance to hear Sam Walton speak at a Sam’s Club opening in upstate NY. He was extremely proud of the fact that almost everything being sold was made in the US, which provided jobs for Americans, who then had money to spend in his stores.

    Now we have just in time supply chain from China.

    The supply chain disruption may take longer to straighten out than any lockdown we may experience over the flu.

        1. tmc

          I don’t know if these are the latest numbers

          “There have been 37 deaths blamed on the coronavirus in the US.
          There have been 1,636 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the US.
          At least 23 of those deaths were at the Life Care Center in Kirkland, Washington.
          The Life Care Center has gone from 120 residents down to 60 in the past month.

          The current mortality rate in the US is 2.2%.
          If you subtract the Life Center deaths the total goes down to .8%.”

          Weeks ago, I stated on these site that the US must become self-sufficient again. And, I have always said, we must wait for the facts/numbers to come out before we tank the economy and spin up the entire population. But sheeple will be sheeple.

        2. hermit us:

          Thanks for checking in. I think we can consider the population to be well and truly spun up at this point. If this ends up being the largest fake-out since 9/11, I just struggle with why? We had our first reported death at an area hospital yesterday. It never made the news and HIPPA means we may never get confirmation. The news traveled organically from a relative of a co-worker who works at the hospital.

          Bolsonaro of Brazil is positive, which puts Trump in danger… and he sounded horrible a few nights ago. Kelly Anne Conway and several others as of this morning were under observation. The equities markets have been destroyed, people are in a panic, down is up and up is down… just like every other disaster in history.

          WHY and for what purpose would “they” wind up the populace like this with such unpredictable results? We have people freaking out and starting fist fights over toilet paper for God’s sake. When asked about their motives, they cannot answer coherently. What do you think this will all boil down to, from a 2021 perspective?

        3. Kula,

          I get that. If the guidestones were coming to fruition… or being brought to fruition… then why dick around with a mass psychosomatic freakout? It’s not efficient. Just release a real pathogen, sit back and watch it happen. What is the logic behind a fake pandemic? If the goals you suggested are true, wouldn’t a nice, quiet, stealth pandemic be easier?

        4. tmc

          Yes, many more will get this virus, but I am waiting to see the numbers that get over it and resume their lives.

          You ask why the population is spun up – I blame the anti- Trump media who did not scream that the sky is falling when thousands died from H1N1.

        5. hermit – OK let’s run with a Trump takedown theory. Under this premise it makes sense to wind up the US, and perhaps even China makes sense. How does the current disaster in Italy play into this. There was a guy posting a selfie- next to his dead wife this morning, stating authorities were overwhelmed with the dead. I don’t see Italy as pivotal to Trump’s re-election effort.

          I’m not trying to foment an argument. To the contrary, I’m really trying to decide my schedule and activities next week.

        6. tmc

          No, it is not only a segment that want to blame Trump. There is a group that do not want a self-sufficient US, the globalists. There is also many that have been waiting years to make a fortune shorting the market. There are actually people that want a Mad Max outcome in this country.

          This is only a short list of why I think we are only hurting ourselves with miss-information.

          We do not know why some areas in this world have more virus cases (population density? smokers? diets?) and why some countries are dealing with it better.

          But I do think this government is taking the right steps in a rational and proportionate way to limit the COV deaths in this country. But keep looking over your shoulder for the flu – it, along with all the other societal deaths out there may get many of us.

        7. hermit us,

          Like you, I’ve had doubts as to how real this virus threat really is. I think you will agree, it really doesn’t matter now. The stampede has begun, and I see no way that everybody won’t be negatively affected, if not by the virus (slim chance), by the panic that’s created (almost 100% chance).

          Whether the panic is justified or not, this is where we are. Most of us here should be in pretty good shape to weather the storm. My prayer is that this blows over soon. If not, many will suffer.

          My preps pretty well ensure that my loved ones will survive the panic. Avoiding contact with the outside world should keep us from contracting the virus (assuming I haven’t already been exposed).

          I’m prepared to ride this thing out. I hope all of us are.

        8. Dennis

          To what end do you think “emergency declaration” would be made – promote more US self-sufficiency, restrict more travel, channel more resources to health care …. ?

          I blame the past governments for letting and promoting foreign ownership of all our most necessary products. I do sympathize with all that depend on medical supplies that may be cut off by countries that hate us.

  16. Absolutely yes but it’ll never happen. Majority of people in this country want it cheap and want it now. I run a small woodworking side gig. Too many times I’ve had people ask “whys that table so expensive, I can get the same thing at home goods for a third the price”. Now I’m not knocking on home goods, the Mrs. loves that place. However the table I’ll make is made from oak and the one at home goods is particle board and probably won’t last more than a few years. We’ve become such a throw away society people would rather spend less money on something cheap 10 times over rather than buy something of higher quality the first time around. But I digress…….going off on a tangent at this point.

    1. Rb, have you tried marketing to a demographic which is more likely to appreciate and purchase your product? There are they who are most aware of the longer term benefit of making such a purchase, and would gladly oblige you if they perceive your product to be the one that is worthy of their consideration.

  17. Yes. We must return manufacturing here to America. But the real problem is our rampant consumerism. It must stop. Just like our forebears, we must reuse, repurpose, and just quit buying so much unless stuff! And I am guilty of it myself. I’m not talking meds here or medical equipment, but walk through Wallyworld or anywhere and really LOOK at all the useless junk. I think we all need to change our thinking about our purchases and spending habits (and I believe our MSB-ers here are way ahead of the game). I’m learning from our son here. He and his wife hit up farm auctions all the time for really excellent quality old tools and equipment. I am now on a mission to NOT buy “Made in China” especially after their threats to withhold all medical shipments of equipment and drugs to the US.

  18. sort of along the lines of the title…
    Interesting Headlines I read this morning…
    “Food safety was riding high in state legislatures in 2019
    By Dan Flynn on March 13, 2020
    Food safety was foremost among more than 700 food bills that the nation’s 50 state legislative bodies considered this past year, the Denver-based National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) reports.”


    “Coronavirus stops FDA from conducting foreign food safety inspections
    By Coral Beach on March 13, 2020
    The FDA isn’t conducting food safety inspections overseas through at least April because of the coronavirus, but the move has more to do with the federal government’s travel restrictions than it does food.
    Although the Food and Drug Administration is referring to the action as a postponement of inspections, it amounts to a suspension of inspection activity. Food inspections at land and sea ports of entry into the United States will continue as part of the government’s normal domestic operations.”

  19. Hopefully when this finally passes- we, the US citizens, government and manufacturing will all have learned some lessons that will change our behaviors and policies allowing us to adjust and benefit from it in regards to preparedness and self-sufficiency! God Bless the USA!

    1. Phantom,
      Government, wont learn one damn thing. Government, is corrupt beyond all bounds, the only thing that will teach the government a lesson is to clean house completely and start from 0.
      The people, some will learn, but MOST are ignorant and only care about their new Iphone 20 and where their next soy chai vegan fair trade latte is coming from

    2. Phantom, we should change but, we won’t. I used to work in manufacturing and the company I worked for asked the employees “what can we do to reduce product waste? We said “get us the machines our competition is using, the CNC machines that they are using. Management told us “we can’t get them, because we will not make our money back in six months, and that’s what the board requires”.

  20. at one point in the not to distant past companies would DEMAND those that worked for em be loyal to the company now it just be loyal to the all mighty buck and swcrew ther little guy

  21. Ken, you are right on!

    We can and should bring it all home starting with pharmaceuticals. It will cost more but it will be worth it.

  22. The most recent threat from the chicoms to cut off our medical supplies pretty much answers the question of weather or not we should become self sufficient, again.
    The reality is that most of the meds were developed by US funded scientist anyway, but some donkey politicians (both R/D same thing) and
    Corporate medical complex placed profits over prudence.
    Bring it home,
    Bring it ALL home!

  23. Corporate greed has transformed us into a service based economy. You are not creating wealth if you are not adding value to your product. We as a nation are doomed to be subservient to China as long as this attitude continues. Just this morning, the headlines scream out that China is threatening us to withhold drugs and medical supplies, if this does not open the eyes and make some serious structural changes to our economy, the republic is doomed to fail.

    1. kevinH,

      Corporate greed coupled with bribed political leaders and a dumbed down public has helped to put us in the situation we are in as a country. The Chinese are just taking advantage of the situation.. It is not the fault of the Chinese.

  24. I posted this a couple of days ago

    “Martial law is when the highest-ranking member of the military takes over leadership of the government and takes control all aspects of the executive, legislative, and judicial systems. A state of emergency, on the other hand, is when a state or federal government suspends certain constitutional freedoms to react to a disastrous situation.”

    Fox Business Channel just broke into broadcast to say that reports are that Trump is expected to declare a state of emergency later today.

    1. Dennis

      Ok, before I put my foot in my mouth, will you help clear up some things for me?

      What’s a National emergency, in the continuity of Gov portfolio?

      What’s the difference between “Martial law” and “Medical Martial law?”

      At what point does FEMA, become lead agency in the emergency?

      Is there a point, where Pres Trump, is no longer in control of our Gov’t?

      1. Stand my Ground,

        First let me say, I’m not an authority on this subject, but I’ll offer my best guess.

        In a National Emergency, the branches of government would still function, but some civil rights can be suspended for the “national good”. I can see freedom of movement and association being one of them (enforced quarantines as opposed to voluntary). I can also see re-direction of tax funds from budgeted items to things like pharmaceutical manufacture infrastructure and payrolls for enforcing quarantines. These would be a couple of examples.

        Martial Law on the other hand, would put all power into the hands of the military and it’s highest ranking member, the Commander in Chief, i.e., the president. All other branches of government would have their powers suspended. State and local authorities would still function, but under the control of the military.

        Others can offer their opinions.

      2. Stand my Ground Dennis got the most of your questions. But:

        Is there a point, where Pres Trump, is no longer in control of our Gov’t?

        When COVIN19 puts him and Vice President Pence in the hospital with “Poor Prognosis” and Nancy Pelosi “Assumes” the Presidency in their stead.

        Not sure who would then become Vice President, I assume Pelosi is too *smart* to give that job to Hillary…..

        Is that enough of a nightmare for you?

        BTW I am frankly surprised with all the high up Republicans getting COVID19 that I’ve not heard of any of the “Impeachment Crowd” Democrats being sickened? I’m sure they’ve been exposed? I wonder if there is a vaccine for this Bio-weapon…..

        Would be stupid to make a Bio-weapon with out a “Cure” on hand eh?

        1. me2
          When COVIN19 puts him and Vice President Pence in the hospital with “Poor Prognosis”

          If that happened, wouldn’t the 25th amendment have to be implemented first? If so, who would be in charge of implementing the 25th?

          At what point in this scenario, does FEMA take charge.

        2. Stand my Ground I’m not a lawyer let alone a Constitutional Lawyer, I just notice after many decades of watch what they DO in emergencies vs. the “niceties” of legal.

          A “State of Emergency” almost everything is UP FOR GRABS as far as the Socialist-Democrats are concerned.

          After all the MEDIA (the Socialist-Democratic Mouthpiece) will be screaming for them to DO SOMETHING…..

    2. Sort of ironic ain’t it? Many folks didn’t get into prepping until reading “One Second After”, a fictional account of the aftermath of a weapon deployed that no one could see, taste, or feel, that brought the nation to chaos.

      Here we are rapidly spiraling into the abyss as the result of something we can’t see, taste, or feel.

  25. Dennis

    I don’t think we will be at “One Second After” until the power goes off. I learned to prep after reading “Alas Babylon” years ago.

    1. hermit us & Dennis;
      The masses are going completely NUTS with this current Panic.
      Can one ever imagine how bad if the Grid actually did go down??????

      BTW did a “drive by” on the local Sam’s Club and Wally. OMG
      Both parking lots are 100% full AND there was a line actually in the Street trying to enter the lot.
      Could not even imagine inside the stores right about now.

    2. hermit us,

      I’ve been a prepper since childhood. Just sorta ingrained in me. Being self sufficient and non-dependent on others became a way of life. Reading “One Second After” caused me to re-examine my needs and deficiencies.

      Improvising and making what I had on hand work, became a passion. Books like “Little House on the Prairie” and a sequel “Long Hard Winter” I read as a child, plus “Old Yeller” and “Savage Sam” gave a picture of the hardships of the early frontier, and how pioneers handled adversity. Their stories still hold a place in my psyche.

      1. Dennis

        I don’t know anyone that was prepping back in the 60’s and 70’s, but it was about the 90’s when I began – you know the crappy Presidents after Reagan. Got to hand it to you.

        1. Hermit us;
          Please remember the word “Prepping” was not ‘invented’ till the 90s.
          My parents lived the Great Depression, the Pantry was always full, the Freezer was never less that 3/4, and the “Canning Room” was….. how shall I say it… “Impressive”.
          My Father had a HUGE Garden, and Mom canned everything that entered the house….

          Honestly, I truly believe those were a LOT better days.
          PS; Camping and Fishing was a 2-times a month event as time permitted.
          What the hell happened to this country and lifestyle of self responsibility and self reliance?
          Sad. Very sad indeed.
          Sorry, don’t mean to be a downer, just Friday the 13th I guess.

        2. NRP

          Our parents, yes. But you remember what was on the minds of youth in the 60′ to 90’s, not gardening for sure. When I got an extra gun at the time, my wife thought I was nuts.

        3. hermit us,

          I spent my spare time in the latter half of the 60’s (first two weeks of summer vacation from school, after I got my driver’s license) exploring the backwoods of Arkansas (still lived in Texas). In 1967, I discovered what I thought would be an ideal backwoods homesite. I boldly proclaimed to my two high school buddies who were with me, that some day I would build a home there. Nearly 40 years later, I did just that, and here I am.

  26. Considering the main headline on Fox News this morning was that China is now threatening to withhold meds from the US to “teach us a lesson,” I would say absolutely YES — we NEED to become self-sufficient in every way we can. If this doesn’t teach us a lesson, nothing will.

    Off topic (sorry, Ken) — the people here in Derby City (Louisville, KY) have gone full scale nutters! Made one final Whole Foods run this morning just as they opened and the mood has most definitely changed within the last 24 hours. Our state has 11 cases with two being in Louisville. Our new governor, Andy Beshear (his daddy was also a former governor of ours) is a Democrat (I did not vote for him), but I have to tell you, so far I have been immensely pleased with the way he’s handled things. Our just unseated governor, Matt Bevin, was name-calling on Twitter yesterday and making it seem as though Beshear is blowing things out of proportion, and I have to say I was astounded by the behavior. He happens to go to our church, the largest in the city and 4th largest in the nation, and it was so embarrassing to see a supposed man of faith stoop to such childish antics. He made such a fool of himself and I’m thankful he’s NOT governing during this crisis.

    Sidenote: My husband and I gave all but 1 bottle and one tub of Lysol away — and now there is none to be found. I know, not the smartest move. But, it was to our parents and so I have no regrets. I made up a box for each set so they’d have everything they need during this crisis and would not have to worry about anything but food and prescription meds. We have plenty of Purell, Iso, bleach and peroxide, and 3 large bottles of Purell Foodservice Professional Sanitizer Spray, but not much Lysol. Any suggestions as to where I might find some online? I’m going to head out after midnight and see if anyone’s restocked by then. Thanks so much, friends!

    1. Ellie, I ordered Lysol spray through Sam’s Club. Just received it today.

      1. Thanks for the suggestion, DAMedinNY!

        My husband and I got out the door just before 5AM this morning to hit up Krogers and, although the lady at the checkout felt I was “hoarding” five cans of Lysol (they only had about 12 remaining) and would only allow three, I did end up with 10 overall when all was said and done. First, though, we ended up going to four more Kroger stores where the shelves were empty, then circled back around to the first store and this time, I sent my husband in and he squared us away! Apparently hoard patrol lady was on an early smoke break. I’m just glad she’s not here to judge our TP supply!

  27. COVID-19 may go down as the most deadly false flag in our history. Why would this have been done?

    The timing is uncanny. This month, Durham was set to publicize his investigative findings and based upon Grand Jury activities, plus prognostications from those-in-the-know, a number of Obama officials will be indicted.

    What else is taking place that a false flag event was ordered?

    The Deep State is unbelievably dangerous, but is slowly being broken apart. Will the evil ever end?

    1. Modern Throwback,

      Rest assured, you are not the only one thinking that. I totally agree that our alphabets, especially in the intelligence community, are full capable of such distraction……no matter the cost, or suffering caused.

      Clapper and Brennan even telegraphed a warning if Trump started digging into their actions under Obama. Connected? If they are successful, we may never know.

      Glad you broached the subject……….it could be key to figuring this thing out. The Durham prosecutions that I believe are coming (I also believe sealed indictments have already been obtained) will be dynamite to the democrats. Lost in the virus panic is the letter sent by the FISA Court to the DOJ notifying them of the fact that warrants issued for surveillance of the Trump campaign were based on false sworn presentations to the court. In the real world, this would require all cases filed based on information obtained (fruit of the poisonous tree) be thrown out (Carter Page, Gen. Flynn, even Cohen). I can see a total meltdown of order before this ends.

      1. Dennis, as most of us know, the entire Russiagate hoax wasn’t about Trump “collusion”, it was about the Deep State’s collusion. We now have the FBI documents proving that even the FBI knew there was nothing factual — prior to Mueller’s investigation. (Of course Comey will have a dis-remembering moment…)

        Durham’s investigation into Brennan and his Russian ties (“close to the Kremlin”), and how the CIA, FBI, and NSA essentially protected their faux-intel from other govt agencies will have to analyze whether Brennan acted guarded with their intel, or if he was leading the hoax without providing substantiation. This is what needs to be proven, along with proof that Brennan knew the intel was false.

        Brennan’s emails and other records were obtained by Durham, and NSA’s Rogers also had the records…in fact, they were discovered and protected by Rogers before he went forward to alert Trump.

        Actions alone give me the hope that Durham’s findings will bring about indictments for Brennan, probably Clapper, as well.

        And yes, Brennan is seemingly his own worst enemy. Brennan has been sloppy and careless, and his angry threats haven’t helped his cause. The odd thing is that several friends who worked directly under him had nothing but respect for him, prior to Russiagate. Makes a person wonder what type of personality a guy like that has…

        Thankfully the FISA renewal has fizzled for now and Trump’s position seems strongly against this Act. We have seen, and we know without a doubt that this law is fraught with the ability for TPTB to operate illegally and covertly, without responsibility.

  28. I hope that the corporations would realize enough of a benefit to at least return the manufacturing of vital goods to the homeland. Probably not realistic to expect that, unless they perceive it to be in their best interests.
    Perhaps once that was realized, others would possibly follow suit.
    How much can Americans afford to pay for the goods manufactured here?
    Has not the middle-class been at the financial edge even while purchasing goods made elsewhere?
    If the retail prices can remain comparable, then it seem a more plausible option. Start adding in the cost of overtime, benefits, etc., etc., and the prospect seems to be a bit of an illusion. Albeit, having read that some countries manufacturing our products have, to a greater or lesser degree, benefited to the point that they, to some extent, no longer retain third world status. Thus accommodating a more materialistic lifestyle and the expense accruing accoutrements pertaining thereto.
    In other words, maybe they’re livin’ so high on the hog, and requiring the wages for the accommodation thereof, that it would be worth it for companies to come back home.
    P.S. I am glad to see that there are many people of other countries that have been able to enjoy some of the wonderful benefits of economic prosperity. The man that puts his hand to the plow is worthy of the reward of his labor.
    It does seem that the control of critical goods would be of strategic importance.

  29. Way back before the term “prepper” was ever uttered, we were survivalists.
    We did the same thing then that is being done now.
    Bug out locations were called retreats.
    I don’t know why prepper was adopted and don’t care.
    As long as we all want the same– it is good!

  30. tango,

    Yep. I don’t really know when the term “prepper” came about. I always figured it was a common sense approach to providing for your family. I figured everybody with a lick of sense did it.

  31. Once this has passed we will go right back to the way things were. People never learn.

    I live in the Toledo Ohio area. And the Toledo water problem of 2014ish had people scrambling for safe water to drink. But today pretty much no one stores water, I do home repair work and I’m in hundreds of homes every year and I see no water storage beyond a doz. 12-oz bottles.

    People don’t prepare, don’t learn from the past and shortly after an event go back to the way things were.

    Should we as a Nation strive to be more self sufficient, of course we should, but will we?

    That’s a BIG NO.

    Do I worry about this? Not really in as far as taking care of others. I don’t worry about things I can change and let go things I can’t change. I do put some thought into protecting what I have and how to keep others from deciding they need my things. Mostly I lay low and try to not look like I’m able to do for myself during a bad event. I keep my mouth shut and let no one into my basement full of supplies.

    I prep for myself and don’t worry about those that choose to not prep

    PS: Read Harry Browne’s book “How I found Freedom in an Unfree World” to get a handle on how to let go of things and allow you to move on to a happy life. It’s a life-altering book.

    It’s out of print and may seem kinda expensive ($160.00) but it’s worth that. Also it upon occasion turns up on-line as a free PDF download.

    1. Chuck Findlay
      They now have the book republished on Amazon or one can purchase the kindle version of this book. Book is under $40 if someone wants this in a hand held unit.

  32. Big price drop on the book (that is good.)

    10- years ago it was $160.00

  33. Well, I think we could be more self efficient when it comes to emergency medical equipment and making our own drugs, having more of our own technology instead of mostly imports and have our own supplies of what we need in case of emergencies. Without them and dependent on our “adversaries” for what we desperately need, we are vulnerable. When we are vulnerable, people panic. Sure hit home this time, didn’t it?

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