Did you know that the Sheriff is the highest constitutional executive authority in the county? Very few people realize that the Sheriff has the legitimate authority to prevent federal agents from entering the county – or the power to throw them out once there.

One way we could offset the tyranny in America and the apparent disregard for the Constitution – particularly by certain alphabet agencies and our executive branch, is IF we had Sheriffs who applied their oath of office and their total extent of power towards those who would tear up our founding document…

How about this…

Constitutional Oath of Office

“I hereby do solemnly swear that I will support and defend this Constitution for the united States of America, against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help me God”.

My Oath of Office will be to the original Constitution, to We the People, not to the Federal Corporation identified as the “United States”.

It’s about the Constitution.

The taking of the Oath of Office creates a Sacred duty, to Serve, Protect and Defend the Citizens against all threats, and criminal acts from whatever source they present themselves. This includes criminal acts on the part of corporations, banks, mortgage companies, judges, lawyers and all citizens. My Oath of Office will be to the Citizens, not to the corporation known as the “United States”.

The most important aspect of the Sheriff’s authority is that he is elected by, for, and of the people. He is not appointed, he is not a bureaucrat, he does not report to the county manager or the county commissioners. The Sheriff reports directly to the People and is answerable to them and them alone.

For the Sheriff to allow anyone or anything to violate the rights of his boss, We the People, is a dereliction of duty of the highest order. The Sheriff is an autonomous Peace Officer whose duty to the Citizens through the Constitution is his Supreme Duty and Responsibility. To Serve, Protect and to Defend.

The Sheriff is the sworn protector of the Citizens of the County. I will not shrink from any man, any corporation or any government that comes to steal from the Citizens. Even if the man shows up in a three-piece suit with a fancy attaché case, with a fancy badge and claiming to be from the Feds, I will stop him/her.

“…all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several states, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution”

-Article VI, paragraph 3

When we refer to the Preamble of the Constitution we find this statement,
“…do ordain and establish this Constitution for the united States of America”.

By slight of hand, this statement gets converted to,
“the Constitution of the United States”.

The term “United States” has a specific meaning.

Title 28, USC, section 3002, defines “United States” as a Federal corporation. So then all executive and judicial officers who take the oath to the “United States” are working for the corporation identified as the “United States”. They do not take an Oath to the original Constitution. By trickery and deceit, the government has converted all executive and judicial officers into corporate officers working for the corporate United States for the benefit of the corporation and not for the benefit of “We the People”.

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