(Grand Canyon at South Rim – larger image)

The Grand Canyon is one of the Earth’s most powerful, inspiring landscapes and overwhelms our senses when standing there at the rim.

While a picture of the Grand Canyon might itself appear remarkable (I snapped the image above during yesterday’s visit), when you physically stand there looking out across miles and miles of layered colored rock and jutting pinnacles in various stages of massive erosion – with the Colorado River doing its thing down at the bottom, the initial reaction can be overwhelming to the senses. Especially the first time (which it was for Mrs.J).

The sheer magnitude of what you’re looking at, almost “does not compute”. It’s an interesting phenomenon actually, and one can draw parallels to other BIG and unusual experiences that one might suddenly encounter in life.


The Grand Canyon is actually 277 miles long. It is up to 18 miles across, and a mile deep!

It is humbling in how it reminds us how extremely small we are.
It is inspiring in how its grandeur touches the soul.

So how does this relate to preparedness?

One thing that I took away from the experience was this…

Despite all of our problems as humans on this planet, long after we’re all gone the Grand Canyon will still be there. We are just specks on the geological timeline of earth.

Take the time to look beyond our human problems and appreciate all that is around us in nature. If you’re a city dweller, get out once in a while. If you’re a suburbanite, take a weekend road-trip somewhere and get off the concrete. If you’re a rural dweller, go out for a change of scenery – travel over that next mountain and have a look…

Even if we humans manage to extinct ourselves, the sun will still rise in the morning, whether we’re here or whether we are not.

Perspective. Be prepared, but take the time to smell the roses too.

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