Parable of the Little Brown Bird

The Parable of the Little Brown Bird

Parable of the Little Brown Bird

post by MSB reader, ‘CaliRefugee’

The Parable of the Little Brown Bird that I tell to all new employees as they near the end of their orientation:

There was a little brown bird that waited until November to fly south for the winter. This bird found a group to fly south with and took off flying on a cold day when the skies looked gunmetal gray.

As the day went on, the little brown bird became tired and hypothermic and was falling behind the rest of the flock. The little brown bird half fell / half fluttered into a barnyard where it sat on the ground shivering and miserable.

Along came a cow and it took a giant dump right on top of the little brown bird. The little brown bird was horrified and grossed out until he realized that the cow pie was steaming warm and he was being warmed up too.

Within 5 minutes, the little brown bird was warm, comfortable and toasty within the steaming cow pie and he began to sing and chirp. A barnyard cat heard the little brown bird and followed the sound of bird song. The cat dug out the little brown bird and gobbled him up.

The many lessons of the Little Brown Bird to pass on to New Employees within a large organization:

1. Just because somebody craps on you does not make them your enemy.

2. Just because somebody digs you out of a big pile of crap does not mean they are your friends.

3. One day, you will find yourself in trouble – so much trouble that the crap will be up to your eyeballs. On that day, you keep your mouth shut.

Another MSB reader adds, “…the moral of the story – don’t procrastinate or you will eventually be in the sh*t.”

Many of the same lessons to be found within The Art of War.

“The Art of War” by Sun Tzu


  1. Thanks Calirefugee, good points to ponder as we move along through life . Each one of us will get crapped on during our earthly journey, probably more than once . How we deal with it and what we learn from it will determine our attitude and direction as we move forward from the experience . Hopefully none of us will not end up as cat food.

  2. CalifiRefugee
    Enjoyed the story, and got a good laugh when the poop hit the bird. The analogy is spot on– thanks.

  3. I’ve seen it posted here before, but it’s a favorite of mine,
    “ Some days, you are the dog, some days, the hydrant!”

  4. So much for deep thought and reflection. Still looking forward to our lunch in Idaho CR.

  5. You eventually get used to being sh*t on, you never get used to the smell..

  6. I feel like I should’ve been told this before I started working X_X

      1. Hell, the Foo may not be a problem – I see an article about Yellowstone waking up. Are you in that predicted radius of a major eruption?

        1. Wouldnt matter if you were in the radius, if that thing REALLY blew, we would all need winter gear even down here at lat20, for a long long long long long long time and to read up on wind powered generators and grow lights, that or how to eat long pig! Yuck

        2. hermit us;
          Yellowstone? Naw, just Mom Nature’s little hiccup.
          As far as the Foo Bird pooping on ya, yepppppers thats life for sure.
          The trick is “foo on you” 😁

  7. “Long Pig” Noun: Holodmor approved dining. Caused by deliberate starvation by or full on SHTF Disaster.

  8. Who here does not believe that a corrupt world order would not introduce soylent green. How else are going to get rid of that dreaded kale and broccoli.

  9. Thanksforthememories, but want to read the Art of War , have heard so much about it and would like to learn more. Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

  10. Just scored at a recent visit to a Goodwill thrift store and found a copy of the Art of War for $1.00! It has been on my read to do list for a while.

    Old Chevy,
    You’re a poet
    and you know it.
    If’ it’s about shitten,
    you’re prose is fitten!

    1. Ha-ha! Good fun. It was a parable that evoked silence, so i had to do something about that.

  11. Birdie, birdie in the sky. Why’d you do that in my eye? I’m sure glad that cows don’t fly 😁

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