The System IS Going To Collapse, Says Ron Paul…


“You know, the day before, the month before, the year before, if someone would have said, ‘Oh, you know, next year,’ the Soviet system would be gone, everybody would have considered that person nuts.

But it was fragile, and it fell apart, and quickly, and thank goodness we didn’t have to have a nuclear war in order to get rid of the Soviet system.”

“We’re probably in 1987, like the Soviets in ’87, in two years they were gone…”

Just think how quickly the Soviet system disappeared. (Almost) nobody saw it coming.

Former congressman Ron Paul recently spoke the words quoted above, and said he sees the “bust coming soon.”

“They’re not going to work their way out of it, so it’s just going to collapse,”

“I think we should anticipate that, you know, in the future…
in the next several years, you’re going to see a big, big collapse,”

“It’s hard to predict the timing,” Paul said, “but I think I agree… that it will end…”

I look at it like a building standing with no foundation. It’s sort of sitting there and wobbling, but it hasn’t crashed, and I think it will, because you know, the financial system is so unstable…

It’s totally based on debt, and confidence in the dollar and confidence in the Federal Reserve, that they’ll always print the right amount of money and they’ll always keep the interest rates right, and they’ll always bail out everybody that needs bailed out – which I think is a total hoax…

-Ron Paul interviewing with

The big event could occur next week, it could occur in five years from now, but especially whenever the dollar is no longer credible as a reserve – or primary – currency.

People are losing faith in their government…

They’re seeing the 2-party system for what it really is (two sides of the same coin.)

They’re seeing the manipulated economic numbers which don’t make sense with what they are really experiencing at home.

They see the government lying to them, and spying on them.

They’re seeing an increased police state.

They’re seeing more and more rights being attacked by the government, especially those related to privacy, freedom of speech, and firearms.

They see other nation blocks establishing their own currency trade and moving away from the dollar for goods and transactions (China-Russia-Brazil-Iran, and many more.)

They see the many tens of billions of dollars being printed into (debt) existence each month just to keep the system afloat.

They are seeing the writing on the wall, and they (we) instinctively know that this ship is going down…

Even Ron Paul, an ex-congressman, see’s the end coming.

This collapse is NOT going to be smooth. You folks need to start preparing for the social upheaval that will surely follow, and to get your ducks lined up in a row…



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