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As we were standing in line waiting to vote today, I had an epiphany… for a mandate that all election ballets are to include one particular additional choice… to be displayed FIRST, right above the presidential or other choices…

Here it is…


1. Vote everyone out [ ]


Unfortunately too many are career politicians, which has enabled the massive growth of government rather than a simpler smaller institution where ‘ordinary’ working people cycle in and out, doing their best to serve – not having enough time to build their hierarchy of bureaucratic minions and pyramids of power – not giving enough time for lobbyists and their money to corrupt as they do today.

Democrats. Republicans. They are largely the same beast. A new president will simply become a new figurehead of the same system that operates the wheels of government, regardless of who is sitting in that chair or what ‘party’ that person belongs to.

By all means though, until we get the new button “Throw Everyone Out”, go out and vote for the lesser of two evils. It is your right, and your duty.


Update…”the lesser of two evils” is just a figure of speech to get a general point across. Vote your convictions. No vote is wasted, including those beyond the traditional 2-party system.

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