What Is Your Favorite Part Of Prepping & Preparedness?

Preparedness, or practical-sensible-prepping, can be as simple or in-depth that you make it to be.

Some people take preparedness pretty seriously. Beyond just Level 2. There certainly are lots of areas of potential involvement.

Regardless of the extent, we all have our favorite areas of interest. We tend to spend more time working on that thing (or those things). Why? Because we enjoy it, whatever “it” is.

For example, one of my favorite areas having to do with preparedness is alternative energy. My education, background, and work experience lends itself to this category (among others). Between that, my interest in Off-Grid self-sustaining solar power, and my desire to be prepared for any length of “grid down”, it’s one of my favorite categories of preparedness.

It was my first project that I undertook after having moved to my current location. And I spent a lot of time (and $) getting this done. Though it never seems really done because of tinkering with additional aspects of alt-energy for my home.

So that’s one example. It’s different for everyone. There are many topics within the genre of preparedness. Some people may find one or two particular topics especially interesting. While others, not so much. That’s just the way it is. We all have our unique interests.

What are YOUR favorite areas having to do with preparedness? What do YOU enjoy doing in this regard?

It’ll be interesting to discover what each other enjoys most about prepping. Not so much the “why”, but the “what”.

Ready? Set? GO!

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