How much is just enough government

Just Enough Government to Get the Job Done

How much is just enough government?

How much is Just Enough?

With any political philosophy it all comes down to this:

How much your philosophy attempts to force those who disagree to live under rules your philosophy promulgates.

The founding philosophy of America was Liberty.

The concept of Liberty implies live and let live.

We have, to our grave detriment, lost track of this basic premise. The result is the political animosity we are experiencing today.

The solution is simple. People need to pay more attention to their own lives and resist the temptation to be overly concerned with their neighbors lives.

Governments, at all levels, need to do just enough governing to get the job done.

What job is that? Well, that’s the problem isn’t it…

Opinions span the full range from fascist (100% government) to anarchist (zero government).

The scale goes like this:

Fascist, Communist, Socialist, Liberal, Moderate, Conservative, Libertarian, Anarchist.

Fascist is total government control. The further right you fall, the less government you believe in.

My personal philosophy has not changed. I fit somewhere between conservative and libertarian.

I believe we need ‘just enough’ government. And leave the rest of the issues to the people. People always seem to find a way.

Rather than go on with a list, all you need to do is apply the phrase ‘just enough’ to government as a whole or any agency within.

The problem of course is that now, today, it’s too late for that. It’s extremely difficult to go backwards from a bloated system rigged to perpetuate itself.

It seems to me that the only way ‘just enough’ could work would be starting from scratch. A do over. And that’s not going to happen. At least not without being forced into it with extreme pain for most.

Most people don’t want pain. It’s logical. Therefore ‘just enough’ may only come again, if and when the current system collapses upon itself.

It takes money. Lots of money.

For governments to exist and function, it takes money. For governments to expand beyond ‘just enough’ takes more money. To bloat into obesity and beyond takes LOTS of money.

The money comes from two places. You, and borrowed (from you).

The current debt is 22.2 Trillion dollars.

Additional unfunded liabilities are 123.4 Trillion dollars.


How Much Money does the Government Spend Each Day?

Current U.S. government spending is $4.746 trillion. That’s the federal budget for fiscal year 2020 covering October 1, 2019, to September 30, 2020.

Whipping out the Excel spreadsheet, here’s how it breaks down:

$13 Billion per day
$542 Million per hour
$9 Million per minute
$150K per second

Does it matter?

These numbers are essentially meaningless to most Americans. There’s little concept of financial logic and reason when it comes to government spending. People are accustom to getting what they want, seemingly for nothing. And they always want more…

Why? Because the numbers go higher and higher with no apparent consequences. Therefore, who cares, right?

How is it even possible that we can carry on with such enormous government spending and debt without bad consequences?

Answer: Because the whole world is in on it, so to speak. What other nation is not up to their eyeballs in debt too?

Global debt is 224 Trillion according to a recent Bloomberg report.

The interrelationships and inter-dependencies within the systems of nation governments and world banking is beyond the scope of this article. Though suffice it say that it’s all hinged. Everyone in those systems need to be on the same page to keep it from imploding.

Does the concept of ‘just enough’ government even matter today with relation to spending and consequences (lack thereof)? It looks like deficit spending doesn’t matter… I suppose at least until it does – whenever that is.

What is Just Enough government

That will always be up for debate and opinion.

However I have an idea…

There’s this document called The Constitution of the United States. Maybe that’s just enough…

It’s not that long. Copied and pasted into a Word document it’s only a handful of pages. You can read it for yourself from the National Archives website.

There’s another document called the Bill of Rights. It too is short. And to the point.

You wonder how these relatively small framing documents (designed to keep government limited, with checks and balances,) how did we grow into such a behemoth?

I know… we get the government that we deserve. It is apparently what most people want.

I would advise any American interested in the state of our government to own their own hard copy of these documents (and actually read them),

This book contains the following documents:

  • The Declaration of Independence
  • The Articles of Confederation
  • The Constitution of the United States of America
  • The 1789 Joint Resolution of Congress Proposing 12 Amendments to the U.S. Constitution
  • The Preamble to The Bill of Rights
  • The Bill of Rights: Amendments 1-10
  • The Constitution: Amendments 11-27
  • Brief Histories of The Founding Fathers

(View it here)

So, what’s your opinion?

Is the concept of just enough government old and archaic?

It sure seems that way…


  1. Good article,
    I feel we are never going to regain our liberty, not even through a complete upheaval, too many in society who look to government to coddle them.
    Sad times these are.

  2. It’s fun to pull out the Excel spreadsheet…

    There’s about 127 million households in the United States.

    If the government, today, balanced the budget (no more deficit spending), and if every household wrote a check to the United States Treasury for $174,803 dollars, we would have a clean financial slate.

    However there’s still the issue of unfunded liabilities. Whoops…

  3. How much did the American government grow in its first year? First five? First decade?

    It’s what it does.

    What’s even better is the right now “The People” will demand stuff.

    Let’s take the border issues for example. “The People” are demanding action so more border agents are hired,PHS was added on to provide medical coverage, payroll agencies grew because the border patrol grew, DSCC grew because the law breakers have to be classified, the BOP grew to hold them, FLETC grew to train the LEOs and the court system to hear the cases literally exploded in size. Look on OAN news for the cost figures right on the front page.

    And yet The same People claim to want smaller government.

    So which is it?

  4. Charles Krauthammer: Americans believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Canadians believe in peace, order and good government.

    While both may be commendable notice that America has a very active belief while Canada is very passive. Socialism comes easily to those who believe that passively accepting Order ( behave and follow all laws no matter how ridiculous they may be), peace (be quiet), good government ( the government knows best and will take care of the problem). Now look at life (things go wrong but be active and carry on, liberty (a state of being that requires constant vigilance), pursuit of happiness ( actively striving for it).

    Canadians are amicable toward socialism. It requires nothing from them except high taxes and even that they accept because they are comfortable doing nothing. No active participation is required. Be peaceful, obey the laws and leave your welfare to the government.

    Young people in America are becoming Canadians in their outlook, although peace and order aren’t their method of getting there. It is easier to destroy than to build.

    Lots more I would like to say but, darn, a tremor makes it hard to tap.

    Thanks, Ken for the link to the book. I just ordered it.

    Stay frosty.

  5. My question is, who do we owe the debt too??

    Twelve international banks, “that created wealth from nothing and then loans it to the US treasury” with interest, made payable by the tax payer.

    They also steal our wealth by inflation, and low interest from saving accounts.

    I just paid more to my daughters orthodontist than I paid for a brand new Pontiac Trans Am back in the 70’s and I pay more each year in property taxes than my parents payed for the property itself back in the mid 60’s.

    Then they tell me inflation is in check, that is a good one..

    The laws of economics went out the door when the Federal reserve was created.

    Controlling finance is the tool they use to consolidate power, control the narrative, the masses, and nations.

    Read the book, The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve.

    The Constitution was a marvelous document, too bad they have been ignoring it for over a hundred years.

    1. wolfgar, this inflation you speak of is devastating to seniors who no longer are in the mainstream workplace to compensate. Taxes keep going up by significant amounts. All other prices continually creep up and up.

      If one’s income doesn’t keep up, it’s a losing battle. The ‘model’ is to continually devalue the dollar at a rate that’s not too fast for the people to revolt, but fast enough to create ‘growth’ of sufficient magnitude to satisfy investors.

      The bankers own most everything…

      1. Frog in the pot. The slime-bags have been moving the knob clockwise very, very slowly for a while. It’s time to chop a few hands off.

      2. My favorite is the folks who think they own their property,,,

        Basicly, you may have equity in it, but you dont own anything,

        Anybody else see a problem with a government that can at will take your savings or property?

    2. What inflation? A dollar still buys a dollar in goods. Ohhh wait you are right. A dollar used to actually buy something. Now it won’t buy crap (literally).

  6. True, Ken. As a child a hot dog cost fifteen cents. The hot dog is the same but now it costs about two dollars.

    1. It becomes an analysis between wage income versus cost inflation over the years. That’s the trick.

      Some employers keep up with it. Others don’t. It can be a losing battle, depending.

      The way I see it, it has been more of a losing battle for more people than those who who have kept up.

      One wonders how bad it has to get before the revolt factor kicks in for real. They don’t want that, so, they are walking a tight rope.

      1. Ken,
        That is an interesting subject, the revolt factor,

        I am beginning to wonder if anyone really will ever do it?

        We all know how it turned out for folks who have tried, SMG knows,

        So what will it take,

        I hear murmurs all the time, but its just that, under ones breath that boiling,

        But what will it take? Or is it too late?

        My mom was talking about one world currency, guess one of her news letters is a doomer newsletter and they are saying a one world digital currency is coming in June. My first reaction is BS,,, never happen, while in the back of my mind i know it could, why else has the UN been pushing mass migrations all over europe and now directed at the US?

        That chaos is needed as a trigger to eliminate currency so a digital system is able to be implemented to track everybody. Stuff to consider, personally, i feel THAT could be the thing that kicks that ball rolling, awful hard for the political class to rule from their perch in DC if nobody listens to them anymore. Me thinks that could be the mistake of the millenia if they are arrogant enough to think that it will fly, when one has everything taken away it removes any motivation to comply,,, fear is eroded and nothing but anger is left in its place,

        1. They do not want real revolt. Only enough to divide and control.

          It has been a slow and steady process. And probably will continue to be.

          Though one never knows. The unexpected tends to be, well, unexpected.

        2. Slow and steady is the name of the game. Just think of all the things the supposed “wackos” said will happen some day back in the 70’s and 80’s. People said “NO WAY” that will ever happen in this country. Guess who’s correct now? Just think about one thing. Would we have ever had a conversation back in the 70’s about whether we should assist a live baby outside the mother after a botched abortion? No way in HE-double hockey sticks. But today it is mainstream. Countless other things to mention.

        3. tommyboy

          Those who want to reap the benefits of this great nation must bear the fatigue of supporting it


        4. Discomfort causes change. As long as there is comfort there will be no change. I’ve learned that in the military as I deployed here n there.

          Y’all always talking bout rising up and this n that but as long as you sit in climate control exercising your 1st on a keyboard eating pizza listening to tv and playing video games then drive your fully equipped climate controlled car to a climate controlled store and buy what you WANT then go to work in a job you can leave if you’d like while videoing the “abuses” of America on your nice smart phone ….

          You see where I’m going with this?

          Rise up to actually doing something.

        5. Matt

          There is a long way to go in this country before the sheeple will rise up.

          The money bubble gives the illusion of wealth when we see that it really has no foundation.

          I am amazed at the spending at wally world on junk and see the new vehicles in the parking lot.

          The percentage of people on the street has to grow considerably before there is sufficient discomfort for rebellion.

          When all the reverse mortgage money is gone, SS is finally bankrupt, savings are gone, no more student loans, no more money for mind numbing drugs and booze, … then the SHTF.

          As long as someone like Bernie, who never held a real job can become a millionaire, the Clintons can become millionaires, people in Congress become millionaires, … and anyone can raise thousands on “go fund me” sites for any cause, … then you know the frog has not gotten hot enough.

          Just consider how much that trillion and a half in student loans carries the economy in direct spending and spin off spending alone.

          I give the bubble at least another ten years.

        6. Its called pre positioning,,,
          As in pre positioning so we wont starve to death then arranging the popcorn and iced tea so we can watch it all unravel,
          Honestly, why bother? Ill sit here acting stupid and stay the hell out of the way, when you live in the middle of the enemy its better to just observe. Im no tactical genius, im a tradesman, ill stick with what i know

        7. Tommyboy

          The manipulation and theft becomes more aggressive as fewer producers are left to carry the suckers. You know they will try to take from you in discrete ways like planned obsolescence of most goods, and direct ways in taxation of land, goods, and services. The system is a giant vacuum that will do whatever it needs to, to get you to comply.

        8. Hermit,
          It is getting more obvious by the day, locally families are being squeezed out, folks who have been here for multiple generations, its sad, i see it in all of my friends families, and there is nothing that can be done,

        9. Tommyboy

          I think the story on Fox News sums up the way society is going. When people have nothing left to loose, money, morals, pride, work, … you get “clean up in aisle 3” – check it out.

          Mad Max will seem like a Sunday picnic compared to where the world is going.

        10. Ken and Tommyboy

          I forgot to show why my comments are relevant to the topic of Governance. When people see the injustices allowed and committed by those in power that are supposed to be working for us, they identify with that low bar and feel that anything goes now. Leadership not only has to be limited but must set a high moral and ethical standard.

      2. Spoke with the oldest sister, they have a restaurant they would take their grandkids to for breakfast when they were in the city. She about died the meals for the three of them was $80.00 for omelets with their drinks, did not include the tip.

        They are retired, bil keeps a side business going to help pay for additional expenses that their retired income will not cover. Both are over 70 yrs young.

    2. Skeezix — what you say is true, except for one thing. Pretty sure the hotdog (and it was seldom) I had as a child was actually made in a shop where they carefully cut off bits of meat/seasoned/etc. Nowdays…well, some of the “sayings” about what is in a hotdog are pretty disturbing…

    3. No the hot dog is not the same . When I was a kid dogs were made of beef and pork and the great taste was unmistakeable . Now they use the waste parts of chicken , turkey , and maybe some waste pork if we’re lucky . Yuck ! I buy Amish made dogs locally that are still made from quality pork and beef . $4 a pack but well worth it to me .

  7. When I see a government not controlled by the rich, we can have this discussion, the overwhelming problem is government is simply a front for the rich. So, until we have true Democracy and hard separation of church/rich/any special interest the point is mute. A real government stops bad persons and/or groups from taking control. The elephant in the room is fake governments imposed by the rich. Same goes for religious groups, a sound ideal but ruined by fake leaders, I’m a NoamChomsky-ist.

    1. Yeah, so true. How many politicians and wealthy over the years have actually went to jail for bribery, money laundering, campaign finance violations, failure to submit evidence to a federal request for documents or electronic software, lying to federal officers, destruction of evidence, mail fraud, sexual harassment, rape, and murder? But a really big on for politicians is lying to their constituents when they promise to protect and uphold the values of the Constitution.

  8. Hermit,
    Spot on with that last comment,

    If the political class shows openly their animosity towards the very principals that created our country, while also being and acting above the law, why should we then be subject to persecution or prosecution under the same laws they flaunt,,,

    They can stuff it,

    I always love those azzholes who say “ respectfully” contact your representative.

    1. They do not represent me.
    2. They represent none of my values.
    3. When they start showing me respect, ill think about it,

    Till then heres my respect,

  9. Jumbo, don’t forget it’s not pay your share but ‘your fair share’. Different words but still the same thing. Essentially bleeding us dry is the end result for both. Regards

  10. My jaw dropped for a very long time when I read Atlas Shrugged for the first time. There are so many parallels to what has happened in almost every aspect of society and are happening as we speak.

    1. I blame people for becoming dependent on the “nanny state”. Yes, Rand was right when she pointed out this reliance on government.

      But, back to the stupidity of people; we all can make choices in this country although many do not believe they have the freedom of choice.

      One of the biggest mistakes individuals make is how to prep against predicable occurrences. I live in a forest so I built in a way to reduce the chance of being wiped out by forest fire. I also cut back the forest and reduce ladder fuels so if a fire does come, I can defend my property.

      If you live on flood plain, chances are that some day a flood will come. So, did you build on high ground with your resources like livestock or do you sit on the roof of your flooded home, waiting for government to rescue you and pay for repairs? If you live in tornado ally, did you build to resist these storms and have an emergency safe place or do you hide in a bathroom until the roof blows off? If you live on the gulf coast or Atlantic coast, did you build to resist hurricanes that will someday come your way or are you stuck on a highway with thousands begging for water and food?

      I can go on with examples, but in the end it comes down to each of us to prep for the real possibilities of disaster depending on where you live rather that depending on government to save our asses. People deserve the government they beg to.

  11. Inflation is the hidden tax to devalue the currency, it is the creation of money. There is also another 21 Trillion in hidden debt exposed by Catherine Austin Fitz and Dr Mark Skidmore from 2005 dod and hud. Research that and has been taken off their website.
    Hot Dogs can be bought at Trader Joe’s with organic beef and chicken with no nitrates or sugar with reasonable prices.

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