Realistic & Likeliest Preparedness Scenarios

Preparedness Scenarios

It’s tempting for those of us who author survival & preparedness websites to gravitate towards worst case scenarios when we write articles. Yes it’s more dramatic, scary, and shocking to focus on “Armageddon”. It can be fun and interesting to delve into the follow-on survival after such an event. However how likely is it?

Truly devastating SHTF scenarios such as the following are (hopefully) significantly less likely to occur than other scenarios:

-EMP resulting in electronic infrastructure destruction and grid-down

-CME (from the sun) taking out the grid

-Pandemic spreading worldwide with high mortality rate

-Nuclear holocaust

-Super Volcano planetary devastation

-you get the idea…

I’m not saying that we should not think about or prepare for these catastrophic possibilities, however I am suggesting that logically they are far less likely to occur than many, many other types of disaster scenarios.

The question is, what are some of the more realistic and likeliest disaster scenarios that preppers should prepare for?


Preparedness For Natural Disasters

While this is often regional and geographical dependent, it sure seems like a more realistic or likely thing to prepare for. And maybe it’s THE most categorically likely type of disaster we might face one day…

-Forest Fires
-Major Snow Storms
-Severe Weather

Take a look at the recent hurricane Harvey and now hurricane Irma. These two events, back to back, are likely going to end up being the costliest set of disasters in U.S. history.

As I write this Floridians have emptied store shelves, a large number of gas stations have run out of fuel, and people are scrambling for any remaining supplies. And this began to occur a week before Irma hits.

While the hurricane is just days away, the “just in time” inventory and delivery systems could not keep up. If people had already been prepared, this wouldn’t have happened. But that’s just the way it is…

If you live near the coast where hurricanes sometimes hit, well, wouldn’t it be wise to be prepared for that? Same goes for other natural disaster scenarios.

Natural disasters occur all the time. Why is it then when the forecast calls for a major weather event does everyone run to the grocery stores and clear out the shelves? Wouldn’t it be smart to simply keep enough extra at home all of the time?


Preparedness For Health Issues

One’s health is very often taken for granted. Very much so. However when something strikes, it becomes crystal clear how our priorities change.

Ranging from just being sick for several days to a week long flu, to a broken bone, accident, hospital stay, disease or worse… failing health can be disastrous.

If we’re holed up at home for awhile, having extra consumable supplies and food could save a lot of aggravation.

Take care of your body. Most of us “know” what we should and shouldn’t be doing in that regard. Sometimes it takes a very long time for negative effects to appear, but when they do it could be quite bad. If you’re into preparedness, do take care of yourself first. Be as healthy as you can be.


Preparedness For Financial Turmoil

This is an area that I wish more people would understand. I see it all the time. People who live on the edge, paycheck to paycheck (or nearly) while they run debt up the wazoo.

I’m not talking about those who are poor or struggling to make ends meet. I’m talking about the middle class who live beyond their means (although they don’t think so).

Financial security is important. Just because you or you and your spouse can afford to pay the loans for your big house, two newish vehicles, and other such things, doesn’t mean you’re living within your means. It is important for personal financial stability to live well below your means so that you have a nice big comfy cushion.


-Because $hit happens and you never know when you might need to draw on a big chunk of cash for something.

-Investing for your future so you can have some kind of retirement.

-Saving for a rainy day, so to speak

-When you’re not in debt, you really are liberated. It’s an amazing feeling.


Other Realistic or Likely Scenarios For Preparedness?

I got the ball rolling, let’s hear from you. What do you think?

-Garden / Crop Failure
-Economic / Stock Market Crash
-Personal Infrastructure Failures

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  1. And even lesser and more local disasters can affect your future and may require some extra prepping. Your comments on how you lost some of your garden produce to early frost reinforces my determination to have at least a two year supply of food. You can not always count on being able to go out to hunt or gather. The forest fire conditions in the west restrict some of these opportunities for many.

    1. People often overlook how fast their beautiful garden can be completely decimated, ive seen it and lived it, from having crop failures that kill my farm to my home garden being beat down to a muck by a freak downpour.
      Backups for backups are a very real thing to consider.

      1. Definitely, i had to just stop, am lucky i dont have a mortgage etc and could see the writing on the wall, theres no good way to break soil and seed bourne disease issues, not without harsh chemicals anyway, so shut er down for an extended period and grow covers to break the cycles, will come back under a different business model, one that avoids scrutiny!

    2. It is hard to grow a garden where I live but many of us have done a lot of things and have successful gardens. One of our biggest problems is that every year we have a different bug that wants to eat everything. One year it was wooly worms, there were thousands. They were ever where. We have also had a plague of grasshoppers (i broke 2 fly swatters), ants, cut worms, blister beetles and it goes on. I don’t use chemicals so I am down there everyday killing them. But a lot of people have given up and they have destroyed their gardens.

      1. My bug strategy is to encourage as many birds as possible. Feed them to keep them, but only give them sunflower seeds. This way they still need protein and chase bugs around the yard all day – fun to watch. Then bats at night so them crawlers get eaten too. Except for some cabbage worms one year it has been a success.

        1. I just use chemicals!
          Lots and lots of chemicals,,,,
          Not really, do use BT ans spinosad, or pyrethrin, am going to plant lemon grass and tobacco, supposedly you can make a tea with the tobacco and spray it on the plants, will work as a pesticide, plus the type im planting is a cigar and pipe tobacco so figure when things come unglued maybe i can trade home rolled cigars with some peeps,,, or maybe ill start smokin em!

          1. Nailbanger – How much tobacco are you going to grow? Growing up I spent most summers in a tobacco patch, picking worms, topping, you name it. Its pretty growing and easy, we had ACRES of the stuff, LOL

          2. Don’t plant tomatoes, tobacco will kill them. I have used BT and some home made remedies. I also companion plant and use marigolds, chives and other plants that repell bugs. Unfortunately there is little that will kill wooly worms and grasshoppers. Diatomaceous earth and BT seem to be desert for them. And blister beetles will attack you while you attack them! I like NPR’s solution.

      2. old lady
        Bugs are easy
        1-part DDT
        1-part Roundup
        1=part Nipomo
        and 1-part C-4
        Mix and distribute evenly over entire Garden
        Poof, no more Bug problems, of course the Garden Produce is pre-cooked and Dehydrated all at once. :-(

        1. NRP
          So many NSA trigger words. Do not panic when you see the military style black vehicles roll up to your driveway turn around. They are just there to sell you Avon. :)

          1. hermit us
            Here I thought I had a quirky sense of HUMOR…ROLWL on your comments to NRP.

          2. hermit us
            Ahhhh heck hermit, they have one parked in my Garage, I feed em breakfast every morning… HAHAHA
            Good group of people ya know?

        2. My mix,
          2oz Roundup
          2oz Garlon
          2oz Speed zone
          2oz DDT
          1 galon deisel fuel
          No plants, no bugs, no problem!

  2. My location faces the issues of nuclear material. I am in Illinois (hate me not for that fact) and am 20 miles north of, 61 miles northeast of and 225 due east of nuclear reactors. I am also downstream of lock systems on the Des Plains river. Tornados also are a big factor here and a large one would wreck havoc on these facilities. Preps for these issues were some of the first I got which include a full face PAPR w/ radionuclide filters, KI pills, and some tyvek suits with mud slickers for the feet. The only choice I would have for a real nuclear emergency would be to bugout to the northwest after I got the family and preps secure and loaded into the SUVs. A tornado is not to much of an issue as the house has a full basement (well 3/4 of a basement, rest has preps and a play area for our son) and I have multiple industrial access keys for utility shut offs.
    I have also scouted bugout routes in literally every direction.

  3. Whew, you must have been looking in our crystal ball. ALL THE ABOVE, yes been through it the past 12+ years.
    Still here, an working on being self sufficient, although we have some good days,,,and others eehhhaa.

    1. AC,
      What could you have done to bounce back from loss.?..take for instance fire loss..
      I know you are doing mitigation with vegitation…cutting back anything close to the house and making a fire break as much as possible. I would think in a fire area you have extra water for fighting fires.
      Are there other things you have considered… like making a cache of tools, and of essential long term groceries/supplies, would need to be vacume packed and water and vermin proof container..

  4. When the Goldman CEO says that “things have been going up for too long”, and that bond yields lower than stock dividends “unnerves him”. It might possibly be a good time to make sure that our preparedness duckies are all in a row, as much as possible. Not predicting here, however if you have seen the U.S. debt chart, you know that the U.S. debt has been going up for too long as well. Remember that when you’re rowing across life’s tumultuous sea, Christ calms the storm.

        1. The important thing for all of us to remember is that we are just men and women, we are all flawed in one way or another. If we have faith is really all that is required of us even if we stray,
          If we have faith we will tend to stray less and less. This is just my experience, i am imperfect and its ok….
          For myself, the God of my understanding, is a loving caring forgiving God,

    1. I am with you on that. Preparing for the soul is as important as preparing for disasters.

  5. We collect tools, become proficient in procuring and storing food, build gigantic water storage, collect medical supplies, guns, and ammo and keep our gas tanks filled. But… when a tornado or hurricane blows everything away, or a forest fire burns everything up, or a nuclear bomb or volcano blows it all away then what are you left with? In all of those instances, we preppers are left with nothing and are no better off materially than the non preppers. It would be good to keep that in mind as you stock up on food, water, tools and gas because in the real world, it can all be gone in an instant and you’ll be left standing in your skivvies with your head spinning wondering what just happened. Your final and only option is to carry around a back pack full of survival gear and a fully stocked first aid kit, a good razor sharp knife and hand gun and several boxes of ammo. Keep it on you at all times. Tether it to your waist when you sleep, keep it close to you in your truck when you travel, carry it on the tractor in the field, or in the boat when you go fishing, wear it on your back when you mow the lawn, keep it all within arms reach when you are in the shower or on the commode, never go anywhere without it.

    Prepping is just an elaborate form of hedging our bets. At the end of the day you can only wait and see what’s going to happen tomorrow because no matter how smart, sly, stalwart or brave we think ourselves to be, or how well prepared we think we are, we are limited in what we can do to prepare for all of the things you listed here and that doesn’t even begin to include freak accidents or unexpected events.
    Just when I think I can sit back and relax because I’m smug and prepared to deal with a lot of stuff, I get stung 30 times by bumblebees after disturbing their nest when mowing, or a 9 inch diameter limb decides to fall out of a tree at the exact time I drive my tractor under the tree, or I crack my skull open with a post driver when it catches the post and slams into my head, or I shred a 5 inch gash 1 inch deep across the top of my leg with a chain saw because I was too lazy to don my chaps, or a deer leaps across the road into your windshield on a dark and stormy night. In all of those cases, if you’re still alive, you’ll need immediate self administered medical care using basic items like water, alcohol, bandages, bandannas, Benadryl, needle and thread and antibiotic washes and creams or splints. If you are like me, you will tend to them on your own and dispense with running amok to the nearest medical facility to be probed, stuck, infected, poisoned, tortured, incarcerated or threatened with more bodily harm.
    It’s good to have a lot of food, tools, money, and know how to deal with disasters, but… it’s the freak accidents and unexpected events that will get you every time, when you least expect it. Just saying.

    1. CrabbeNebulea
      Not quite that disastrous, but close..we had clothes, still to our name and not in our skivvies as you put it. Everything else looked like the photos many will see from wild fires wiping out years of hard work.

      1. @ Antique Collector

        I’ve been preparing for many years and am quite comfortable living off the main street grid but somehow I can’t seem to come to terms with the sudden destruction that befalls so many people (preppers and non preppers), at the hands of mother nature. I finally realized that no matter how hard we try to stay ahead of the game, no matter how much we prep or how many quarts, gallons, or buckets of stuff we collect, no matter how much we think we know or how many tools we lay aside, it can all come to an end and disappear at the blink of an eye, when we least expect it. It’s sobering and humbling, and kind of scary too. I’ve been through cat 3, 4, and 5 hurricanes before and it is not something I look forward to. Have had several tornadoes blow past my home but never had one strike me and I can’t imagine what it’s like living through a raging wildfire, destructive tornado or earthquake. I just keep prepping and praying. Just saying.

    2. Actually, the best “preps” are those things that can never be taken away. A positive attitude, a willingness to stand back up, and knowledge. Physical “preps” are for the sudden emergencies. The rest is for the long term.

  6. Good article Ken, good food for thought so to say.
    hermit us brought up a great instance for everyone to ponder on, Ken’s loss of his Garden at the first of September (frost). He did NOT sound too happy about losing the produce that was expected to be set in the Deep Pantry (assuming here). For some that could be quite the catastrophe (SHTF) if ya were depending on that food.
    I’m going to get up on my Soap Box again and Preach, ‘Live the Lifestyle’ of 100+ years ago, and no I don’t mean giving up electrical ‘stuff’ or modern conveniences, I mean store for at least one year or more. Keep your Deep Pantry stocked. Become aware of what you need if zero “JIT inventory” was stocking the shelves (as in Florida right now) and you’re stuck at home for 2-3 months.
    Is it really that hard to ‘Use One, Buy Two’ for a few months? And how many time have we all said “Store what you use, and use what you Store”? If you use one 12-pack of TP in a month, than replace it with two, that simple.
    If you spread the cost of preparing out over the months you will NOT feel like you just dumped $10,000 on something you ‘MAY’ use, for you will use it over time as you keep building your supplies.

    This article is about the likelihood of a SHTF in your life and the type that may devastate you and yours’s.
    The list is endless of what ‘could happen’, and what may concern you may not have even crossed someone else’s mind. BUT preparing is universal, I will guarantee you if you prepare for one scenario than your probably 99% preparing for another. Sure you probably won’t need a Full-on Radiation Suit if your concerns are a flood coming through your house, BUT, fuel, food, water, medical, so-on (Deep Pantry) WILL always be needed, right? Ken just published an article on the “Ideal Bug Out Boat For Preparedness” Not something I would need, but I bet thousands of people in Houston will be thinking on this really hard.
    Point being you MUST analyze your own needs, as I have, and come up with a logical plan for what you need, Maybe my ideas of “Living the Lifestyle” is not for you, but it’s one way to approach Preparing.
    BTW, the Sky IS falling somewhere in the world right now for someone, be prepared when (NOT if) it happens to you for there are a LOT of SHTF ‘things’ that could and WILL happen to you in your life.

    1. I must have missed that Ken lost his garden…frost hit my home two days ago coming early, but I harvested everything from my garden last week and have an over abundance of food storage. A saying that says, “Sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you” doesn’t work with the prepared, so it only refers to those 90% who don’t.

  7. We started prepping when we moved here, where we have a gas line that runs right through our farm. So I started gathering things, didn’t even know I was prepping.
    Today, we are just now starting getting our BOBs together, just in case we need to leave due to the gas line.. But for the last 7 years we had plenty of other things happen that we used the preps for. Now they are saying we could see high winds and lots of rain from a hurricane late next week. We are in a landlocked state.
    Just like NRP said, “you prepare for one scenario than your probably 99% preparing for another” happens more times then not.
    And 9 times out of 10 there will be that 1 thing you forgot to get.
    So now we just buy everything, stock all, and pray we never have to use half of it. But for real I sleep better on a pile of preps. A pile of preps under no credit. Never had a credit card, don’t plan on it either.

  8. I’ve learned a bit over the years (and there’s still lots more to learn) to be prepared for personal infrastructure failures. For example, when a hydraulic hose goes out on my tractor in the past I would only buy one to replace it, now I buy two so I have a spare. When a sprinkler PVC line bursts, I keep on hand extra pipe and cement. I’ve got a huge supply of used nuts and bolts (but still never the size I need — AAAGH!) There’s nothing especially radical or sexy about this basic redundancy, but for me it’s just basic preparedness.

    1. Yup,,, same here.
      I may not have any cash or credit but i can make you almost anything out of the leather and wood i have stored around here or fix or build anything with the tools i have, or grow my whole 8 acres covered with vegetables if i had to with the seeds and tractor i have.

  9. To all of you folks in Florida or anywhere along the track of the storm i wish you the best of luck,,, hopefully there is divine intervention to keep you and yours safe.

  10. Wow! All these natural disasters and possible disaster scenarios are making my head spin.I was thinking of just a plain old fashion plague or something. I think I’m going to go out and stock up my medicine cabinet,and get plenty of aspirin,etc. for my head.

    1. P.S. Just think of all the diseases and stuff that could come out of all these natural disasters.What meds, should I stock up on.How much,etc.That could be an article all by itself.What to stuff your medicine cabinet with.

      1. BigBadCat: Just read an article from San Diego about an outbreak of hep. A in the city. 400 confirmed cases and climbing.

        1. Sad and Glad to hear that. Bad to have Hep A. But gladly, for most patients it’s like a moderate case of the flu. Rarely serious but you wouldn’t want to have it in a SHTF situation. There is a vaccine protocol for it.

  11. I think it’s important to prep for the scenario you think you’ll find yourself in. While there’s a lot of overlap between prepping for most scenarios, it’s impossible to prep for every conceivable situation.

  12. About the financial aspect. A retirement savings plan is great, But, only if the stock markets hold. Eventually you will run out of money. Then what. Having a supply of food, being able to cancel a lot of services ( power, Netflix, satellite etc. ) will keep you in your home.
    If you are asked ” When are you going to eat all this food?”
    Answer: when my retirement savings run ou!
    Of course, if you have a public pension, this won’t happen.
    If the public pension runs out of money they will raise your property tax.
    TAxing is the only thing the government is good at.
    End of rant!
    Stay frosty.

  13. Like I said a week or two ago. TSHTF is here now. Oh, there will be some disasters from time to time. Always have been, always will be.
    Prep On……………………………

    Hurricane Irma Status Update 1750 HRS S. FL Gulf Side.
    Decided to Ride this one out. House is Buttoned up Tight. Just hanging and helping the neighbors.
    Not too concerned with flooding at this point were higher and the rain projection is for 15″ or less we handled that much just two weeks ago with ease. Rotation counter clock will push water away from gulf coast. If landfall is to southern FL.
    Keeping fingers crossed that landfall is right up the middle there is a small population there that has already evacuated. This will lesson the severe impact on the east coast but some burden will be shared on the west (gulf side). Its all good though.
    Just came into more beer today for additional hording :) – PS All gas Stations are out of fuel now in our area.

    1. White Cracker,
      Good score on the beer. I stocked up as well. I was able to get home earlier than scheduled. Came home last night. Spent the day doing some last minute stuff and will continue tomorrow. I’m on the central west coast near bradenton. Not too worried even though the track shifted west. I remember the 1st forecast said Irma will dip south extending the track west but will curve and turn north. I still believe that is the true course.

      I did manage to hit the stores today just for fun and last minute stuff. I really wanted to see what they looked like and the attitudes. Stores wiped out. Attitudes really good.

      Gas stations with gas are spotty. Earlier they had it and as the day progressed they ran out. I did top off though.

      We’re good to go. Yall stay safe.

      Adapt and Overcome.

      1. 11HE9 & White Cracker

        YA know how the saying goes… “Hold my Beer and watch this”

        Ya guys be careful down there in the Fun and Sun state.
        Keep the Powder dry if ya can.

  15. My biggest concern where we live is fire. I see the west burning up, places I have spent time and I know all it would take is a lightening strike or 1 careless person to set this whole area on fire. We have had an unusual wet summer. By July 31 we already had our yearly 11 inches of rain. But now it is drying out and the grass is real high.
    When it gets real dry we keep our motorhome packed and our hitches in, on our vehicles ready to pull trailers with supplies. I have put FD food in 6 pack boxes so if I have time I can throw a 6 pack out the window to my husband and he can throw it in a trailer.
    We live on the saddle of a mountain, which I was told was an extinct volcano and later found out that is is really dormant. If it starts to smoke, I am out of here!

    1. I live up in the northwest too.North Idaho.We have fires all around us now.The news declared yesterday,that we had the worst air quality in the nation.They said we should try to stay indoors.Ya,right.Visibality was about 3 or 4 blocks for a while.Well,all good things come to an end,so I figure it will blow out of here soon.

      1. A nice big squall came through this afternoon (high desert)and the wind blew some of the smoke away and rain! It rained buckets for awhile – hope it was widespread enough to put a damper on at least some of the fires.

      2. Sounds like where I live but isn’t. Sun has been red instead of yellow. Today we have had some rain and the county no longer smells like an ashtray.

        1. More rain came through last night and the air smells fresh but still pretty low visibility and yes,the sun has been a very pretty raspberry shade for a couple of weeks.

          1. I am in New Mexico and there are no fires here or even in AZ and we are still getting smoke from the coast and NW. Our sun and moon are putting on a show of various colors.

          2. old lady
            Also here in the Four Corners, the sky is orange

            I sure wish those tree huggers in CA and the NW would keep their smoke to themselves…. Just because they want to burn down 2/3 the forest up there….
            My eyes have been burning for days now and the sinuses are stuffed with all kinds of NASTY stuff, you do NOT want to know.

          3. Hey, I do love my trees! Earth First! We’ll log the other planets later. I hugged one of my trees a few weeks ago as I climbed it to put a guide rope on it before cutting it down.
            Trees, the renewable resource.

  16. I am amazed at the lack of ability for people to think for themselves. I saw on the news someone in Florida didn’t know what to do since she could not buy bottle water. Wow, guess how much a gallon ziploc holds? You can still get those and likely have a few around the house. oh and the faucet still works. People are no longer thinking for themselves and just want to rely on the government. Very embarrassing for our country.

    You think someone in a third world location is whining to their government?

    1. YES! Bottled water is “convenient”.
      Fill everything that will hold water, including the bathtub and the kitchen sink.
      Clean pots and pans, etc., use to drink. Bathtub use to flush the toilets.
      Come on people…think!

    2. Its amazing isnt it,,,
      This is why i prep like crazy,,, when things do go awry i dont plan on going anywhere, certainly wont need to go out and stand in line for anything anywhere and thats on purpose

  17. Well you prep for years and than the wife blind sides you. She came home today from the grocery store with apple fritters and pork rinds in large numbers. She has told me over the year that this is her hurricane party food as she grew up in Jacksonville Florida. I have a sinking feeling as I’m a northwest boy and never been in a hurricane.

    1. @ Southernman…. Your staying in Florida? Best of luck to you and yours! I’m from Illinois and got suck on a job in D.C. when Isabel blew through. Yea, it ain’t cool. That was my first and only expierence with them. I have been skirted by tornados and feel they are worse cuz they can pop up a lot faster with little or no warning.
      Keep calm, keep your situational awareness and wits about you and deal with issues as they come before they become problems. I have read some of your pervious posts and I for one, think you will be fine. Best hopes and wishes for you all down there. 🤞

      1. Jon,
        Not in Florida but in the North Georgia mountains. Figured we would just be fine tell started talking to the locals that have been here all their life’s. Told me about a storm like this thirteen years ago. Mud slides with homes destroyed and trees down all over Rabun county. Power was out in some places for weeks and a few twisters added in to the mix for added fun. I’ll be under the bed Monday night with my small dog the wife will be on top of the bed eating pork rinds and drinking wine. Had no ideal Florida people where crazy when I married her.

          1. You betcha!
            I think that back to back catastrophic events could cause the house of cards to fold,,,
            And i have a sneaky feeling its just getting rolling, looking at that earthquake in mexico yesterday, and the solar activity coupled with the weather related stuff, just a feeling, could be nothing.

          2. Nailbanger
            You’ll get absolutely no argument from me.
            If absolutely nothing else, this is a prime time for the “Man” to be raising prices on everything from Gas to Food to EVERYTHING!
            Still thinking my 600 rolls of TP is going to be worth more that a fist full of $100 bills one day.
            Ya know how it works, “Never let a good catastrophe go to waste”

          3. That is precisely why i have been positioning myself farther over to the edge, overhead can be real low real fast and can just hang tight and make do. Things may get real

          4. Nailbanger & All

            I see it already hitting, Gas is up 30¢ Food is starting up I see, Got a call from the local Building Supply guys, they expect a 20-25% increases in materials in the next month do to shortages, and to top it all off. TP is up a buck for 12 rolls in a week, THATS BS my friends, mess with everything ya wont butt do NOT raise the price of TP for gosh sake……

  18. We’re near the NC / SC border, miles away from the coast… gas stations running out, shelves are emptying of water. Just FYI.

    I’m really frightened for those people on I-95 trying to get out of Florida.

    I have family who went on a rescue mission to Houston. Now trying to get home to NC. I have family in Atlanta, Asheville, Charlotte, Raleigh. There is no where to run folks. This is when you hope your preparations take care of you.

    When I was a kid, my Mom would say, “let’s say a prayer for our safety while we travel”. My Dad would say, “you pray, and I’ll drive carefully”. I believe in prayer and being careful. luv ya’ll, Beach’n

  19. A light hearted moment to put a smile on everyone’s faces…there is a story in the New York Times about Harvey and Irma being married 75 years. Check it out for a smile. 👍

    1. Its hard having big hurricanes with your name. Our daughter does, when we tell people her name , they ask spelled like the hurricane? Yup. Poor girl. Then I tell them, but she had the name first! LOL Of course she is younger then “Harvey and Irma” and takes it differently. When her name hurricane came through, she saying, ” will they please quit saying my name?” We had to shut the tv and radios off.

  20. Hang tight all you Florida Folks. In a past life I lived in Lauderdale for 3 years. Even on a VERY tight budget I had some Sterno sp? water jugs, canned food etc on hand. The storm drain in front of the duplex would flood during a hard rain much less a hurricane.
    We are hoping for best for you.

  21. First off, My thoughts and prayers go out to the folks in the American Southeast coasting Florida. Evacuation, property damage and dealing with insurance companies afterwards is no fun.

    It is fair to say I have been prepping for a variety of things for decades before this site went up around 8 years ago. Having worked in Emergency Services and going to hard hit areas in the aftermath of fires floods earthquakes and riots tends to make one think about what you will need both on and off the job. Being in govt. employment for much of that time, I was the one driving toward the burning section of town while civilians were driving away from the flames. Not a good feeling. Also being a govt. employee meant that my financial resources were limited so decisions made should be wise. Now that I am married, I have to think about family as well.

    Although we joke about TP on this site, my storage of supplies is relatively modest because I remember what a hassle it was to relocate from place to place with years worth of stores and supplies. Once I move in, that is when I begin to stock up on supplies and search out for things to buy on sale and “set aside” for the rainy day. Relocation to a different state is that rainy day.

    I am a refugee due to economic changes that took place in 2008. I chose to leave before the bank accounts were empty and before the govt stopped paying me. My wife was already out of work because her company imploded. I saw California as the sinking ship so I relocated after obtaining my professional license in another state. That effort took the better part of a year.

    In order to relocate, I sold many things at low prices in order to “cash out” my resources. If you take good care of your belongings, resale is easy even within a down economy. The saying within the construction community was: “If he took care of his house the way he takes care of his firearms, the house will be in good shape.” My house sold to a handyman I knew within 4 months when I relocated.

    I relocated to the PNW where I had a job waiting for me. The rest is history as I began posting on this site within a year of relocating to my current home. NRP is right, for many of us, prepping is a lifestyle and we have all been refugees/cash poor and resource rich and vice versa within the span of our lifetimes. The things I miss are the friends I left behind.

    1. CaliRefugee;
      Good post, as one that also was able and smart enough to leave the foreign country of California back in the early 80s I feel I have the fortune of living my life well (besides that ‘late wife’ thing) we also “cashed out” many of things, and quickly realized that all the tons of ‘stuff’ was just that, Stuff, meaningless and worthless stuff. I still remember getting a call from the new owners of the House we sold asking about all the “very nice things” we left for them, told them “Merry Christmas enjoy”.
      The Lifestyle I live now, sounds like you do also, is simpler and sooooo very much more rewarding, 99.99% of people would simply not understand, but I know a LOT of those here do…… Some just do not understand taking a couple slices of homemade bread; some just finished Mayonnaise to the Garden and slicing up a vine ripened tomato for a sandwich…. If there is a Heaven, that is a taste of it for sure.
      PS; 600 rolls of TP is not really that much HAHAHAHA

  22. Here in the central valley, its fire, drought and heat, the perfect trifecta of suck. While we are technically back out of the severe drought, it really shook us. we had rain and snowfall this last winter like we haven’t seen in twenty years, and so that helped, but we live in a desert where it routinely gets up into the ‘Hundred and oh my god’ range. And in the winter it can crash into the teens overnight in a hard freeze. Living in a tiny apartment makes it hard to prep for a family of four that is hovering just around the poverty line, but we started, we stockpile water and pick up ‘one extra’ when we have the money (One extra can of veggies, or one extra pack of beans or rice, or flour (we bake a lot) and we do our best to get our children involved but at the moment they have neither the interest or the wherewithal to help,

    1. Elle, You’re doing the right thing. Doing what you can, given the limitations that exist. One bit at a time. Persistence! That’s good. Keep on keeping on…

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