Preparedness Scenarios

It’s tempting for those of us who author survival & preparedness websites to gravitate towards worst case scenarios when we write articles. Yes it’s more dramatic, scary, and shocking to focus on “Armageddon”. It can be fun and interesting to delve into the follow-on survival after such an event. However how likely is it?

Truly devastating SHTF scenarios such as the following are (hopefully) significantly less likely to occur than other scenarios:

-EMP resulting in electronic infrastructure destruction and grid-down

-CME (from the sun) taking out the grid

-Pandemic spreading worldwide with high mortality rate

-Nuclear holocaust

-Super Volcano planetary devastation

-you get the idea…

I’m not saying that we should not think about or prepare for these catastrophic possibilities, however I am suggesting that logically they are far less likely to occur than many, many other types of disaster scenarios.

The question is, what are some of the more realistic and likeliest disaster scenarios that preppers should prepare for?


Preparedness For Natural Disasters

While this is often regional and geographical dependent, it sure seems like a more realistic or likely thing to prepare for. And maybe it’s THE most categorically likely type of disaster we might face one day…

-Forest Fires
-Major Snow Storms
-Severe Weather

Take a look at the recent hurricane Harvey and now hurricane Irma. These two events, back to back, are likely going to end up being the costliest set of disasters in U.S. history.

As I write this Floridians have emptied store shelves, a large number of gas stations have run out of fuel, and people are scrambling for any remaining supplies. And this began to occur a week before Irma hits.

While the hurricane is just days away, the “just in time” inventory and delivery systems could not keep up. If people had already been prepared, this wouldn’t have happened. But that’s just the way it is…

If you live near the coast where hurricanes sometimes hit, well, wouldn’t it be wise to be prepared for that? Same goes for other natural disaster scenarios.

Natural disasters occur all the time. Why is it then when the forecast calls for a major weather event does everyone run to the grocery stores and clear out the shelves? Wouldn’t it be smart to simply keep enough extra at home all of the time?


Preparedness For Health Issues

One’s health is very often taken for granted. Very much so. However when something strikes, it becomes crystal clear how our priorities change.

Ranging from just being sick for several days to a week long flu, to a broken bone, accident, hospital stay, disease or worse… failing health can be disastrous.

If we’re holed up at home for awhile, having extra consumable supplies and food could save a lot of aggravation.

Take care of your body. Most of us “know” what we should and shouldn’t be doing in that regard. Sometimes it takes a very long time for negative effects to appear, but when they do it could be quite bad. If you’re into preparedness, do take care of yourself first. Be as healthy as you can be.


Preparedness For Financial Turmoil

This is an area that I wish more people would understand. I see it all the time. People who live on the edge, paycheck to paycheck (or nearly) while they run debt up the wazoo.

I’m not talking about those who are poor or struggling to make ends meet. I’m talking about the middle class who live beyond their means (although they don’t think so).

Financial security is important. Just because you or you and your spouse can afford to pay the loans for your big house, two newish vehicles, and other such things, doesn’t mean you’re living within your means. It is important for personal financial stability to live well below your means so that you have a nice big comfy cushion.


-Because $hit happens and you never know when you might need to draw on a big chunk of cash for something.

-Investing for your future so you can have some kind of retirement.

-Saving for a rainy day, so to speak

-When you’re not in debt, you really are liberated. It’s an amazing feeling.


Other Realistic or Likely Scenarios For Preparedness?

I got the ball rolling, let’s hear from you. What do you think?

-Garden / Crop Failure
-Economic / Stock Market Crash
-Personal Infrastructure Failures

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