Rush Limbaugh Died Today – He Influenced Many, Including Me

February 17, 2021

I see reports that Rush Limbaugh is dead. February 17, 2021.

Wow. What a legend. Lung cancer finally got him. Although I knew he had been battling this for more than a year since diagnosis, it is a sad day knowing he is gone from this world. Rush was 70 years old.

I remember first discovering his radio broadcast back during 1989, or was it 1988… (shortly after beginning his broadcast career). It was during a job which at the time had me in a service vehicle driving a lot. I always looked forward to his broadcasts when I was able to listen. What a groundbreaker in the arena of conservative talk.

I file this report under “lifestyle” because I will say that he had some influence on me over the years. Often “striking a cord”, or “ringing true”, and in many ways validating what I felt inside my guts when it came to ideals and politics.

“Though he prepared us for it, and we knew this day would come, it isn’t easy. A major loss.”

“The greatest conservative voice we have ever had. I will miss his voice.”

There will never be another like him.

RIP Rush.

Rush Limbaugh, conservative talk radio pioneer, dead at 70


  1. Sad news.
    Up voted for the good he did in this world. Hoping he has influenced some in the younger generations.

  2. Like others have said….Rush didn’t convince me to become a conservative…no…he was just the first to come along and confirm what I had come to believe on my own……evidently I was not the only one

  3. Listen nearly everyday to his program for decades.
    He and his wisdom will be greatly missed.

  4. Our daily entertainment was the radio. We both grew up during a time the radio was our medium of choice. When we moved onto our land there was no power available, so the radio was our go to for news, and the occurrences in the outside world.

    Rush Limbaugh was our daily 3 hour program we listened to while putting this place together. Even after we had power installed Rush was still our entertainment for the world around us.

    Sorry to hear he will no longer be with us in this daily battle, but he did leave us a blueprint which to go by into the future.

  5. A great man, I’ve subscribed to his podcast Rush 24/7 since 2006. Sad, sad day.

  6. I knew Rush when he worked at KFBK in Sacramento, CA, in the early 1980s. I advertised on the station, and provided luxury transportation for its VIP guests and contest winners, and I wrote ad copy and was voice talent for commercial production there..and for other local stations.

    I remember thinking, after meeting Rush for the first time, and listening to his show, “Heck! I could do that!”….

    No. No, I could not! Even though I was just as conservative, and philosophically educated as Rush, I just could not do a three hour show…where I had to TALK ALL THAT TIME…without collapsing into gibberish. After I realized this, my appreciation for Rush grew dramatically.

    I was always amazed with his career and his early days in Sacramento…when only the locals knew him.

    1. Owned a builder supply company back then and ran from jobsite to jobsite in San Joaquin, Contra Costa & Alameda counties every day with Rush on the radio. Have listened to him every morning since I retired. Drove DW crazy trying to find him on the radio on long road trips as he wasn’t on SIRIUS radio.

  7. Sad news
    Listened to him daily since he came on in my area.
    He was a great American, he will be missed

  8. This is a huge loss for America as Rush was THE voice of conservatism and the most influential person in media. I started listening to Rush in 1992 and always enjoyed his candor and ability to sort through the BS and stay out of the weeds. Hopefully someone will step in but the golden EIB microphone will never sound the same. RIP.

  9. Best ever and irreplaceable. I have listened to Rush since the early 90’s. RIP Rush.

  10. Just heard about Rush Limbaugh, I enjoyed listening to him. didn’t always agree with what he said, but still. Now I wonder how many liberals and leftist are rejoicing and will want to dance on his grave ( so to speak, like Nancy and chuckie an all the rest fo the two faced hypocrites )

    1. Alfie,
      Thing is, death is coming for those demmycrats too. (they know it but try to put on a happy face anyway). All in God’s time.

    2. alfie:
      Not to worry, the damn-o-craps are really starting to eat their own.

  11. “Talent on loan from God…”
    RIP Rush. Gone but not forgotten.

  12. What a great man, I shall forever be thankful for his Excellence in Broadcasting. For those in Rio Linda, Rush performed his show with half his brain tied behind his back.

    1. Won’t be anyone to listen to anymore in the morning. It won’t be the same without Rush.

    2. Being raised in Rio Linda we listened to him daily and a smile always came to our face when ever he mentioned Rio Linda. We knew he was only joking and thanks to Rush he put Rio Linda on the world map.

  13. I started listening to Rush when I was in college, back in the late 1980’s. I enjoyed his honesty and kindness toward children. He helped shape my Conservatism. I will miss his voice! I will also miss how he could sort through the bs and find the truth! God Bless you Rush! R.I.P. ! Prayers for your family!

  14. Old man started listening to him in 1989. No matter what he did after he retired, he would take the radio with him constantly and listened to him. If I carried the radio while he was going from here to there he would make sure I was holding the radio in the right position so he could hear him. I listened but not like old man. I heard Marc Stein today say, talent returned to God.

    1. Funny,many did that. I took Rush with me to split wood, on the boat fishing, to our family cabin (Liberal BIL hated it and shut it off making mom mad) and the radio had to be positioned just right to pick up the station. How much he was as a part of my life was more than my ex would spend with me. Hahaha.

  15. i enjoyed listening to Rush, great man. of course i guess at CNN they will be partying a long time now celebrating his death.

    1. There is a tribute to Rush on his show today 12PM E, 11AM C by Todd Herman. He will be going over Rush’s history of the show.

  16. Mainstream news and NPR both reported the story of Rush’s passing. The stories were respectful and polite. My parents listened to Rush as I did in my younger years at times.

    Whether you agree or disagree with the man, you have to respect his body of work and the longevity of his program. He was also funny at times and his reporting of his own personal crisis with addiction to pain killers made him human in the eyes of his listeners. He left some mighty big shoes to fill and I will miss his presence on the radio.

    Rest in Peace Rush. You made us all think and that is what a radio talk show host is supposed to do.

  17. never grew tired of listening to him, he helped me keep my sanity during the Clinton and Obama administrations, goodbye Rush and hope to see you someday in Heaven

  18. I remember the morning listening during the “Rush” intro music. Upon hearing Katherine starting to speak i knew at the first word that he was gone. Leaves a big hole empty for many.
    RIP Maha Rush

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