The Reasons Why You Should Not Be Prepping From Fear Alone…

Is fear a motivator for your prepping and preparedness?

Fear can certainly be a powerful motivator and is used often (too often?) in the realm of prepping and preparedness. How many prepper and other websites are constantly filling their article titles with apparent fear (mongering?) day after day…

Over the many years of our own online presence I have written my share of article titles which have used choice words to instill an emotion of fear as motivation to take action, however we don’t constantly do it.

While fear is a motivator, it is a negative motivator. Although using fear to instigate action does have it’s time and place, using it constantly will “get old” after awhile.

Yes there are some pretty serious risks out there which ought to motivate us to become better prepared. But you know what? There are some other pretty amazing reasons why you should not be prepping and preparing from fear alone…



Oh my goodness I must tell you how great it feels to travel down the road of independence. Sure we’ll always have laws governing us in today’s world, some of them ridiculous, however when you begin to unlock the shackles around your feet and the handcuffs on your wrists, a whole new world opens up before you.

While the strict definition of independence is “self-governing”, “not subject to control by others”, and “not being affiliated with a larger controlling unit”, the thing is that although we are still governed – we can certainly reduce being subject to control by others!

More of the definition fits though: “not requiring or relying on something else”, “becoming of independent means”, and “showing a desire for freedom”.

The point I’m making is this: The more able that you are to govern yourself, to take care of yourself, to do for yourself — the more independent that you will be and feel. And it is a good feeling!

By taking steps down the path of prepping and preparedness you will be lessening your dependence on others and other systems that may actually be controlling you, your actions, and your behavior (because of your ‘need’ for them).



Reliance on one’s own efforts and abilities brings with it satisfaction, a sense of independence, and an inner strength that will make you a stronger and more powerful human being.

The more that you can do for yourself, the more self-reliant that you become. The more self-reliant that you become, the less that you need from others and other systems.

For example the more food that you grow yourself, the less food you need from the grocery store.

The more you acquire and store for later, the less you will need during a time of shortage.

There are all sorts of examples, but you get the idea…

Aesop’s “The Ant and the Grasshopper”
(MSB modified version)

During a warm late summer evening, a Grasshopper was partying about, drinking and dancing to its heart’s content. An Ant passed by, toiling with stacks of food and supplies on the way to its home.

“Why not drop what you’re doing and come party with me,” said the Grasshopper, “instead of wasting your time dragging all those supplies to your home?”

“I am preparing for the troubles ahead,” said the Ant, “and I think you should do the same before it’s too late.”

“Why bother about all that?” said the Grasshopper; I have plenty of food until the next time I go grocery shopping.” But the Ant kept going and continued its prepping and preparedness.

When the SHTF, the Grasshopper found itself dying of hunger, while it saw the ants banding together with plenty of food from the preparations they had taken.

Then the Grasshopper knew… but it was too late.

Be aware that the spirit of self-reliance, the spirit of independence, the spirit of individualism, the spirit of personal responsibility…are all a net opposite personal composite from that of big government, socialism, and communism. In fact those ideals are often looked upon as enemies to the controlling entangled webs cast from big government, socialists, and communists.

While there is surely and definitely plenty to fear out there, I’m suggesting that once you start prepping and preparedness, you will discover the tremendous motivation that naturally comes from the resulting independence, self-reliance, and the satisfaction of personal responsibility and its accomplishments.

Just living the lifestyle, regardless of how far you want to take it, is a rewarding experience for many of those who do it. In a way it’s getting back to our ancestral roots of normal living, “know-how”, rugged individualism and responsibility, except today we can also leverage technology while still reducing our reliance or needs upon others or other systems.

Be aware that the system is set up to trap you into dependence. Look for those traps everywhere you go and in everything that you do. Once you begin to see them, it will become easier to spot them and step around them.

While I will still, on occasion, present fear titles, please know that there are plenty of positive and rewarding reasons to live the more independent lifestyle of a “prepper”.

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  1. One of the few advantages of reaching “old age” is that fear rather falls by the wayside. However, I still am afeared of having a massive stroke. Suck-city there, baby.

    1. Exactly; on my fridge is a saying: In order to be old and wise, one must first be young and stupid!!!

  2. Fear is usually created by the unknown. Not knowing, “fear” on how to take care of one self can create incentive to be more self sufficient. As I age my fear is for the younger people I see who behave exactly like the grasshopper in the story. They are completely clueless to the real dangers in life, having been replaced with fantasy fears such as the collective mindset of social justice ideals. The state policy of creating more and more state dependent drones is not going to end well for these people. Giving out food, health care, housing education, etc, etc, is not an act of kindness but one of the cruelest acts one could do to another by turning them into dependent slaves. Once again Ken you have nailed it, great info.

    1. People “enforce dependence” on livestock, and it’s not for the benefit of the livestock. If someone wants to “give” you something, I’d take a long hard look at what they expect to get from it. If they build you a house, provide food and entertainment and medical care, well, they do that for livestock as well.

      What do they expect to gain?

  3. Well I see Ken really does read the comments, good pickup there Sir… Excellent article.

    “Just living the lifestyle, regardless of how far you want to take it, is a rewarding experience for many of those who do it.”

    I have people all the time ask “what the heck are you doing that for NRP?” tis a simple answer, “Because I enjoy the freedom”; or as Ken said “Independence”.

    For Example;
    When I go to the grocery store, I don’t purchase something that is not on sale, unless it’s an absolutely ‘must have’ item, than I will buy 2-3 for the next time.
    A couple of years ago Diesel was well over $4.00 a gallon, guess what? Not for me.
    How many times do people need to ‘run to the store’ for XYZ? Having a Deep Pantry and some planning stops that.
    I heat the house with wood; I rather enjoy the labor involved, tis satisfying.
    I LOVE my Garden, talk about freedom, get yar hands dirty, it’s a way back to the roots (play on words there?) hehehe

    I do want to add, Fear is not a bad thing. At times it keeps us out of trouble and more aware. But I know people are so afraid they seem to cower to every piece of BS-news out there and think the world is going to explode tomorrow. Well guess what, if the world explodes tomorrow there is not a friggen thing we can do about it anyways, so enjoy the ‘Lifestyle’ today.

    Try ‘enjoying’ cooking a nice meal rather than going to McDonalds, try ‘Enjoying’ the laboring of a Garden and Canning rather than going to McDonalds, try ‘Enjoying’ the company of family at a nice sit-down evening playing board games rather than ??what?? that’s right, ‘Going to McDonalds’ LOLOL

    Ohhhh one last thing, get rid of the stinking Dumb-Phone and the TV, try going to a stables and riding a horse rather than watching someone else do it on the Boob-Tube, try doing those things you dream of. Life really is good, just be the smart Ant and enjoy the preparing and the knowledge y-all be good-to-go if TSHTF for real.


    1. NRP

      Like I said previously, you are well grounded. But back to the root of the problem, fear has been added to by the very government that was supposed to be protecting us. Ken forgot to add the part in the story where the government came and took your money and stuff to “redistribute” to the “grasshoppers”. Some people refused to comply and a law suit resulting in the “grasshoppers” being given free medical, dental, education, food, housing, …. and you are left out in the cold.

      Fear now has been expanded to include the challenges to the Constitution by those that should be upholding it – look at the fights over the First and Second Amendments.

      1. @ hermit us

        Like Love, fear is in the eye of the beholder.

        The .gov is using any and every means they can to ‘control’ the people, if they can keep the masses in fear of each other than it makes their mission that much easier, if some are in the belief that they will be the Grasshopper and starve without handouts than this keeps them under control. If the Ants believe their ‘stores’ will be taken by the same .gov than they will be in fear of the .gov and the Grasshopper.

        Tis a well laid out plan that has worked for millennium to control, and if the fear does not work, there is always War, that is ALWAYS started by the .gov of some sort, whereas they are magically protected, yet millions and millions have perished in the fear that the .gov cast over the people thinking that others will be the next to ‘control’. Do not get me wrong, I agree 100% in protecting from aggressors, but we are discussing the ‘fear’ cast upon us by our own .gov.

        It is the age old adage that “I know what’s best for you” thinking. Once people are told what to do and what they cannot do (in general) then we get lazy, we get complacent, we get to the point whereas we no longer need to do for ourselves, others will do it for us. This is the point where most have come. Problem is, as Margret Thatcher said “Socialism is a wonderful thing, till you run out of other people’s money” or in this case, we run out of handouts and the ‘fear’ kicks in as the Grasshopper saw.

        Anyone believing the .gov is there to help you is vastly mistaken, when the .gov takes from those that have, and redistributes to those that don’t, do not forget about the HUGE portion they keep for their own little nest-egg. And don’t think for a second that Politicians do this for the ‘right thing to do’ most start as simple people and become Millionaires within a year….. Again it’s the fear that controls We-The-People even to the point we believe it’s time to fight our brothers and support the .gov, and yes some are openly calling for Civil War, supported 100% by TPTB and .gov.

        Do NOT let this fear dictate your preparedness, nor your Lifestyle, use the gray matter to know which way to turn when the time comes, be the Ant, not the Grasshopper.


      2. Yes, hermit us. “Fear now has been expanded to include the challenges…” hits my nail on the head.

        Addressing possible scenarios in an ever-changing game ‘out there’ on top of those specific to my family/life/work. Difficult to get good traction when one keeps doubling back to the drawing board.

        I used to resist prepping, mostly because I stubbornly believed it was all/only done out of fear. I do know better now but it’s real work to balance factors and trust that I’ll have the time I need.

        And now, this excellent article provokes me in so many ways that I know I need to pause and assess before I hit it again. Certain a lot of great stuff has been posted already, will be following along for sure throughout my workday.

    2. Your post is soooo like my attitude. I am helping a handicapped person taking lunch tomorrow. Now, don’t judge me as insensitive reading this…or go ahead.
      She lost 50 lbs., gained a bit back, and needs to lose 60 more.
      I lost 12 lbs. in 13 weeks and need to lose 8 more, so my choice for lunch will be a grilled chicken sandwich and unsweet tea…her choice??
      bacon double cheeseburger combo w. baked potato/sour cream/butter and pepsi

      Smart ain’t in some of our dna.

      1. OMG–she just emailed me and wants a frosty with that.
        Lord help me I pray to keep my mouth closed tomorrow.

      2. @ JJ

        First of all I applaud you for helping those in need. Good Job.

        I also have induced a self-imposed diet, my goal is to drop 1 pound a week for 50 weeks, the same date as I officially retire. FYI, do NOT ever let someone tell ya losing weight is easy…..

        As far as keeping yar mouth shut… good luck, I have to bite my tongue all the time, as you can notice from my comments here…. HAHAHAHA Yeah Right!!!!

        BTW, I try like hell to never Judge, when I do I make dang sure I go home and look in the mirror hard and long, usually going back and apologizing to whom I was judgmental to.


        1. NRP

          Perhaps you and Blue can help each other in taking that early morning hike and then a small bowl of yogurt/fruit until you get to eat that watercress sandwich without the bread.

          1. @ hermit us

            Thanks’ for the help…… maybe, so until dinner I get some Yogurt and a hand full of Watercress…. Hummmm
            Think I’ll stick on this plan, down 8 pounds in 5 weeks, just like that Elephant, a little at a time. I’m not into a crash diet, as most people will tell ya, they never work in the long run.

            Gin and Popcorn, just 1/2 portions

          2. NRP

            That is not a crash diet. Okay, you can have a real sandwich at lunch and an eight ounce steak at dinner with salad. Only one beer a day and one gin-something.

        2. Good luck—my success is that I love Ranch fat free dressing and raw vegetables. And tomatoes!!! And grilled chicken breasts. Oh, and steamed vegetables and homemade sweet and sour sauce.

          Okay–I’m finished!! :-)

  4. I started on the journey right after 9/11 and Katrina when I saw just how much we are so open to be getting screwed by the whole gamut of things.

    It’s been, to use a old line, a LONG STRANGE TRIP IT’S BEEN and with SO MUCH TO LEARN BUT that said some of the first things I learned was MEDICAL the symptoms of heart problems stroke, stuff like that and it paid off BIG TIME for a friend of mine.

    I sometimes get premonitions, something just said, ‘GO OVER THERE RIGHT NOW’. When I showed up her face was GREY she was breathing like she had ran a LONG way, she was clammy and couldn’t get her breath, of course 911 was the next thing,
    the next day her aorta failed, in the end she lived to tell about it and I get to tell this story about it.

  5. A lifestyle based on self-reliance leads to a lifestyle of self-preservation and independence. It’s not a ‘simple lifestyle’ — but it’s a rewarding lifestyle that proves itself over and over again. When you are doing for yourself, using physical exertion, you may get tired, but you are keeping yourself healthier than if you were kicking back and living a life of R&R and dependency, as so many are.

    We look at my husband’s siblings and how their suburban mindset has affected their personalities and overall health. They were all raised under the same roof, in the same way — yet their lifestyles have very much impacted how they are faring today.

    My sister-in-law is morbidly obese, divorced, and pays someone to do everything for her. She gets no exercise and has had operations on several joints due to her weight problem. Obesity doesn’t run-in-the-family, so it is a lifestyle and food choice, clearly. Why does she do this to herself?!

    My twin brothers-in-law are both overweight (one is much more so). One has Rheumatoid Arthritis, on steroids and other meds, and looks so very weak. He struggles to get through the day pain-free, so no real exercise. He is still working because he and his wife enjoy keeping-up-with-the-Jones. His ‘hobby’ is watching NASCAR. The other brother-in-law has liver problems (not a drinker, though) and has had both shoulders and both knees replaced. He is only 64. He gets zero exercise unless you consider the remote control and watching NASCAR an exercise.

    My husband, the youngest, has no health issues, isn’t overweight, has never had joints replaced, doesn’t have RA or other chronic illness. He has the same exact type of job that his brothers have (construction superintendent work)…but he is physically active, has an active hobby, and stays active at home (I think I run him ragged…lol).

    This family example shows that lifestyle choice affects the health and overall welfare of a person.

    Over and above the self-reliance lifestyle, it just feels ‘right’ and so much of how we live now is how our families both lived. We saw it and we have it in our DNA. When people ask why we work so hard (yes, those exact words), I just tell them we enjoy what we do. Canning homegrown veggies is very satisfying. Cooking from scratch is all I’ve ever known. Mending is enjoyable and peaceful. Having my hands in the Earth is like laying hands on a friend. Putting a new handle on a a hammer or an axe is how you repair something. And just being outside, hearing the birdsong or the chattering of a squirrel, even mucking out a barn stall — it’s all part of the world I tend to and help along. It might be boring or ‘work’ to most, but it’s what I love to be around. It’s my sanctuary and my lifestyle.

    1. @ Modern Throwback

      Fantastic comment… and all so true…. Thanks you also for sharing the family condition, something for everyone to think on

      I absolutely love this line… “It’s not a ‘simple lifestyle’ — but it’s a rewarding lifestyle that proves itself over and over again.” How fantastically true, this ‘Lifestyle’ is HARD HARD HARD work, don’t let anyone fool you, AND you need to be smart to know what/when/where/how/why to do the things needed, but OMG is it sooooo worth every sore mussel and every moment of peaceful mindset.

      “It’s my sanctuary and my lifestyle.” Would not have it any other way…. I truly believe that if I had to revert back to the ‘City Life’ it would latterly kill me. Too old to change, too mean to comply, too independent to let the Grasshopper ‘take’.

      Now, where is that Gin bottle?

      1. “HARD HARD HARD work”

        Just finished hilling the potatoes again. Yes I can attest to the work factor…

        Planted a few hundred more corn plants too. More work.

        I’m looking out the window at a tree that I cut down the other day, and now I have to limb it, run them through the chipper, and then cut-n-split the trunk for firewood. More work.

        In fact now that I think about it, just about everything I think about is more work!

        1. @ Ken

          Yeppers, and it feel dang good don’t it?
          At this point in time, I’d not have it any other way.


        2. Ken

          Just like eating the elephant, one bite at a time – I try to focus on one major chore each day and one minor one. Pretty soon you only have minor ones left and then tackle the delightful activities you always felt guilt about doing for your own pleasure.

          1. I agree with you: “one bite at a time”

            That’s how I get through all of my big projects. Some people have difficulty breaking it down, but it really does help lots…

        3. Ken, your toils today speak to many of our hearts (and hands!). I can imagine your labor today and the end results you achieved: some hand-made mulch, cut wood sections piled and ready to split, and freshly pulled soil around the potato greens, showing ever-so-slightly darker than the soil below. I see your work today. And I know it feels good to you.

          If you were a suburbanite or urban-dweller, you might have had a ‘workout’ on some machine that gave you a digital accounting of calories burned….with nothing else to show for the sweat.

  6. Following along with this article and even the comments going back and forth w/ NRP and Hermit-us is a piece at freemansperspective, entitled “Fish Are the Last to Notice the Water.”

    “A single model of human life has dominated the West for thousands of years…This model is so common that it’s hard to make out at first. Here are its parts:

    1.A small minority of men hold a monopoly on making rules everyone else will live by.

    2.This minority enforces these rules on everyone else.

    3.The minority extracts regular payments from everyone else. This is said to be necessary for protection and justice.

    4.The minority fails to provide justice on a daily basis and very often sends the children of the majority to fight in battles to the death.

    5.A minority-aligned intellectual class assures the majority that this is the best that can be had and that it has been sanctified by some higher power (gods, ancestors, tradition, reason, experience, progress, or whatever).

    6.No one is permitted to escape this model. Those who try are punished as traitors and heretics.”

    1. MT

      We have historically given these few the power over us in exchange for what we think is security. Hopefully, the trend in the voting of the flyover population to send the message that the swamp must be drained will continue and overcome the “powerful few”.

    2. MT , GOOD POST. Lets have virtual lunch ,,who is John Galt ? Is the only way to fight back is to go Galt?

      1. @ 0ldhomesteader

        Who the heck is John Galt? I guess I need to get the book and read it?


        1. NRP

          You’re kidding? That is what the book is all about “who is John Galt?” and his stopping the motor of the world.

          1. @ hermit us

            Actually I have not read Atlas Struggles; I did just order it through Ken’s link be here in two days, tis good, I need a good reed for the weekend.


          2. NRP

            Will take more than a weekend – no your average pocket novel. Then read it again for the real message.

          3. NRP
            Like you, we have not read the book, but did purchase the 3 movies to watch.
            Although different actors were in each separate movie, I did enjoy the story line. Hopefully the book is better than the movies–they were alright, considering they worked with a limited budget.

          4. AC ,, I didn’t think much of the movies ,too much nuance was lost , the book is good study of human or sub human thinking ,and much of that was lost in the movies. There is a movement to build Galt gulchs know of more than one right now in Idaho and Montana ,,like minded folks can work together if given a reason.

            Back to topic ,sort of ,, lately i’ve had this sense of gloom
            ,like a black cloud , not normal for me , pushing as hard as I can to get things done, a chicken or egg thing has this blog influenced my thinking ? hum now about the time I spend on this blog??

            Tea and crackers with cheese and back to the tractor

          5. @ hermit us

            Yes I ordered the book, was $5.zx and free shipping, so nada lost if it’s not so good.


        2. Even before reading it, you can always read about Ayn Rand and her beliefs, even visit the organization that promotes her work.

          I think we need a ‘readers corner’ where we can chat-it-up about some of the books we read/study. (Hint! Hint! Paging Ken…)

          1. MT

            I can start it as this book relates to the topic of the day – “The count Of Monte Cristo”. A man imprisoned due to fake news about him and a bureaucrat that did not want his career affected by family connections in politics. Fear was turned into positive results.

          2. No, do not watch the movie – not the same as this great book. I suspect the Atlas Shrugged movies would be as bad.

      2. We have had social movements and rebellions, but in recent times, I can’t recall where any of merit were able to shake the NWO agenda. I would say that the biggest social outcry in my lifetime involved the Vietnam War. But so many who were protesting turned on the soldiers. So many were poorly informed and did not even know the current events at that time — they were simply anti-war liberals or peaceniks.

        We are living through rebellious times now and some changes have occurred (Trump’s election, the loss of Democrat’s power everywhere, the ‘waking up’ and uprising of the average American over so many issues). But will these occurrences be enough to turn the tide when we are up against the powerful, the Deep State, the evil machinations that control We The People? Can we all descend on DC and help drain the swamp?

        1. MT

          Why get into the swamp to fight the deep state – each district can deluge their representative with questions, accusations, and encouragement to do the job they were elected to do. Twenty people outside a campaign office is more effective than two thousand on the DC mall.

          1. @hermit us
            Probably, although it might jostle a few in DC….Twas a rhetorical question, anyway — just answering 0ldhomesteader’s question about going Galt.

            It’s hard for rational people who have values that involved in hard work to understand that we (collectively and individually) do not ‘count’ and that our government dismisses our individuality and our principles. It especially stings because We The People are led to believe that we have a Republic with democratic principles. We, in fact, have neither.

  7. Independence and self reliance are definitely why i prep, peace of mind, the biggest obstacle is government, that big sucking monster, IMHO they need to have a really bad reset

  8. Great article, Mr. Ken J.

    I think there is a difference too between a fear bearing panic, which could either paralyze productiveness and spin one in circles
    “I see troublesome times in the potential/likely form of (financial, war, natural disaster, job hardship, etc..) coming” that motivates to do something pro-active

    Though we still have goals to reach and would love to be more rural,
    One reason personally why I live the preparedness lifestyle is
    being connected to life….
    I love the land
    I love the animals
    I love our pets
    It is work to live on a homestead but the rewards are huge and very satisfying

    I really believe we were created to live in harmony with nature

    Time to go hug my quail :) (I put him under my chin and he sleeps)

    Peace n Out, friends :)

  9. I was afraid more than a few times when I was young.After getting a little older,I decided to fear no more.Now I rely on being cautious,being prepared,making good judgements,and knowing when to run(so to speak).I take the fear porn I see and hear with a grain of salt.I have managed to stay pretty independent and self reliant so far.As far as the grasshopper goes,if he tries to take some of my stores,or preps,I’ll kick him in the potatoes,then he will have some of his own.Well,back to the garden.

  10. I garden, chop, haul, fix, store, can, freeze dry, all summer long in fear that I will not be able to put my feet up near the fire in the depths of winter – pretty selfish ant here. NRP says “be the ant” – some kind of Ben-Shui thing from our resident Buddha student, but true.

  11. You guys & gals are awesome…Both Ken & responders. It is so rewarding to be prepared & really cuts the fear. If I could see what I now believe may be around the corner & wasn’t some what prepared I’d be scared spitless but now I can be relaxed & calm. Not that anyone can be totally prepared for everything that could happen. Take care everyone.

  12. Although fear shouldn’t be the primary motivational factor, I am thankful for it sometimes.

    Sooooo many times, people who have chided us for carrying concealed weapons have later had an encounter that caused them to come to us asking for advice on how to select a firearm and find training so they too can carry concealed! Reason didn’t work. Fear did.

    Likewise with get home bags in our vehicles, having pre-designated routes home from the workplace, having a “deeper” pantry (surely ours is nowhere as deep as NRP’s!), food preservation, etc. Reason and explanation worked for some people, but sometimes it takes being frightened to nudge the sheeple into being awake and realizing how beneficial prepping can be.

  13. I don’t let fear push me to prep. I prefer to think of it as peace of mind. The smart people know it’s a lifestyle. Having a basement full of “stuff” in case SHTF that you never use for anything else is what the sheeple think prepper’s are a few bricks short. But, if you use it daily, and live the life or walk the walk it’s awesome! Is it insurance against SHTF? You bet it is! But if your life isn’t built around keeping up with the Jone’s and knowing how to be self reliant you won’t be as miserable as the ones who walk around and into things with their noses stuck in their phones when hard times come. We have had our own hard times this year, and I can tell you I am so grateful that feeding us was one thing I wasn’t worried about. But now it’s time to restock in case it happens again. My motto is, God is good, all the time!

  14. I really don’t like to use the term ” prepper ” , too many people have a misguided idea of what it means.
    We are not motivated by fear , but concern about our future . We feel that the wheels are beginning to come off of the USA . We do not know when the wheels will go off , but the tires are certainly low on air. Maybe because we are ruled by a bunch of lug nuts .
    We seek a self reliant lifestyle that is very rewarding and comforting .We enjoy what we do as far as wood cutting,yard and home maintenance, growing as much of our food as we can and preserving it . We are slowly building our tribe , it is very important .
    It is critical to stay alert to the world around us .

    1. I actually don’t mind, being called a prepped nor a survivalist! It’s a WHOLE lot better than what some folks call me. Those are the same sheep that like to say, “…when the SHTF we’re coming to YOUR house….”
      Ummm, no, you won’t be welcomed at all.
      I’ve got. Total Knee replacement coming up in July, because I broke it last year, and it has not healed correctly. The hard work of PT and recovery will be worth it in the long run. My projects outside in the property look completely overwhelming, unless I take the “NRP Approach” of one bite at a time, until they are completed. You would be shocked if you invested, (yeah I DO mean) invested, just 10 minutes a day of concentrated effort on one specific task, how MUCH you get done in a short period of time.
      Work is also fun, just depends on yer attitude. Mine can oft be described as a cynical-pessimist, or vice-Versa. I am definitely a recovering Smart A$$ a small percentage of the time.
      Great article, and gooder posts!

      1. NRP

        Sorry, you keep getting the credit for eating the elephant – I don’t know why? :) :)

  15. Fear, I guess I have just one fear – our government. After a SHTF event I do not fear the civilian looter very much because I have enough reloads to solve that problem. But the government has enough fire power that they will always be the victor. Even the local law enforcement here in Texas has taken on the shoot you first mentality, my only defense to local law enforcement is gorilla warfare if needed.
    I have given up trying to explain to others why they should prep. Although people may have 20-20 vision, I believe they are still either blind, stupid or some how are safe from all possible threats. I do not want to go this alone but I will not stop prepping.
    There once was a prepper here on MSBLOG called No Joke. He left this country about a year ago for down-under. I may accept his invitation to join him and his family. I went to visit him once and I was impressed by the great difference there.
    Well, anyway have a good day all

    1. Please close the door when you leave. For everyone leaving there are thousands trying to get in. Good luck in your search for a better country.

  16. I’ll admit there have been times in the past 12-18 months I have been compelled by what I’ll call a “healthy concern” for goings on around us. Those concerns led me to Ken’s site and all of you. While that was not outright fear, it was the feeling of being on high alert that things were going the wrong direction. I am still on high alert.

    Now, I did have some fear leading into last year’s election – it lead me to stock up supplies at an accelerated rate that would not have been sustainable over the long haul. But, I was really troubled at that point and felt that anything I put away for us would be useful at some point anyway. So, I don’t look at it as money wasted… perhaps too fearful on my part, but it did push me into more activity than usual for a while there.

    Thanks to Ken and all of you, I have learned a lot, and incorporated what I’ve learned into our lives whenever possible. Even though we are still in “Yucko” (NRP’s term) So Cal, I do feel we are better prepared to recognize and deal with a number of possible scenarios. It’s not ideal, but it does give me hope – which is no small thing when dealing with adversity.

    And, I agree that each time I learn something new I feel just a little bit more independent, more self-reliant, and more confident to try learning the next new thing. One more bite of the proverbial elephant each time… it’s a great feeling!

  17. There is nothing better than running out of something in the kitchen and knowing I can go to my food storage and get another one without running 140 miles round trip to the grocery!

    1. old lady
      Not as many miles to the grocery store which you travel, but like you said it is so nice to go to the pantry, grab what we just used up.

      Our neighbor(& friend) could not believe that I had not done a major shopping for over 6 weeks, actually I think it was longer time frame. We have been working with her to buy that extra couple of cans now rather than later. Her dh is on board with my shopping style, but her, well it the horse & water trough scenario. She hates shopping, so I do not understand her reluctance.

  18. Y-all do know, with the gang that hangs around here, we could make short work of that Elephant, toot-sweet.


    1. NRP
      Did you say the elephant had a ‘SWEET TOOTH’? soorry could not pass it up.

      1. @ Grey

        Well I was trying something new, obviously it did not work out so well, ‘being nice’…. LOLOL


        1. NRP

          Check the title of the book you ordered – not Atlas Struggled it should be Atlas Shrugged.

  19. 0ldhomesteader
    One thing I have learned over the years, when you have a strong feeling as you were mentioning or feeling. Your 6th sense of preservation is giving you a forewarning, heed the insight.

  20. I had a big “Ah ha!” moment this afternoon. I had been planning on doing some canning in a few days, but it turned out that this afternoon was the ideal time. I didn’t have enough vinegar or canning lids in the kitchen, so I borrowed from the supplies in the basement. It felt so good to know that I didn’t have to run to the store. It was that same feeling of satisfaction that I get when harvesting from the garden or hearing the plink of canning jars sealing or seeing the end result of a project well done. It was the first time I had that feeling about my reserve supplies. I have been rotating through some supplies, but that has been more planned. This was unexpected, but what I needed was there.

    1. @ Skibum

      “Ah ha” means yar getting it coolllll. Makes ya feel like yar in control dont it?


      1. Yup. Preparedness because of thoughtful concern for the future. Lifestyle choices for the shear joy of it. Thanks.

    2. That is indeed a great feeling. So often with us too, when we run out of something upstairs in the kitchen, we just go downstairs to our deep-pantry shelves and replace it (it’s like having our own mini grocery store). Then it gets added to a shopping list (if it’s a grocery store item).

      Another good thing about that concept is you can wait to buy things on sale.

  21. good evening everyone. just read an article on reuters that states the feds yellen doesn’t see another financial crisis in her life time. so we can all rest assured now and go and borrow ourselves into nonexistence. hope this relaxes your worries as much as it did mine. lol. as i read the article i almost choked to death. this is comments from yellen while speaking over seas in london.

    1. 97who

      And how old is Yellen? Whose lifetime is she talking about? The FED monetary policy of the past has not given me much faith in anything they say.

      1. @hermit us
        in the article it says she was talking about her lifetime . so i wonder if that is a clue on how long we have.

        1. I wonder if it’s a clue that she thinks she’s marked for assassination within the next month?

          1. Lauren,maybe she will commit suicide by shooting herself in the back of the head. ..twice

  22. Freedom of fear—I used to run naked outside without fear, but because I am getting older, I wear shoes.

    1. Stardust

      Good one. But maybe you have been in the bush too long. I do enjoy your fish gut and toilet cleaning stories. I take my hat off to you doing the “jobs that Americans won’t do” so more illegals needed – BS from politicians.

      1. At least bovine excrement CAN be used as fertilizer, not so with PoliticalExcrement, far too diseased!

    2. @ Stardust

      HAHAHA, I just blew Oatmeal out my nose…. Thanks …. ROFLMAO

      Just curious, what kinda shoes? Boots? LOLOLOL

      Ahhhh God, that’s just too funny……


  23. I guess this post can go here or the weekend free for all…

    My truckload of fence posts arrived.Already got the fence material and barbed wire.

    However, the aligators for the moat are on backorder.

    I went to buy a couple of 5 gallon buckets of bulk honey from our local folks.

    Seems they decided to sell their honey in plastic bottles now. They were always in pints and quart mason jars.Wanted to look more professional now is the reason.

    Anyway,they sold me 25 unopened cases of pint/quart jars for $5 a case.

    Happy to do my part for the local economy.

    As many have said,it’s a good feeling to have items on hand when you need it.

    Fear is a great motivator to get you to act.You have to rule it. You can’t (shouldn’t )let it rule you.

    Plan your work. Work your plan…

  24. Fear is why you have this coming winter’s wood and the next year’s as well on hand. Fear is why you have six months to a year of food and other supplies on hand. Fear is why you have tools and equipment others don’t. Not a gut wrenching fear but a nagging fear because you see what others don’t. And in the end you don’t have worry so much because that fear worked to your advantage!

  25. Regardless of what level you consider yourself to be at as a prepper or if you have not taken the plunge into preparing, Once we get into the upcoming WROL events, all of us will experience the worst and good of human behavior. Being prepared means to have a plan that will eliminate panic. Being able to recognize the early warning signs that will likely precede the major trigger events will be important. If we review the harsh environments and violence of human behavior in other countries, we can mentally prepare ourselves for what could happen here when humans become desperate. The bottom line is the more we are prepared for a variety of devastating events, the more we will be able to cope and not allow our behavior to be controlled by fear.

  26. Being fearful can be a habit, just like being negative can. A way to take fear out of our concerns is to prepare for them. It occurred to me that of there were a home invasion and I was in the bathroom, I could open the drawer by the door so it would block the door being opened. The air conditioner unit is right outside of the window, so I could jump on that. Time to get up and can some self-reliant pink-eyed purple hull peas.

  27. It has been stated so eloquently by others on this site already: Fear can be good as long as it does not lead to panic. Panic can range from Catatonic shutdown that leads people to sit down on train tracks waiting for the train to take them out to full on WITOID-RICSAS

    ( When In Trouble Or In Doubt – Run In Circles Scream And Shout )

    I see a lot of both types of panic in my locked facility. Mostly it is in patients though many times in staff members as well.

    I’ve been living the lifestyle for over 30 years. It has served me well and I fail to see why I should change my ways now. Fear keeps me watchful and encourages me to read the paper and exercise. It does not keep me awake at night though.

  28. Love how life works. I gained clarity in unexpected ways from this discussion. Feeling certain that I’m taking steps in general for the ‘right’ reasons but the acquisition of fire power is being driven entirely by inappropriate fear. And that’s a big one so thank you, Ken. A strong reaction to this topic got my attention and caused me to ask myself some important questions.

    I’ve been in transition, catching up and recovering from caring for my mother w advanced dementia. Past 7 months, in my home, round the clock, no break. We had a family long-distance re-lo underway that would’ve resolved many of my prep challenges but (Mom’s care began to require more than I can provide and) it’s all been called off.

    Please know that I don’t expect this to interest all of you, only wanting to illustrate another way that fears can run due to circumstances alone and, in my case, required a good sorting thru. I derailed my progress by taking on too much at once and I needed to reframe how I see some of my challenges, as well as how I can meet them. Always another way, right? Dropped back now to focusing on (almost there) completion of my first phase. Then I’ll move to the next with my MSB cherished list of suggested firearms to rent/try/research and systematically figure this out. (Eat the elephant!) I did make some calls and I’m pleased with the options so far. In the meantime, committed to letting go of unnecessary destructive fear in perhaps the worst possible area by implementing numerous other ways I can be safer and protect self and home until I’m of the capacity for more. Once again, I find that I’m prepared in ways I hadn’t realized. Not making light but this is really fun even if it is work.

    And of course, I’ll be reading here when I’m not doing. 😊

  29. I fear the government, as well as any organization, whose “culture”, makes decisions by committee. Those are always self-serving entities first and foremost.

    We prep for our own peace of mind, and because, as a child, food was a scarce commodity for me personally. It’s just how my childhood was, due to circumstances beyond my personal control, I was always really hungry. I decided as a 12 year old, I was never going to go through that again, nor, was I going to be the root cause out of fear of failure to make my/our children suffer.

    I read “Alas Babylon”, and still have that paperback edition I first read. That book caused me to seriously contemplate how truly vulnerable my childhood family was to ANY kind of disruption, most notably, was job loss of my parents, which happened sooner than later. My father held the attitude, that if he didn’t recognize a problem, he didn’t have to deal with it. My mother’s “outlook” was equally foolish, but in far different realms of delusion.

    I prefer dealing with actual truth, or at least as much truth as I can find! I enjoy the postings and articles here, because I see the hardcore reality “light of day”, in the witty posts here expressed.

    While I am no longer AS “fearful”, and certainly not paralyzed by analysis nor fear, I choose to continue in, so I can sleep soundly while the “storms of life”, rage outside.

    You all are good people and this is the best site in preparedness as far as I am concerned, being as subjective as possible!

    1. “You all are good people and this is the best site in preparedness as far as I am concerned, being as subjective as possible!”

      Thanks for that.

  30. I sell long term food storage at gun shows, pepper shows. If shtf, my show inventory becomes my emergency rations.

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