Why do people prep? Why do you prep?

Prepping, emergency preparedness, disaster preparedness, survival, survivalism, self-reliance, whatever you want to call it — people are doing it. They’re doing it because they perceive risks; enough so that they are taking action to mitigate these risks.

When one begins to consider the risks we face, they are endless – and so are their probabilities and the variety of impacts they would have on our lives.

The question is, what are the risks or hazards that you are preparing for?

Here’s a list of some things that preppers may be preparing for (risk thereof)…

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In alphabetical order:

Asteroid Impact
Economic Collapse – Partial, But Life-Altering Impact
Economic Collapse – Total Depression
Economic Decay – Steady Worsening, Eventual Collapse
Economy – Deflation
Economy – Inflation
Economy – Stagflation
Electrical Power Grid – Down (1 Week Or Less)
Electrical Power Grid – Down (2 – 4 Weeks)
Electrical Power Grid – Down (4 Weeks Or More)
EMP – Electro Magnetic Pulse (Solar Flare – CME)
EMP – Electro Magnetic Pulse (Weaponized)
Food Shortages
Global Cooling
Global Warming
Government – Bloated, Ever-Expanding
Government – Dictatorship
Government – Gun Grab
Government – Loss of Liberties
Government – Martial Law Upon Trigger Event
Government – Tyranny
Job Loss (In Case Of)
Nuclear Power Plant Meltdown
NWO – New World Order
Peak Oil
Religious Persecution
Riots, Social Unrest
Roving Hordes, Gangs, Post SHTF
Severe Weather – Flood
Severe Weather – Hurricane
Severe Weather – Tornado
Systemic Risk – Decaying Infrastructure
Systemic Risk – JIT (Just In Time) Distribution
Terrorism In Homeland
UFO Alien Invasion
Volcano Eruption
War – Civil War
War – Homeland Invasion
War – WWIII, Conventional
War – WWIII, Nuclear, Thermonuclear

I will update this list after awhile upon comments received…

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