What Are You Preparing-Prepping For?


Why do people prep? Why do you prep?

Prepping, emergency preparedness, disaster preparedness, survival, survivalism, self-reliance, whatever you want to call it — people are doing it. They’re doing it because they perceive risks; enough so that they are taking action to mitigate these risks.

When one begins to consider the risks we face, they are endless – and so are their probabilities and the variety of impacts they would have on our lives.

The question is, what are the risks or hazards that you are preparing for?

Here’s a list of some things that preppers may be preparing for (risk thereof)…

Add your own thoughts or risks by leaving a comment.

In alphabetical order:

Asteroid Impact
Economic Collapse – Partial, But Life-Altering Impact
Economic Collapse – Total Depression
Economic Decay – Steady Worsening, Eventual Collapse
Economy – Deflation
Economy – Inflation
Economy – Stagflation
Electrical Power Grid – Down (1 Week Or Less)
Electrical Power Grid – Down (2 – 4 Weeks)
Electrical Power Grid – Down (4 Weeks Or More)
EMP – Electro Magnetic Pulse (Solar Flare – CME)
EMP – Electro Magnetic Pulse (Weaponized)
Food Shortages
Global Cooling
Global Warming
Government – Bloated, Ever-Expanding
Government – Dictatorship
Government – Gun Grab
Government – Loss of Liberties
Government – Martial Law Upon Trigger Event
Government – Tyranny
Job Loss (In Case Of)
Nuclear Power Plant Meltdown
NWO – New World Order
Peak Oil
Religious Persecution
Riots, Social Unrest
Roving Hordes, Gangs, Post SHTF
Severe Weather – Flood
Severe Weather – Hurricane
Severe Weather – Tornado
Systemic Risk – Decaying Infrastructure
Systemic Risk – JIT (Just In Time) Distribution
Terrorism In Homeland
UFO Alien Invasion
Volcano Eruption
War – Civil War
War – Homeland Invasion
War – WWIII, Conventional
War – WWIII, Nuclear, Thermonuclear

I will update this list after awhile upon comments received…


  1. You forgot snow Ken. I can’t remember if it was two years or longer, but there was a village in Russia where they had unprecedented snow fall amounts, so much so that the snow actually covered the houses. Only the very peaks were showing. I watched a video of the village where they were shoveling down to the door from the roof. People were running out of food and fuel to keep warm because they couldn’t get out of their houses.

  2. Just a few things maybe to add:

    weather – wildfire
    House fire
    Industrial chemical release
    Pollution, air and water
    War – bio/chemical
    Home invasion

  3. All of the above.

    Primarily radiation from Fukushima, WIPP accident, and the Wanapum dam above the Hanford site. All very troubling and immediate.

    Add, GMO poisoned food and severe water shortages.

  4. Why do I Prep?
    No. 1 in probability is economic collapse, I think slowly (we just grind to a halt), followed by major civil unrest (as the parasites starve).
    No. 2 is Civil War over Gubmint over-reach, (and accompanying economic collapse, like Venezuela).
    No. 3 would be EMP, and the resulting economic collapse from that.

  5. I’m not equipped to prep right now – no job, no money, but a very promising set of skills that could land me a job – But I do know that the way society currently operates is both environmentally and economically unsustainable. Wars cropping up from those conditions certainly wouldn’t be helpful, and would probably mean that I’d have to move to somewhere least likely to be in the way of fallout.

    What I hope to do is design a hidden, hardy, and self-sustaining aquaponics and bunker system, a sort of mini-arcology. If you guys know of any resources already put toward that end, I should be glad to look into them.

  6. why am I prepping? I don’t know as I’m prepping or rather just being careful. We didn’t have the power outages that the east did, but we did have an power outage a yr ago for 4 days and with the furnace and fireplace being propane fired, but electrically fired. We were , so to speak, screwed.Now I have the fireplace fixed to fire by itself, the furnace is set up with a gen plug and I have a grill now in the garage. Not much, but a start. I remember something that dad always told, His father in the 20′ and 30′ would go to town with w pocket full of money and a wheel borrow and come home with a wheel borrow full of groceries, then as time progressed, he would got o town with a wheel borrow full of money and come with one sack of food, so to speak. And the way things are going in the country now , makes Me wonder.

  7. In addition to what I said above, there are other things that I’m doing or trying to do, with out my wife’s help ( she thinks prepping is BS and a waste of time and expense ). when I brought up that we have a large garden and do a lot of canning, that is along those lines. Her answer was B.S., that it is just makes common sense to keep food on hand to cut the cost of food and to have fresh veggies. she likes the wild game i bring in the fall, but refuses to have anything to firearms any shape or form.

  8. Trying to cover most of what is on the list , in a lot of instances most will carry over to other areas . Be prepared and ready. Keep your powder dry.

  9. The weekend I can actually have off… Camping/Nature Trails here I come…

  10. I prep because my faith/belief structure does not allow suicide. In the end, all we are preparing to do is die later. “Everybody gotta die sometime”.

    If the opportunity presents itself, I should prefer to give my life for a good cause. But those come few and far between, and I have to be careful that I don’t commit suicide by cop, or some other similar cop out that leaves me just as culpable. But to fight, and die, for something I believe is right would be perhaps the best case I can hope for.

    In the meantime, I am compelled to prepare, because I believe what is coming is bad, and knowing this, I cannot elect inactivity. I must do what I can, so I am stuck. It would be far easier to simply bow out, blow out the flame, and welcome the darkness to avoid all the coming pain. But that just isn’t on the table. So I do what is required of me, and wait for my time to come. At my age, sooner would be better.

    1. I am 58 , been preparing for hard times since the 1980’s , I feel as you do , that if the fight comes and is against tyranny I will fight the good fight and know that if I am put down that I did my best to try to keep our freedom alive , I hope that there are others out there who feel the same way , as I would hate to have any of my descendents not know freedom ! Be prepared and ready. Keep your powder dry.

  11. After this winter’s severe weather and its raging, I would say

    Electrical Power Grid – Down (1 Week Or Less) and Food Shortages.

    I used to think that people who are into prepping were just paranoid, but everyone learns through experience, don’t they? I started to look for prepping and survivalist blogs right after the power was back on after the ice storm in Toronto. I started only with some basic tips and articles, but I would like to take things up a notch with preparedness.

    Like B. Franklin says, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

  12. Proverbs 22:3

    A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions.
    The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.

    Holy Bible, New Living Translation ®, copyright © 1996, 2004 by Tyndale Charitable Trust.

  13. Why do I Prep. In the order of probability for my area. If you note Snowfall isn’t listed It snows here every winter.
    1/Home Invasion
    2/ Earthquake and resulting chaos afterward.
    3/ Volcano Eruption and resulting chaos afterward
    4/Government – Martial Law Upon Trigger Event caused by a false flag event by our government.
    5/Riots, Social Unrest, Roving Hordes, Gangs, Post SHTF
    6/Systemic Risk – JIT (Just In Time) Distribution (where we live we are dependent on shipments from the lower 48 if these stop for 3 weeks non-preppers will be hurting.
    7/Terrorism In Homeland
    8/War – Civil War, War – Homeland Invasion, Race/Cultural/Religious rioting
    9/ EMP – Electro Magnetic Pulse (Solar Flare – CME), EMP – Electro Magnetic Pulse (Weaponized)

    1. We live near the Gulf Coast. Replace 2 & 3 with Hurricane and I am with you all the way.
      Lately, the home invasion has risen to high on the list. We are planning on converting our master walk-in closet into a hardened “BOR” (bug out room). It will have a reinforced door with extra deadbolts, land line, CCTV, weapons, ham radio, scanner, backup power, short term water and food, sanitation, etc.

    2. Other than earthquake/eruption, I match with your list.

      I do not dwell on any specific camel’s back breaking straw. The preps for all SHTF causes are similar and overlapping. I learned in 1977, while taking turns holding the dog for warmth, that being prepared for future week long blackouts would be wise.

      I do not like being hungry or very cold.

  14. Curveballs…. In otherwords answer D all of the above… We never know what life is going to throw us. One day I was a RN with a career I loved and a decent paycheck… then the next doctors were repairing my neck and telling me I could not work because of an accident. I went to 7 of them trying to get someone to let me go back to work and fix me so I could…. So whatever life throws at us. You never know where it is coming from!

  15. “Victory tends to favor the prepared.” I prepare for anything and all things. I grew up in a relatively self-sustaining household, so it scares me to be overly dependent upon any one system. I presume something akin to a Carrington Event would be the most disastrous for the world as a whole, but I also see the inevitability of the current geopolitical and economic issues resulting in a very fast downward trend. I was once told that “intuition is the recognition of patterns and projecting that forward”, so therefore my intuition says that things are going to get rough. However, rather than lament about the possibilities, I trust my gut and make whatever acquisitions I can to better the future of my family and loved ones. For those of you that lack funds to acquire what is needed, the basics of survival can be acquired through more ingenious means. For example, covering a match with paraffin, or beeswax, will make it windproof and burn for an extended period. Also, candles can be created from rendered animal fat or tallow. This same fat, can be mixed with ashes from a fire that cooked the animal to create potash. This can then be turned into soap. I could go on for quite a while, but understand that the most important survival tool you already have, is attached to your shoulders – use it.

  16. Economic collapse is the most likely scenario. Obviously residing in a populated area is not the best place to live. However, living in a non-populated area, well supplied with everything needed to survive is not enough. I would eventually expect rogues of people scouring the countryside that would do anything to insure their own survival. One more requirement for survival is compete anonymity with respect to the surroundings where dwellings are hidden from plain site and where any activity will not draw attention, such as burning wood for heat or gathering food. A shelter may have to be partially underground with the entrance camouflage with the environment. Furthermore, should marshal law be declared, drones may be used to detect human activity leading to seizure and loss of freedom.

    There must be an ample food supply, at least enough for the rest of the population to thin out. A poly-culture of growing crops (nut trees, grains, etc.) in one place would likely be the most secure means of self-sufficiency. Livestock would have to be raised indoors. However, livestock require a great deal of feed and without extensive sources of feed, raising poultry might be the best bet for a source of animal protein in the way of eggs and meat because poultry is most efficient in terms of production from feed.

  17. I feel I need to add to this.
    Long ago, back when I had energy, initiative and all the motivation I could barely control I was net surfing late at night and found info about EMP, that scared me.
    Looking into disasters scared me more.
    I found a few preppers websites.

    At the very beginning I only wanted to “cya” mine anyway, everyone else could take the heck off.
    Then I started stocking up(badly) on all kinds of things because I thought our government was pulling “laws for thee, but not for me” kinda bs” (yea, the standard..)

    Everything I looked into was bad, corruption, rampant crime.
    Laws used to protect some but not applied to those that were blatantly corrupt.
    I liked pres Bush but there were things that really bothered me, then bomma- the great divider.
    At that point I was only around the age of 35.

    I really thought the country was going down, just had no clue when.
    I thought when it all goes to he ll I wanted to be part of the rebuilding of our great nation.
    I needed to make sure I was there and able.
    That is my “why”

    Not surprisingly we are closer to that great collapse with every minute that goes by than ever before.
    I believe this is a part, as bigly as it may be it’s still just a small part of someone’s plan.

    All the attacks/destruction, food processing plants wrecked or burned.
    Gov banana republic corruption.
    Criminals going free.
    Racism being popular again just reversed.
    Sexualization of children through education.
    Courts, lefty courts creating new “rights” for the loudest.
    Forced medical intervention
    It goes on and on .

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