what is the truth

What is the truth?

How do you know that it’s true?

What mechanisms do you use to determine the truth?

Is truth subjective to an extent? Depends on the subject I suppose…

Does truth discovery necessitate that people “think”? To be able to think critically?
Yes, I believe so.

I believe it also requires a certain level of intelligence, particularly when a truth may not be exceedingly clear.

How is it that some (or many?) so easily and blindly accept statements as truth if originating from what they perceive to be ‘authoritative’ sources?


What Is The Truth

So again, what is the truth? How do you get to the truth? How do you know? Do you ever really know? Again, I suppose that depends on what we’re talking about. Some truths certainly appear to be clear while many others may require closer examination.

One way to discover the truth might be to try and prove or disprove a truth. If you cannot disprove it, maybe it’s more truth than not. If you can prove it, then maybe it is the truth.

Maybe you try and break it down to its core. Again, subject dependent.

Might one person’s truth be different from another person’s, while both being ‘true’?

How much do perceptions come into play?
Can perceptions be manipulated or misguided?

According to the dictionary, truth is that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality.
A fact or belief that is accepted as true.

Facts are facts, right? Or can some facts be presented in such a light so as to twist them into a slightly (or more) altered reality? Are they still true?

If a belief that is accepted as true later is shown to be false (or somewhere in between), then is it no longer the truth even though it is still accepted as truth by the majority?

Is the truth subjective or objective, relative or absolute?

What happens when half a population believes one truth while the other believes an opposing truth? Can two opposing truths peaceably coexist?

Am I getting too philosophical?

I find it interesting how many so called truths can apparently be easily manipulated and accepted as such, even though it may not be true at all.

I do suggest however that we all question “the truth”, especially when there is a new truth put upon us. Critical thinking is important. Do not blindly accept ‘truth’ when it is stated as such from ‘authority’. Not all authority is virtuous. One might even suggest that much of ‘authority’ may actually be non-virtuous.

Use Situational Awareness when truths are presented.

Truthfulness, sincerity, candor, honesty.

They’re all good traits.

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