When do you give up warning folks and just shut up and hunker down?

When do you give up warning other people

I love this question. It came from “Farmmom” over on another thread related to the emerging coronavirus.

However it could just as easily relate to ANY preparedness warning / hints/ tips / discussion with other people.

Do you feel compelled to warn others?

Do you feel compelled to warn others of a potentially bad situation coming? If you do, then to what extent until you give up, shut up, or hunker down?

I say “give up” because most people — and I really mean most everyone — will probably think you’re a bit nuts talking about “preparedness”. Especially if you have the foresight to see something potentially coming – early, or very early — before they hear about it themselves from a “trusted” source.

Until the “mainstream news” hints to the masses, the people you’re trying to warn probably won’t believe you. Or believe you enough to take some action.

“We will only wake up when it is on our doorstep and we can’t get our Starbucks because it’s closed. Americans are oblivious.”

~ a recent comment regarding present day coronavirus situation

** Things you need to know for a pandemic

What do I do?

I publish articles on this blog. That’s my extent. I rarely talk about preparedness with anyone, except Mrs.J.

I don’t feel the urge to go out on the sidewalk with a megaphone. Or even to semi-casually bring it up during conversation.

For the most part, unless it is brought up BY THEM, I will not discuss or bring up the topic of preparedness or prepping.

Why? Because it has been stigmatized. I’m not going to risk being labeled, unless I feel they are open to the (common sense) notion of preparedness. Because if they are not (receptive), then I will probably be labeled as a nut or cook. And word travels. “opsec” anyone?

There can only be downside risk if the others think you’re wacky because you store ahead some food and supplies (for example). There’s no sense harming a relationship or “operational security” over it. So I just don’t bother.

What do you do?

Okay, so I gave you my general opinion. Don’t worry if you feel differently… Lets hear from you and your opinion about it.

At what point do you give up warning folks and just shut up and hunker down?


  1. Close friends and family I have gotten to the point where I warn them three times of any real concerns, in decending levels of intensity. If they don’t get it, so be it. Others I mention it once casually, that’s it. If anyone I talk to expresses an interest, I can always expand the conversation. At this point of my life, I avoid engaging in arguments or debate, especially with the liberal, ” the world is fine, nothing is going to happen” family members. Kind of take the old cowboy approach ,” ok, hide and watch what happens”. I never, ever utter “i told you so”. Just not worth the ruckus.

    1. minerjim
      this is exactly what i was going to say ! My only proviso is that where I can I prep for family and friends in secret .

      1. Bill Posters,
        True, so true. Gotta’ have plenty of elderberry wine squirreled away, right mate?

        1. oooooooohhh yes :) since im in semi lock down my once a month visit to my local for a beer and to meet up with friends is on hold till I get a handle on this virus thing I am making new batches using my reserves of dry berries and grape concentrate !

        2. Elderberry and Wahun. Can not mix the 2. It can kill you. Go to SurvivalBlog.Com, and read the article. I have it stored at home and I use it. Not for this Virus.
          The CYTOKINE production caused by the two mixing is deadly. Please share.
          Ranger Rick – Former S.F. 18-D
          Automatic Survivor Training Group
          North Idaho

        3. Ranger Rick,
          Saw that too, but noted that they don’t know for sure yet, it is too soon. Elderberry is a strong antiviral, but the cytokine storms that come with this corona virus are a big concern.
          I suggest you look at Stephen Buhner’s book, “Herbal antivirals”, on pages 52-56 he calls out proper antiviral herbs to fight “Sars and Coronaviruses” that will also protect the body from cytokine storms by modulating them. Skullcap, houttuynia, isatis (Dyers wode), licorace, and a few others. Good Book on the subject. You can find it on the Big A, use the link below so Ken gets a little cut. We will need to keep an eye out to see if there is more data (good or bad) fir using elder to fight this Wuhan Corona virus.

        4. Minerjim I too have been aware of the double edged sword of Elderberry.

          Per Mercola (and others) site Elderberry is a good anti-viral but because it promotes the bodies release of cytokines to fight the virus.

          Cytokine storm is when the body over-reacts and starts attacking it’s self. An auto-immune disease from hades. That’s the concern of many with Wuhan. Killed a lot of healthy military aged men during the Spanish Flu.

          I use elderberry gummies with zinc as part of my strengthen my immune system to prevent Corona Virus from establishing it’s self in the first place. I ADD fermented foods like yogurts and Kimchee to give my good Gut bacteria which Modulates and Empowers the Immune system all the help it can get. BTW it’s live cultures your seeking, don’t cook the kimchee and kill them off ok?

          Also I do NOT eat “Fast Food” as deep fried foods (as much as I love French Fries and Fried Chicken) during flu season as it disrupts the good bacteria in my guts.

          As Just Sayin’ often refers to herbals like all medicines (as herbals ARE medicine) have interactions. Just as food choices and lifestyle choices affect you so does herbal-medical interactions.

          Also remember my postings on glove-mask use and removal, Whores Bath and clothing-shoes isolation as not to bring it inside your home. A healthy immune system and a clean home will go a long way in preventing Wuhan from destroying your home.

          After all I have more than a decade of working in a Flu Hot Zone AKA Hospital With sickly oxygen dependent (now) 94 year olds and they are still doing well. Maybe my system works pretty good?

    2. I’ve gotten to that point in my life too. I’ve said my piece. If they want to talk about it more, I will gladly oblige. If they don’t, well, that’s on them. Some have and some haven’t.
      I actually talked to a “friend” once and as a side joke called me out as a prepper at a bar. I laughed it off and will never speak of it again to him. Don’t come knocking on my door when it all goes down. I’ll have nothing for you, as I already told them.

  2. I don’t usually bring up a subject…..i.listen to others concerns……I don’t preach, I may suggest prepairedness.as an example.

    Virginia’s 1/20
    One work person expressed his concern…..the day after. A shop that has many 2nd supporters.

    This coronavirus has a few talking with concerns…..
    It didn’t start until.last week.

    I am no one’s baby sitter.

    People in the workplace know where I stand on alot of subjects.
    You wanna talk, I’ll listen and give input…..
    I will not go to you. You have the same available info as I.
    It is your duty, not mine, to gather information, prepare, for you and yours.

    This is the most exhausting/downer thing of preparing….

  3. Well I do give a mini reminder for some basics prior to any storms/blizzards to my coworkers (ie work family) you know-> the hey stock up on your basics for at least 3 days (fill your gas tank and hit ATM for cash in case power goes out, batteries/flashlights and if you’re doing tea or pillar candles- put them in a glass or metal pie pan with a little water in case of tipping and make sure those fire extinguishers and smoke/CO detectors are working)
    My excuse/cover is ->since I went to school in South FL it’s just the basic hurricane preparedness mindset. I used to give out extra printouts of 72hr emergency supply lists too. Helped a few people prior to Hurricane Sandy or even our little mini blizzards when power out for a few days. But otherwise OPSEC.
    My hubby and teenager think that I am a little wacko with hoarding tendencies -let’s just say they tend to undo my efforts (the OMG Mom- we don’t need more toilet paper or cases of water-let’s use up what we’ve got first—ugh) But I am slowly working on it with my immediate family (my parents who are 30miles away have a stash to last them for mos-I do not need to preach to that choir)

  4. So here is what I am doing… All of my right-wing friends and family members have been contacted. I have created an adobe pdf survival guide even using some of kens articles (yes I attributed and linked thank you) It is downloadable on a private Dropbox account.

    I sent that link to all of those people I give a shit about. All the rest.. well f them, but not really…
    So what I am doing on my FB account… I am posting hyperlinks to stock-up products on my facebook feed.

    So I’ll post a link of Walmart 2 pack of Clorox bleach. I will just say “check this out” “Great deal on bleach!”… I do it with a 10 pack of soap, garbage bags, food stuff like a case of mac’n’cheese etc.. When you copy and paste the hyperlink into your FB post it will auto load the actual photo and price of the product using open graph coding automatically. The post looks real good and displays all the info.

    As things start to escalate I will probably start linking facebook to Kens blog articles, Peak Prosperity, Natural News and Zero Hedge… At that point FB will probably shut me down. But really… who the F cares at that point?

    If I can help just one person that is good enough for me.

  5. It’s funny you mention this Ken. I haven’t been out of the house for 9 days, trying to avoid flu and wu-flu exposure. But yesterday I had to attend a family gathering that was unavoidable. The wu-flu subject came up momentarily. I try to gauge their seriousness of any given threat before putting in my 2¢. They’re my family and I love them but being the least successful member of the family I’m not going to convince any of them of anything. So I listened to their little wu-flu jokes and went on enjoying my dinner. They don’t seem very concerned about it.

    1. Grits,
      Let us all pray that they will continue to be able to be unconcerned about it.It will be ok and all will blow over..Wu-flu has 1/10th of the worlds population is -in China locked down.
      I do not believe this is the way this is going to go down.
      Green gregs has a guest Dr on his u tube. first 8 min. mindblowing. currently @ min 125- 128, is now releasing info for info released re: NY public.

      1. Just Sayin’,
        I pray they’re right too, but watching the dominoes fall the way they’re falling doesn’t give me much confidence that they are. So I prepare as best I can for whatever outcome.

  6. I believe there are more “like minded” folks among us than we realize. Most, though, are not into building “mutual assistance groups” or “prepper communities”. They just go quietly about their preps.

    Many of my neighbors have lived a hardscrabble existence their whole lives. Growing their own food, and hunting, getting their water from hand dug wells or springs. They know every edible or medicinal plant in the woods. Didn’t learn it from a book, their parents and grand parents taught them. Talking to them about coming hard times would be like telling NRP how to hang a door.

    On the other side of the coin, I’ve got folks in my neck of the woods who are basically city folks, professionals, who have bought land around here, ostensibly for recreation. Talk to them and mention the possibility of things going south, most will open up about their plans to bug out to this area.

    Like others, I don’t talk doom and gloom to everyone I meet, but I do subtly feel them out on their views of being prepared. I’ve had folks walking past as I’m transferring case lots of supplies into my vehicle in the Wally World parking lot, make comments like “See you buy like I do, cases at a time. You stocking up?” I usually reply, “Never know if you won’t be able to come back to the store for a while.” They just wink and say “I know that’s right.” I figure they know the score.

  7. Dad had a philosophy he used on all of us growing up.

    “I am only going to tell you once, and I will not be telling you a second time”

    Of course that was when we were in deep poop with him🙄.
    It will now have to be the mind set we live by. Yes, it will be hard🤐, because one does not wish to see their family or friends end up in a situation which they could have prevented. I know the horse & the water trough.😣

    1. AC,
      We may need to salt someone’s hay once in a while…to give them a nudge, in the right direction. . Sometimes those that are truly needy come to depend on us for a life raft. I have had to do some “sorry I don’t have it.” answers to some requests for assist..Those who go on vacations, waste daily… sorry can’t help.
      . If i have assessed, and certain of clear need…will forward true needs request to someone else. will tell party i can’t but let me see if I can get someone else to help…with critical needs. I am not talking about the substance dependent.. but those who have had several hard knocks..one recntly was…car goes down, unable to work( no public transport), parts ordered but not in,and no groceries… Those people i try to find help for.and they are few and far between.
      I have just a few who have listened…to some information. Life handed a few of them hard knocks and had to pull up the big girl panties and do what had to be done… I gave them some ideas for expanding that. People who eat many meals out, and is a lifestyle, will have the hardest time. Made some suggestions for expanding..
      There are several i tried to awaken, like others mentioned a job loss, ice storm, No need in them coming to our house, they won’t eat what we eat. I am not going to go hungry so they can eat.Not my responsibility.
      I have a few who have made good progress in spite of fiscal hardship. Those were open to doing the hard work.. Making laundry detergent to reduce expenses., doing crafts to pull in a few extra $$, networking to pick up a cleaning job…just lucky lives in an area where everyone not as broke they are.

      1. Seriously. I just wish I had the nerve to say what I’m thinking. “If you’re going to drop 5 grand on a cut of meat for a Christmas present, and drop 500 on a birthday meal, please don’t come to me when you need food. I love you, but I probably won’t have any to spare.”

  8. I have discovered that if people will not stock up even basic supples for weather events, they sure aren’t interested in doing so for terror, pandemic, or for any other crises either. I also never use the words ‘prepared’ or ‘prep’ or even ‘prepper.’ Seems to overwhelm a lot of individuals. Usually I asked if they have food and ‘stuff’ at home for a couple of weeks. Then if they are receptive I might mention “like, food, water, medicine…you know.” Truth is, I am finding out now that people today either ARE or ARE NOT and don’t intend to be in the future anyway. Seems like everyone I meet or talk to have made their decisions one way or another. So, actually I have stopped altogether asking people. I believe they are in the hands of the Lord at this point.

  9. I’ve learned, over the years, that I only express my serious concerns only to family and close friends that I’ve known for quite some time.
    Others just discard it without much thought, or else label you as some kind of alarmist, or worse.
    And the next time you mention anything similar, you get that “Here he goes again” look.
    So, if you don’t look after Number 1, who else will ?

  10. I have tried and decided to just take care of myself. Most when you try to discuss prepping or preparing for a crisis think you are an alarmist. Or worse think one that preps is paranoid. I find a lot of those people are not willing to face reality. My dog and I got thought Hurricane Sandy with no power for 12 days. We are all electric here. A few people roughed it out, most went to a friends place or relatives. A couple of folks came to my door for food or batteries. Always give out the most outdated stuff, if you have to loan items to neighbors. I have found you are better off being the Grey man and just take care of yourself…..

  11. Im done talking and warning,
    All these people have more resources, $, and supposedly smarts than I.
    So im done.
    Just doing what i think i need to do. Whatever happens happens, not going to try and raise any flags for any reason.
    Gray! Man……

  12. I mostly don’t try to convince anyone about prepping. Mostly because we’re not around many people as we are retired and stay close to home.However As I’ve said on this site before my children in there 40s both with young children always say dad we’ve got little ones, we don’t even want to think about anything bad happening.They say we. don’t want to spend all the time and money worrying about stocking supplies for something that might never happen.of course I always tell them I will keep doing what I can for all of us, hoping they’ll get on board before it’s too late.Most people we know are totally oblivious and won’t last long in a major crisis s..f scenario.

  13. People today live in a bubble, most have normalcy bias believing that today and tomorrow will be just like yesterday…until it isn’t. I feel badly for my fellow man and I pray for their deliverance but it isn’t enough to stop me from locking my gate, turning off the lights and becoming invisible. If you were warned and you didn’t listen you should not come knocking because I will not be receptive.

    1. I know what you mean. My mom was a prepping and was ready for total break down during Y2k and I asked if someone came for a hand out what would she do. She pretty much say tough luck, I told you so.
      I have gone so far as give a couple friends of mine 30 day food containers and say that is just in case the is an ice storm or some other event. I would figure that less than 1% of people in the USA are prepared for anything more that 2 weeks

  14. Only when a specific need and solution arises. Like someone who lives where electric power goes out frequently; talk about generators, flashlights, etc.
    Avoid words like “prepping”, “SHTF”, “TEOTWAWKI”, survival and so on.
    In general people are really ignorant and are comfortable with it.

    This topic always reminds me of folks we know that offered us several bottles of pure maple syrup; it turned out to be Aunt Jemima corn syrup with maple syrup flavoring.

  15. Casting pearls amongst swine is fruitless.

    What is swine?

    People who love for you to sit in the grandstands of their mind while they drone on about themselves, that’s who… Extra demerits for when their eyes glaze over when you say anything.

    So unless a student arises for teaching, I don’t worry about any of them and I care about my own. They can use their exalted wisdom to save themselves and I’ll hunker down when the threat is appropriately perceived.

    Thank you Ken for what you share. I like listening.

  16. Friends at Church, YES! Most neighbors, NO!
    I have tried, but most seem to think because they have a few hurricane supplies, guns and a generator they are O.K.
    Our friends at church are mostly Ranchers/Farmers Christians who have always been prepared to, and know how to Survive a SHTF scenario. Also we “take care” or our fellow Christians here, and others, by outreaching to so many. One example is our Farm Share program that feeds 130-150 families every other week.

    The DW teaches Sunday School part time and has mentioned the WU FLU to a number of older ladies in her class.

  17. Only discuss with my immediate family (wife, offsprings=2). I really don’t know anyone well after immediate family. Like people I may meet, friends of my grown children, work relationships. I will not trust them. The old adage of “you never know who you’re standing next to or talking to” is the guiding rule. So true that people talk about other people, information (true or not) spreads and opinions form. Of course no interactions also provides fuel for gossip and negative assumptions, so civil interations to unknown people with no defining information provided.

  18. This my second post on this topic, I have no community or group around me.There is no one to be considered like minded here. I have sister in law and her husband who have expressed same feelings as wife and I except don’t have disposable income , we consider them in our preps and our children and grands but we can only do so much. All of them are well armed but completely filled with the dreaded normalcy bias that is so widespread.As far as neighbors go they all target shoot all the time and the competition for deer around here is fierce , but I doubt that any of them would be considered preppers and in a S..F event it would probably be the neighbors I would watch the closest.As I’ve told the kids the preps we have ,divided with all family that don’t prep will be stretched very thin.I feel we are in for tough times ahead. But thanks Ken and everyone here for being my only outlet to vent.It is a lonely existence sometimes..

  19. My warning about the Coronavirus to my parents was in email, on January 27. I wrote several paragraphs to them, then I copied Ken’s article entitled “Coronavirus Is Worse Than You’ve Been Told”.

    She read my email and the article. Then she wrote back the following:
    “WOW! Frightening!! B____ has already said we would NOT be eating at the Chinese Buffet, where they bring bus loads of Koreans and other Asians. Our friends laugh but as time goes on, they may not laugh.

    We have food stored but I’ll buy more canned foods.

    Thanks for the heads-up and the article.”

    I wrote back and suggested that she stock up on dry goods, of course, and also the typical items we have discussed. She never wrote back. That was the signal to me that she really wasn’t very interested and I was speaking to a dead-end.

    And what did they do? Well, they have continued to eat out every day! And since she never mentioned any type of stocking up, I know she didn’t do that. They just aren’t going to a certain Chinese Buffet at this point.

    They’ve been warned. It was all that I could do.

  20. Thanks, I am with you. I just mentioned the current risk of the corona virus to some folks I know. Didn’t go over very well. So I have to say I’m not sure if I will continue to worn others. They don’t want to here it.
    Normalcy bis rules their lives! So sad rely..

  21. i tried to warm my family long ago who i am NOT close to that they needed to start learning this stuff i have 3 sisters and a kid brother my sisters have just either looked at me weird and walked away muttering or out right ignored me
    i made a cd full of files for one sister and she never looked at it and ended up throwing it away my kid brother is exmilitary so i dont need to teach him squat he more than likely could teach me and i have 15 years on him one of my nieces has gotten into prepping without even thinking about it as she teaches kids in central america all my sisters they think im weird and ignore me
    well all i cant say to them is go you are on your own DONT look to me for help i dont have a lot of friends so i have given up long ago

  22. Something along these lines happened to me years ago at my place of employment, while working maintenance I tried helping out some new guys on the gang, and three times I got into trouble because of it, so since then up to my retirement, I didn’t help anybody else, didn’t provide any short cuts tips that I learned the hard way.

  23. Have been deemed a weirdo for years, Laughed at about having supplies. But they do say, if things did go south… we are coming to your house… So a person is just better off not saying anything to anyone.. No one seems to understand… Better to have it and not need it….

  24. On the lighter side, am I the only one who has thought about going to Wally World, wearing a face mask, hands and feet wrapped in bread wrappers, pushing a cart around until finding an aisle filled with 300 pounders in handicap scooters, then pulling down the mask and faking a coughing fit, just to see how long it would take for the aisle to clear?

    Lord forgive me.

    1. Laughing out loud because we just left WW and I always tell my wife Were going to grab scooters and park handicapped even tho thank God we don’t need either.

    2. Dennis
      ROWL,,,thank you
      My friend & neighbor she would do such a thing as she has a wild streak.

      I needed that after watching Ice age farmer.

    3. In Virginia, it’s against our laws to wear a mask.
      This is going to go over really well in a few weeks, huh?

  25. Talking about preps, “is like talking about ones finances” it is no ones business. People have the same news sources as I do and if they focus only on sports, entertainment, drama at their work place, etc, then that was their choice. Family and a select few life long friends, “that have been proven” will be the only people I will discuss such topics.

  26. If I consider a person worthy, I will inform them, and educate them, concerning all aspects of any topic, for which I have knowledge. I will go as far, and as long…as they can stand, including direct personal training and the teaching of various skills.

    Since I have always been training to respond to emergencies, and to give aid to others, from my first day as a Boy Scout, until I retired from Walt Disney World, I will always continue to do so…it is automatic for me. So, automatic, my reaction to certain situations seems to be involuntary, as if my body is acting to subconscious control, while my active conscious tries to catch up.

    Thus, unless otherwise prejudiced, I inform and educate.

  27. Out of curiosity. The first plane load of evacuees from China landed at March AFB January 29. Supposedly for a 14 day quarantine. Today is February 17. Any news reporting them being released from the quarantine? I would figure that would have made the news.

    1. Took a while to find this, buried below stories of them arriving even on DDG:

      fox5atlanta (dot) com/news/evacuees-at-march-air-reserve-base-end-two-week-quarantine

  28. We had a family game night this past weekend. Several siblings and cousins get together and play games. I brought the “Conflicted” cards and just left them laying on the table. Someone else picked them up and wanted to play. Most of the people there were good Christian folks. I expected them to be generous but I was surprised at some of the tough decisions they said they would make. However doing some of those things that are not very nice is a lot different than talking about it. It was a eye opener for me. Maybe we will have some family that will make it.

  29. Thank you all for your comments! I have tried to warn some folks I know about the seriousness of the coronavirus and their need to purchase items now while they are still available. I would feel very guilty if these folks get sick because I didn’t say anything or provide reliable information to them. But I’ve given them their warning and I’ve said my piece and I’ve shut up and am hunkered down now. OBTW, I never discuss preps except for gardening.

  30. There have been a lot of things that have happened that I have warned friends about, like Fukushima. Because there wasn’t a lot of media about fish with 2heads, sores and inability to reproduce, they don’t think there was any repercussions. Now when I try to tell them something I get the eye roll. So I will mention something here or there and to family. I get the eye roll from my daughter who should know better, she is a lab tech in a hospital. I have to be careful since they passed the red flag law so people don’t think I am nuts and turn me in. But I try or else those people will be trying to break my door down when it actually happens.

  31. Found a quote by Anita Bailey, she was on Ice farmer show a while back and this quotation of hers is rather profound. Hope I wrote it down correctly but each and everyone will understand the meaning of what she said.

    “Now that you have been advised, I won’t take care of you.” “If things go wrong, you can’t come here”. “If you do come here I will turn you away.” by Anita Bailey

    Simple and to the point, she has advised her family. Wake up get on board or do not bother knocking on my door, as you are responsible for your own actions.

  32. Learned the lesson 2-3 years ago. My local Snohomish County Emergency Management office has a very good emergency preparedness guide that covers a variety of possible events. I picked up several copies (PDF also available on-line) and handed them out at work and to family. Most ended up in the recycle bin (at least not the trash bin). Haven’t mentioned preparedness since….

  33. Interesting topic for discussion. I don’t speak of what I do at my place in the woods to anyone in my local area other than my kids. My kids and their families come and do here as they desire. They know what occurs on this farm. Animals need to be fed, a garden needs care, and all tools/equipment need care is what my children were taught. They understand the importance of a working farm. I have other “family” that will joke and say if “all hell breaks loose” they are heading to my farm. I not so politely tell them they will be buried as soon as I can safely dig the graves. They have come to realize that I mean it. I am blessed with a few neighbors who have he same mindset as myself and my kids. I consider them family. And they are all welcome at my place.

    I’ve never considered myself a prepper or survivalist. I consider myself a farmer that understands a farm needs to be well stocked and self sufficient because the world is crazy. I offer advise when someone asks me for counsel. I have even provided a few with a grubstake on their own small farms. I quit telling people to be self-sufficient a few years ago. If you work in public service long enough you will get to despise most people. I’m well past that point. Matter of fact I passed it like a 18 wheeler passing a mailbox on a farm-to-market road.

  34. This is all happening as we speak:
    Locust Swarms in Africa.
    Volcano eruptions and collapse: Indonesia, South America
    Bizarre Weather: Example- 209 mph wind gust in California.
    Flooding: Mississippi and Sydney
    Earthquakes: Jamaica
    Tsunami: Cayman Islands
    Virus: China and 24 other countries
    Swine Fever: China and 40 countries
    4 types of flu all around the world
    Makes you think?

    1. Phantom;
      And yet the Markets and the Economy is doing a landmark business.
      And we (sheeple) just go on about our lives as if nada is happening.
      “Move along, nothing to see here”?????

    2. I don’t mean the end of times! Just how vulnerable we can be at any time!
      Any of those scenarios happening somewhere else could have a totally different outcome.

      1. And that Phantom, is why, we do what we do. I wonder how many here have been in the Boy/Girl Scouts?
        “ALWAYS” be prepared. I was a scout in my youth and that motto has never left my mind.

  35. The only thing I talk with people about is “what if you can’t get such and such a thing anymore”. That could be gasoline because the lights are out. Could be acetylene because a processor blew up. Could be because of politics you can’t get more than a Clinton-10 magazine.

    Usually the only thing I talk about openly is the economy. Most people still remember the last recession. Most people did not come out unscathed. It caused real hardship for many and you can usually draw parallels.

    Very few people know I have shit buried in the ground all over and certainly not to what extent. No one knows where all of it is except me.

    A few people think I’m a bit of a crazy. I’m OK with that. It actually makes it easier for some people to talk about it.

    I don’t know anyone in person that has it more well-rounded than me. One person actually has the food part well under control (complete with freeze dryer). Another might have a nearly sufficient quantity of ammo. Another person has the medical/dental under control. Another might have security under control. Essentially beans bullets bandages body armor.

  36. I long ago (like 20-years) got tired of people not listening and also got fed up with the line “I know where I’m coming if anything ever happens.”

    For years now I keep my mouth shut. If people want to ignore or overlook things that could go wrong, so be it.

    They don’t let me drive their new autos, borrow their $2000.00 TV’s for a month, don’t take me on a cruse to Bermuda (and pay my way) in the Winter. Why should I be expected to provide food, shelter and protection from bad people if things go bad?

    They will think I (all of us) should provide all their needs and do with no willingness on their part to pay for anything. F*** That.

    Instead of 10-days on a ship in the Caribbean, or a new auto every 2-years or a movie theater size TV I buy preps, med supplies, food, and all the other things we all here buy. Not my fault people are stupid.

    I also don’t buy into the idea that I will feed and take of them if they work. I get along quite nicely by myself, I don’t need stupid, lazy and unskilled people that I likely can’t trust around me in a SHTF situation.

    It may seem cold and hard, but “so be it.”.

    1. AMEN!
      And if the gov turds come for it they can have the lead and ashes, cause ill be dead anyway if i let them clean me out

    2. CF
      One can not fix their stupidity.
      Do not worry about it, if anyone thinks ill of you, not your problem. It is theirs.

  37. I’ll be moving out a bit farther into the country within a year, looking for the right location now. And I will not mention prepping at all to anyone in my new location.

    5-Years ago I sold my small house and moved back with my aging parents to take care of them and keep them out of a home. Kept him out of a home and in his own home.

    My Dad passed a few days ago (92-years old and had a good life up to the day he went into the hospital last week) Have to sell the house to be divided between my brother and sister. Now that my Dad is gone this is a good opportunity to move out away from the city (use to live in the country) and find a small house to live in. And break contact with those that know I prep yet don’t prep themselves.

    All the people I talked to in the past will no longer be a factor as they for the most part will not know where I moved to.

    I want to make a stab at a clean divorce from problem people and go Galt as much as I can. Keep my Son, brother and sister in my life and that’s it. I talk to numerous Ham radio friends almost every day but few of them come to y house.

    Going to try to go off-grid as much as possible.

    PS: Not really that sad about my dad passing (nor was he, he was at peace with it) as he had a long happy life with family with him to the end.

    I hope I make it to 92-years old…

    1. Chuck,
      So sorry for your loss. I understand.
      When one has done all they can for the one who passes to the next life, there is a peace that follows. Lost both my parents almost 5 years ago. Did everything I needed to do. No regrets. still think of things they said and did and memories are mostly pleasant, sometimes funny.
      Do not ignore the grief. accept it and allow it to wash over you, not consume . Sounds like you have a good handle on it.Take care of yourself.Sounds like you have a good plan.

    2. Chuck Findlay,
      Sorry to hear about the loss of your father. Hope once you sort out all the estate stuff you are able to find a new place to settle into for yourself.

    3. Chuck Findlay

      Happy house hunting! Make sure it’s big enough so your companion can live in when you’re 87, too.

  38. Luke 21:36
    Verse Concepts
    “But keep on the alert at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these things that are about to take place, and to stand before the Son of Man.”

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