When do you give up warning other people

I love this question. It came from “Farmmom” over on another thread related to the emerging coronavirus.

However it could just as easily relate to ANY preparedness warning / hints/ tips / discussion with other people.

Do you feel compelled to warn others?

Do you feel compelled to warn others of a potentially bad situation coming? If you do, then to what extent until you give up, shut up, or hunker down?

I say “give up” because most people — and I really mean most everyone — will probably think you’re a bit nuts talking about “preparedness”. Especially if you have the foresight to see something potentially coming – early, or very early — before they hear about it themselves from a “trusted” source.

Until the “mainstream news” hints to the masses, the people you’re trying to warn probably won’t believe you. Or believe you enough to take some action.

“We will only wake up when it is on our doorstep and we can’t get our Starbucks because it’s closed. Americans are oblivious.”

~ a recent comment regarding present day coronavirus situation

** Things you need to know for a pandemic

What do I do?

I publish articles on this blog. That’s my extent. I rarely talk about preparedness with anyone, except Mrs.J.

I don’t feel the urge to go out on the sidewalk with a megaphone. Or even to semi-casually bring it up during conversation.

For the most part, unless it is brought up BY THEM, I will not discuss or bring up the topic of preparedness or prepping.

Why? Because it has been stigmatized. I’m not going to risk being labeled, unless I feel they are open to the (common sense) notion of preparedness. Because if they are not (receptive), then I will probably be labeled as a nut or cook. And word travels. “opsec” anyone?

There can only be downside risk if the others think you’re wacky because you store ahead some food and supplies (for example). There’s no sense harming a relationship or “operational security” over it. So I just don’t bother.

What do you do?

Okay, so I gave you my general opinion. Don’t worry if you feel differently… Lets hear from you and your opinion about it.

At what point do you give up warning folks and just shut up and hunker down?

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