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Where To Move If Your State Has Turned Too Far Left?

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A MSB ‘regular’ here has indicated that they are considering moving out of Virginia. Why? Because the state has turned too far left, and the turn down that road is seemingly permanent.

Believe it or not, there are people out there who simply wish to live their lives with minimal intrusions upon their freedoms and rights. Ever heard of the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness?

The problem is, there are also people out there who desire to control others. And some of them become politicians. Some of them are power hungry tyrant-leaning controllers. And that’s bad for freedom.

In a nutshell, this is what’s happening, in my view:

The old guard is on its way out. The new is a different breed, so to speak, with different and often opposing ideals and viewpoints from that of the “old”. It’s analogous to the outgoing and incoming tide. You can’t stop it. Only a major earthquake and resulting tsunami may disrupt it at this point. But that’s another post…

9 out of 10 college professors are (and have been for decades) — leftists. Therefore, to a large extent, the minds of the young (now entering middle-age) have been shaped as such. And they vote. They also move to, and live in population-dense cities, regions — in search of higher paying jobs.

This is simplistic, but as a result, in nearly any given state, a single city region (or just a few) will control the political direction of the entire state. And most of these cities are “left” oriented. So the rest who live outside these MSA’s also become beholden to the laws-of-the-land — which may conflict with the lifestyle thereof. Every legislative session pushes more laws upon the people — many of which may continually encroach further upon the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. All while the “city folk” demand more .gov for one reason or another.

And for the MSB reader who I referenced above, this is exactly what’s happening in Virginia. And it’s just one example of the apparent incoming tide in many states:

This has been a difficult struggle to come to terms with. Neither of us are ‘quitters’ — we are fighters.

But given the many factors contributing to Virginia-communism, we have decided it’s a problem much bigger than what we can fight, and so it’s time to begin our exit.

Urbanization, illegal immigration, Federalization, and the lack of adequate “R” representation/interest in Virginia won’t change.

Virginia is run by 3 urban concentrated regions and Virginia has a very large government presence in actual agency facilities and satellite offices and in Federal employees.

The tipping point is obvious — we now have a tyrannical far-left “government” and their interests in constituents do not matter.

Ken adds: We have also seen this creeping into our own state of New Hampshire, the “live free or die” state! The last election resulted in the state legislature turning left in the state house and state senate. Why? because the city region of Manchester (sometimes referred to as “Boston North”) has flipped the switch. Fortunately we have a republican governor standing in the way of complete mayhem.

The politics of the state is changing due to migration from Massachusetts to southern New Hampshire. And guess what the first thing these leftists legislatures try to ram through? Wait for it… “Gun Control”. Like that’s the most important thing here in this state with essentially zero violent crime (except for the occasional issues in the city region of Manchester). Why in the world is the first thing on left-leaning legislatures mind — gun control?! It’s just stupid! I can answer that, but that ‘s for another post.

Who knows, maybe one day Mrs.J and I will up and leave again. Our property taxes are soaring, so it won’t take much of a nudge at this point… Though we do love the land where we live up here in the north – except winters are too long! But I digress.

Let’s get back to the question at hand…
Where to move if your state has turned too far left?

Which state is best for the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness?

Okay, here’s my opinion:

When it comes down to it, what is it that affects our lives wherever we live? Well, it’s a lot of things. And many are uniquely personal depending upon one’s own pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.

We as humans generally like to live where there are others of like or similar minds. We’re tribal in that sense. It’s just the way we are. It’s everything… our mindset, ideals, similarities with others, and much more. Makes sense, yes?

For a number of reasons, many preparedness-minded people and freedom loving patriots are conservative to an extent. There’s likely some libertarian mixed in there too. So naturally these same people may prefer to live in a state and region where their ideals may be prevalent. So, where are those places?

My aim here is to invite your comments.

Are there any states remaining out there that aren’t controlled by leftist majority legislatures?

Is the nation doomed to ultimately be ruled by the city regions? We know they want a popular vote — which would in essence enable that to happen…

Which state would you move to if you had nothing holding you back? And why?

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  1. Big Horn County Wyoming is still 94% registered Republican. 3% independent and the rest are a mixture of Libertarian, Democrat, and also a couple of Constitution Party members. The actual vote is closer to 90% Republican, because some Democrats register as Republicans They know everything is decided in the Republican primary. (A few Democrats run as Republicans because they know if they run as Democrats they will only get 55 votes.) The last time I checked the state of Wyoming was 75% Republican, 10% Democrat, and most of the rest Independents. There are only a few hundred Libertarians and the Constitution Party can only muster a maximum of 600 votes statewide.

    1. I agree with the Wyoming/Black Hills of SD. Was stationed there when I was in the Air Force and really liked the place. The only problem is it is a lot colder than Mississippi.

      1. Common Man,.. and if one is going to grow a garden , the length of the growing season will matter. I am not there but close.

      1. Buffalo Bill:
        Damb it anyways, that was good Gin I just snorted out my nose laughing so FRIGGEN hard… LOLOLOL

  2. I do not see a solution to the encroachment of socialist/communism into urban centers. The more the population feels threatened, the more they look to government to solve their problems.

    Idaho was once a refuge for people that sought the freedoms granted to all of us, but since the invasion of Kalifornians to the southern urban centers of this State … we will be toast. The same has already occured in Montana, Colorado, Washington, and Oregon. You can easily see the rot in the larger cities in each State controlling the rest of the State. Many rural areas of each are trying to fight back but it is hopeless.

    Sorry to say that depopulation through pandemic, wars, starvation, … will be needed to save this world.

    1. hermit us
      It is Boise, that is and will be the down fall of that state. Zombies are moving into that area, yet one of the largest employers has closed it’s doors, computer chip manufacturer.

      On the history channel some time back, the only reason the middle & upper part of the state is joint to the lower state is Boise conceded to the wishes of those in that area. Do not recall the exact reason for the concession but it occurred in the 1800’s I believe(do not quote on the era).

      Your state may have to go the way of many states filing separation(divorce)papers from the zombie city infestations. It will be the only way to save the Republic.

    2. Please don’t classify all of us “Kalifornias” as bad and producing negative influences in other states. There are many of us in this state, who have lived here all our lives, but are deep Red Republicans that will never cave into Socialism and the Democratic Party. Running away is not always the best answer to frustrating political powers: stand your ground, fight and don’t pack your bags and run.

      1. I am thinking stand and fight is looking better and better. If everyone leaves, then the state becomes permanently blue. It wasn’t that long ago that California was a red state.

        1. I am now convinced that California is now a ‘Democratic Voter Generator’, weaponizing the population who leave the state because of its troubles, THEN votes for much the same policies where they eventually land. New illegal immigrants who come to America land in California – rinse and repeat.

          Its the ONLY reason I can come up with where California tolerates people squatting in the streets without it being a crime. Talk about an incentive to move – ticket for leaving dog scat, but people do it for free.

        2. Kommifornia has its own share of cemetery voters…..even they are beginning to turn on the corrupt loser in chief……FJB

    3. hermit us, The same is happening here in Texas. Austin is like a “southern” version of S.F.
      Homeless, drugs, etc.

    4. I must say you are right when it comes to the saving of the world. Looks as if God will have to step in and do something to help us with a few hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and such. Scripture does say “I will gather people (tares, goats, leftists) into bundles to be burned”. Seems the best place of safety is to stay away from where all the goats are gathering. Check out on the internet radio, ‘Valley Heritage Radio’ out of Renfrew, Ontario if you love Country and Western music. The Ottawa Valley seems to be the last stronghold of original Canadian settlers who are making efforts to keep it that way. Sure wish all our right wing American cousins who feel the pressure to leave their state could liquidate their assets and flood into the Ottawa Valley where we could all join forces to help each other to save our common heritage. Many would be happy to offer American cousins ‘refugee status’. Something to think about, but sadly, there is only one politician and political party prepared to help out in this process and that would be the leader of Canada’s new People’s Party of Canada, a Frenchman by the name of Maxime Bernier. Mr. Bernier quit the Conservative party to form his own because he said the Conservatives (and others) were too corrupt. Check him out to see what you think.

  3. I think the problem (as Hermit suggested) is part of the solution. These policies will inevitably lead to depopulation through congestion, the inability to get materials into the high density population areas, increased violence in urban areas and destruction of farmland as the urban areas sprawl (i.e., famine).

    In the meantime, Utah is also leaning left, partially because of liberals moving into the state and partially because the voters want to be seen as “inclusive” and “accepting” to the point of idiocy.

    I’m sure there are a few states that will hold out longer than others. I’m not sure what states they are. I’d be interested to hear, but I suspect a lot of people will remain silent because they don’t want an invasion.

    1. Lauren, Hermit, AC, et al,
      I agree 100%. In time you will not be able to move to a state and get away from the leftist in their capital cities. I think folks should consider areas on opposite ends of the state from large cities and their liberal policies. I have two examples: Idaho and Colorado. Northern Idaho as always acted like a different state apart from Boise. yes they have the same laws, but in the north they were not all enforced. Same in Colorado, with the majority of those in the rural parts not enforcing all of what Denver mandated. You are seeing this big time with the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary counties. (the politicians say these sanctuary counties have no ‘legal basis’, but in truth they know laws are all about “what is enforced or not”) In summary; Best to make a move on “all of the prepping considerations”, not just necessarily the politics of the state capitol.

      1. Minerjim

        Have you found that dry hard rock mine that you could move into when the SHTF? I wish I had your knowledge of the earth but I guess we can not cover everything in one lifetime.

        1. Hermit Us,
          I have had a mining property in the mountains 25 miles west of Denver (“the Queen City of the Plains”. has taken on a new meaning with our present governor) for many years. I am presently residing in the same state, but as far as I could get from that town right now, so that particular mining property will not be much use to me in SHTF. There are many old mines on this side, which I hope to find another “Hidee-hole” at some point. You should be able to find such a place in the “Panhandle”. Given the area you are in, I bet you have made at least one friend who is an “Old Miner” who could help you check out some underground working to make sure it is safe, if you are really of a mind to do so. Just be sure to have it checked out to be safe by someone who would know those things. Keep in mind though that not everyone can get used to being underground. No shame in that either. (turns out ‘living under a rock’ is not for everybody. LOL)

        2. Hi Minerjim,

          I live in your neck of the woods. I love it here and am so glad my DH and I moved here. I have been looking for a rock to crawl under but so far have not found anything. I would love to meet someday.

        3. Here in northern Nevada we have hundreds (yes hundreds) of late 1800 early 1900 abandoned mines, no support beams needed, some are large enough to drive a vehicle in. Look around the small town of gabbs, nevada miles and miles of no people, no houses, just high plains, and mountains, with year round springs and mountain pine……..elevations about 5000’ up. I have been here for ten years and gabbs is about 1 1/2 hours to Reno or Carson.

        4. Realist,
          i have explored many old mines in nevada in my youth. some are safe while some you could snease and bring the roof down. if it has scrabble on the floor stay out. i have came across more than one that had 100 yo boxes of dynamite stored in them. one i remember was in the old Delamar area, about 30 cases of it stacked, if a fly had landed on it we would have all been vaporized. there are literally thousands of mines in that part of the world, many are just 8×8 ft shafts, just holes in the ground that go straight down several hundred ft. Goldfield, NV is full of those.

  4. As a “Kalifornian” fleeing the circus that is this state, we chose Northern Idaho for our sanctuary. With a daughter and 5 grandkids, it was always the destination for retirement. There are no perfect states left, because of the Left, and their cancerous ways are ruining everything they touch.

    They have a “super-majority” running this state so there is absolutely ZERO voice for us on the Conservative side. Everyone here has seen the news about rampant drug abuse, homelessness and property crimes. We keep fighting back and the idiots in Sacramento keep allowing the reprehensible behavior!

    I am fed up with this situation in this state. I was born and raised here, I have family up and down the San Joaquin Valley, but it’s at the point now where there is no returning from the precipice. This state will collapse and unfortunately will probably be a burden of the rest of the USA.

    And FYI Hermit, the politics that have destroyed this state will NOT be coming with me to ID.

  5. I’m in California and would like to vacate this cesspool…the final straw will be if they manage to overturn Prop 13 which has kept property taxes for homeowners relatively low. It’s the liberals wet dream to overturn that and double ,triple prop taxes …I cant stand the cold or snow so Idaho is out as is Utah…at 61 years old I don’t want to dealing with cold and snow

    1. Hello. FWIW, the cold and snow are only with us between late November and the end of February. Yes, it is unpleasant. But as of today, 01/24/2020, rains and warmer temps(low 40’s to mid-30’s have dissipated the snows and traffic is moving just fine. We have clean air. Idaho is white and polite. You can still carry concealed and go about your business in relative safety. There is no paradise. No matter where you go, you will have to put up with something. The worst day in Kootenai County, Idaho is better than the best day in Riverside County, CA. Trust me. I am a retired CA Peace Officer. I was born and raised in SoCal. Get out while you still can.

      1. DWEEZIL:
        Welcome to Kootenai County in North Idaho. My wife and I are lifelong natives of Kootenai county, Idaho, as were a lot of our ancestors. Just wanted to say, don’t get too comfortable with the nice weather here in Jan. This is one of the mildest Januarys I have seen since the “50s. Do expect more freezing and snow in Feb., and possibly first of March. However, climate change MAY have some effect on that. I doubt it though. Anyway, you are right. A bad day in Kootenai County is better than any day in Cal. I was in Cal. several times, and Good Lord, what a mad house. Never again for me. I tell Californians I meet that I don’t mind them coming here, but just don’t bring your ways with you, and be polite.

        1. BBC: Thank you. I’m here because my dear wife is an Idaho native(we met in SoCal). When it was time to pull the plug, we decided we had to get out of SoCal before we had to shoot our way out. We’re here so she can be close to the grandkid in Spokane Valley. As old and as arthritic as I am, I will still shovel and snow blow from November through February. Every shovelful means more water. Every day below freezing means less and less drones, and other assorted criminals and misfits will come here to pollute this area.
          Regrettably, Coeur d’Alene is a lost cause, as the Hagadone Corporation and their useful idiots have taken control of the school district and city council. But, those of us in the outlying areas are still: “…clinging to our guns and Bibles.” Take care and stay safe. God Bless you and yours.

    2. I’m here in SoCal, prop 13 for commercial properties will be gone this year. Rest assured they will go after residential property next, and soon. We’ve been thinking of moving to AZ, but where can you go to get away from the liberal nuts?

      1. JF: Liberalism is a mental defect. It is everywhere and it is incurable.
        We see the symptoms on Main St. and Wall St. and all points in
        between to varying degrees.

        “The Others” as I call them hate us all. They detest our religion,
        our culture,and certainly our history. There is no lie to big for
        them to tell to achieve their goals.
        We are”deplorables”who are not worthy of any consideration.
        They will gladly see the collapse of the United States and
        dance in the street to celebrate.
        The Redoubt is fairly small but there is no shortage of patriots.
        To paraphrase the commander of the Finnish Army when the
        Russians invaded Finland during WWII.
        We are such a small country,where will we bury them all.
        This is what it has come to.I see no alternative.

        1. Yes, there is no doubt that those who champion luv, tolerance, equality, inclusion, etc., are the biggest haters and intolerant of all; they championed luv and tolerance till they got power… now they turn the tables; minority rights, once they get the mass and momentum, will be obliterated and the majority will rule as the law of the jungle / bolshevik revolution…. the plan… fill the big cities with MILLIONS OF ALIENS all on the public dole to gain their votes… then they outvote the rest of the state… then not only are the major cities abandoned, but the entire state, and thus with the true Americans / conservatives leaving a state, that means greater power of the leftists in the Fed. gov’t. Like Talmudists in business or zionists / islamists… THEY WANT IT ALL… they don’t merely want to steal a few cities or even a few states… they want it all.

  6. The Heartland… pick a state, I won’t be naming mine because I like living here and don’t really need a lot of new arrivals cluttering up things before SHTF.

      1. I was born and raised there, our family now call Illinois….hellinois one of my proudest moments was seeing hellinois in the rear view mirror as left. And by the way FJB

  7. If one thinks that the State of Jefferson is free from the lunatics’ that have crawled out from the Bay/SF area. Sorry we have them migrating here because of a certain organizations. One which is a non profit(my arse)and the other a cult. Can not call it a religious affiliation if one only knew the shenanigan’s they have pulled.

    Should it ever come to pass we would be in Idaho, but unfortunately the southern part because of the snow levels. Military services & easy reach to medical facilities or we would be in the northern part with a snow cat. As I hate shoveling snow!

      1. That be the one. Reminds me of a J. Jones situation which is really scary.

    1. AC
      There are benefits of having a good amount of snow. Moisture reservoir, recreation, not many living on the street that I have seen … and people have be more prepared with firewood, household supplies, fuel for the tractor or skid steer (to have fun in the snow) Buildings have to be better built against the weather and the extra insulation is nice as the wood burner heats the picturesque home in the woods. So, far this has been a mild winter in northern ID, but keep it quiet.

      The northern flyover States like Idaho, Montana, Dakotas, Wyoming, … encourage self sufficiency and being a bit more tough. Keeps out many of the two legged locusts who don’t want to work. Harsher conditions also makes people more cooperative with neighbors and family – even if you are not that mobile, the family unit can benefit from your knowledge and can fill in the support you need. I think the tribes that were here before us knew these lessons.

      1. Vermont has long harsh winters but we are still filling up with urban liberals as well as homeless people. Evidently other places are sending the homeless to us and telling them we have lots of services for them. And as you can’t have people trying to sleep “rough” when it’s 20 below, we have to provide shelters and food and winter clothing and on and on. The water mains in the capitol burst every winter, the streets are full of huge potholes but the budget to deal with helping the homeless who are not even from here keeps growing. I wouldn’t count on harsh weather keeping out those looking for a handout; I fully expect SF to ship all of theirs to us any day now…….

  8. my wife and where born and raised in ny state she grew up in rochester ny i grew up in a smaller town i was taught WEAPON SAFETY not just GUN SAFETY when i was five by my uncle fresh from the USMC i was taught all the same rules he was just not as harshly by the time i was 10 i was using smaller caliber rifles and wasnt a bad shot i WAS taught to RESPECT weapons not fear em and that ANYTHING can be used as weapon and any weapon is only as dangerous as who is using it i was also taken when i was 10 to a VA unit and shown what weapons do to the human body and the horrors of war and combat my girl friend had never fired any kind of gun untill after she met me NOW everytime she gets the chance she wants to target practice

  9. I’m planning on looking around this summer. But the more I look at it the more it seems almost pointless as long time conservative places are being run over. I think though that Oregon could be another Virginia – in fact almost sure of it. I’m in Central Oregon that used to be conservative but it is rapidly changing. Anyway- I plan to look around north Idaho and maybe parts of Montana. I really don’t like the idea of tons of snow though. Don’t mind the cold so much. It’s been down to -1 here.

  10. I thought I heard that Oklahoma is one of the states with the fewest restrictions. From building codes to land use, etc.

  11. Many, if not most of the people who live here in the Gunshine State have moved here from some place else. Many are Hispanics like Cubans/Venezuelans who have escaped Communism. I consider them my brothers.

    We have a saying here, which might offend some, ” IF YOU THINK EVERYTHING WAS DONE BETTER BACK HOME, PLEASE GO BACK THERE !!!!!!”.

    There is a real attempt to flip Florida with Soros/Bloomberg pumping money into our state. If this happens I’ll move to the center of the Everglades and let’m come and find me!

    Watch out fur dem hogs, gators, n snakes.

    1. Seminole Wind said, “There is a real attempt to flip Florida with Soros/Bloomberg pumping money into our state.”

      This is so true – in many states. I have read so many reports how this has been happening. It goes beyond gun control too. It’s Soros funding his proxies. He is an evil creature in my opinion. And yes, Bloomberg is massively anti-gun and dumping money where he can in order to influence outcomes. Money talks. And they sure seem to have a lot of it.

      1. Ken

        Along with Soros/Bloomberg, it would be good to know where the “trillion dollar corporations” are now trying to influence municipalities and States. That much money in a few hands is scary. This could have dictatorship written all over it.

      2. Stop the flow of $’s… cut off the head of the snake…. The rest will die on the vine….

    2. Yup there are some remote places throughout the State.
      I prefer Cattle Country- won’t give away the area.
      Higher Ground, wide open country. Some swamp to retreat to.
      Plenty of Beef and year round veg production.

      1. White Cracker/Florida Brother, I grew up in Broward and cut my teeth in the sawgrass. We are in ” Cattle Country” now between Gainesville and Lake City, but will always go back to the glades. If fact when I pass on to the next world, I want my ashes dumped into the swamp.

  12. Unfortunately, my state for the last 50+ years, Florida,is rapidly becoming Blue.

    It appears that restrictive gun legislation is seriously being shoved through our state legislation.

    It surely is not going to be the state it has always been in the past.

    My roots have now been set too deeply here to even consider moving, so I’ll just have to ride out whatever comes.

    Mr. Bloomberg has donated (‘bought’) the President of our State Senate $500,000.

    It has always been thus. Money is Power, and enough of it can buy Anything.

  13. It appears that Mr. Bloomberg will be our next President, due to his ‘Generosity’. (Payola)

  14. States can, and do change (politically). I’m a Texan, born and raised. Lived and worked there for 55 of my years. I watched it slowly changing for the worse, becoming more liberal.

    When I retired, I moved to rural NW Arkansas. Politics played no role in my decision at the time. I was sorta shocked to find the state ruled by the democrat party. Governor, both senators, both state houses, all major state and local offices held by democrats.

    I was shocked because Arkansans, especially rural Arkansans (which the majority are), tend to hold conservatives beliefs.

    The first time I voted here, I was the only one in my precinct to vote in the Republican primaries. Folks told me I was throwing my vote away, telling me that whoever won the democrat primary was always elected in the general election. Local offices seldom had a Republican even run.

    I don’t take any credit for the change that has taken place in the last 15 years, but the change couldn’t be more dramatic. Republicans now hold every statewide office, both U.S. Senators, and a majority of U.S. representatives. Since this change in leadership, taxes have been reduced in the last two sessions of the state congress, constitutional carry has been passed.

    The change didn’t take place because the demographics changed, it changed because the people living here woke up out of their stupor. They woke up to the fact that the democratic party was threatening the freedoms they cherished.

    Hopefully, the folks in Virginia are waking up. California, Washington state, and the little states surrounding D.C. are probably too far gone to ever recover.

    One never knows for sure.

    1. Dennis,

      What you described was also true for my state. At the time I grew up everyone voted Dem because that was the way is was, Solid South. There was no Republican/conservatives at all. People voted the straight party ticket even if the dog catcher in question was an axe murder, though in truth the conservative DEMs in my state were truly conservative.

      Times have changed in my neck of the woods. Now we have RINOs because they know they can’t get elected as a DEM. Sometimes its hard to tell the players without a program!

      1. Thus the term, Yellow Dog Democrat. Now there are Blue Dog Democrats that profess to be neither too far left or too far right.

    2. Dennis,
      I’ll bet I could talk to you on 2m ssb. Might be a stretch, but get your tech license and we’ll try.

      1. Dennis,
        I’m guessing you and your son have numerous hours to fill with all the health care issues. Lots of waiting rooms and such. Keep his (and your) mind busy. Study for the ham license. You can do it with a smart phone or an I-pad. A joint learning experience can be a bonding experience. It might help with the pain he is enduring. Good luck to you and your son. If not ham radio, find something.

  15. My daughter, born and raised in South Florida, married a rancher she met here while on a vacation, moved there 12 years ago, and ha been quite happy there. (Brrr.)
    Back then, when I first met him, I asked him how big his ranch was. He was actually embarrassed to reveal that he ‘only’ had 1600 acres. (Apparently small by South Dakota standards.) I thought that was pretty funny.
    If it wasn’t for the fact that I absolutely can not tolerate cold weather anymore, I would choose that state to head for. When I flew up there once, years ago, the banner at the arrival airport declared ‘Welcome to Sportsman Paradise’. Inside the airport, the travelers disembarking were collecting their hunting gear (guns included) and dogs. Made quite an impression.

  16. Missouri might be a place to look at going. They have introduced two bills “SB588 and HB1637” that looks to restrict the federal government when it comes to the 2A. I copied and paste info below.

    Titled the “Second Amendment Preservation Act,” the legislation would ban any person, including any public officer or employee of the state and its political subdivisions, from enforcing any past, present or future federal “acts, laws, executive orders, administrative orders, court orders, rules, or regulations” that infringe on the right to keep and bear arms.

    The bills include a detailed definition of actions that qualify as “infringement,” including but not limited to:
    •taxes and fees on firearms, firearm accessories or ammunition that would have a chilling effect on firearms ownership;
    •registration and tracking schemes applied to firearms, firearm accessories or ammunition that would have a chilling effect;
    •any act forbidding the possession, ownership, or use or transfer of a firearm, firearm accessory, or ammunition by law-abiding citizens;
    •any act ordering the confiscation of firearms, firearm accessories, or ammunition from law-abiding citizens.

    I don’t know if any of this has passed yet but a states stance on the 2A is defiantly something I would consider before moving.

  17. We moved to eastern Washington about 10 years ago after living on the Western (left) side all our lives. We left family and friends . We saw the changes go from common sense to total nonsense and finally had enough of it. We spent 2 years to choose an area to live .
    Seattle area population controls the entire state politically and judging from their behavior and actions they are socialist/communist in my opinion. We have had our 2nd amendment rights eroded, perhaps beyond repair, and there are more bills right now to tighten things up even more.
    We do have a Sheriff in our county that has refused to enforce the last gun initiative , at least for now . Things look rather bleak to say the least.
    As stated before, all big cities will eventually come under socialist control . That seems to be the pattern. Once they have the votes the party will be over.
    We are rural on a dead end road but truly feel there is no where to really hide . We feel that we bought a little time.
    Are we in the decline of our country? Time will tell.

    1. I’m in South Snohomish county, to refer to the Seattle crowd as ‘socialist/communist’ is restrained. I’m looking to get out in the next three years. Have family in central WA, and central MT. WA still gets the vote due to no income tax, however MT is looking interesting. I don’t much care for snow, however the ‘east side’ snow is different from what we get here, and folks know how to deal with it. Guess I can adapt (and get to use my insulated Danner boots!).

      1. DLS,
        I’m in North snoho county and I share your pain. Seattle is a cess pool and between Jenny Durkin and the ridiculous city council NOTHING is getting done.
        I grew up in Deer Lodge/Anaconda area of MT. This is a nice area. Just a suggestion of a place to look.

        1. Mad Fab & DLS,
          I fully understand your plight being on the left side of WA. We found the weather in eastern WA to be quite comfortable ,4 seasons, mostly good people, lots of peace and quiet and 1/2 the rainfall.

      2. DLS
        Bil & sister moved out of that area about 10 years ago, live on the eastern side. Enjoy being there, although it is a small commute to the grocery stores or other businesses. They only go over the mountain to visit their children and grandchildren.

  18. In the Four Corners for the past 39 years, I ain’t moving, got my heart and soul in my little Homestead and am to friggen old to start over.

    I live in a Coward Blue state but in a Blood Red County, all but one Pansy little Communist City here has adopted the 2A Sanctuary City in my County and 80% of the counties have done the same.

    Honestly I do love it here, not much Rain or Snow, mostly mild temps year round and a LOT of Sunshine. GREAT for a Garden….. Head up to Minerjim’s place it-un ya want Snow.
    I do THANK GOD the late DW convinced me to move from Commie-CA almost 4 decades ago.

    And yes we still have “Gun Racks” in the back of the Pickups and fish off the Bridges

    Every year we invite the Sheriff, several Deputies and the Volunteer Fire-Dept. to the local BBQs including a GREAT game of kick-butt Horseshoes, some Volleyball, a little fishing and of course more food and “beverages” than ya can shake a stick at.
    Seems the Sherriff and Deputies DO know how to cut loose and have fun. BTW, never challenge the Sheriff to an Arm-Wrestling contest…. HAHAHAH
    We actually had a “Snipe” hunt for the young’uns. It’s so cool to watch the kids running around clapping their hands together calling “Here snipe snipe, here snipe snipe”

    Ohhhhh one more thing, don’t challenge the LEOs against the Ranchers in a Dunking contest in the Orange River…. They cheat…. HAHAHAHA

    Only one word of Advice, and I don’t give Advice….. Get the hell OUT OF THE CITTIES!!!!
    There are still a LOT of good places to live without being beaten down all the time by the Communist Politicians and their Unconstitutional Laws.

    1. New Mexico is definitely out as a place to live. We are in Catron County south of NRP and it is almost totally conservative. BUT a friend out here had his cabin broken into and they stole guns (his and his sons) and lots of emergency equipment, and ammunition.The criminals were caught in Socorro county and the sheriff called them (they are in another state for a while) and told them they might be able to get 4 of the 16 guns back which are being held for the trail- up to 5 years. They won’t get anything else back and are being investigated by the FBI for being domestic terrorists. They told them no one needs that much food, guns, emergency equipment etc. Albuquerque has always had it in for us. We have no services even though we pay taxes and if they ever talk about us they refer to us as the Gila which is way south or the 4 corners region which is way north. I guess Catron County is a dirty word.

      1. old lady
        Of course the alpha bet soup agencies will think that way.
        Why do you not live in town?(agencies thought pattern) If you lived closer then you are not commuting so far to purchase groceries or need to ‘stock up on all that extra food’, which you really do not need.

        How dare someone not live within the confines of their control. Ghheezz

        Am so sorry to hear that this happened to friends of yours out there. The alpha bet group are ‘not’ going to control the looter’s, just for the reasons they gave your friends. It let’s them know who has ‘extra’ supplies for their distribution to the under privileged who did not lift a finger to earn it.

        Has your county ever thought about succession from NM’s weirdness?
        Your area is like Jefferson in CA. We pay for services we do not receive or very little there of. Just to appease the oh so wise dictators in Sac, who vacuum money out of the working folks bank account into the states holdings, then distributed to the non working class.

  19. We left Minnesota before our kids got too far into the school system which is primarily an indoctrination system.

    Jim Rawles started that Redoubt concept and a lot of people have moved there.

    The electoral system makes red state/blue state comparisons significant, the left wants to get rid of the electoral system, so instead of talking about states why don’t they talk about red people/blue people?

    I don’t use the red/blue label, I call it what it is; patriots/globalists. The liberals live in the state of confusion.

  20. I live in Virginia where my vote doesn’t matter. I’d move to West Virginia if I could… Our family is divided on political party line and I suspect as the result where each one of us would like to live.

  21. Texas is still pretty solid red regardless of the “Beto” incident. When an old white guy in a wheel chair can beat a Hispanic lesbian liberal democrat by 14 points for governor, I think we’re pretty safe not going purple or blue any time soon. My second choice would be between Oklahoma and Alaska though.

    1. I agree about Texas (naturally!) but from what I hear about OK, I’m not too sure about it. We can use all the conservatives that one to move here to offset those from California that seem determined to turn us into what they left behind.

      1. The Californians that have moved into my area have been conservative and Trump supporters. Than again I live in a county that’s about 75 percent Republican. I guess most of the Liberal Californians are moving to the Austin area, mainly as homeless!!!!

      2. In Oklahoma consider staying away from the fracking sites, same for Texas.

        1. OK, believe what you want—but Frac locations are not to be worried about. It’s just being used as another scare/panic tactic to get you to agree/submit to control of your economy/life etc. Just another tactic—like climate change, pandemics etc.
          then its

    2. Thank you. I am considering relocating to the Plano/North Dallas area (from the north Seattle ‘burbs). I’ve seen reports of Texas becoming ‘purple’, perhaps that is relative. The mass shootings in Seattle a couple of days ago is close to being the ‘it’ moment for me.

  22. My state has always been conservative. We recently passed constitutional carry. Then we had a liberal governor elected. He is talking about assault weapon ban, firearm registration, magazine caps and red flag laws. We used to be 2A friendly by I fear we will be fighting for our rights soon.

    1. Again, it is amazing how these leftists FIRSTLY go after “guns”. They are in lock-step about this and it’s such an apparent priority. Like they are all part of some Borg (hive mind) thought process. MUST. TAKE. AWAY. GUNS. How bizarre.

      1. LOL
        The left, in general, all fit into the sole category of:
        Freaking weirdos

        1. Anomy Mee, I printed this article out when it appeared and read it to the DW over dinner. If right, very insightful and frightening

        2. Please don’t bring your VA politicians to WV… will not be welcome !!!!!!!

        3. Seminole Wind

          Yep. Seems perceptive.

      2. Headline at NRA news: “New Hampshire: House Committee to Vote on Private Transfer Ban & Waiting Period Bills”

        1. It’s pathetic. In a constitutional-carry state, no permit, no license required, the new leftist statehouse is trying their hardest to push through gun control legislation. What pieces of filth.

        2. Ken J
          Going to say this as it has been on my mind for a long time.

          How else does one put the 5th(or 6th) Reich into place unless one removes the guns from the citizenry of this nation. I am not the only one who feels this way. To many comparable circumstances which are of the same mind set of Hitler’s regime which in my opinion did not die out as the historians wish us to believe.

        3. AC they can also take away food. If you want to really control the masses take their food. Hitler took all of the grain grinders from every home that had one, which in those days was most of the homes.

  23. I guess I’m justa homebody, stubborn old mule……I know, right?
    It would take a he!! of a lot to get me to move, where I am, let alone out of state.
    My grandpa’s farm. Born, raised and still living here.
    It’s not pristine, nothing special, mostly low land, but home.
    The state is like all others. Good/Bad points. And the big cities are our downfall.
    2016 the whole state was Red, except for three or four locations, (the cities)….The Trump win was very close.

    I guess if our state were to swing the Virginia way, I too shall become an outlaw, and take my chances. I’ve dealt with Blue stupidity all these years, what’s a few more?

    Just the way I am, it saddens me that people have to move or are forced to move. Loss of employment. Better paying employment/employment opportunities. Outrageous land taxes. Leaving behind a history. No matter how long that history was made. Less than a decade or Centuries.

    Now, if their was an uninhabited, self sustainable island somewhere for sale…..I might reconsider.

    1. Joe c,
      I’m with you on the Mitten. Everyone always thinks of this state as Detroit, Flint or Dearborn, but overall that’s just a small area compared to the rest. We have the Great Lakes and numerous inland lakes, abundant farming lands and our threat of weather disasters is minimal. We are a state of Hunters, Fishermen and outdoor year round sports guys and gals. We moved to the NW from the SE (I believe about an hour south of you) almost 20 years ago. We do have our share of liberals but like the UP and west side it’s very conservative. My concern is our present governor and attorney general. Hopefully they won’t be around long enough to do much damage. I do have a desire to find a self sustaining place with about 40 acres in the UP, and become a Uper.

      1. NWMitten
        I’m with ya, all the way!!!
        There is a handful of us Michiganders here, that feel the same.
        Rural Mich…..we will strive and survive!

        Good to see ya post!
        My Ma was a Uuper!

        1. Split off from the leftist cities and create a new state.

      2. NWMitten,
        My dad is from the UP. Memories as a young lad visiting my grandparents up there. The first time I fired a gun was during one of those early visits (we always remember our ‘first time’, right?). Also the first time I saw a deer being processed (in the neighbors shed). It was the first time I ate a “pasty” (yum). I recall when we were driving across that long bridge that separates the lower from the upper peninsula. I remember finding Lake Superior agates all along the shore. Anyway, yes my recollections were that of a pretty neat place. Wicked winters I suppose…

        1. Ken,
          When I was very young my family owned property that was used as a “Deer Camp” in winter and in summer we went to fish and explore. I have the identical memories you have except my time goes back to a few years before the Mighty MAC bridge was built. We drove the car onto the ferry to get to the UP and watched the bridge in progress. I will always remember our first drive across that bridge and the view all around us.
          Winters are rough at times, but where we are now is known as the Lake Effect Snowbelt and 12 inch snows in 12 hours are not uncommon. However, the low population assures the snowplows can take care of it in record time. At the top of our being prepared list was a Kubota with a snowblower and 4 wheel drive Expedition and Suburban.

  24. All this left leaning reminds me of how Atlas Shrugged got started.
    I wanna move to Galt’s Gulch.

  25. The United States is anything but united. The urban cities are cancers that such the blood from the states while trying to bring the rural areas under thumb of big government. Every state has these cancers and the only cure is for an event that would take down the services and lifeline (electricity, food, water, sanitation, medical, interstates etc.) that the cancers need to exist. Without radical surgery, these cancers will continue to spread and eat away everything they come in contact with which will be our nation’s demise.

    1. My concern would be that the attitudes would still exist after the SHTF event. Liberals would still blame conservatives, conservatives would still blame liberals, and the whole thing would start over again with most of the survivors demanding that somebody DO SOMETHING to save them.

      1. Lauren so true. It has never been any different since mankind saw the power available in politics.

  26. It has been a very interesting read ( all the above comments). I project that liberal population centers ( cities in general) will not be much of a problem in less than three weeks. Liberals (lefties) will not be a problem nor will losing our 2 amendment rights be a problem.

    I just finished proof reading the CDC R0 study for the corona virus. I would advise everyone to remain sequestered in place and plan to remain isolated for atleast 120 days. I started to write this post 2 days ago but I did not have enough data for the R0 to be conclusive. Get all the N95 and N100s that you can afford.

    1. Out, interesting and the Tenn Tech student did not test positive for the virus which is good, should they be telling us the truth!

    2. About the Corona virus, (bad cold), it will be the vaccination, (Bill Gates has the patent), that will be the demise. Yes, I’m anti-vaccine as well as anti-5G. 5G will lower our immune systems causing the virus to appear. They both work together towards this end! I’m also a Native Daughter of the Golden West, (4th generation). I would like to move, but husband wants to stay. He came from a communist country and literally watched the tanks move down his street. His country is no longer communist…in fact…they’re thriving. He doesn’t want to go back. I’m in a dilemma as I have no passport or FedID, which we will have to have by Oct. 2020. The only thing I can say that will help anyone understand our situation is do not claim to be a ‘citizen of the United States’. These people are not a party to the Constitution, but are a subject to the Constitution. Claim to be an ‘American State Citizen” or “An American State National”. The citizen of the United States is a 2nd class “United States” British Territorial Citizenship” and 3rd class “Citizenship of the United States “Municipal government.” We have been misidentified as a “dual citizen” since 1787. There have always been Two minority citizenships in this country. Virginia citizens need to know this. Best way is to publish in a newspaper: “I Am a state citizen of the United States of America”. I have guarantees under the constitution. We are owed the services of the Federal Citizens. We are the creator- they (Federal citizens) are the created. We are the Employers, they are the employees. This will be held up in the courts, there’s nothing they can do to us.

  27. I don’t know what the heck to do. So many things make me want to leave SoCal. We do have a house in the tail end of a very nice town; but the neighbors on each side are slovenly and it shows enough to drive down any bid price on our home. To my west is a renter/hoarder with his vagrant nephew living in the back yard. Satellite images overhead of their garbage collection are enough to scare away most potential buyers. 2 doors to my east is 3 generations of Mexicans with 10 cars cluttering the road. Definitely worse than when we moved here 18 years ago. I’m already on meds for BP and sleep. The overnight hours are a cacophony of freeway noise, departing cargo jets, and irresponsible idiots with barking dogs.

    Say we did find an escape path, what next? A mixed-race couple with Cali license plates rolls up in a place like Couer d’Alene (which I’ve considered). Do I presume the locals would even give us a chance? Or would our vehicles get torched on our first night? I think we’d also miss the food too. We’re just not into steak houses, buffets and Chik-fil-A; at all.

    We would absolutely be starting all over again as older adults. Another possibility is the State of Jefferson. Oh gosh I hope that movement gains traction soon. That’s probably where we’ll end up. On a very private piece of land, with the “tiny house” my wife so covets.

    1. Tmcgyver, I’m in the inland empire of SoCal. We visited Prescott AZ last year and liked it. It was a slower pace and of course with a lot less people. I was comfortable there. The crime rate is exploding here with many property crimes and theft.

      1. JF
        Were you on the old side of Prescott or the new side? We lived there a short time many years ago, it was a beautiful place back then.
        The last time we passed through it was exploding with new homes 2010.

        1. Mostly the new side, Prescott Valley, and Chino Valley. The prices on homes there are going up fast. To me, they’re raising the prices way too high

      2. JF,

        I work in the Inland Empire; howdy neighbor! My wife mentioned Prescott several times as a place she wants to build her ‘tiny house’. I think it’s time act on it and at least go visit. We both have plenty of unused vacation time. Thanks for the tip.

        1. JF
          Make sure you check the source of your water supply IF you purchase a home there.

          In Phoenix, we could not drink the water(1980’s). We ordered bottle water for drinking, cooking etc., because of the stuff floating in the water and you could see it. Brother installed a specialized filtration system for his home in Goldhill’s east of Phoenix(2014).

          Prescott may be a different matter all together, so please make sure before you are committed that you know what you are getting. Wish I could tell you more but we did not live there very long, as I was offered a position in Phoenix an took the offer.

        2. JF, I agree with AC on finding out about the water there! Have friends that live there, and there may be a problem with a high level of arsenic in the water. Supposedly, the city is building a new and very expensive water treatment plant to deal with it. It’s worth looking into…

        3. TMC
          On your tiny house idea,,,
          A friend buit his modular, actually 3 trailer units that he connects with fold down deck sections, all 3 trailers are 8’ wide by 24’ long, one is a bathroom and closet, one is a kitchen and living area, and the other is a bedroom with a closet and 1/2 bath.
          It works well, gives enough space to not feel clostraphobic, and is really quite elegant, they have lived in it now for about 6 years, started as one tiny but they quickly realized it was too tight. So they built it out by adding 2 other trailers, then renovating their main trailer into the kitchen/living, he does have a shop built in a nice tent, is 24×40, sits on a slab, pretty cool setup, is actually the brightest wood shop i have ever worked in and was far far cheaper to put together than any permanent structure.

        4. Kula,

          Thanks. Do you have any link or pictures? The tiny house obsession belongs entirely to my, umm, tiny wife. Claustrophobia for me has always been a concern. What you describe sounds like a good compromise for both of us.

        5. TMC
          Unfortunately no pics, will get some next time im out at their place,
          Excellent design though, all have clerestory roof that goes across the 8’ span, ceilings are 2×6 t/g with foam panels over the top, walls are plaster, exterior is metal roofing, Over steel framing with sprayed foam insulation and aluminum clad wood windows, floors, cabinets, trim all bamboo, real nice looking, a bit industrial exterior for me but real cost effective and pretty easy to maintain. Color on exterior is all white, interior is bright, the amber bamboo with the venetian plaster walls is sweet.

  28. I hate to tell everyone here, but there is NOWHERE to move in the USA to get away from the blue state horde. No matter where you go, they will follow, bring with them their same bad habits that caused them to leave their blue states in the first place.

    I have a very sick feeling, that the only outcome to the condition we find our country in, is the upcoming civil war. I feel that that conflict will be upon all of us, within the next 10 years if we are lucky, less time if we are unlucky.

    I don’t know about anyone else here, but seeing the condition our country is in, I’m not feeling very lucky, so i hope everyone is planning accordingly.

    1. Air Cav –

      You are probably correct. But see, I landed in a “Blue state”, before it officially was one, and before I was an adult. But I guarantee you I belong to no ‘horde’ anywhere. The McGyver appellation was bestowed upon me decades ago because of my skills and abilities to make electro-mechanical prototypes go from concept, to reality quickly, efficiently and eventually into profitable mass production.

      Funny thing is, I’ve always had difficulty getting American companies to take me seriously, because I got my education the hard way, by the seat of my pants, with no prestigious degrees in anything. As a result, my most productive years have always been working for foreign companies. They seem more interested in what I can actually do, instead of what framed papers I can hang on a wall. And most of them are in California. Hopefully if your scenario comes to pass, maybe California can be reborn and restored.

      1. do not rely on the ending you think the ending will be, read revelation! that is the ending foretold. then after the 1000 reign of the son of God . (Jesus )

    2. Air cav. You are right. There is nowhere to go. The only thing I think we can do is plant our feet wherever we are and hope for the best. Defend ourselves as best we can. It is coming.

  29. I certainly agree that leftist leaving their states because of high taxes, Orwellian surveillance and communist gun control should be welcome ONLY if they promise to vote differently than they did back home. However as a range officer at our local range, they seem not to understand and are bringing the blight with them.

    1. Km in nc – Are you really sure you would want me to vote differently? My record is staunchly conservative. And as a range officer you might be startled to discover that I was well trained at a very young age to handle firearms properly and with great discipline, put lead on target, then clean those weapons thoroughly after each use. If given half a chance, I seriously doubt you would consider me to be ‘blight’.

  30. If you compare a population density map by county like this one

    with the 2016 election results by county like this one

    it’s clear to see that libsider results correlate closely with population density.

    What else correlates like this? Number of universities, education level, dependence on social programs. And we know that higher education is one of the three major means whereby libsider thinking is transmitted to the young
    (entertainment industry and MSM being the other two). Also number of jobs, and culture (libraries, museums, performance art).

    According to the census, rural land covers 97% of the country, but contains just a little less than 20% of the population. And yet, she lost; most likely they will lose again. Most likely Trump will have an opportunity to change the face of the judiciary for decades to come.

    And that’s where we fight now, outside the ballot box. As the judiciary becomes more constitutionalist, states will begin to roll back many laws that breach constitutionally-guaranteed rights. Either smartly, or after expensive losing court battles.

    I live in WA, considered a deep blue state. In reality, only a single county is deep blue. Mine is pink and I live among many like-minded folks. The weather, the land, and the location meet my needs and I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather live.

    For a list of trifecta states, check out

    I say we stay or go as our hearts dictate, and understand that the ability to support our loved ones often depends upon suitable employment. Lots of us will live in or near cities for a part of our lives, but maybe not always.

    And we vote. Even if it makes no difference locally, we can make a resounding electoral statement later this year.

  31. NO WHERE! Keep your arzz where you are and FIGHT for your right(s).

  32. For the record NJ has become a Marxist run Cesspool. It is now a Sanctuary State. The state govt wants to raise the minimum wage to $15-$20. The cost of food and everything will chase the remainder of the regular folks out of here. They recently banned toy guns….. Anyone that wants to moves here needs their head examined…. The real question where to move to. I was planning to move to Va. With their hard turn to the left there is no sense to relocate to another Marxist run Cesspool like NJ…. Va folks…. When the Marxist there are done with passing the draconian gun laws, they will start on raising your taxes through the roof……

  33. The same thing is happening with Vermont. There’s been an influx of leftists, especially to the Chittenden Co(Burlington) area as well as Montpelier and they essentially control the state due to their numbers. And yes, top of their list is “gun control” and more gun control. Not dealing with the insane property taxes and school costs which are driving people out of the state of course, just ways to control people and add more costs.

    I’ve seriously considered leaving but it’s hard as New England is what I know. I considered Virginia but then of course became aware of how fast that state is changing. Seriously considered N Carolina but that state is also changing fast due to an influx of people from the Northeast. I also considered states such as Idaho but due to the influx of people from CA and the like who have lots of money due to high home prices, land and homes have become prohibitively expensive there. Maybe rural Maine although the state seems to be controlled by leftist Portland. My son asked me where on earth we could go that hasn’t been taken over by leftists. I think unfortunately they will only leave us places like Mississippi and S Dakota; has to be a place they consider undesirable enough.

    1. Tell me why you are so critical of Mississippi and South Dakota? Have you ever visited either state? Mississippi and South Dakota has some of the lowest property tax rates and South Dakota has zero state income tax where Mississippi has basically a 5% state income tax. Land prices are a little high in South Dakota but reasonable in Mississippi. How much do you pay for an acre of land in Vermont? Housing cost are some of the cheapest in the nation in both states and they both have a very good school system. You do have a couple of the larger cities who bring the educational level down and the crime rate up in Mississippi, but majority of the state is small town or rural with lots of people who take care of what needs to be done. Visit the places before you put them down.

      1. Common Man: sh-sh-sh! Keep that image of S.D. as a barren prairie, just rocks and tumble weed.

        If I were to move S.D. would be one of my top choices.

        1. Chevy
          It has all the above you mentioned.
          When the winds blow you better have an anchor to hold your butt down or you will be a flying nun. Same for Wyoming, ever been there when the winds blow? Holy cow, it is something I shall not forget for a while.

        2. Chevy, truly

          When the Yellowstone caldera blows, well, there ya go.

          But some of the coolest rock shops I’ve ever been in.


        3. Anony Mee
          Ever been in Sturgis during the motorcycle rally?
          No place to park, let alone walk, was a motorcycle riders dream just ask our neighbor. lol
          We drove though it looking for a place to eat, went on down the road for sanity.
          Rock shops huh?? Outside Zion National park, Steamboat Springs, Cherokee Tourist Shop, know there are more but not right now.

        4. Antique Collector

          Yep. About 15 years ago. Deafening and colorful. Stayed in a short-term rented private home not too far from Mt Rushmore, near an old mica mine, as I recall. Went with friends had worked with half a world away. Their kids used to come over to visit (I had a dog), and I missed my own beloved offspring who was away at school. I think for me, and the kids, rock shop was coolest part of the trip.

          Had visited SD as a child with parents, and with a DFM couple decades later. You’re right about the wind. Nearly blew our little cab over camper off the road in the badlands.

      2. Common Man- Not my intent to insult where you live. I still stand by what I said though, that the leftists will only leave us the places they consider undesirable. As to whether I have ever visited SD or Mississippi, no I have not. I haven’t visited lots of places and that includes all of CA, , Seattle, Portland Oregon etc and I have no doubt they aren’t for me either although clearly lots of people live there and love them.

      3. Common Man, it did not seem as if Ani was putting down Mississippi or SD. They seem to be saying that well to do blues would not find it acceptable. I am a southern girl and have been to Mississippi many times. Could see why and you know why also. Now SD I am not familiar with except a little bit of history.

    2. Ani
      We spent time in Miss, since my hubby’s father lived there. We were in the area of Madison/Jackson MS. It was back in 2004, yes a larger city but our first trip out there we stayed in Kosciusko, Attala County. Then it was a small town/city the people there were friendly, warm hearted. As for myself I could not handle the humidity.

  34. To show y’all how weird it is getting here in FLA. in the little sleepy Southern town close to us a group of High School students and our Youth Pastor, went into a local fast food place and were refused service because two of the boys were wearing MAGA hats.

    I won’t say what the place was, but it has the word TACO in it’s name….if that rings a BELL?

    1. If I lived or travel anywhere beyond Idaho north, I would wear a Biden/Bern shirt to ensure safe, untampered food from any outlet. I would prefer they refuse service rather than something unmentionable being spread on my burger. Yes, it HAS come to this.

      1. Sure do not want any spit in your food now days. Just gotta be gray sometimes.

        1. Mrs. U

          I don’t think you appreciate how sick some people can be – is spit the worst you can imagine? Looking at some of us, tall, healthy, observant, carrying, … driving a big black f350 with the grille guard spelling out redneck – impossible to be gray. :)

        2. hermit, yeah I live with a gray headed man who could not be gray if his life depended on it……..:-) an in your face sort of man. The Marine attitude just never dies!!! and no spit is not the worst thing I can imagine, however it is the easiest quickest way to get back a cust. Anyone out there ever hear of Typhoid Mary and read her Bio?

  35. The cities will always win out population wise and the way I see to stop their tyranny of the majority is to split off each state from the cities into 2 separate states – the cities even if they are separate geographically into one state and the rest of the state into the other state to counteract the cities’ influence and give each new state its own reps and senators. We are supposed to be a Constitutional Republic and could also try to create an electoral college system in each state to give each area an equal voice but this would be much harder to accomplish and likely impossible. The US has been infiltrated by the commies for far too long while we let it happen. Personally I do not have much hope that running away will accomplish anything and sadly foresee another civil war coming.

  36. I have never been further west than New Mexico. Northern California is on my bucket list. What I do appreciate about California is their stand on some environmental issues while most other states stick their head in the sand. My state included. We can bitch all we want but if the Mother is ruined there will be NO WHERE for anybody to be safe.

  37. This is an election year so pay close attention to which political signs are in front of which houses. This will give you an idea of how many enemies you have in your vicinity. And for those that don’t see their neighbors as enemies just remember, if they are supporting a Democratic Presidential candidate then they are supporting taking away your Constitutional rights by their vote. My friends don’t vote democrat only my enemies.

    1. What is to come is history repeating and the people who wrote the Constitution knew of this very situation. The people eventually as history shows become ever expecting government to provide for them. The people no longer are self sufficient expect someone (government) to provide for them for all their needs. The Democratic Party is little different from the communist party where “the ends justify the means.

      Power to control is what these democratic communists want by any means at all. The present impeachment fiasco proves to any thinking person the truth of that. The educational system and educators for years have been communistic.

      This does not fair well for those who expect to avoid the basic elimination of the Constitution and in so doing find a “safe haven.” I am a old man and have expected the situation to have come about sooner. What is the old saying that you can run but you can’t hide. If the majority of the younger people will permit the events to occur as I describe those of us against will be the problem.

      Eventually the people expecting government to run their lives and provide for them will see the truth. How will a population of serfs deal with it then? I will not be around to see the final results but I do not believe these same people will revolt. We do not have a new world to flee to.

      1. Spot on Partshound,
        By the time they have their moment of clarity it will be too late

  38. I believe there is no one place that is perfect and you have to pick your poison. While NY state is heavily taxed and controlled, we have amazing land to grow food and the weather really isn’t that bad. I like the idea of scaring people away with snow and harsher weather patterns so they head to more weather desirable places.

    We have woodland and pasture areas, rich with water and good soil for growing food and animals. In the winter, you rest a bit as Mother Nature intended. It restores our bodies and souls. It keeps the faint at heart away.

    Our area is not comprised of people wanting to take our rights away. Most are like minded individuals although there are always a few outliers. And I am okay with people having a differing opinion as long as they are not trying to trample on my rights. It is the city on the other side of the state that is the problem.

    We once considered moving over the state line to PA. They got a demon rat governor and it has turned upside down. No longer the place I would consider for buying land. Also though VA was nice land area, it the people are changing it to NY/CA politics. It fits the agenda of getting everyone into the cities to control them better…disarm them first and then control the food/water, speech, etc.

    There are no safe zones. And perhaps it is better to have us spread all over so there are safe pockets here and there for the patriots.

    1. Im with you DAM
      I dont really think anyone will truly be immune.
      Have thought a lot about it really.
      Here we have the same democrat issues as anywhere,
      We have year round growing, relatively low property taxes,
      Excellent climate, and overall a lot of good people, and yes, there are good people from all walks of life and political affiliations. Its important to not get too wrapped up in the sensationalization of issues driven by media, and make no mistake, ALL media has a spin,
      So yea, there are progressive elements everywhere.
      The biggest problem IMHO is career politicians, period. They are all crooks. Too far removed from the common folks, and this is true at ALL levels of government.
      So really, wherever you live, may well be the best place for you. It may be were you network, have family, or are just so accustomed to everything involved that it makes no sense to tear up all your roots to move.
      I look at it with the analogy of a plant.
      A young sapling can most often be dug up and transplanted and successfully thrive in a variety of environments, as the sapling grows, into a young tree, it can still be dug up and transplanted but with a higher degree of difficulty and consIderably higher risk that it may die. A mature tree, can be dug up, moved, transplanted, but it is extremely difficult, can be tricky to get it to ever re root, and it has more of a chance of dying than thriving. As it matured it had fine roots extending into many many little cracks and crooks in the ground it grew in, often so inextricably intertwined that once severed, the roots will never re grow.
      This is all the same for us. How many of us view new transplants with a wary eye and watch them never thrive then eventually disappear. I have lived that, early on and with some extenuating circumstances, but still, have lived that, so wary is my eye towards the possibility of a successful transplanting, and certainly with the full knowledge that my roots will be severed and may never re grow. There is something to be said for familiarity.

      1. Kula
        That tree analogy was excellent.
        I never thought of it, in that comparison, but spot on!

  39. The people that see the left as leftists are often leftists themselves. I find it amusing when people that are anti everything want to regulate abortion or any other thing that they believe is “wrong” to them. Are you not being just as “leftist” as the left?

    The people that think things are “bad” compared to yesternever probably have some mighty fine rose-colored glasses.

    The “moocher” city folk are just like the “moocher” country folk but have different beliefs. I have to argue with relatives that believe they’re the best on both sides of the aisle. I have a devout Bible thumping nutjob that hates abortion but it was OK for his daughter to get one because she picked the “wrong guy”. I have another relative that cheated on their taxes their entire self-employed working lives and now wants a free handout because they “earned it”.

    People are selfish. People have bias. People are delusional. People enjoy forcing their will upon others.

    So why can’t we just all leave others alone like the real libertarians? Because of the last paragraph.

  40. People in Virginia who want to fight the state gov. need to find a lawyer(s) that have the backbone/courage/gonads to fight for you(us). Use the laws against them like they did to Sara Palin (Gov. of Alaska) when she was Gov. up there.

    BUT make sure you sue them as a private citizen so, they can’t use their office/or state supplied lawyers. All jobs have boundries… right? They don’t have carte blanch protection do they? So make sure your legal team writes the paperwork in such a way so you are suing a PRIVATE CITIZEN ( Mr. John Northam, Gov. of Virginia. NOT as GOV. John Northam) your legal team can argue in court that the people you are suing have exceeded the boundries of their respective offices. Once all the paperwork has been filed and received by them, have your legal team put a lien on all of their assets and if somebody else owns an asset that they are getting a benefit from(wife has house, car, savings account etc. in her name) sue that other person too. Why? Because you are seeking damages in the amount of ooh say $3 Billon and you are seeking emotional,punitive as well as pain and suffering.

    What do you charge them with in Federal court?:
    violations of the Bill of Rights IE: 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 14th.
    Violations of the U.S. Constitution
    RICO (after all the state legislature and the Gov. worked together to take your rights away from you)
    violations of their oath of office
    If you can sue in State court too. for violation(s) of the state constitution.


    Once you find/have a lawyer that will take the case let Ken and us know with their name and address so, we can help too.

  41. You can run, but you can’t hide. Regardless of where you are in the world, what really matters is being in the right place. That doesn’t mean you are always safe. That doesn’t mean you won’t die. It does mean that when you stand before your Creator you can know you listened and obeyed. A look at real history shows that our nation was founded by very well educated people who chose to be in the right place and fight for it, i.e. both live AND die for it. Each war in our nation was preceded by the historical “Great Awakenings.” This is significant in light of history repeating itself. Regardless of our location we need to be awakened to why our nation exists. There is a Divine and Providential purpose for our nation. Our real hope, regardless of location is to be awakened (or re-awakened for some) to that. Another “Great Awakening” would cause a massive amount of people to have a heart level change. My opinion is that this wouldn’t help us avoid another war, but would give the virtue in hearts that is required to win the war for the right reasons. People with virtue in their hearts will fight for LIBERTY and JUSTICE for all, regardless of gender, race, age (unborn), and (dare I say here) even regardless of politics. My humble opinion is that our crisis has been manufactured by evil people, but also allowed by the lack of virtue being instilled in younger generations. I fight that in my life. I fight that in my home. Do we really wonder why kids grow up without real values when parents send them to be indoctrinated by a system with an agenda? It’s now no longer even a secret agenda! Do we wonder why kids grow up without real values when parents give them smart phones to entertain them while the parents are netflix binging? This is massive distraction at best, but certainly mind control of the masses in reality. We all have to own this catastrophic failure of passing on virtue and values. This is how evil wins. The good guys do nothing. Including, maybe even primarily, instilling the right ideas in the younger generations. It’s not too late, but we have to correct ourselves first. That may mean we move locations, but just moving doesn’t fix the greater problems. It’s great if we all have a hole to hunker down in, but that doesn’t create a solution. It’s a vain hope to just try and ride it all out and come out on the other side OK. I live in one of the desirable places according to some posters here. The only way for me to keep it that way is to take action. Right where I’m at even if it looks good here. Our young people are waiting to live for a greater purpose. We MUST be the ones to give that to them! Whether doomsday ever comes in my lifetime or not…
    Rant over, thanks to anyone who tuned in to my late comment. :)

  42. Back on topic:

    Q. Are there any states remaining out there that aren’t controlled by leftist majority legislatures?
    Is the nation doomed to ultimately be ruled by the city regions? We know they want a popular vote — which would in essence enable that to happen…Which state would you move to if you had nothing holding you back? And why?

    A. Sure there is, I live in one of them: Missouri. However, the two population centers, St. Louis & Kansas City are certainly are deep Blue, but not controlled by Leftists. St. Louis is unique animal in that the metro area is divided into 3 counties: St. Louis City (small, dying, broke & Leftist) and the suburbs of St. Louis County and St. Charles County, where the majority of the population live and were the wealth is. Both are certainly Blue, but not Leftist, mainly because they’re concerned about their own families & finances like the rest of us. The suburban Democrat officeholders are more like RINOs, which is how they get elected. The Leftist nutjobs only make it in the City (e.g. Kim Gardner).

    Which is why I’m happy living here in St. Louis. Most other Big Cities comprise one County (e.g. Chicago=Cook County)…which allows Leftists to get a stranglehold on the productive citizens. They can’t move away because it means leaving good-paying jobs and/or family obligations.

      1. Contrary to how media portrayed it, Ferguson was a localized event that had little effect on rest of Metro area.

  43. Some day soon there will no place to run/move to… You have have to make a decision to stand and fight or submit and be a slave on your knees…..

    We are already thought of as “Domestic Terrorist” because we believe in Christianity/God, Guns, the Constitution and being Conservative…..

  44. NW Gal, re “We don’t have the resources to absorb thousands or millions of people all at once. Something has got to give.” A year and a half ago I wrote about this. ( I was off by about a year in predicting that there would be a blue state reaction. Now both CA and CO are complaining, as well as mayors of cities where illegals have been transported by border states. 60% of all illegals reside in just 20 deep blue cities. That’s a massive pull for those currently crossing the border. We can thank Trump capping the state and local tax (SALT) deduction for helping them feel the pain. Otherwise all of us would be covering most of the bills picked up by sanctuary states.

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