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A MSB ‘regular’ here has indicated that they are considering moving out of Virginia. Why? Because the state has turned too far left, and the turn down that road is seemingly permanent.

Believe it or not, there are people out there who simply wish to live their lives with minimal intrusions upon their freedoms and rights. Ever heard of the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness?

The problem is, there are also people out there who desire to control others. And some of them become politicians. Some of them are power hungry tyrant-leaning controllers. And that’s bad for freedom.

In a nutshell, this is what’s happening, in my view:

The old guard is on its way out. The new is a different breed, so to speak, with different and often opposing ideals and viewpoints from that of the “old”. It’s analogous to the outgoing and incoming tide. You can’t stop it. Only a major earthquake and resulting tsunami may disrupt it at this point. But that’s another post…

9 out of 10 college professors are (and have been for decades) — leftists. Therefore, to a large extent, the minds of the young (now entering middle-age) have been shaped as such. And they vote. They also move to, and live in population-dense cities, regions — in search of higher paying jobs.

This is simplistic, but as a result, in nearly any given state, a single city region (or just a few) will control the political direction of the entire state. And most of these cities are “left” oriented. So the rest who live outside these MSA’s also become beholden to the laws-of-the-land — which may conflict with the lifestyle thereof. Every legislative session pushes more laws upon the people — many of which may continually encroach further upon the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. All while the “city folk” demand more .gov for one reason or another.

And for the MSB reader who I referenced above, this is exactly what’s happening in Virginia. And it’s just one example of the apparent incoming tide in many states:

This has been a difficult struggle to come to terms with. Neither of us are ‘quitters’ — we are fighters.

But given the many factors contributing to Virginia-communism, we have decided it’s a problem much bigger than what we can fight, and so it’s time to begin our exit.

Urbanization, illegal immigration, Federalization, and the lack of adequate “R” representation/interest in Virginia won’t change.

Virginia is run by 3 urban concentrated regions and Virginia has a very large government presence in actual agency facilities and satellite offices and in Federal employees.

The tipping point is obvious — we now have a tyrannical far-left “government” and their interests in constituents do not matter.

Ken adds: We have also seen this creeping into our own state of New Hampshire, the “live free or die” state! The last election resulted in the state legislature turning left in the state house and state senate. Why? because the city region of Manchester (sometimes referred to as “Boston North”) has flipped the switch. Fortunately we have a republican governor standing in the way of complete mayhem.

The politics of the state is changing due to migration from Massachusetts to southern New Hampshire. And guess what the first thing these leftists legislatures try to ram through? Wait for it… “Gun Control”. Like that’s the most important thing here in this state with essentially zero violent crime (except for the occasional issues in the city region of Manchester). Why in the world is the first thing on left-leaning legislatures mind — gun control?! It’s just stupid! I can answer that, but that ‘s for another post.

Who knows, maybe one day Mrs.J and I will up and leave again. Our property taxes are soaring, so it won’t take much of a nudge at this point… Though we do love the land where we live up here in the north – except winters are too long! But I digress.

Let’s get back to the question at hand…
Where to move if your state has turned too far left?

Which state is best for the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness?

Okay, here’s my opinion:

When it comes down to it, what is it that affects our lives wherever we live? Well, it’s a lot of things. And many are uniquely personal depending upon one’s own pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.

We as humans generally like to live where there are others of like or similar minds. We’re tribal in that sense. It’s just the way we are. It’s everything… our mindset, ideals, similarities with others, and much more. Makes sense, yes?

For a number of reasons, many preparedness-minded people and freedom loving patriots are conservative to an extent. There’s likely some libertarian mixed in there too. So naturally these same people may prefer to live in a state and region where their ideals may be prevalent. So, where are those places?

My aim here is to invite your comments.

Are there any states remaining out there that aren’t controlled by leftist majority legislatures?

Is the nation doomed to ultimately be ruled by the city regions? We know they want a popular vote — which would in essence enable that to happen…

Which state would you move to if you had nothing holding you back? And why?

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