Why So Many People Fail To Prepare Even Though They Have The Money

I am curious. Why it is that so many people do not prepare at all (at all!) for emergency, disaster, or worse…SHTF. ??

And I’m talking about people who have the money to do it.

Yes, I know, money is only part of it… You need to spend it on the right things. There’s lots more to it (preparedness) as you further your involvement. Even to the extent of a sort of lifestyle adjustment. And yes, good preparedness is more than just throwing money at a problem. But money sure does help! No one could argue with that…

But (most) people with money still don’t do it (even basic preparedness)!

We can only guess as to why.

(I have updated this list to include bullet-points from the original post comments below)

Why People Don’t Prepare – Even If They Have Lots Of Money

  • They do not perceive the need for any preparedness.
  • Preparedness? What’s that??
  • Incapable of recognizing the threats we face.
  • Head in the sand, normalcy bias.
  • Poor (non-existent) real journalism in the mainstream.
  • The curriculum does not include basic preparedness.
  • The notion of preparedness does not fit with the agenda of TPTB.
  • The powers that be, frown upon “self reliance”.
  • People are too “busy”.
  • Entertainment fills ‘spare’ time.
  • Things will always be ‘okay’, right?
  • The belief that others will be there to provide for them.
  • The belief that government will always provide an adequate safety net.
  • Many people live in a ‘Nanny’ state or environment of coddling.
  • Preparedness is ‘old fashioned’ in today’s ‘modern world’.
  • ‘Prepper’ has bad stigma attached to it.
  • Most people are plain old LAZY.
  • “It only happens to someone else, not me.”
  • Most people don’t think ahead.
  • Critical Thinking is a rare thing these days…
  • Once they begin to prepare, it all becomes “real”. So ultimately it’s fear. Paralyzing fear!
  • Most people have never really had to truly support themselves.
  • People believe that being prepared is fringe behavior for crazy people.
  • The govt is making people into livestock, so dependent that they will do anything they’re told.
  • Are people “generally stupid?”
  • Most seem to lack “common sense”.
  • Being caught up in a routine, refuse to accept any change that would indicate a negative thought.
  • FEMA will save me.
  • Perception that money or their perceived “power” will work the same way in SHTF that it does now.
  • Arrogance.
  • “I’ll go to your house”.
  • The modern world has bred a whole herd of lemmings.

What’s your opinion?

Why is it that some estimates indicate that only 3% of people are ‘prepared’ at all?