I am curious (as I’m sure you are too) why it is that so many people do not prepare at all (at all!) for emergency, disaster, or worse…SHTF. ??

And I’m talking about people who have the money to do it. Even though money to buy ‘stuff’ is not THE answer to preparedness, it does certainly enable you to buy at least the basics such as a food storage or deep pantry…

But people still don’t do it!

We can only guess as to why:

They do not perceive the need for any preparedness.
Incapable of recognizing or discovering the threats that we face.
Poor (non-existent) journalism to expose real risk & threats.
The concept of preparedness is not taught in the mainstream.
The notion of preparedness does not fit with the agenda of TPTB.
People are too caught up in their daily routines (‘busy’).
Any ‘free’ time is mostly consumed with entertainment.
Their normalcy bias that everything will always be ‘okay’.
The belief that others will be there to provide for them.
The belief that government will provide an adequate safety net.
Many people live in a ‘Nanny’ state or environment of coddling.
The fear of facing the possibility of disastrous circumstances.
The emotional weakness of people who need their ‘safe place’.
Perception that preparedness is ‘old fashioned’ in today’s modern world.
The stigma of the word, ‘prepper’.

Okay, I got it started. What’s your opinion?
Why is it that some estimates indicate that only 3% of people are ‘prepared’ at all?

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