Cape Cod ‘Shakedown’ Trip

The MSB crew (me, the Mrs. and Sampson) have been enjoying a few days R&R on Cape Cod. We’ve recently picked up a ‘5th-wheel’ and plan to do a fair amount of off-and-on traveling around the country during the next 12 months (or longer?) – which should prove interesting for the blog as we observe, experience, and live (albeit it temporarily) in different areas. Although I’ve traveled quite a lot throughout the country during a previous career, it was always while ‘working’. This time, it will be from a whole new perspective, and we hope it will benefit the blog as well. This first trip has been our ‘shakedown’, figuring out the things we forgot to take, making sure the systems work, etc. It has been quite enjoyable, particularly the somewhat self-sufficient aspect of living this way (although we still enjoy the creature-comforts when available).




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