I Will Be Traveling This Week – Happy Thanksgiving To You…

(‘October Turkey’ strutting in the yard last month)

Mrs.J and I are leaving this morning and traveling (not flying! – but via our Ford F350 😉 ) to visit some friends and family for the Thanksgiving holiday period. Will be back sometime later in the weekend, however I have worked diligently last week while staging articles to run each day throughout this week for your ongoing interest and comment.

(Part-3 of NRP’s series, ‘The Perfect Prepper House’, will post at noon today)

I will have my laptop and MiFi with me so I will keep tabs on the site as time permits (so behave yourself!). If some ‘trash’ slips through the cracks – just ignore it till I can clean it up 😉


Note this:

God forbid if ‘something happens’ this week (as suggested by the CIA double-agent last week), I will do my best to get an article up so as to provide a forum for your discussion.
(wish I didn’t have to say that…)

With that said, I wish you all an enjoyably safe week.
Happy Thanksgiving, and God bless America…


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