How time flies. This is the 10th Christmas on Modern Survival Blog.

Some of you have been around for years. Others are more recent. Regardless, there’s definitely a comradery among many of us. And I’m thankful that together we’ve built a site where participation is constructive, informative, and helpful in many ways.

While sometimes we vent frustrations over happenings in the world, the preparedness theme here is oriented practical and sensible. Thanks to you.

So on this Christmas, I reflect. On many things. As I and many of you typically do during this time of year.

Some of you are spending time with family. Others are simply home alone, like Mrs.J and I this year.

The nostalgic nature of this time can bring back many memories. It can be a time of happiness. Some find a bit of sadness or sorrow. Maybe a little of both.

During this Christmas I suggest we focus on the good. The happy memories. Maybe make some new ones.

So on this day I raise my glass to the MSB family and offer a toast… As this year departs in the rear view mirror, reflect on the good, be happy for what you’ve got, and resolve yourselves to be prepared for what next year might bring.

Merry Christmas to all.

Sampson says Merry Christmas too!

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