Click-through here to ‘Top Prepper Sites’

Todd over at has been a great content aggregator of preparedness related articles from around the web. He has also linked plenty of our articles here on Modern Survival Blog, and as a result he has sent lots of traffic our way…

Some time ago he implemented a website which ranks ‘Top Prepper Sites’ from around the web. Unlike other such websites which attempt to rank others by using traffic metrics from Google, Alexa, etc., Todd’s site simply counts votes from the readers themselves. In other words, the readers decide…

While we typically rank in the Top 10 via traffic metrics, etc., I’ve decided to enter into Todd’s ranking system to see how we do!

Since most other popular ‘prepper’ sites entered earlier last year, we are way behind having just entered the race. But given our great interaction and reader participation here, I think we can catch up over time.

So I’m shamelessly asking for your vote (I feel like a politician!) to get Modern Survival Blog closer to the top of the page! It may take awhile, but I know we can do it… ;)

Click-through here to ‘Top Prepper Sites’
(upon entering their website through the link above, your ‘vote’ is automatically cast for Modern Survival Blog)


Top Prepper Websites is a an online voting site that allows members of the Preparedness Community to vote for their favorite website. So voting/ranking is not based on any other numbers other than the number of votes a website sends to TPW. The site also serves to bring attention to lesser known preparedness sites that might not have the same following as some of the higher ranked sites, but that have great content as well.

How are Websites Ranked? – A website is ranked according to the “Votes In” that it receives. Every website, after registering with TPW, gets a special link that identifies them. They then post the link on their website. When someone “clicks” on that link, it takes them to the “Voting Gateway.” This gateway is there to ensure that webmasters can’t send traffic using a bot. To finalize a vote, a person simply clicks on “Click Here to Enter”. Once inside TPW, voters can look around and explore other preparedness websites.

“Votes Out” are the number of times someone that entered TPW has clicked to visit that site. This number doesn’t count towards ranking.

Okay, with that said, I just wanted to put out this post to give us a boost ;)

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