ORIGINAL POST FROM MARCH, 2013 when we hit 1 million visits:

This past week we have crossed a huge milestone here at Modern Survival Blog, when someone out there was number 1,000,000 to have visited us!

When I started this blog in January 2010, I wasn’t sure where it would go or if people would be interested, or even if I would continue the effort for very long.

Having had recently exited the ‘corporate’ way of life, with no particular interest to re-enter (I could write numerous posts on the reasons), I began this blog as a mixture of hobby, and an outlet to express and experiment with some of my interests and core beliefs.

I appreciate that you have visited Modern Survival Blog and have helped me reach this milestone. We hope that you will bookmark us and return for more.

I hope that Modern Survival Blog continues to provide you with interesting or helpful information while we remain focused on the general notion of survival preparedness and current event risk awareness, while also diversifying in other areas of interest or curiosity.

– thanks a million


I was weeding out some old articles on the blog backend today. I came across this one from 6 years ago where we had finally hit 1 million visitors.

It inspired me to check our latest stats.

This month, March, 2019 we’ve just passed 40 million visitors (actually 41M).

I still can hardly believe that I’m still doing this since early 2010!

The preparedness niche has had it’s ups and downs for sure. The “hay day” (hay days) were primarily from about 2014 through 2016 (up to the election that year).

Since then, the prepper industry has slackened, likely for a number of reasons. But Modern Survival Blog is still hanging in there with consistent visitors, and articles on the web where additional people land here from internet searches.

Regulars here have come and gone over the years. There’s always a certain turnover of readers, participants – those who comment. Though I know (by my stats) that there are lots who also lurk but don’t comment.

I want to thank those of you for regularly showing up!

We’ll see what the future brings to the preparedness industry niche.

Much of it hinges upon people’s concerns (or lack thereof) in today’s America. Some of it also depends on political fears of the day / who’s in charge / where we’re going / etc.. Other factors include the ever changing algorithms of the Big G search engine.

Whatever happens as we ride into the future, I just wanted to say thanks for helping get us past 40 million visits!

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